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S&T#7: Memoirs -- Reysa Poll

Read the starting post below, and all the entries, then vote for your favorite to be a winner, if any  

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Welcome to voting for the seventh Storyline & Theories contest: Memoirs of the Dead! First, please vote in this poll before voting here. With that out of the way, make sure you read all entries in this category before voting. The voting will close on Thursday April 30, hopefully giving plenty of time to read the entries if you haven't already. [uPDATE: The administration has decided to reduce the amount of time for voting due to little activity since the initial voting. The new deadline is Thursday, March 5.] Note that not every category will have a winner; see the linked poll for details.

Entry #1 -- Memento Vivere by Infrared


Entry #2 -- The Journal by Click

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Why is there such an overwhelming number of people who don't want either of these stories to be canonised? 

I found Entry #1 fantastically written, and the way Infrared cleverly weaves all the plotlines and themes together makes such a compelling story that I can't help but feel it's one of the better entries overall in the whole contest. His descriptions of Karzahni (the place) and his characterisation of Reysa and Karzahni (the being) are both engaging and befitting of the the characters. 


Please give this one a chance, guys! 

"Keep in mind that if Star Trek fans had, as a group, said, 'No point in talking about this anymore, it's never going to come back,' it never WOULD have come back."


-Greg Farshtey

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