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Sleep-Overs, Fillies, And Ghost Stories

not grimdark MLP FIM Ponies

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Takaru 1111
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Posted Nov 29 2011 - 11:14 PM

This my second attempt at MLP fan fiction, I thought I'd post it here in COT.“Sleep Overs,Fillies, and Ghost Stories.”

Twilight Sparkle, looked at the three pairs of puppy dog eyes staring up at her, she couldn’t help but smile.

“Alright, you three can have a sleep over at my house, but,”The lavender unicorn’s face turned serious,”you have to follow my rules, do you understand, girls?”

“Yes, miss Twilight” the three Cutie Mark Crusaders said almost simultaneously.

“Good,” Twilight replied, smiling,“I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun tonight.”


Twilight turned toward the other pony standing nearby.

“Thank you so much for this, Twilight,” the second mare said “I really don’t know if could have finished that dress for miss Sapphire Shores with those three dears running about.”

“It’s really no trouble, Rarity,” Twilight replied,”I understand what this means to you, and I’m sure these three will be well behaved

The Lavender unicorn emphasized the last two words, hinting at the three fillies playing behind her.

“Well, I think I should get these three to the library,” Twilight started,”before it gets too dark”

Rarity nodded, and the two older ponies began walking to their homes

“Goodnight, Twilight,” Rarity shouted.

Twilight turned and replied,” You too, Rarity, I’ll bring Sweetie Belle home in the morning!” She tuned to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who were chasing each other around a tree,”Come on, girls”

The three fillies popped up next to Twilight.

One of the fillies, a purple maned pegasus, looked up at Twilight.

“So, Twilight, what are we gonna do first?”

“What do you want to do, Scootaloo?” The lavender unicorn replied.

“How ‘bout we tell ghost stories!” The orange filly answered.

“ I don’t think so, Scoots,”Another filly, Apple Bloom, said,” I think we should have a pillow fight.”

“I don’t know, couldn’t we do each others manes?” The third filly, Sweetie Belle, Asked.

“How about I pick what we do,” the purple maned unicorn replied,”After all, I‘ve made a checklist of all the fun things we can do.”


When the four ponies arrived at the library, it was dark. Twilight opened the door and let the Cutie Mark Crusaders. She glanced around noting that Spike had already gone to help Rarity.

“Alright,” the unicorn said, her horn aglow, as she lifted her Cutie Mark Crusader Sleep Over Checklist and looked at the first thing on the list; Eat snacks and watch movie.

“So, girls, which of these movie should we watch?”She said holding up three dvd cases.

“Is that the new Stallion Captian Equestria movie?” Scootaloo asked excitedly.

“Yeah, That one!” Apple Bloom seconded.

Twilight smiled, she’d actually wanted to see that one.

”Oh wait, I’m so sorry, girls, This movie’s rated PG-13, you can’t watch it, oh well,”Twilight said.

“Oh, come on!” the orange filly protested.

“Come on, Twilight, Applejack don’t mind me watchin' PG-13, as long as there's an adult around.”

“OK,” Twilight replied, of course, she did know it wouldn’t be too bad, after all, it was based on a kids show.


The movie was terrible. While it didn’t really have anything too inappropriate, the acting was bad, and so were the special effects. At one point, the hero was flying across the screen, when he smashed through what was obviously a cardboard wall. And the alien monster was a pony in a suit stomping on action figures.

It was a disappointing example of how bad cheap Foalywood films can be. It had been unanimously decided, to turn it off in the middle. At least the snacks Twilight bought from Mrs. Cake were good.

“Well, let’s see what’s next on the list,”The lavender pony said,” ahh, a pillow fight”

As soon as she said pillow fight, Scootaloo had thrown her pillow at Apple Bloom. However, the pillow missed and hit Sweetie Belle instead

“Oh. It. IS. ON!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed chucking a pillow at Scootaloo. It hit Apple Bloom, however.

“Hey!” Apple Bloom yelled, throwing the pillow back. Sweetie Belle dodged, and the pillow went flying out of an open window.

After about half an hour later, the four ponies collapsed on the floor laughing. Twilight quickly got back to her hooves.

“alright, girls, lets calm down now,” Twilight said, exhausted, “ it’s time for the next thing on the list, ghost stories.”

“Finally!” The orange filly cheered.

The three fillies sat down around Twilight, as she began to tell the tale of the Muffin Mare.

After she finished, she asked if the three fillies were scared. The unanimous answer was no.

Twilight began to tell another one.


Twilight had lost it. The lavender unicorn had told the three fillies almost every remotely scary story she new, but not one jump, scream, or any other reaction of fear.

“You want a scary story, I’ll give you a scary story” She said, smiling maniacally.” It’s called the Cupcake Lady; Once long ago, there was an old mare, who lived in a house much like this one...”


“And then she baked her self into a cupcake, never to be heard from again, MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”Twilight ended the story, still smiling maniacally ”Now, my little ponies, have a good night!”

Twilight walked calmly up the stairs to her bedroom

The three fillies, however,were petrified at the horrifically gruesome story Twilight had told them.

First thing in the morning, Twilight took the three fillies to their home. They seemed very tired. Twilight didn’t remember much about last night, so she assumed it must have gone well.

Around noon, Twilight was doing her daily errands, when the orange farm pony, Applejack, walked up to her

“Hey, Twilight, what did you do to Apple Bloom last night?”she asked,”She was sick all mornin’”

The unicorn frowned, she’d just remembered what happened.

“I-I...I told them a scary story.”

“Well what stor...Don’t ya tell me ya told them that story.”

“That is the one I told them.”

“WHY THE HAY DID YA DO THAT! Them three fillies are gonna be scarred for life!”

“I kinda lost it.”

“Kinda lost what, all yer common sense?!?!”

Rarity stepped out of a nearby building

“Oh, there you, Twilight, are you sure those snacks you bought where still in code date?”

“That ain’t it, Rarity, Twilight here told them three, The Cupcake Lady!”

“OH DEAR! Twilight, you did?”Rarity said on the verge of fainting.

“Yep, she certainly did!”

“The poor dears must be absolutely horrified. They probably won’t eat cupcakes ever again! How could you, Twilight?”

“TWILIGHT!!”Scootaloo’s older sister, Cheerlie, shouted angrily, as she rounded a corner,”There you are!”

Twilight turned

“How dare you tell my little Sister such a horrific ghost story, how am I going to convince Scoots, that the cupcake lady won’t come to our house and turn her into a cupcake?”Sootaloo’s sister said hysterically.”Even I was scared when Pinkie Pie told me that story!”

Twilight sighed,”I’m so sorry, cani I buy you three dinner to make up for it?”

The orange earth pony scratched her head,” Ah guess that’ll work, you’ll have to take Big Macintosh, though, he kinda got, erm, thrown up on. What about you, Rarity?”

Rarity looked at Twilight, thinking,”I know you’re sorry,Twilight, dear, I will be there.”

Twilight turned toward Scootaloo’s Sister,”Cheerlie, do you accept my apology?”

Cheerlie nodded,”Sure.”


“Hey, Twilight, Pinkie Pie’s here!”

Twilight looked up from her book when she heard Spike yelling. She walked down the stairs.

“Come in Pinkie!”

The pink earth pony flew into the library next to twilight

“What’s up, Pinkie?” Twilight asked

“Hey Twilight guess what, guess what!” The party pony said, bouncing up and down.


“Rarity, Applejack, Chreerle, and I, set up a Forgive-Twilight-For-Scaring-The-Fillies-Silly party! And the best part is you’re invited! There’ll be cake, streamers, balloons, and cupcakes!”

“Sounds like fun, Pinkie. I’ll be there. when is it?”

“Silly Twilight, it’s right now!”

Pinkie Pie dragged Twilight out the door and toward Sweet Apple Acres.

“See you later, Spike” She yelled to her assistant, as Pinkie continued dragging her.

When the two ponies got to the barn, Pinkie opened the door, and Twilight stepped in.When she opened her eyes, the lavender unicorn, saw something she didn’t expect, Cheerlie, Applejack, Rarity, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Big Macintosh, and Mr. Cakes, standing near a machine the Apple family used to shred apples, they were all smiling devilishly. Twilight turned towards Pinkie Pie, the party pony’s hair was deflated, and she had an evil grin plastered on her face.

“Pinkie Pie, just what is going on here?” The Lavender pony asked.

“A party!”

Twilight Smiled,”If this is some kind of prank, it’s not working.”

Just then, A grey pegasus walked in, she was dragging the motionless form of Fluttershy behind her.

Applejack turned, “Aw, nice work, Ditzy. Hey, Big Mac, help me toss her in.”


Twilight’s eyes widened, as the yellow pegasus, was tossed into the hopper of the apple shredder.

The unicorn looked at Pinkie,” WHAT THE HAY, she just... she... just... SHE JUST KILLED FLUTTERSHY!”

“Yeah, and now we can bake more cupcakes!”, Pinkie said, excitedly,”And guess what, Twilight, it’s your turn!”

“Wait, What, nononononononono! Let go of me!”,Twilight pleaded, as Cheerlie began to drag her towards the apple shredder. Scootaloo’s sister stopped as Rainbow Dash smashed through the roof and slammed into her.

“TWILIGHT, COME ON!”,The rainbow maned pegasus yelled, as she bucked Pinkie Pie out the door.

Twilight broke into a dead run for the door. She was almost there, when she felt a rope wrap around her leg. Applejack pulled hard on the rope bringing the lavender pony to the ground.

She noticed that Dash had suffered a similar fate.

“An excellent throw, Applejack,”

“Thank ya kindly, Rarity,”

Rainbow Dash glanced at Twilight. The lavender unicorn was crying.

Big Macintosh set the two ponies on the conveyor belt. Twilight closed her eyes, this was it, she was going to die. Then she felt a sudden lurch, the conveyor belt had stopped moving! She slowly opened her eyes, and she saw all the ponies, even Fluttershy, were standing near her, smiling warmly.

“WHAT! THIS WAS ALL... A JOKE!” Twilight’s mane and tail bursted into flame.”WHAT KIND OF SICK PONIES ARE YOU!!”

“Silly Twilight, I’m not sick, I feel just fine!” Pinkie Pie chuckled.

Twilight’s face looked like it was about to explode.

“Aw come on, Twilight, chillax, it was just a joke. After all, you had it coming,” Dash said calmly.

The lavender unicorn sighed and closed her eyes.

“Twilight, darling, are you alright?”Rarity asked.

Twilight opened her eyes and smiled, “You got me guys. So, who planed this, and, how is Fluttersh...”

“Ah that, Rarity made a fake Fluttershy, and that’s what we used,” Applejack answered, “And she’s also promised ta help Big Macintosh 'n’ me clean the stuffin’ out of the apple shredder, ain’t that right, Rarity?”

“If I absolutely must.”

Twilight chuckled.

“And me an’ Cheerlie were the ones who planned this,” Applejack said, glancing at her little sister.

“Yeah, we picked Cheerlie, 'cause you scared her sis, and she wrote, like, seven horror novels.” Rainbow added.

“Really?” Twilight said surprised

“Yes, really. Grammar is my favorite subject,” Cheerlie answered.

“So, what did Ditzy Doo have to do with all this?” Twilight asked.

“Easy, Pinkie let me have some left-over muffins, so I told her I’d do her a favor sometime,” the crazy-eyed pegasus replied,”Plus, I’m like Cheerlie’s biggest fan.”

“So, is everypony ready for the real party?”Pinkie shouted,” I’ve got cupcakes!”

Twilight frowned,”I think I’ll pass on the cupcakes, though, Pinkie.”

Everypony in the room burst into laughter.

The End

And a note to haters, deal with it :smeag:


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