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The First Annual Short Stories Awards (Restarted)

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#1 Offline Zarayna

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Posted Nov 05 2011 - 08:33 AM

Hey all, and welcome to the first Short Stories Awards! Credits for the idea, of course, go to those awesome people who made the Comedy Critic's Club awards. So a big thanks to them for making this thing possible. =)Over the period of this month, you, the members, will nominate both your favorite stories and authors. At the end of the month, the judges - Riisiing Moon, Spawn of Teridax, and myself - will tally up the votes, and post the results.Here's how it goes:The nomination period begins today (April 17th), and lasts ten days, until the 27rd, at 11:59 (EST). During this period, you can post in this topic with your nominations. Sixteen categories to nominate, listed at the bottom. For as many categories as you want, nominate either your own work, or a friends (or an enemy's), and only one nomination per category. In the category of Best Overall Writer, nominate anyone but yourself.


Title: [url="http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=whatever%20the%20ID%20of%20the%20topic%20is"](Insert title here)[/url]Category: (Insert category here)Reasons: (Insert your reasons for choosing this here)
Example:Title: Random StoryCategory: Best descriptions.Reasons: Awesome overall writing, and the descriptions were awesome.Form for Best Overall Writer
Author's name: (Insert title here)Examples of Author's works: (As a note, you can give the link to more then one of the author's works. Please only choose stories that pertaining to the category you are nominating this author for. For example, if you're nominating an author for best writer of angst, don't include any non-angsty stories the author has written.)Reasons: (Insert your reasons for choosing this writer here)
So basically, exactly what you're nominating, for which category it's being nominated for, and why you're nominating it.When the ten-day nomination period is over, polling begins! The SS Awards staff is still working out exactly where the polling will take place, but when it does it take place, vote for your favorite nominees in each category for stories, genres, and writers - however many you want, or not at all. The same story or writer may win in several categories, and each winner will receive (some sort of prize or something; haven't made up my mind =P) as well as all the fame and such of winning, etc etc.


...Are as follows.1) Private communication (asking someone via IM, email, text, phone conversation, smoke signals, morse code, or any other form of communication for that matter) asking someone to vote for you/your story is not allowed. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be disqualified, and none of their stories may be nominated. Public advertisement, however - links in your sig and the like - are perfectly fine, and will not get you disqualified.2) Again, don't vote for yourself in the Best Overall Writer category. Voting for your own work is allowed, as long as you nominate them for their own merit; nominating your works because they're yours is not appreciated by the judges.3) When choosing, please give a short description of why you're choosing that particular author/story. Voting for someone just because they're your friend is not cool. Judge by the written works of the person, please.4) Short Stories from any forum are allowed. Please do not vote for any off-site stories.5) You are not required to pick a story/author for each and every slot. Simply nominating as many as you like is perfectly fine. However, nominating two stories/authors for the same slot is not allowed.6) All nominations in one post, please. If you forgot something and feel the need to go to desperate measures to nominate it, post it separately instead of editing it into the original, but desperately try to avoid this.7) Judges - you guys have got a simple enough job. Check through the nominations, and if an SS doesn't seem to fit in the category it was nominated for, let the submitter know. It's up to the member to move it. If a member trolls or flames the nomination of anyone else or any other member personally, give 'im a warning, and if he screws up again, tie his feet together and fire him from a cannon into the Pacific (read: disqualify him). Finally, it's up to you guys (and myself) to count up the nominations, post the polls, and count up the votes.8) You may nominate any story posted after 2007.I wish everyone (And their stories!) good luck.


Best DescriptionsBest CharacterBest EmotionsBest PlotBest DialogueBest ImageryBest Overall StoryBest ActionBest SuspenseBest AngstBest RomanceBest TwistBest Sci-FiBest HorrorBest SupernaturalBest FantasyBest WriterBest ConceptBest SongficWell, that's about it. Vote away 'n stuff. ^.^~Zarayna~Note: The original topic is here. Feel free to repost your original nominations.

Edited by The Quiet Light, Nov 05 2011 - 08:52 AM.

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#2 Offline Toa Smoke Monster

Toa Smoke Monster
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Posted Nov 05 2011 - 09:01 AM

Title: The Agori. (Link: http://www.bzpower.c...howtopic=333850) (I don't know how to set up links properly from the old Forums to the new Forums, so this will have to do. Sorry.)Category: Best EmotionsReasons: This story shows the downward spiral in the life of an Iron Tribe Agori, and the changes in his emotional state through these times.P.S. Also, today is November 5, not April 17th. :P
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Everyone is one choice away from being the bad guy in another person's story.



#3 Offline Aderia

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Posted Nov 05 2011 - 10:05 AM

Author's Name: Grant-Sud Category: Best WriterExample of Work: Destination What I Stand For Glimmers in the Abyss Reasons: The stories listed above are the tip of the iceberg that is Grant Sud's marvelous library. And let me say, each one of his works is a masterpiece unto itself. Between flowng, nearly sublime plotlines, complex, relatable and realistic characters, brilliant, pristine descriptions which are artfully balanced with crafty dialogs, and all thrown together using a grand and unique writing style, this author really has it set. One thing I know I like about Grant's writing is that he's not afraid to write a short story the length of a small epic. It conveys to me the sense of quality over quantity, but in the end both temper one another into a final crowning achievement. Out of all the stories I've read here on BZP, Grant-Sud's never fail to stick out from the crowd.Title: Black Diamonds Category: Best ConceptReasons: It may be short, but given the chance, I think you'd be surprised at how much a couple hundred words can convey.Title: Peace Category: Best SongficReasons: Again, not the most lengthy short story, but it doesn't have to be. The lyrics help emphasize the character's emotions beautifully as well as the author's descriptions.Title: Glimmers in the AbyssCategory: Best PlotReasons: I think this was the first story by Grant Sud I'd read, and it just stuck with me. Especially for a 'short' story, the plot was amazingly developed, and it flowed smoothly and at a rapid and enchanting pace that kept me reading the whole way through.

Edited by Aderia: Toa of Ducklings, Nov 05 2011 - 10:07 AM.

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