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Posted Nov 20 2011 - 02:56 PM

She was gone. He had no idea where she had gone, but it was dark and scary and he was craving for something sweet to make him feel better. She always treated him well, so why did she leave him in the shadows? The shadows were where the monsters were. Those horrible Toa who stopped him doing his duty. Oh yes. He remembered now. It was night time. The time in which she Slept.That was the past. And that past was scaring him. He just wanted something sweet. Ever since he landed here, she had looked after him. And she gave him sweet things. Like that Cake thing that she made. Or the Iced Cream. Whenever he felt scared, she would hold him and say that everything was all right. And after a while, she taught him her language. The strange language with the funny-shaped letters. She showed him the Books with the instructions. She showed him a lot of things.The shadows were starting to bite at his heels. He didn't like that one bit. But there was nothing sweet to distract him. Maybe, just maybe, he could use those Books with the instructions. He had watched her do it before. It couldn't have been that difficult.Struggling up the 'Chair' (is that what she called it?), he clawed at one of the Books, finally managing to grab one with his pincers. Carefully carrying it down, he placed it on the worktop with all the caution he used when he carried the Nuva Symbol and opened it up, again being careful not to damage the precious object."Koo-Keys..." his metallic voice squeaked, as his large, red eyes scanned the holy texts, connecting the dots in his mind. It was probably a good thing that his eyesight was so attuned to the dark.Checking once more what he needed, he leaped down from the 'Chair' and hopped towards the 'Fridge'. He had no idea what that word meant, but he knew it was cold inside. He also knew that there was that strange light inside it. And as he tugged at the door, his height making it difficult, the light spat forth and hurt him. But he had to push past the pain, because the 'Butter' and the Eggs were in there. He needed those.The first Egg cracked in his hand. This made him jump. He didn't expect it to break. Eggs back at home were normally much sturdier and protected by large rahi. He needed to be less clumsy. With some patience, he managed to get the other Eggs, plus the 'Butter' onto the worktop, next to his book.Next was the powdery stuff. Flour, not flower, those strange, brown Chocolate Chips, and, the best part, Sugar. He knew where they were. He'd seen her take them out of that storage place so many times. And that object, the Bowl, in the one next to it. These were not so hard to move.He had his ingredients. All he had to do now was put them together.All into the bowl. With his left pincer, he held the bowl still while he mixed with his right pincer. If it wasn't for the 'Chair', he wouldn't have known if it was ready. Slowly but surely, the mixture became much more uniform, all the flavours mixing together. There was something missing though. The smell. Where was it? Had he done something wrong?Consulting the Book again, he realised that he wasn't finished yet. He had to cook the Koo-Keys. Or Cookies, as the Book called them. The Tray was kept on top of the Heating Device. She called it an Oven, but that name confused him. The Book said to turn the dial to 4, put the mixture into the Tray then place that in the Heating Device. Simple enough.Now there was nothing left to do but wait. And as he did so, the smell begun to taunt him, just like every other time. And as it taunted him, his mind started drifting, back to when she found him, cold and scared in her 'Garden', that beautiful, green, lush place just past that pane of glass. He had no idea how long he had drifted through time and space, ignored by everything. He'd long ago lost his link to his brothers. And long before that, he lost his... Desire... To return home. This was his home now, with Her looking after him. Now, he had emotion.The smell was now unbearable to him. He knew it was time.Tugging at the door, he nearly fell over trying to get at his creation. His pincers dug deep into the metal Tray, as the heat hit him like a river of flames. The metal burned him. The Tray had betrayed him. It hurt him. It reminded him. The pain and the agony all rushed back. The memories of his brothers DYING in front of his eyes blurred his mind.A loud clang filled the building. And then there was silence.Or was there?Foot steps rushed down the stairs, replacing the silence with mild panic."Lehvak?"Stellar rushed into the kitchen, to see the poor Bohrok dazed and confused on the floor, cookies and crumbs scattered around his feet."Aw, you silly little thing..." she smiled as she helped Lehvak-Kal to his feet, wrapping a tea-towel around the Bohrok's pincers. "You should have woken me..."The Bohrok murmured something, then picked up a cookie and showed it to Stellar. After a bit of hesitation, she took it and daintily placed it in her mouth."Koo-Keys?""Mmmmhmmmm!" Stellar grinned as she swallowed, delightfully pleased with Lehvak's first attempts at cooking."Cookies!" Lehvak smiled as he tried the cookies for himself, finally feeling safe and sound once more.
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