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Terran Toa Armor W.I.P. project

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Toa WIP armor views progress 1 forum version

Well, all this hype around Bionicle 2015 launched me into a huge bionicle-based creation spree, and so far, I have made dragon versions of Makuta Teridax and Mata Nui, a Custom Island with all six elements influencing it's various biomes, and now, it's time to make something that resembles a Toa Armor. Well... almost, since I based it on a Halo blueprint. Not very original. But look at the bright side: There is something to be done on this matter. What do you think?


So in a nutshell:

Humanity would need to establish it's own form of "Toa" using recycled millitary armors, without even knowing they are being influenced by the Great Beings through the Matoran. The Great Beings would later be involved in some form when the elemental powers are given to the heroes.


Yea, Matoran will be a separate species that has its own toa.

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