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"Raw power is not terrifying; Unpredictability is." Name: Kortti

Species: Great Being

Faction: Prisoner

Powers 1,2, and 3: Cards of power.

These cards have symbols of what they do(From ace to joker), with what type of card they are in the corners, and are drawn randomly by Kortti, (so the numbers will be in an RNG). They are divided into three suites: Elemental power, weapon, and boost. Kortti can only draw one from each suite. (Important note: they can only be drawn at the beginning at a battle, and until the battle ends, Kortti is stuck with those powers.)

Elemental powers include:

1. Fire

2. Water

3. Earth





8. Light

9. Electricity

10. Iron

11. Plasma

12. Plant life

13. Gravity

14. Sonics

Weapons include:

1. Broadsword

2. Halberd

3. Battle axe

4. War hammer

5. Flail

6. Crossbow with arrows

7. One handed sword

8. A battle staff

9. A set of throwing knives

10. Spear

11. A Captain America style shield

12. A cleaver

13. A hard-light pistol

14. A set of talons

Boosts include:

1. Extra strength (Not Pakari level)

2. Extra speed (Not Kakama level)

3. Levitation

4. Extra armor

5. Energy shielding (Dampens the effects of energy blasts, still does damage)

6. Faster reflexes

7. Fire resistance

8. Ice resistance

9. Density control

10: Camoflauge

11. Accuracy boost

12. Night vision

13: 360 degree vision field

14. Mind reading

He would have a fourth suite, making a full deck, but he has not figured out how to use them to throw a weakness on his opponent effectively.

Appearance: Kortti is draped within a strange red and gold set of robes that are made of an alien material that will regenerate rather quickly, but will not heal Kortti himself, with his head being covered in a hood and a strange black mesh, so none may see his face. On his waste is a belt, which holds his three suites of cards.

Bio: While the GSR was being built, Kortti became obsessed with gambling, even creating his own "luck device," as he called it. Unfortunately, he was caught, and was banned from that casino. Determined to continue, he forged his three suites of cards. However, these cards had a negative effect on him: He started to mutilate becoming more and more hideous.to counteract these effects, Kortti created his set of robes, so as to both protect him from the effects of the cards, and to hide his features.

After this event, Kortti encountered a cultist who had entered his universe. Fascinated by them, Kortti joined the cult, and entered the sect of Fear, due to his unpredictable powers. He served and worshipped loyally for many, many years, until the infamous Skakdi Maeus fo Kuru took over as Herald.

When Maeus took over, Kortti disapproved of the experiments that the Skakdi was doing, even stating outright that Maeus never should have been the Herald in the first place. As such, he was thrown in prison, and became bitter. Knowing that chance had betrayed him that day, Kortti started to plot revenge, and abandoned faith in luck.

That is, until the prison break. Regaining his faith in chance, Kortti escaped out of the prison, and was last seen heading for the battle. Personality/Other Kortti can seem terrifying at first, with his robes and hidden face, but is surprisingly wise with his preaching of chance. He is also a wealth of knowledge on the cult, and is overall very valuable in terms of fighting skills and knowledge. Kortti is also a male, and is extremely old.



Well, first off, you're looking for 'mutate' not 'mutilate', but other than that, I don't see anything particularly wrong with this, so approved.

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You know, I figure I oughta give myself a birthday present. Just this once.


Name: Damaka

Species: Spi-Toa

Faction: Bionifighters

Power/Weapon 1: Element of Fighting Spirit: You know the drill, baby. Back and better than ever, our favorite gutsy young man's dominion over the undaunted will to persevere in each person's heart has, against all odds weighing it down, shot up dramatically. Now even the slightest touch can, if he channels it hard enough, bring a person from 0 to 100. He literally radiates willpower, and can be a passive, albeit much more minor buff to those around him by simply standing there in the thick of things. Has reached the point where energy constructs (namely drills) are his go-to form of weaponry, converting sheer willpower into tangible force.

Power/Weapon 2: Kanohi Shirke. You all know her. The reason he's still alive and his most trusted companion. Can interface with his new headgear (see below).

Power/Weapon 3: Indomitable Spirit: His aforementioned willpower, thrust directly into the fires of the ruined world post-landfall, is ironclad and seemingly endless. So long as he still draws breath, you can count upon Damaka to always throw himself valiantly into the good fight.

Appearance: Still of average height, now leaner and pockmarked with scars. Damaka, in his impromptu absence from what remained of Bionifight's competition, has seen Karzahni itself, and easily looks the part. As we all know, gone are the rising sun scarf, the Dragonslayer on his back, things once practically attached to his very identity. In their place, above his scarred and pitted black and white armor, are a blue, flame-emblazoned duster, one that is torn, tattered, and frayed to karz and back, but still always managing to catch a breeze. Upon his nose, those wildly burning teal eyes that are so full of life are concealed behind an oddly shaped slab of red glass, painstakingly dulled at the edges into a wearable pastiche of triangle shades.  Still orbited by a blue-white wisp.

Bio: Has traveled the world ever since stumbling away from a particularly intense battle in a daze, collapsing into (and being swept away by) a nearby river. With neither Dragonslayer nor, for some time, probably a good quarter of the blood in his body, each day was a literal fight for survival, as his impossibly bad luck held no pity and beset it's forces upon him from all sides. As such, is almost entirely out of the loop as to everything that'd happened since the game had been tossed on it's head. Through grit, guile, and sheer guts, he has made it this far on his own (aside from Shirke) without kicking it yet. If his luck felt like pushing him around so much, he's ready to start pushing back.

Personality/Other: Despite all the doom and gloom he has fought through by tooth and nail, Dam seems to have prescribed to the theory of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".


And then, subsequently force-fed it directly into his psyche. Gone is any hint of the gloomy, tired, and depressive disposition he once fell victim to, all burned away to leave only the courage and endless, endless grit behind. Still friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand to those caught in what remains of the twisted game with him, Damaka has, by all means, practically rebounded from being thrown almost quite literally to the wolves with twice the momentum. It may not seem possible, but he's not planning on letting that get in his way.








Name: Cipher Compassrose

Species: Su-Toa

Faction: Dorian Shaddix, Kale Ironshaper, Krayn Once-a-Guard

Power/Weapon 1: Element of Plasma: Self-explanatory. You gonna get cooked.

Power/Weapon 2: Kanohi Calix: Allows Cipher to fully utilize the peak athletic potential of his already-well trained body with no ill effects. A universal statboost, and one that is annoying as all ###### to fight against.

Power/Weapon 3: Bakusai Tenketsu: A Martial Arts technique exploiting the energy meridians of the earth itself, allows Cipher to stab his finger into the breaking point of any inorganic, nonmetallic, and solid object, and completely destablize it's structure, often with explosive results. Devised by one Sulov Broskium, Cipher's world-wandering and intimate experience with being underground, buried, or otherwise involved with earth and stone allow him to be one of the few non-Earth Elementals to utilize it successfully, albeit with great focus.

Appearance: A Kaleverse Veteran, and a Kaleverse Veteran that fought alongside Dorian Shaddix, Ciph cuts the tall, imposing figure of a bruiser, rippling with powerful, corded muscle beneath his natural navy and silver armor. Despite showing surprisingly little scar tissue on his body, he sports an almost picture-perfect pair of lines on either side of his right eye, a near-miss with a particularly motivated Turahk to blame for it. Though tattered and worn, his trademark tigerstripe headband has proven every bit as resilient as the man himself, standing the test of time without complaint. Orange peepers like always, slightly pronounced canines, and a weighty, weary voice. There's no mistaking him for anyone else.

Bio: A wandering mercenary turned vigilante turned bodyguard turned god-knows-what, Cipher's long, winding road has taken him on a tour through many walks of life. Cursed by some brain defect leaving him without a sense of direction, from a very early age onward he learned not only how to survive, but how to fight. Think about it-- a random wide-eyed kid walks into some major Koro without a clue in the world where he is, toting a huge bag on his bag that no doubt holds every single thing he owns. Doesn't that scream "easy target"? Well, it did, and it would for a long time, even after he grew more than skilled and experienced enough to handle himself in any situation a petty thug could throw at him. Seemingly linked by some thread of fate to Dorian (not the red one, Sola), his and the Fe-Toa's paths have crossed many times, leading to them becoming allies of convenience and, soon after, the fastest of friends. Each can count on the other to always have his back, despite how long it might take them to find him.

Personality/Other: Still absolutely zero sense of direction. May or may not be salty about it even after all this time. Sporting a sense of humor drier than the Motara, more mileage than some Turaga, and a markedly rational, as calm as is reasonable demeanor, Cipher often finds himself, in many ways, to be a grounding element in whatever group he's in, compared to all the heroes or those aspiring to be heroes that are larger than life, down to the petty fakes, the wrathful, and even those who are edgy for edginess's sake; Cipher is an anchoring point for many, and willingly dispenses advice when he feels what he has to say will help. Despite spending much of his life a mercenary, and thusly holding fewer qualms and fetterances than the average toa, he still tries to do right by the world, however small and roundabout the manner of which may be.




Approved, approved.





Name: Mechnos

Species: One-of-a-kind

Faction: Prisoner

Power/Weapon 1: Mechnos's mechanics are able to operate at high speeds for long periods of time. THis, along with special engineering and Speed disks allow him Kakama-level speed.

Power/Weapon 2:Mechnos can trigger bursts of Kiril energy that can repair him from nearly-offline to fully functioning in several seconds.This cannot be used in battles, however, as in leaves him vulnerable for the duration of the repair.

Power/Weapon 3: Twin retractable forearm blades

Appearance: A great deal like a humanoid Nektann crossed with a robotic Toa. His design is cycloptic, with a single yellow eye.

Bio: Built in an alternate timeline where an extremely technologically advanced Xia was in a shaky alliance with a Brotherhood empire, Mechnos was built by a high-ranking Xian in case teh Brotherhood turned on Xia.

Personality/Other: He is programmed with a male personality. His databases contain advanced knowledge and mechanical designs.


Was this profile ever looked at? I think it got buried.



I'm iffy about the repair powers.


Anything else, well, um, it's on earlier pages right now. >>''


I edited the repair abilities.

 Kopaka, the coolest(Pun intended) Ko-Toa ever:


"If the fight had turned, Exann might be the one on the floor with Antidermis spurting out of him. This is how battle is. This is how life is." -Mar'jik, Corpus Rahkshi                                       

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Name: Mechnos

Species: One-of-a-kind

Faction: Prisoner

Power/Weapon 1: Mechnos's mechanics are able to operate at high speeds for long periods of time. THis, along with special engineering and Speed disks allow him Kakama-level speed.

Power/Weapon 2: Mechnos can trigger bursts of Kiril energy, repairing him from nearly-offline to fully-functioning within several seconds. This cannot be used in battle, as it leaves him vulnerable for the duration of the repair.. 

Power/Weapon 3: Twin retractable forearm blades

Appearance: A great deal like a humanoid Nektann crossed with a robotic Toa. His design is cycloptic, with a single yellow eye.

Bio: Built in an alternate timeline where an extremely technologically advanced Xia was in a shaky alliance with a Brotherhood empire, Mechnos was built by a high-ranking Xian in case teh Brotherhood turned on Xia.

Personality/Other: He is programmed with a male personality. His databases contain advanced knowledge and mechanical designs.


With these changes, this seems good enough to approve.

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For now, yes. Death and Misery have yet to put in an appearance. 


Eh, I feel that Misery will want to stay neutral (from what Masenna has said), Death will probably pose as a big problem.

~Just call me Shadow_Ignited~

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Honestly, this is one of the largest collections of high tier individuals I've seen since the end of the origional BZPRPG.


Death is going to be a lot closer to the easy side of the spectrum than you might think.

"I serve the weak. I serve the helpless. I am their sword and their shield. If you want to strike at them, you must go through me, and I am not so easily moved."



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Loosk arives at the end of the RPG to send everybody home.

"I serve the weak. I serve the helpless. I am their sword and their shield. If you want to strike at them, you must go through me, and I am not so easily moved."



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I'm predicting at least ONE (1) giant final boss baddy to show up.


Because the remaining heralds as are aren't much compared to the Bionifighters, so we need at least one final form eleventh hour power transformation.

...but close to it

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There's still the Queen's corpse, currently under the control of the Mind Gem. 


I've still got one super move in the playbook


just enough for that



yo who wants to play Loosk he'd be king in this one


H m m m m



On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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I've been wanting to bring Amorigiahna back from inactivity in order to defend the Facility, but since the map description doesn't really go into too much detail about the area immediately surrounding it, I've been having some trouble figuring out what her elemental affinity would be. This is what I have so far for the island in general:


Wailing Cliffs - Wind

The Spine - Stone

Wilted Forest - Originally Plantlife, but an argument could also be made for Water (though I'm personally leaning towards the first option).

City Of Fear - Lightning (unless the storm around the castle is purely asthetic and not actually there)

Fields Of Death - Unknown (was going to be Water until I read about the fog)

Bionifight Facility - Was thinking Earth or Iron due to the Facility's impact with the ground, though the second is less likely because of the repairs that were going on before the attack began.




Hero Factory: Contagion

RPG Characters:

BZPRPG Characters

RPG History:

The Asylum, Bionifight Infinite, Year 60,000, Matoran und Panzer, HF RPG 2.0, Wasteland, Corpus Rahkshi, Skyrise

GM Résumé:

Matoran und Panzer (Formerly Appointed Co-GM), Corpus Rahkshi (Former Substitute Co-GM)



Feel free to shoot a PM my way if you're waiting for me to respond to something and I've been taking a while to do so.

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"S-stupid Infernavika, it's not as if I like you or anything! Just give me back the Turaga and I .. I won't hurt you!"


Name: Fowadi

Species: Shipgirl Matoran

Faction: Prisoner


Power/Weapon 1:

Firing on All Cylinders! - As the representation of the legendary Fowadi, the ship possesses the ability to extend or retract a massive heavy disk launcher component that stretches down across her two arms, providing her the ability to fire off powerful metal disks. There are thirty launch chambers in total, with fifteen assigned to each of her arms. While powerful, they take time to reload, and if she is fire a full broadside, will be left vulnerable from attacks originating from the direction of her fire.

Power/Weapon 2:

Inkaleculable Endurance! - Fowadi is ... incredibly well-armoured. Hits that would usually punch a hole through a Matoran of her stature are mere scratches upon her dull silver armour. Seemingly fatal situations can be shrugged off. She is a walking tank, capable of surviving major onslaughts simply by walking through them. She cannot tire, she cannot be forced from her path, for her determination and the determination of her fathers have allowed her to be an Aegis of Justice.

Power/Weapon 3:

Perfect Day for a Wedding! - After a certain incident in her past, Fowadi has come to the realisation that she is a very spacious person, capable of carrying great quantities of "stuff" within her with little side-effects upon her own abilities. Entire organisations could hide within this seeming hyperspace that permeates her, and she will ensure that they come to no harm while she serves as transport. However, it can be quite uncomfortable for Fowadi, manifesting as tickles or stomach pains, and any living being that she carries may be afflicted with severe seasickness.


Appearance: At first glance, the Fowadi may seem to be just another average Matoran of either Magnetism or Iron, but in fact, she is the anthropomorphism of the legendary Aggressor warship and transport, a status that is signified by her bulky, dull silver armour and majestic Po-koro Guard insignia that is plastered across her back. The wooden pads that run down her gunmetal arms are also signs that she is different, as it is there that her launch chambers affix themselves to, turning her into some sort of walking, Matoran-sized artillery platform. Her eyes are a gleaming white, contrasting against her jet-black, powerless Great Pakari, which strangely possesses a single horn shaped similarly to a large Toa, also wearing a Pakari.


Bio: Born in the beautiful shipyards of the Ga-koro Marines, the Fowadi was the first of her line, built to be a defender of the island's seas from the scourge of the Makuta and all who sought to enshrine the Matoran in darkness. Her builders laboured for many suns to bring her to completion, but their dreams were dashed when accursed pirates, the filthy vultures of the high seas, struck under the cover of the night to steal her from her home, ending any hopes that she would become a symbol for the light against the forces of evil.


It was torture working against her creators as the ship of a crew of dastardly pirates, her mighty weapons of defence turned upon the Matoran as tools of destruction. Raid by raid, her thieves made use of her abilities to sow chaos and dissent, feeding their insatiable greed and lust for power and wealth. And she could nothing to stop them, only able to cry her tears into the ocean, wishing for Mata Nui to provide her freedom from the pirates that forced her to betray her cherished principles.


Her prayers were answered one day, when in the middle of a raid, she found herself suddenly turned against the thief-pirates that had tortured her so, laying waste to their strongholds and vessels with her might disk cannons. She had been stolen once again, but her thief, a hard, tired man of the mercenary persuasion, had brought an end to her suffering, allowing her to finally embrace her roots as a deliver of justice and punishment. It was a simple, pragmatic act by her saviour, but to the ship, it was an act that had delivered her from evil, an act that had saved her soul and brought her away from the brink.


She fell for him.


This man, Dehkaz Kyhrilik, had become the light of her life.


Her saviour and the man she would forever consider her Father.


Indeed, it would be in the service of a just cause, to save the respected Turaga of Mata Nui from Lohkar's Dogs, the pirate scum that frequently laid siege to her home in Ga-koro, that Dehkaz would, like any father was expected to do, bestow upon her the name of Fowadi, a word that, in the language of far-off lands, meant "to move forward", "to be the aggressor and attacker". She, now the Fowadi, embraced this name wholeheartedly, and it marked a change in her life, a change that cemented her as a warrior of justice who fought evil whenever it appeared, not merely just a ship that held no control over its own fate.


Her first battle in the service of the just was a successful one; her father and his compatriots saved the Turaga from their horrific imprisonment by the pirate scum, and she was able to match wits with the cocky, powerful vessel that carried those pirates, the Infernavika, an agile and mighty ship like its namesake. It had been an arduous battle, one that deserved no less than ten pages in the records of the Knowledge Towers, but in the end she had emerged victorious, but in the process establishing a rivalry with her insidious opponent, who fled to fight another day.


From that day onwards, Fowadi became the warship of the group known as the Aggressors, fighting to serve the will of her partners and engaging all injustice in battle. She would undergo a refit in the sandy deserts of Po-koro, obtaining the mighty silver armour that allowed her to shield the innocent with even greater strength and grit, and finally connected with her newest executive officer, the heroic paladin named Kale Ironshaper, a man so different from her captain, but so similar in his love for her. He had contributed to her new self, and soon she realised that she loved him too, as another Father.


Under the command of Ironshaper, she further fought against the evils that had spread after the fall of the Makuta, serving as the great shield of the seas. Through battle by battle she triumphed, and it would be during these days of striking hard against the injust that she would find herself in this new, dark world, a prisoner of a Cult that she knew not of.


But she would free herself.


She would free herself and fight her way back to the side of her fathers.


Personality: Fowadi is relatively upbeat, always in possession of a relaxed and cheery aura that seems so welcoming and personable despite her rather intimidating appearance. Indeed, much like the man she calls father, the ship is a calm and collected figure who rarely ever descends into anger, believing that she must be well-mannered in all situations, even if it is one that hurts her own sensibilities. Politeness is a virtue that she considers especially important, for to be polite is to treat others with respect, having adopted the ethical values of her executive officer in this manner. Still, the ship is not always calm, and is actually surprisingly easy to fluster if pressed.


She is an incredibly driven figure as well, working hard to bring justice to all and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Fowadi is serious about being an Aegis for her people, and is willing to sacrifice her own safety for her cause before even contemplating allowing another to be hurt in her place. She desires to be a great hero like the stories that Kale Ironshaper spoke of during his resting periods, and frequently dips into the persona of a noble, slightly aloof being of untouchability, glorious like the mythic characters of stories. Of course, this is usually dashed the moment she opens her mouth and shows herself to be the warm, kindly girl that she truly is.


Like her captains, she is also an inventive and analytical thinker, possessing a tactical mind that she puts to use through unorthodox yet brilliant strategies against her foes. There is a methodology to all her actions, no matter how weird or random they may seem, and her ability to leverage it to her advantage is no less than amazing (though in her words, inferior to the tactics of her fathers). An out-of-the-box thinker, Fowadi hopes to be one day as great as them, for it is through knowledge that she may become a true Aggressor.


R额posting不best girl。

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