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The story follows the OG Toa, who have crash-landed on the island city of Metru Nui. They're quickly skirted off to hide in the city's criminal underground by Takua, a journalist, and some of his friends. Takua reveals to the Toa that he and his crew have summoned the Toa via ritual after the city's resident Toa (who are actually a reboot version of the Toa Metru) have vanished under mysterious circumstances, and that the city's dictator, Dume, is secretly behind it somehow. After a quest in which the Toa learn to get along and work as a team, they expose Dume and find that he's involved in a cult that wants to revive Makuta, whose role I'll explain in a bit. From there, less stuff is directly copied from G1 as the story goes on. Not sure what to do from there other than bring in Takanuva and maybe some other new Toa somehow.


This list of characters offers more specific details that make my thoughts a bit clearer.

  • Tahu--The Toa of Fire, and the self-proclaimed leader of the Toa. He's a hot-headed, stubborn jerk when he first lands, but eventually learns to think before acting, and that it's not all about him. His character growth also entails learning to control his anger. Tahu wields a broadsword.
  • Kopaka--The Toa of Ice. He attempts to refute Tahu's leadership of the Toa, but does not succeed because nobody else (himself included) wants to take up the job. He's cold and outright mean at times, and wants to work by himself because he sees the others as holding him back; but his team grows on him and, while he never shows very much emotion, forms a bond with his brethren. Kopaka wields a shield and spear.
  • Gali--The Toa of Water. Gali struggles to keep Tahu and Kopaka from killing each other, which they actually attempt at one point. She's a control freak, but learns that the solution to conflict is not disregarding differences, but accepting them. Gali wields two hooks which are on chains that, like, go into her arms...or...it looks cool in my head but it's hard to describe, OK???
  • Lewa--The Toa of Air. Laid-back and something of a troll, Lewa is selfish and crass, and serves as comic relief from time to time. He often makes jokes at the worst times, but after Onua saves his bacon, he realizes the importance of considering others' feelings. He uses his iconic treespeak on rare occasions. When asked to help move a fallen tree, he asks, "Do I look like a Toa of Plant-life to you?" Lewa wields a hatchet and a dagger.
  • Pohatu--The Toa of Iron; he can still control sand because the sand on Metru Nui contains iron, rather like the surface of Mars. Pohatu is that annoyingly nice guy we've all known at some point in our lives. He just wants to be everyone's friend, and is the primary force that melts Kopaka's icy heart. However, he doesn't have nearly as much confidence in himself as in his team; and when someone just refuses to be his friend, he's either crushed or doesn't know it and keeps going. He learns that he's actually much more powerful than he realizes, and his confidence grows as a result. Pohatu wields those things he had on his feet in G1, as well as these brass-knuckles-type things that look like his climbing claws.
  • Onua--The Toa of Earth. The other Toa initially see him as just "the big guy." He says very little and doesn't give them any reason to think he's very bright. Pohatu, however, finds that his hulking figure conceals the mind of a scholar when he finally gets him to open up. The reason he didn't speak his mind much prior is that he feels he's going to be shut down by his peers, and is terrified of social rejection. Onua eventually overcomes his shyness and reveals his brilliance to his team, and finds acceptance as a result. He wields a warhammer.
  • The Heralds of the Toa--The OG Chronicler's Company has summoned the Toa with stones given to them by the late Toa Metru after Takua, an underpaid journalist who has a pet crab named Pewku and whose roommate is a Kolhii champion named Jaller, discovers what is going on while doing research for an article in a tabloid. They are minor characters, and only really get enough time to be legitimately developed as characters.
  • Dume--The corrupt dictator of Metru Nui. He uses his army of mechanical soldiers, which also serve as the city's excessively harsh police, to try and hunt down the Toa before they ruin him. It's revealed that he wants to harvest the life-force from the Toa as a means to re-awaken Makuta, and that Dume is in a cult called the Brotherhood of Makuta.
  • Krekka and Nidhiki--Two mercenaries Dume hires to help kill the Toa. They physically resemble their G1 counterparts, and they also act like them--Nidhiki is the brains of the operation, while Krekka is mostly just the muscle; though he is not so comically stupid as he was in G1. They are killed under a collapsing building.
  • Nivawk--A shapeshifter of Dume's species. He's a winged humanoid with a black-and-red color scheme, and never speaks. He serves as a spy for Dume, and kills him when he is defeated.
  • Pewku--Adorable cinnamon roll who is also a crustacean. She is greatly downsized, being more like a dog than a horse in size and function.
  • Jaller--Celebrity Kohlii champion and Takua's best friend. Takes care of Pewku while Takua is AWOL.
  • Mata Nui and Makuta--The respective "God" and "Devil" of Matoran religion. According to their faith, Mata Nui created the Matoran and granted them civilization. They thrived under him, and so they worshiped him as a god. Makuta, Mata Nui's brother, grew jealous, and created monsters called Rahkshi to eradicate the Matoran. In response, Mata Nui chose select Matoran to become Toa--heroes who could control any one of various elements which comprise the Matoran world. The Toa fought the Rahkshi in a thousand-year war which ended in a battle between Mata Nui and Makuta. At the end of the fight, a great explosion sent both beings into eternal slumber. Matoran believe that those who carry out the will of Mata Nui are sent to Artakha to live in eternal paradise, while those who carry out the will of Makuta are sent to Karzahni to be tortured until they repent for their sins.
  • Takanuva--The Toa of Light. When the Toa find themselves lost in the wilderness, they are helped by a caped being with a staff and gold-and-white armor. He claims to be an old friend of the Toa, and is disappointed to find they do not know him. After learning of what has transpired and how much progress the Brotherhood has made in their nefarious quest, he resolves to join the Toa, and remains a fixture in the story thereafter. He is wise and ancient, and wields tremendous power. Upon meeting Takua, he says, "Are you sure we haven't met? I think I know you from somewhere, you handsome devil." He also makes a stab at some "imposter named Ekimu." Takanuva wields a golden staff that serves more as a conductor of his power than a melee weapon.
  • Vezon--Makes a brief cameo in the background at one point. He warps in, falls off a cliff, gets back on his feet, and warps away.
  • Voriki--A major antagonist at the end of the saga. Voriki believes himself to be the prophetic being destined to slay Makuta once and for all, but is disappointed to find the Toa have done his job for him. He goes on a rampage, and finds that he controls all elements. He's basically the end boss of G3. Voriki is full of himself and somewhat childish, and actually cries when he is defeated because he's so immature. He wields no weapons because "Who needs weapons when you've already got these guns?"

That's basically all I've got thus far for this. I'd love to get to writing an AU fanfiction if I ever get the patience to write.

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So my idea is that the Toa are villagers who became what they are through a strange ritual taht merges them with their respective element, and as they master their powers and become more in tune with their elements they transform, their final forms being completely elemental.


Makuta is their mentor who is teaching them so that they can defeat the threat that approaches the island the story takes place on, Reyziak the Devouring One. All while fighting off its minions, the Devoured, corrupted villagers who did not undertake the ritual as it's extremely risky to do(seriously the ritual is a latch ditch effort) and the risk of death is high.


The Toa.


Tahu: once a blacksmith turned Warrior of Fire, he knows what the mission is and he fears the possibility of failing, but he knows he must fight the Devouring One, or else all is lost.


Pohatu: desert explorer who once sought lost treasure turned Lord of Wind, he sees this as an opportunity to find more lost treasures, and to beat a threat that could mean the end of his treasure hunting ways. 


Lewa: daredevil turned Rogue of Jungle, is probably the happiest about her new powers as it means new and exciting experiences for herself. Will probably master her powers faster than the others.


Gali: former researcher turned Mistress of the Seas, she is in wonder of her new powers as she can now study them with great earnest, will probably master her powers faster than the others.


Onua: Village guard turned Knight of Earth, her experience as a guard has taught her that the earth hides many things, she will use her connections to find the ancient temples that contain knowledge the Toa need to master their powers. Does not like Tahu as she finds him to be too focused on the possibility of failure.


Kopaka: former archivist turned Hunter of Crystal, hates that he got chosen to undergo the ritual, like that it succeeded, but hates that his quiet life is over, would like nothing more than to be at his original job. Will master his powers the slowest.


Makuta: a village elder with weak shadow powers, he desperately wants the Toa to master their powers so that the Devouring One will be defeated before it consumes all. Is not particularly fond of the selection of Toa(likes Onua since she is all business and isn't filled with worries of things like failure). Due to injuries received from Akmouh the Deceiver, he must use a special walker machine to move around.



Reyziak the Devouring One: an ancient horror that seek to consume all life, sometimes invades dreams to instill fear in foes, can be a bit of a troll. Can posses people to make them do what he wants, such as the time it possessed some villagers and made them stack themselves on top of each other because it amused her. Reyziak has no true gender and is usually addressed by the gender of its avatar(unless its avatar is a object).  


The Devoured: villagers who have been turned into mindless slaves by the Devouring one, their minds and souls devoured.


Akmouh the Deceiver: a power hungry former villager to swore loyalty to Reyziak for power, gained gravity powers but his form is extremely twisted.


Tuyet the Seeker: a former village Gaurd who gained weak energy powers from forbidden artifacts found in a sealed off temple devoted to Reyziak, is constantly overflowing with energy and looks ready to explode.


Tuma the Destroyer: a former village leader who in a desperate attempt to save some friends asked for power from Reyziak, he received those powers, powers that cause decay. Hates Reyziak, but is enslaved to it.


The sets of the Toa get progressively more and more elemental looking as time goes on, Tahu's first set would look like any other Toa of Fire made, but his final set would would look like he is made entirely of fire.

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A brief beginning on how I could see G3's story going:


On the island of Mata Nui, a lone warrior is here to save those who cannot defend themselves. Protecting the Islands Villagers from corrupted creatures known as Rahi. He was silent, but intelligent, and even while he seemed cold on the outside, on the inside, his ideals are all for the greater good.

He was clad in white armour, his right forearm printed with KOPAKA-02 in bold, black lettering. He wields a blade as fine as the Ice he controls and a shield giving protection to all that is pure. His name is Kopaka: Guardian of Mata Nui, and with his control over the element of Ice and mask of X-ray vision, Kopaka has defended the Island of Mata Nui for several years.

His origin is unkown to him, unsure of what his previous life was like. But with the guidance of the Turaga, 6 elders whom give the Villagers wisdom and hope, he has overcome these thoughts thus far. On a day like any other however, things will change, as a blazing ball of fire hits the island with an incredible force. Little did the villagers, Kopaka and even the Turaga know that this would mark the beginning of a new age on Mata Nui, an age where heroes will rise up to the element of darkness.




Hope you like this idea.

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