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Ask Lewa 2!

funny lewa ask skirmix ratty

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Posted Nov 20 2011 - 10:36 PM

You may or may not remember my comedy 'Ask Lewa' on the old forums, but I figured I'd continue it. Don't worry, B+M=C and the others will return sometime or another. Anyways, let's get started! (P.S. If you remember Skirmix and Ratty, you get a cookie.)Chapter 1: Cupcakes.Lewa: Hi, everybody, and welcome back to 'Ask Lewa'! I've done a lot during the downtime,Computer: Translation: I've sat on the couch a lot.Lewa: Including adopting two new pets, Skirmix and Ratty!Computer: Translation: A Rock Steed to carry me to the kitchen when I get hungry, and a rat to keep me company while sitting on above mentioned couch.Lewa: So, let's start awnsering questions!Computer: Translation: Gimme stuff to awnser before I punch a hole through the wall.Lewa: Shut up, you piece of ####!!Computer: ....I think it's better I DON'T translate that....Lewa: Good! Bring up the first question!

: Dear Lewa:Do you like My Little Pony Friendship is Magic?

Lewa: Huh? What? (Quickly hides Twilight Sparkle toy) Of course not! What kind of girly person would like that?!Computer: You.Lewa: (Whispers) Shut up, you overglamorized toaster oven!Computer: Lewa is a Brony! Lewa is a Brony!Lewa: When I get my hands on you-!!Gali: (Walks in) Lewa, are you threatening the computer again?Lewa: Um...no?Gali: (Sighs and leaves)Lewa: Well, now that you've made a fool out of me in front of Gali, could you just give me the next question?!Computer: Maybe. Maybe not.Lewa: What do you expect...an apology?!Computer: Yes.Lewa: I'm not going to apologize to a-Computer: Uh-oh, I put it in the Trash folder by accident. Would be a shame if it were to accidently get deleted forever..,Lewa: Okay, okay, I'm sorry!Computer: That's better. Here's your question:

Dear Lewa:Could you look up and read 'Cupcakes'? I'm sure you'll enjoy it...BWAHAHAHA!! erm, I mean have fun!

Lewa: Well, sure! I don't have any problem reading about Cupcakes!Computer: Um, Lewa....Lewa: Nonsense! I'm sure it's just a nice, non-gory story about yummy cupcakes!Later, after actually READING 'Cupcakes':Lewa: That was definitely NOT a nice, non-gory story about yummy cupcakes!Computer: I'm not going to say I told you so, but I SAID TO YOU ACCURATELY!!Lewa: Oh, shut up...I think I'm going to be sick...Computer: How can you tell? You're green all over anyway!Lewa: Ooog, I can't do this...Skirmix, Ratty, you take over and awnser the last question...(Walks off)Skirmix: Is he gone?Ratty: I think so.Skirmix: Well, then, welcome back to The Skirmix Show!Computer: Oh, may heaven help us!Skirmix: I'm your host, Skirmix, and this is my co-host, Ratty!Ratty: We're going to take over 'Ask Lewa' for the last question of the day because of Lewa being stupid enough to read 'Cupcakes'!Computer: Stupid is right...Let's get this over with.

Dear Lewa:Why on Earth would you be stupid enough to read 'Cupcakes'?!

Skirmix: Well, it's quite simple. You remember those scenes where the Lewa was swinging through the trees on Mata Nui? Well, he fell a lot.Ratty: You could say he bumped his head as a child.Skirmix: 63 times.Computer: That's it for today.Skirmix: Well, okay then. Have a good day everybody, and thanks for reading! Remember to send in lots of questions!Ratty: And to never read 'Cupcakes'!Word count: 578

Edited by Kung Fu Rahkshi Destroyer, Nov 20 2011 - 10:40 PM.

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