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So, unfortunately because of a busy fall quarter at school, I have had zero time to make a new entry for the BFTGM contest. However, I do have a MOC from a few years ago that I hadn't posted on BZP, which I can enter. He's not particularly good, but he's all I got. Better something than nothing, right?




Apep, known as the Scourge of Kemet Nui and the King of the Betshu, is feared and hated throughout the Kemet Nui dome. Although he visually appears similar to the species of Makuta, and has been seen to channel Kraata powers, Apep, along with Aso, Queen of the Betshu, goes by the name Atukam instead. He wears a Kanohi Jutlin, the Great Mask of Corruption, which allows him to break down inorganic objects within his range of vision by causing them to decompose and rust. Though Apep and Aso's origins and ultimate goals are unknown, the Betshu King currently seeks nothing short of the complete and utter enslavement of all inhabitants within the Dome of Kemet Nui. Ages ago, Apep tried to conquer all of Kemet Nui, but his efforts were foiled by Kemet Nui's team of Toa, the Toa Sah, who trapped him behind a seal of solid protodermis deep below Kemet Nui. However, Aso later freed her Apep, and the two then resurfaced, took Tai-Koro, and imprisoned the Matoran of Kemet Nui. Ever since, the Scourge has been relentlessly pursuing his conquest of the dome.


So, as the lengthy bio might indicate, Apep was featured in my stories about the island of Terra Nui and its surrounding regions. If you're interested, give them a read here (for my currently in-progress reposting of the original trilogy) or here!



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