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My point is, Teridax had EVERYTHING planned out. The only thing that could have made him regret his actions was one of his pawns failing to perform their required task--We already saw this in the Kingdom, when Matoro hesitated too long and didn't revive the GSR.

That's not how remorse works. If one of your pawns fails to do what you want him to do, you don't regret that, you get angry at said pawn. The Makuta in the Kingdom was bitter and wanted retribution: he wanted those he deemed responsible for his fate to be punished.


But for our Teridax, the way things went, he saw no need for remorse; only reason to celebrate his victory. Toa save the day, he knew. So, in killing the Great Spirit, he had already won. Why would he cry over his ultimate success?

Sure he had planned for all that, but that doesn't mean he knew what it was going to be like. The same way somebody might murder someone else because they think it's a good idea, but then later regret their actions: they planned to kill them and they knew full well they had to live with that afterwards, but they just didn't know what it was going to be like.


The Makuta was already beyond the point of feeling remorse simply for killing someone, but the same logic goes for doing something 'bigger and badder': he had planned for Mata Nui to die, but that doesn't mean he knew what it would feel like when it actually happened. It was the most evil thing he had ever done, we couldn't know beforehand if he had it in him to do that without regretting it.


What makes it unlikely of course is that we now know he wouldn't feel remorse in such a situation, because we witnessed that situation and we saw that he continued to carry out his plan. I wasn't posting that part as an example of what would 'turn' the Makuta around, I posted it to support the point I was making about his function in the story. :shrugs:


Edit: Fixed quotes.

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I think it would have been great if it turned out Roodaka was an INCREDIBLY undercover Order operative that whole time, and she was creating commotion through her treachery. Remember how she purposely got Sidorak killed? Sure she could have been trying to take the throne, but what does she care about a bunch of spiders? She hardly needs them. She could be so undercover that she's allowed to do things like turn the Toa Hagah into the Rahaga and fight the Toa Metru. Better yet maybe she was bad all around and then legitimately joined the Order because she was bitter about other factions. Heck, she could be just as bad as she lets on, but it would be incredibly redeeming to find out that she does have a specified alignment and isn't just there to rustle everybody's jimmies.

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Herro there, person.

How are you?

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Alas, Teridax... you could have been such a great villain...


That's one of the reasons I REALLY love MNOG.  At that point, Makuta was still Mata Nui's brother, story wise.  I could easily see Teridax getting jealous of his brother and lashing out at him and his creations.  To me, the whole fight between Mata Nui and Makuta was a sibling rivalry between gods, spun horribly out of control.


(Come on, don't act like you haven't wanted to completely and utterly beat the turducken out of your siblings once)


Then we had the Phantoka where we learned there were actually tons of Makutas, and Teridax seemed to have been reduced to this petty schemer wanting to take over the world.

I find it very interesting that a flash game that was only semi-canon developed outside of LEGO had Terry written better than, well, pretty much anything else.

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