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Lego City Undercover Discussion

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Since someone recently started a topic about The Lego Movie Videogame, I figured it'd make sense to have a topic about this underappreciated gem as well! This is the place to discuss Lego City Undercover or its handheld prequel, Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins. Feel free to share your own comments and perspectives about these games!

I bought Lego City Undercover before I even had a Wii U, and when I finally got the console this past Christmas I took an instant liking to the game. I had felt a bit burnt out by the repetitive movie licenses that made up the majority of recent Lego video games, so Undercover, with its own original story and amazing open-world gameplay, was a breath of fresh air. Before long I had reached 100% completion on it—the first time I've done that with ANY game in a long time.


I haven't played The Chase Begins yet. While the Wii U title definitely left me anxiously awaiting more from the franchise, I was turned off by reviews of the 3DS game, which I've heard lacks the snappy dialogue of the Wii U title in addition to the graphics being heavily compromised by the system. If I'm wrong about either of these assumptions, please feel free to correct me!


Anyway, I'm hoping we haven't seen the end of Chase McCain and his supporting cast yet. I'd love to see him appear in Lego Dimensions (or even Smash Bros.—a guy can dream). And I'd love to see a sequel to the game on whatever Nintendo's next console turns out to be, particularly if it can support co-op multiplayer (one of the most glaring omissions from the original game).


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A sequel to LEGO City Undercover that introduces co-op could definitely be a lot of fun, especially since it would let the game play with more "buddy cop" movie tropes. LEGO City has also greatly expanded a lot since LEGO City Undercover was released, with new subthemes like Deep Sea Explorers and Arctic. That opens up a lot of potential new vehicles, settings, and costumes. Imagine underwater switches you could only reach by wearing a Scuba Diver costume (kind of like Zane's diving mechanic in LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin), or frigid areas you could only pass through in an Arctic Explorer costume! For that matter, imagine the potential silliness of racing around LEGO City in a snowmobile!


One question that would arise when making such a game: how much do you redesign the setting? The original game's LEGO City was rather strategically planned, so if you change things it would definitely be noticed. You could certainly set it in an entirely new city, though. Or just say that the people of LEGO City have done a lot of rebuilding since the last game.

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