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The Alpha Team Meets Bionicle

Alpha Team reboot Bionicle Dark Hunter Ziy

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Dark Hunter Ziy
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Posted Nov 06 2011 - 01:28 PM

Hello, BZP! It's been a while ever since the forums went down and I know it was worth waiting for it to come back up and resume our usual posting or comedy making or doing comics.In my case, therefore, I'm going to do a reboot of one of my comedies (the first one created, though), known as... The Alpha Team Meets Bionicle.However, there's going to be different things regarding rebooting my comedy:1. The reboot will not be a simple cut-and-paste type. In other words - I'll keep the ones that are still usable, trim out the fat/useless ones, and replace the empty gaps with new ones.2. The original one can be viewed here: http://www.bzpower.c...opic=250494&hl=3. Anyone who PGS or GS in the comedy before it "ended" or the forums went down...I'm sorry. The reboot will have to clean out any PGS or GS out to make the comedy look new with a clean slate and not following the simple cut-and-paste types. However...if you're just new or you used to PGS or GS in the comedy before it "ended", the rules are still the same:1. Never post your GS application on this topic. It'll be ignored. You should send the GS form via PM.2. Don't PM me saying "Can I be a GS?". That'll be ignored and it'll be deleted from my mailbox (considering it as spam).3. If you send me an incomplete GS application, I'll give you one more chance (or not) to complete it. If you refuse to do that, then I can't accept you, considering it as spam.To be a PGS or a GS, you had to fill out this application:Name: (Use original names, not like Lewa101)Alpha Team agent/Bionicle/Matoran:PGS/GS:Personality:Male/Female:Good/Bad:If you choose to be a Bionicle...Species: [Example: Toa (Mata, Nuva, Metru, Hordika, Inika, Mahri, Phantoka), Dark Hunter, Makuta, etc.]Mask? (if, what color?):Armor type (color, if necessary):Body color:Arm (& hand, if Toa/Dark Hunter/Makuta; or claw) color:Leg & feet color:Weapon/Abilities:Element/Power:Flying use: (If you choose to be the Phantoka/a flying Makuta/a flying Dark Hunter, etc. Propellers, glider wings, hover board or rocket boosters)If you want to be a Matoran:Matoran of:Mask and color:Body color:Arm & hand color:Leg & feet color:Weapon/Abilities:Power (optional):Flying use (optional):If you want to be an Alpha Team agent...Hair/no hair:Hat/no hat:Suit & color:Gloves/no gloves:Pant color:Glasses/no glasses:Weapon:Expert of:Crush/no crush:Now, with everything out of the way, here we go!Episode One: The Beginning.It was a typical day in LEGO City. Sun and clouds hanging in the sky, the city bustling with people going to work with vehicles passing by, the mountain far away on fire- Wait...a mountain on fire?!? Yes, this mountain is out of the typical...in this case...*KABOOM*...the Alpha Team had found Ogel once again...Dash: We got you this time, Ogel! Now let go of Radia!Ogel: Oh really? I'm cowering as we speak! (Run towards the main room up ahead)Radia: Mmmmrrrrfff!* [*Leggo of me!]*The door slams shut from behind*Dash: Cam, try unlocking the door!Cam: What are you talking about? I can't open with these screwdrivers!Dash: Uh-huh...Charge! Unlock the door!Charge: (With a monotone voice) You're kidding. (Shows his glowing gloves/hands) These aren't properly usable to break down the door nor override any wires that might dangle from the door.Dash: *sigh* Um...TeeVee! Un-TeeVee: I'm a robot!Dash: TeeVee! Do the Super Robot Kick!TeeVee: OK... (Walks up to the door)TeeVee uses the Super Robot Kick! It's not that effective!TeeVee: (Falls down with its foot stubbed) Myfootmyfootmyfootmyfoot...Dash: *Facepalm* Flex! Unlock the door!*Silence*Dash: Flex? (Sees Flex sleeping against a wall with his frozen smile frozen on his face still)Flex: ZZZZZZ :biggrin:Dash: Flex!Flex: MEEP!Dash: Unlock the door ahead!Flex: B-but these ropes aren't meant to break doors!Dash: *Facepalm* Crunch... (Sees explosives already set against the door many minutes ago)Crunch: Set. *Presses the explosion button*Crunch uses Explosives! It's super effective!*Kaboom!*Now everyone is covered in explosion soot.Cam: Well, at least it worked.The Alpha Team then enter the secret room Ogel and his hostage Radia had entered...to notice something out of the ordinary here.Dash: What in tarnation is this room?!?Ogel: Surprised?In the room...is a giant honking rectangular portal with a colorful vortex already activated.Ogel: This, is my new invention. It has the power to teleport to other dimensions. In this case, I will conquer many other dimensions and destroy any that oppose me! I WILL BE THEIR KING! :evilbiggrin:Radia: O_O"Dash: *Sigh*Cam: EEP!Flex: MEEP!TeeVee: Current robot reaction - OH NO!Charge: (Monotone) Well...that's impossible.Ogel: Shut it, you emotionless freak! Well, I see that you're not impressed anyway. Drones, CHARGE!Charge: Whut?Drones: *Snicker*Ogel: You mindless drones...I said CHARGE!Charge: *Fire burning up* WHAT?Drones: LOLOgel: You morons! What did I just tell you?!? CHARGE!!!Charge: :burnmad:Drones: *Laughing on the floor*Ogel: Oh never mind...I'll do it myself... *Draws out a ray gun*Flex: :bigeek:Dash: Crunch, use explosives again on the portal machinery!Crunch: *Already placing explosives on the machinery* (Whistles)Ogel: Stop right there, fiend! Pew pew!Drones: *Snicker*Flex: :biggrin:Crunch: *Whistles*Ogel: Why aren't you dead yet?!? PEW PEW PEW!Drones: LOLCharge: (Monotone) It's just a toy gun.Ogel: Oh shut up! *Throws the ray gun at Crunch, which misses, since he moved an inch away*Explosives: Commencing countdown. 10...Drones: :bigeek:Ogel: *Rolled his eyes under his shiny gold helmet*Dash: ATTACK!Drones: OH NU! *Quickly run towards the portal*Ogel: You cowards! Come back here! Oh well...least I got a hostage to threaten! *Pulls out a still tied-up Radia*Crunch: Let go of her, you fiend! http://www.bzpower.c...tyle_emoticons/default/mad.gifOgel: Or what?Cam: Or the explosives will say 0!Explosives: 1...1...1...1...Ogel: Pity...Well-TeeVee use Super Robot Kick! It's super effective!Ogel: Owowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow *Loosens grip on Radia*Radia: Freedom! *Run towards back to her comrades*Ogel: Well...what a pity...do leave now...I must return back to my extreme dimension domination... *Starts to enter one of the canister-like portal ships sitting in front of the portal*Dash: TACKLE HIM!Rest of Alpha Team: YAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!Ogel: :bigeek:Explosives: 1...1...1...1...1...0...At LEGO City, everyone, especially the vehicles, immediately stopped to see a mountain exploding into jellybeans debris.~~~~~~~~~On the island of Mata Nui, the Toa Nuva were walking on the beach for no apparent reason...to find a canister-like ship on the sand. Tahu: What is this?Pohuta: It's probably one of our canisters that we came through.Tahu: Well, why it won't open?Onua: Open it!Tahu: If you insist... *Pokes the canister**HISSSSSSSSSSSSS....POP*Lewa: :bigeek:Tahu: It's only a door, hello?An odd LEGO robot with feet, a TV screen as a head, and antennas on top of it stumbles out of the canister ship*TeeVee: Ouchies, my feet...Gali: Who are you?TeeVee: AUGH! :OMG: Did you understand me?Tahu: We do. So who are you?TeeVee: TeeVee. The Alpha Team's assistant on many missions. We are trying to find the sinster Ogel who is planning to make his own world. Had you seen him?Tahu: (snickering) You? A robot? We never seen any kind of villian here. (Starts to laugh)TeeVee uses Super Robot Kick! It's super effective!Tahu: *Hit in the chest* Owowowowowwowowowowowowowowowwowwowowowowowowow...Kopaka: *Sigh*Gali: Is there anyone else other than you in that canister?TeeVee: Yes.Onua: Can we meet them?TeeVee: Only one of you.Tahu: Lewa, go inside. *Collapses in pain*Kopaka: *Sigh*TeeVee and Lewa enter the big canister ship...to find the rest of the Alpha Team waking up; Radia being the first.Radia: TeeVee...is that you?TeeVee: Affirmative.Dash: How long were we out?TeeVee: About a hundred years.Everyone else: :OMG:TeeVee: Just kidding. Only an hour.Charge: (Monotone) Who's that 'bot next to you?TeeVee: He's one of the natives of this island. They called themselves To Ah...Lewa: IT'S TOA, YOU MORON!Charge: :burnmad:Lewa: http://www.bzpower.c...tyle_emoticons/default/fear.gifDash: Anyway...had they seen Ogel?Lewa: Who's...Ogel?TeeVee: A bad person with a shiny helmet and wears black. Anyway, from what it appears, they don't know Ogel. They never seen him.Lewa: Well...I actually thought I saw another ship falling into the island with someone manically laughing in it...I think...TeeVee: Except for this green guy.Flex: Cool, you have a mask! (Tears off the mask. Lewa fainted) Awesome, I can fly! (Hits one of the pipes) Oops. Eh heh. :biggrin:Dash: FLEX! :burnmad:Flex: (Taking off the mask) Uh oh...Charge: (Monotone) Get him.Flex: (Runs away)Cam: My head...Meanwhile, in the depths of a blizzard-stormed snowy mountain...a canister ship opens with a dazed figure stumbling out...Ogel: Oooh...my head... *Looks around* Hmmm...looks properly nice to set up a base...???: Hi, master!Ogel: MEEP! *Faints*Drone: LOLFin
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All journey's must come to an end, but this time, there is a new beginning as well. There will be challenges to face and enemies to fight, but I know you will overcome. All that has gone before, my friends, has only served to give birth to this new day. Let unity, duty and destiny be your guides. Be well, be strong, care for this world and for each other. Farewell. ~ Mata Nui
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