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I did it!
Per this blog entry, I wanted to make a nautilus-type thing after discovering a way to make a nice wheel shape from the Skull Buddies' new armor pieces.  So I did, finally.






Images are links to images.  Gallery when public.



e: Decided to switch the tentacles to the shorter thicker ribbed hoses.  I think it looks better this way.



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Nice use of the new skull villain armor pieces. It is without a doubt recognizable as a Nautilus.


Also didn't notice this at first, but loving the use of the Kraata container lids. Clever.

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Banner made by Onaku


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This is awesome! It looks just like a nautilus.



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Awesome! Totally looks like a nautilus. It was definitely a good idea to switch to the shorter, thicker hoses. The idea for the shell is really clever. It would be cool if you could find a way to extend the shell out around the tentacles a little, but either way it looks great.

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