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I wrote my first story!



Crotesius had to get back to the village. He had to! If he didn’t his best friend might not live to see sunrise. He picked Keeru up and helped him walk back to the Cendox. Keeru moaned in pain with every step. “I’m so sorry”  Crotesius whispered, out of breath from carrying the other Agori. They had been exploring ruins that Keeru had found the day before, when Keeru hit a trap set by whoever had lived there. The old Thornax fruit had rotted, so there was little damage, but the explosion dislodged some stones causing Keerus legs to be trapped. His only chance for survival was having  his friend amputate one of his legs, or he would end up as food for the Zesk. Now they had little time to get back to the village before Keeru bled out. Crotesius started the Cendox, its engines almost loud enough to drown out Keeru’s  moans of pain. Almost. Through tears, Crotesius rode through the vast Bara Magna desert, his friend strapped to the back of his craft.


Keeru , despite all of his pain saw the Skrall before Crotesius. “skrall”  he whispered, his voice shaky with pain and fear. He whispered it a second time before Crotesius heard him, and finally saw the skrall. Crotesius hoped the skrall wouldn’t notice them, and they could drive in peace. The skrall, had other ideas, and started stalking them, hiding in the dunes. Finally, it confronted the pair, bursting out of the sand, brandishing its new toy. “CORDAK” Crotesius screamed in terror. The skrall took aim and Crotesius tried to hit him with his own launcher. The Thornax went astray, but the skralls shot didn’t. Crotesius and Keerus world was suddenly light and thunder, then infinite darkness…..



So what do you guys think?

Self MOC: Fren

                           How lewd

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