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Mysterious Turaga

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Hello everyone. After hearing about the news of BIONICLE coming back I decided to make a drawing. 





I drew a picture of a mysterious Turaga. Was thinking this character could be like a Toa who broke the Toa code but later transformed into a Turaga or something and has some alliance with a Makuta. Or he's just a random Turaga of air. Who knows, I sure don't. He also doesn't currently have a name so he's just the Mysterious Turaga.


I tried to draw it in the original BIONICLE comic design (Until I found out how stiff the limbs were). Then it kind of morphed into this while adjusting the limbs. I had trouble deciding how to draw the feet so I just went with the Standard feet. And I picked the Komau because of it's powers of mind control, it seems to fit well with the character.


Drawn in Gimp using trackpad. Colored in Gimp as well. No idea how long it took, I took a long break in between. And that's about it.


Anyway, comments, critique, whatever is appreciated. 



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Snazzy! I love the coloring on this one. Only thing that seems weird is the relatively small amount amount of complexity in the torso when compared to the rest of the picture, though I suppose that's more of an issue with the original turaga sets more than anything.

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