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Hahli Husky

Media Discussion Rules

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Media Discussion Forum Rules


Welcome to the Media Discussion Forum! We have recently merged with the Digital Discussion forum, offering a broader subject range. :) Please read through these rules before posting!


What you can discuss here: official BIONICLE and LEGO video games, TV shows, movies, books, comic books, websites, music, and other digital content (such as the interactive CD-ROMs.)


What you can't discuss here: major storyline topics (put those in S&T!), prices of different media (go to the Marketplace), and fan-made games and music (stash those in the Creative Outlet.)





In addition to the BZPower Rules and Guidelines, we have a few special rules for this forum.



No "mistake" topics. Everyone is human and humans make mistakes. Please refrain from pointing out mistakes you've seen; doing so would fill the forum to the brim with a lot of pointless discussion.


No double posting. Do not post twice or more times in a row. If you have more to say, and you were the last to post, edit your last post.


Post a topic only once. If you accidentally posted your topic twice or more times, report the duplicates and they'll be deleted.



Use the report button! Please do not post to correct or reprimand a poster who has broken the rules; simply use the report button below the post to bring it to the moderators' attention.


No topic revival. Please do not post in topics that have been inactive for sixty days or more, or the topic will be closed. If it was still needed for discussion, people would have kept it going. If there's new information relating to the previous topic, but that topic is too old to revive, then it's probably fine to create a new thread.




Official Topics:


Official Favorite Bionicle Movie Poll

Official Favorite Comic Book Artist Poll

Official Favorite/Least Favorite Book Topic




Thank you for reading and following these rules!! We hope you enjoy your time in this forum. :) If you have any questions/confusion, please post here or contact one of the Media Discussion Forum Leaders or Assistants:


Hahli Husky



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