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Bs01 Adventures: The Unrelenting

Comedy Funny Spawn of Teridax Cykron Twilight Avenger BS01 Adventures

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#1 Offline Toa Cykron

Toa Cykron
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Posted Nov 20 2011 - 04:15 PM



In a world of wikiness... A few really awesome heroes will come to meet their destinies...After they are done shooting fireworks...And making comics that last one issue...This is their story...On the Wiki-Nui mainland...Cykron: Guys! GUYYYS!!!*Spawnie walks up to Cykron with Grant-Sud’s mask*Spawnie: Wut.Cykron: Um... *points at mask*Spawnie: It’s borrowed.Cykron: I meant the skull inside it.Spawnie: Cy, me and Cise have a understanding...Cykron: Someone died!Spawnie: And you come to ME for some reason...Cykron: Look, I walked into Toa of Chaos’s hut and I found...Spawnie: A body? Laying suspiciously under the table with duct tape and cotton swabs jammed into its...Cykron: No! It was worse.Spawnie: Oh. What did you find?Cykron: ...Kingnocturnignika...Spawnie: DDDD:Cykron: Oh, and the body.Spawnie: Oh.Cykron: Anyway, I need a way to dispose of...King Iggy: Noa!!!Spawnie: What?King Iggy: He’s still alive!!!Cykron: Um... Dude, he’s dead.King Iggy: Noa!!!Spawnie: We need to get rid of the body.ToC: I’m not dead...Cykron: *looks away*ToC: I feel happy...King Iggy: He must live!Spawnie: What planet are you from!? Let the creep perish!Creep Of The Deep: Wut?Spawnie: You don’t exist either.Cykron: Anyway... You can have ToC’s DEAD body, Kingy.King Iggy: Yus! :DCykron: You can ask him about ancient sprite requests from two years ago or anything you want.King Iggy: Yeah, but I can’t let my friend go! I must be with him on his level.Cykron: What do you have in mind?King Iggy: I must join him.Spawnie: Best idea you had... ever.*Kingy lays next to ToC*King Iggy: Accept me into your kingdom, ToC! Let me join you!*Nothing happens*Spawnie: My way is much quicker, dude.King Iggy: Look, I will NOT let this setback get between our friendship. ToC, where do you want to go?ToC: ...Cykron: He wants to use a morgue.Spawnie: He’s starting to stink. Here. *hands over can*King Iggy: What’s this?Spawnie: It keeps bodies from stinking.Cykron: Where do you get this stuff!?Spawnie: *evil hiss* CANADAAAAaaaaaa......Cykron: o.O Hey, where did Chaos’s body go!?Everyone turns and see’s two shapes standing in the *snort* Twilight!Twilight Avenger: SHUT UP!Cykron: Who is that?11: Ha! It is I! Toa 11!!!Spawnie: Where is Chaos’s body!?11: It is... safe. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!Cykron: >_>Spawnie: Why are you back in Wiki-Nui, 11?11: You fools! After the Packer’s won the Super Bowl, I have come to finish the job!Toa Iggy: What job?11: To destroy all Steelers fans that dare appose me!Spawnie: You can have him. *Drags Cykron from behind Kingy and shoves him in front of 11.11: It’s time to finish this, Cykron.Cykron: NO!!!11: YES!Cykron: NOOOOO!!!11: YES!!! *pulls out Kraalix’s stale Hanna Montana cake and crams it into Cykron’s mouth* YES EAT IT! FINISH IT FOR GOOD YOU STUPID FOOL! AHAHAHA!!!Spawnie: *BOOM* *Reloads shotgun*11: Gah!! You... you shot me!Spawnie: Yup.11: I—I didn’t see that coming.Spawnie: Neither did JFK.11: I—I—Feel... ok, actually.Spawnie: Really?11: Yeah, and, I can’t why I’m standing here, well, I remember why Cykron is choking on cake but I can’t remember anything besides that. It felt as if someone was controlling my actions...King Iggy: ...plotline...Spawnie: Shut up. You’re gonna spoil it.King Iggy: <:(Spawnie: Anyway, what do we do with Cykron?*Cykron lies twitching on the ground*11: Is he dead? Did I kill him?King Iggy: *sniff* I can’t smell his pulse!Spawnie: He’ll be fine. There are more important things to worry about than him...*AT AN UNDISCLOSED LOCATION...*???: Rise my son, arise and feel again!ToC: Uhhhh... I feel weird, like I was dead or something...???: You were.ToC: Well, that explains the stink, and the bugs, and Kingnocturnignika.???: You are now under my control, Toa of Chaos.ToC: WAIT NO!!... *falls under spell*???: Now, you must gather those who know about my plan.ToC: Yes master... They won’t come easily.???: No problem. After all... It saves me time to kill them together.Twilight Avenger: SERIOUSLY CYKRON!?!?Toa Nidhiki05: This isn’t even legal. >:(Cykron: I will MAKE it legal.Darth Sideous: SERIOUSLY CYKRON!?!?Tune in later for another edition of BS01 ADVENTURES: THE UNRELENTING...

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#2 Offline Zox Tomana

Zox Tomana
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Posted Nov 20 2011 - 04:46 PM

O.o I'm lost. Amused, but totally lost XD It reads like one of those random chats that just goes to n00bland and stays there. Congratulations, you made me smile today.O! Can-Adaaaaa..........!
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