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NEW NINJAGO SET: The City of Stiix!

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This is Ninjago's new set coming this August with the other Ninjago sets.  It costs $100.00 and Go to Lego's Ninjago website to see it.




Although, Ninjago's set "Temple" is going to be on a delay.  It is said to be arriving in the month SEPTEMBER.

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and BTW https://screen.yahoo.com/star-trek-convention-000000768.html

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Not sure how new this is in terms of news. People like JANGbricks have already reviewed it.

On the whole though, the set looks pretty awesome. I just don't have a hundred bucks to blow on LEGO sets.

I'll settle for like, the smaller sets. I hope they have good figures :3

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How about we use those sticks


build them as a bridge


And make Mordor easier to walk into?



Seriously though, Lego seems to be wrecking their company's name with these awful sets. I don't see a reason to buy this when the cheaper sets have most of the figures.

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