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"Toa Hafu" and Chronicler Balta, a Dual MOC by SaikoRhythm

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Here's these two!

I don't really like Hafu's (Pohatu 2015's) design. Too symmetrical...


Toa Hafu wears a Mask of Focus, which allows him to target a foe's weak points. Toa Hafu also wields dual Climbing Chisels.


Balta later became the Chronicler after Kopeke's transformation. Balta was rebuilt, granted special armor, and a powerless Mask of Foresight. He wields the Chronicler's Staff.




Up next:

Toa Taipu and Onepu

Toa Macku

Toa Tamaru

Turaga Takanuva

And more...

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I think this is a pretty cool concept. I'll go through my analysis of each individually.



I get that you were trying to get a gold color scheme to work, but... it's not amazing. Balta's original color scheme was maroon, dark gray, silver, and keetorange. It worked pretty well for him. Also, I know that LDD doesn't have a Huna in it, but I think Balta probably would have kept it. In addition, the lower arms need to be swiveled 90 degrees to allow for the right amount of pose-ability. As for those silver bohrok eyes on his feet, either make them gold or switch the entire color scheme over to silver.



The weapons are creative; they're alright. Why are only his lower legs black? What about doing it like Lewa, and having tan and black on each arm? Just a thought. Now, for his shoulder armor. If those were actually the Bionicle add-on pieces, putting them on both the upper and forearm would incredibly limit elbow movement. I'd suggest removing the forearm armor.


These are both solid, but as I pointed out, there are a few design flaws, or at least, my own personal gripes. Good work on these! I'm looking forward to seeing the new ones as you "release" them. Good luck.


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First of all, thanks for the feedback!

For Balta, I was going with a color scheme that matches the color of the Chronicler's Staff, which is one of the "Legacy" LEGO colors no longer being produced. The coloration for Hafu was designed like his Matoran form: Tan body, black around the edges. As for the pose-ability issues and part designs, I'll be done remaking it in a bit.



EDIT: I finished the remake! Hafu has improved colors and armor, and Balta's design has been tweaked to be more true to the original. I swear, every time I get feedback from you guys, I make huge design improvements. Taipu and Onepu are next, stay tuned.


EDIT 2: I realized that you lose pose-ability with two bone spikes on his feet. Just pretend the ones closer to the ankles aren't there.



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I kinda prefer the original colours on Balta but it's rather overwhelming. Even in the new colours perhaps it would be worth removing the detail pieces from the forearms as they add a lot of unnecessary bulk to the figure imo. I also think Hafu's weapons are pretty OTT, despite being interesting and undeniably cool! Maybe give him one as a dual handed weapon (with a longer axle) or if you want to keep two I'd suggest keeping just one of those 3 top blades. There's definitely something wierd going on with his colours too but I'm not really sure what. The layering is a little confusing with the few black pieces on top (including the mask) and again I prefer the original colour scheme here. Maybe all yellow (?) and silver without any of the black would work? I get you're trying to stick to his original colour scheme but something looks a bit off. Both seem to be nice builds though, not too crazy and I like not too crazy :D Maybe lose both the foot spikes to improve posability (as you noted) he has plenty anyway ;) Good luck with Taipu and Onepu!

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