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It's been a while, BZPower, since I was a regular visitor. Even longer since I last even tried to enter a building contest around here. Didn't come out on top then, I doubt I will now, but for the sake of the grand return of the toyline we know and love, if not giving it my best shot anyways, I present to the general public of this subforum the entry that I've made.
Among the many legends of the BIONICLE is an obscure tale of a golden-armored titan like no other. Standing tall, yet hunched over, this being known as "Novezemak" is alledged to be the hunter of sacred Golden Masks. It is not known why, as he has never been seen wearing them, nor has he ever been found gathering them in any physical collection. All that is known is that he appears to have the potential to manifest almost anywhere at any time, wherever a Golden Mask may be found, fight and conquer anyone who stands in his way, and then vanish with his golden prize.
No one knows where he comes from, though legends speak that he may've once been a weak madman who was granted incredible power. All that is certain that whoever may wear a Golden Mask with pride, be they the bravest Toa or strongest guardian, they must always be on guard, and beware the threat of Novezemak.
Full image gallery


This is more based off the contest name/theme than anything else, having a character that actually looks like something related to golden Kanohi. Heh, maybe that will give me some leeway during judgement.


Probably not the best MoC around, and I do certainly doubt my chances, but hey, you never know until you try. Just glad at the very least to have a chance to share this model with everyone and be able to celebrate in the return of BIONICLE.


Feel free to critique though.

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Your Honor, I Plead the Fifth.


I really need to handle my signature problems better.

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