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Velius: Review

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During the events of Voya-Nui, the current chronicler, Kopeke, had been instructed by Turaga Nuju to seek out any information that could be added to the Wall of History. While rummaging through an old forge in Ta-Metru, he comes across a tablet, revealing tales of horrible tragedies and sacrifices that have come about this island of Metru-Nui and neighboring islands. With turmoil residing both in the history explained in the tablet and in the present, this story is packed with the happenings of what could have occurred in the story of BIONICLE.


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Author's Notes:


I had this idea in my head for a little while so I'm glad I finally found an outlet to release it in. I'll be releasing each chapter probably every couple of days. I have some chapters already written but I don't want to release them all at once. I would rather release them at a steady rate, giving me enough time to work on the next one. Also I'm constantly rereading them and trying to catch any errors I might make in the story. I rarely write anything in a serious style (Or write at all) so this is somewhat newer territory. 

In regards to the story itself, I have the major events in the story all written out, all I need to do is just expand it. I've included in this story several hints to characters or events in the official BIONICLE storyline that never really were expanded on. Those who can identify them, kudos to you. I've done quite a bit of research as well so I think I've arranged the story to be able to actually fit into the official storyline. As I release more and more of the chapters I'll probably expand on some of the other stuff I've added that I thought were interesting subjects to include. I also tried my best to mix real characters with made up characters, we'll see how well that turns out. So, I hope you enjoy the story I have written. I'm open to comments, critiques and criticism.



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