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BBC#71: Reaper King Carnus Ungue

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First off, this is the first large MOC I've made in a looong time, like years! Haha. But anyhow, I was really exited to make this, and even more so since a real life buddy of mine (Oreo'M) agreed to also work on an entry alongside me! His isn't up yet, but we took our pictures together and it should be up sometime soon! I seriously advise you guys to look out for it because it is terrifying XD Anyhow, on to the MOC!

Reaper King Carnus Ungue





Entry pic (Large)

Pic #1

Pic #2

pic #3

pic #4

pic #5


As you can see, the poster I used as the background wasn't quiiite big enough. I was going to edit them like I did the entry picture, but I ran out of time, so you guys will have to suffer through looking at my wall, haha. 



Spooky Halloween backstory:


A being of supreme intelligence, and yet one of unmatched malevolence, he has spent millenniums brooding deep within the furthest reaches of the wraith-world. For the most part he has left his accursed work to the droves of reapers under his rule, but about once every century, a mortal whose spirit is dark enough to be worthy of his highness is born. When their time comes, they soon realize the bright light they see at the end of the tunnel is not emanating from a heavenly abode, but rather from within the ornate robes of an otherwise shadowed figure. As the light becomes brighter, the distant screams of those long dead can be heard emanating from his cloak, and their now flesh-less fingers seen futilely clawing at his chest. Unable to move, speak, or look away, there is little that can be done to prevent their fate, and the icy claws of Carnus Ungue make short work of his victims. With another soul to fuel his inner flames, and another head hanging from his waist, he returns to his throne to contemplate his more kingly duties.


Hope you guys like it, and best of luck to everybody with the contest!

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Great looking MOC! Seriously, not too often do you see such big and juicy Bionicle MOC's that look this good. And great photography as well! Overall, well done, and best of luck!





"Welcome to Valhalla, Warrior."


Recent MOC's: The Headless Horseman (BBC71 Finalist)    LDD CCBS Chess    The Shadowed One (BBC69)    Nydoretha (Netherealm Empress)

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Well I'm impressed man. Over all the years we've been friends this has to be my favorite of your Mocs by far! It even beats that transforming car you built awhile back, that thing was incredible. I prefer this one though just for its sheer originality! I simply love those maulers, The crown/helmet is also a beauty. Nice work and good luck!

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