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A New Beginning Cont.

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#1 Offline Phoenixian Wraith

Phoenixian Wraith
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Posted Nov 09 2011 - 02:12 AM

Before I post the next chapter, if you wish to read what I have so far there is a link in my sig, as I'm not sure how BZP stands on reposting. Anyways, moving on...Chapter FourRoad RageI instantly slammed the door closed, noting with some amusement that a faint outline of the Kraahkan had appeared on my side of the door before it was violently torn from the frame and tossed aside. Turning, I sprinted for the stairs, snatching at the bannister so as to not miss them. Taking the steps four at a time, I shouldered open the door to my bedroom, and in a moment that stretched itself out into several minutes, grabbed my hat, jumped onto the bed then launched myself into a dive straight at the window, just as Makuta appeared in the doorway. Covering my head in my arms, I crashed through the glass, fell the ten feet to the ground and rolled to lessen the impact.Forcing myself to my feet, I bolted for my car just as a heavy thump, accompanied by a small shockwave, nearly threw me off my feet again. Staggering upright, I thrust my hand into my coat, I grasped at the handle of the semi automatic that was hidden there. Finally grabbing it, I slid to a stop next to the Nissan, pulled the gun out and aimed at Makuta... and repeatedly pulled the trigger. Sparks flew as most of the bullets ricocheted of his protodermis armour, whilst at least three lead slugs buried themselves into his body armour. After thirteen blasts of gunfire, the gun ran empty.Swearing under my breath, I ejected the empty magazine onto the ground, pulled a spare from another pocket in my jacket and rammed it in. I looked up...But Makuta wasn't there.I whipped myself around as I felt a chill crawl up my spine, threw the gun up and pulled the trigger again as Makuta, not five feet away from me, recoiled under the short rain of fire, wincing as a bullet scratched just above his eye-hole. Jeez, I thought, maybe I shoulda bought the Raging Bull or the Desert Eagle. Those woulda put a right hole in him. I quickly shook off those thoughts and focused on the present. I quickly opened my car door, stopped firing, threw the gun onto the passenger seat, jumped in and thrust the key into the ignition and cranked it, flooring the pedal with the gear in reverse.With a roar, the Nissan streaked out of the driveway amidst a cloud of burning rubber, straightened and, shifting the gear into first, powered down the neighborhood road. I flicked the headlights on, taking random turns until I somehow found myself on a freeway after about a half hour. I thought myself free until, glancing in the rear-view mirror, I saw Makuta's Cadillac a few cars behind. I immediately began shifting gears as fast as I could without blowing the engine or the clutch.Suddenly my phone began to play the opening of 'Wretches and Kings'. Not taking my eyes off the road, I felt around until I picked it up, pressed the answer and held it to my ear. And sure enough..."Hello, Wraith. A pleasant night for a drive, isn't it?" Makuta asked."Yeah," I retorted, "I really drive around this late at night with an egomaniac chasing after me.""Shut up," he growled, "I'm considering killing you for slamming the door in my face and shooting at me.""Not my fault," I stated, "I already know what it means to have you show up. First GaliGee, then <daydreamer>, and I can't count how many others, and now me? They may have gone with you somewhat willingly, but I don't take that sittin' on my backside." As I was talking I noticed with chilling dread that there was heavy traffic ahead. Then something caught my eye, and I quickly checked my magazine. I breathed in when I saw I only had four bullets left."They were smarter - they knew that I could destroy everything they have if the didn't do as I say," Makuta replied, his voice cold. "Yeah, well I ain't them," I shot back, "Oh and Makuta?""What is it?" he demanded. In the rear view I saw he had snuck up behind me so close that I could see his burning red eyes.I rolled down the window, aimed and fired. A sparking ricochet told me I'd missed my target completely. "I'd just like to say..." I began, taking a second shot that bounced off closer to my target and carefully lining up my third shot. I pulled the trigger, and grinned as the car carrier's ramp lowered onto the ground, it's control box sparking once or twice off it's rubber covered cable."Laters!" I roared, as I stuck my foot almost horizontal and charged up the ramp... and launched over the three car crash that looked suspiciously like a roadblock. However, as I was congratulating myself on having evaded Makuta this time round, my car suddenly tilted towards the guardrails, showering them in the headlights. Three feet beyond them, the ground dropped away and revealed the upper halves of trees. Awww, no way in..., I started thinking when the front of the car rammed right into the guardrail, flipping the car up... and over the edge. I rolled once, twice, three times then my forehead collided brutally with the steering wheel, causing my world to go black.

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