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After searching & being surprised by not finding a thread quite like this I decided to make it. This is the place where people go to for some aid in the Mata Nui Online Game from a technical stadpoint.


I wanted to know a couple things;


Can I somehow make the game fullscreen? There's no setting for it on the site & right-clicking doesn't give me an option for it.


How can I alter the sound? I can't hear stuff in other tabs when playing MNOG becuase I can't find any place where I can control MNOG's sound levels.


Please feel free to use this for any other help you may need when playing. Thanks in advanced!

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MNOG doesn't really have any special controls for sound or graphics. If you want to play fullscreen, though, you can download the game from BioMedia Project:


Modified version to restore the original 2001 game




2006 Rerelease



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Download one of the versions Pereki linked to. Then, click the drop-down menu for "View" and select "Full Screen," or just press Ctrl+F.


As for sound, the only real way to do that is (provided you're using Windows) open up the sound mixer and lower or mute the volume for Adobe Flash Player.

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