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Rpg Forum Contest 22 Submissions

RPG Contest RPGC22

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#1 Offline Black Six

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Posted Dec 01 2011 - 08:47 PM

RPG Forum Text-Based RPG Contest 22 SubmissionsAll RPG Contest 22 Entries should be posted here. They will be added to the list as we get around to it; don't fret if your entry isn't on the list immediately after you post it.You have until 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, December 21st to submit entries.NOTICE: If there is a note by your entry saying that it does not meet the requirements, reread the Contest Rules and then send Black Six a PM if you are still not sure of what is wrong with your entry. You have until 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, December 21st to edit your post and fix your entry.Also, please be sure to check out the RPG Contest Topic for important updates and announcements.You can review others' entries in the Review Topic.
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#2 Offline Toa Kovolta

Toa Kovolta
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Posted Dec 02 2011 - 01:42 AM

Posted ImageArena of Honour

Dear Honourable Athlete:It is my privilege to announce that the 1st annual universe wide Akolhinii Tournament will be commencing in less than a month. You, being a very prestigious and well known Akolhinii player, have been invited by myself and the rest of the Tournament Committee to attend and participate in the wonderful event.A copy of the text, “Akolhinii: Rules and Regulations”, has been included with this letter. You are encouraged to read this despite the fact that you are most likely very learned in the sport. Please be aware that these rules are the standard tournament rules and violating them will not be tolerable.The Tournament is being held at the magnificent new arena in the great city of Certamine Urbem (cher-ta-meen-ay ur-bem). A map of the city has also been provided with this letter. Please note the section, “Certamine Urbem: Rules of Conduct”, that has been appended to the Akolhinii rulebook.If you wish to participate in the tournament, please fill out the team registration form attached and return it to the Tournament Committee by Jan 28. If you decide not to take part, please still come and observe the great event. The city of Certamine Urbem is grand and there is much to see and do, it is after all the City of Contests.A Certamine Urbem Personal Passport has also been sent along. Be sure to fill it out and bring it if you plan on attending. All Passports will be verified upon entrance to the city – if there are any problems, you may not be admitted.We hope to see you at the Tournament.Honourably,Posted ImageCaptain Sven and the rest of the Tournament Committee

Map of Certamine UrbemPosted Image

Certamine Urbem is an Island city with technology about that of Metru Nui. It is bustling with people of all species, who get around either on foot, or using small standardized hovercrafts. Being the City of Contests, there is a high competitivenes amongst the inhabitants, always trying to better themselves in whatever it is they do, be it games, sports or business.Central Business District – Where all the politics and such goes down. The Central Nexus is the main office for those in charge of the main affairs of the city. More of an industrial sector than a residential one. It is dotted with sky scrapers containing offices, banks, and other businesses. The Central Business District is made up of mostly sky scrapers filled with offices, the height of these buildings forming a sort of cone centred around the central nexus. It is bustling with people rushing about their business. Despite its crowdedness, it is very clean with shining metal streets and very little pollution.Sporting District – The central hub of sports, races, and other contests. Gambling is illegal in this district. The Arena of Honour is where the Akolhinii Tournament will be held, though it also houses many other sporting facilities. The outskirts of the sector are home to some of the wealthier, higher status residents of the city.There are lots of fields, and community buildings scattered throughout the district that are used for playing anything from stadium sports to sit down games. It is much more peaceful here than in the other districts, aside from shouting and cheering that can be heard at almost every corner. It is also a more open, and you will find yourself a lot less claustrophobic wandering these streets.Slums – Main residential area of the city. Has a very dense population, living conditions are lower class.There are very few actual streets in this district. Only ones that span across it connecting the other districts, every other open space is just simply "somewhere where there isn't a house or shack or pile of junk". "Living quarters" are packed together so tightly and are so small that it's amazing that anyone has room breathe here. You can barley move around in this area without bumping into someone.Casino District – Home to a rougher crowd of people. A lot of gambling, and less legal activity goes on here. The Gambling Pit houses a variety of events for people to bet on.The streets of this district are lined with booths and bootiques with games for people to play, and trinkets for people to buy. Here it is all about the glamour and the widgets in your pocket. Althought it would be a good idea to keep an extra eye on those widgets at all times. There are many streets and alleys that are eternally dark from the shadows of the buildings above, and it is not the best of crowds that like to occupy them.

Akolhinii: Rules and Regulations

PrefaceEvolved from the Matoran sports of Akilini and Kolhii, originating from Metru Nui and the Island of Mata Nui respectively, Akolhinii has become ever more prevalent over the last few centuries. And although the two aforementioned sports were principally played by Matoran, the game has spread in popularity throughout many of the known races in the Matoran Universe. I’m sure that the Makuta, were they still around, would be the only ones to express a dislike for the activity.Over the last decade however, there has been an increased surge in participation in the pastime. It is being played more and more in the streets in most cities, regional competitions have become commonplace and are being held across the Universe, and the industry for creating Akolhinii Power Staffs and Lev Boards has multiplied insanely.It is because of this sudden rise in the sport’s recognition that I have decided to compile this text. It is a detailed explanation of how the game is played and the rules to which most current competitions apply.I hope it will be most enlightening, and give you an interest in the sport, if you do not already have one.-Turaga Asimir of Kulen Koro, NCSection I - Area of PlayThe game of Akolhinii is most often played in a cylindrical area of 65 bio in diameter and 65 bio high. There are two goals located at opposite ends of the cylinder about halfway off the ground. These goals are also cylinders, though their size depends on the species of the goal-keeper that is gaurding it. For a matoran, it is 2 bio in diameter, and 2 bio deep.Players, and any extensions of the players, such as their Power Staffs and Lev Boards, are allowed to move anywhere within this area, but may not go above or outside the bounds. The Power Ball also must stay within these bounds.Occasionally, obstacles may also be placed within this area in order to provide more of a challenge. These obstacles can vary in any number of ways. Any floors, walls and obstacles are considered completely part of the game, and using them to manoeuvre around the field is common.Section II - EquipmentThere are three main pieces of equipment used in this sport. The Power Ball, the Power Staff, and the Lev Board.Power Ball:There is only one Power Ball in play at any one time. It is a small rubber ball about 1/3 bio in diameter. (for more info on its purpose in the game, see IV - Playing the Game)Power Staff:Each player has a Power Staff that they use throughout the game. It is very similar to a Kolhii staff in appearance, with a scoop on one end, a handle in the middle and a mallet at the other. The length of the staff is height of its user. There are eight different types of staffs, each with different abilities.Speedy Staff – Gives the ball a burst of speed when released.Bouncy Staff – Makes the ball have a bigger bounce off of surfaces.Sticky Staff – Makes the ball stick to whatever surface it hits next.Anti-Gravity Staff – Switches the personal gravity of the ball from down to up.Heavy Staff – Makes the ball heavier.Intangible Staff – Allows the ball to pass through field obstacles.Magnetic Staff – Makes the ball attracted to the scoop of a teammate’s staff.Shielding Staff – Temporarily creates a small elliptical force field along the length of the staff, popular among Goal-Keepers.All of the aforementioned powers (aside from the Shielding Staff) affect the ball until it has caught in another player’s scoop. As well, the players have the ability to turn the power of their staff on and off whenever they wish.Lev Board:Powered by parts of levitation disks, Lev Boards are circular devices, about 1/3 bio in diameter. The players strap them to the bottoms of their feet, one on each foot. Based on how they orient their feet, they will rise into the air, lower down, turn around, speed up, slow down, etc., allowing the player to manoeuvre  pretty much anywhere in the area of play.Other pieces of equipment which are occasionally used are obstacles. These can be anything from, large cubes floating randomly in the field, to pillars of protodermis protruding from the ground, to small objects zigzagging around.Section III - Players and TeamsAn Akolhinii team is made up of three players, one Goal-Keeper, who is mainly in charge of guarding the team’s goal from being scored on, and two forwards, who are mainly in charge of trying to score on the opposing team’s goal. The Goal-Keeper usually does not stray far from the goal, though this is not a rule, and there have been times when they can be seen out in the main area of play with the rest of their team.Each player is equipped with one Power Staff and two Lev Boards. What kind of Power Staff is completely up to the player. As well each player is assigned a “Jersey” number, a number between one and ten which is used to easily identify them during play. No two players on the same team can have the same number.Section IV - Playing the GameThe object of the game is to be the first of two teams to score five points. A point is scored when the Power Ball goes into the opposing team’s goal.It is the main job of the two forwards on a team to manoeuvre the Power Ball around the field, using their Power Staffs and any parts of their bodies, though not allowed to physically hold the ball in their hands, keeping it out of the clutches of the opposing team’s forwards, and shooting it past the opposing Goal-Keeper into the goal.At the start of the game, and after any points are scored, the four forwards face off at the center of the field, where a new Power Ball will then appear, and battle for possession of the Power Ball.Section V - Tournament PlayTournaments have become very common as of late, and they take place in many ways, shapes and forms. There are three popular setups for these tournaments, depending mostly on how many teams are participating: Round Robin, Double Knockout, and Single Knockout.Round Robin is usually only used when there are very few teams participating. In this setup, each team plays one game with every other team, and the team with the highest number of wins is the winner of the tournament.Double Knockout is used when there is an average number of teams competing. Teams are matched against each other in stages. Winners play against winners, and losers play against losers. If a team loses two games however, they are eliminated from the tournament.Single Knockout is for when there are lots of participants. Once again teams are matched up against each other in stages. However, if a team loses any one game, they are eliminated from the tournament.The winner of each game in the tournament is decided by a secret formula involving the “Jersey” Numbers of all the players on both teams, as well as other factors.Section VI - Do’s and Don’t’s During PlayAllowed:- Using any part of your body or Power Staff to physically move the ball.Not Allowed:- Holding the Power Ball in your hands.- Using any elemental powers or mask powers or any other special powers to assist you.- Purposefully damaging another player.- Tampering with the Equipment.- Any other form of cheating, that would give you an advantage over the opponent.Section VII - Etiquette On and Off the FieldRespect all other players. Do not taunt them or try to harm them, physically or mentally.Do not throw a fit if you lose, do not brag about winning. It is customary to shake hands with the opponents at the end of the game and congratulate the winner, or tell the loser they played a good game.Appendix A - Certamine Urbem: Rules of ConductThe following rules and laws are to be obeyed at all times whilst in the city:- BZP standard rules and guidelines.- Respect the Tournament Committee and the other players.- Use IC (In character) and OOC (Out of character) when posting in the game topic.---> A good habit for when using IC, would be to also state the character’s name, where they are, what they are doing, and other character that may be nearby.---> ie. IC / Sven / Tournament Committee Chambers / Meeting with the rest of the Committee:- When fighting other players be reasonable and take a hit once in a while.- Do not GodMod- Do not kill other players.- Be reasonable when creating characters and in your IC posts.---> ie. No giving yourself super powerful Kanohi.---> ie. Don’t say your in one place and then a second later your at the other end of the city.---> ie. Don’t all of a sudden kill twenty NPC’s.---> ie. etc.- Have fun! (Failure to comply with this rule is punishable by immediate deportation! :P )Failure to comply with any of the above may result in the following actions:1. A warning.2. An injury or loss of a equipment or something. For example, expulsion from tournament.3. One character dies.4. All characters die, and player is deported(banned) for a week.5. Permanent deportation.Appendix B - About the Tournament CommitteeCaptain Sven is head of Tournament committee.

Name: SvenGender: MaleSpecies: Toa of AirHome Village/City/Island: Certamine UrbemReason for Being in the City: Home/Member of the Certamine Gaurd/On the Tournament CommitteePersonal Belongings: Great Mask of Translation, Aero SlicersPowers: Elemental Power of AirAppearance: Green and grey armour, with a light brown Kanohi. He is much shorter than the average Toa.Bio: Sven has lived in Certamine Urbem his whole life, first as a Matoran, then as a Toa. As a Matoran, he enjoyed participating in the various contests held across the city, especially the races. During one of the races, there had been an attempt to try and fix it. As a result, the racing crafts had been tampered with and there was a huge collision. A Toa he was racing against who was his friend, was badly hurt. This Toa, knowing he wasn’t going to last long, transferred his Toa energy into Sven.Afterwards, Sven joined the Certamine Guard, the keepers of the Certamine Law, In order to do his part to stop such things from happening again.

Also part of the committee are:Orino - head of communicationAdere - head of equipment and facilitiesCralan - head of regulationsAppendix C - OtherEach player is only allowed four characters in the city.Teams can be made up entirely of one player’s characters, or up to three players can each join together one or two of their characters to make a team.

Certamine Urbem Personal PassportName: [bionicle sounding]Gender: [male / female]Species: [(mostly) any species is acceptable (including your own) within reason. if you are a toa or matoran or etc. please indicate your element]Home Village/City/Island: [somewhere in the Matoran Universe]Reason for Being in the City: [the Tournament / live here / other]Personal Belongings: [masks of power, tools, other]Powers: [any other powers, again be reasonable]Appearance: [brief description or picture]Bio: [anything of importance of your character’s personality, goals, life, etc.]

1st Annual Akolhinii Tournament Team Registration FormTeam Name: [be creative, nothing obscene or really stupid]Team Symbol: [a canon rahi, preferably relating in some way to the team name]Team Colours: [one to two, preferably related to to the above]Forward 1

Name:“Jersey” Number:Staff Type:

Forward 2

Name:“Jersey” Number:Staff Type:

Goal- Keeper

Name:“Jersey” Number:Staff Type:

If this RPG wins, I will be looking for one to two people to help manage it as staff.

Edited by Toa Kovolta, Dec 06 2011 - 02:28 AM.

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BBCC #68 sig.png The Iron Tiger

#3 Offline Toa Levacius Zehvor

Toa Levacius Zehvor
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Posted Dec 02 2011 - 07:29 PM

The War of Elementum-Nui 2 – The Shadow WarsPosted ImageTable of Contents1. Preface2. History3. Gameplay & Rules4. The Plague5. The World6. Allegiance7. The Character Sheet


By The GameMaster

Preface – GameMaster Hello, my user name is Levacius. Some of you may be familiar with me from off forum, or from my previous RPG. Taking into account both the criticism from two submissions made prior, and that of my prior RPG, I have taken the world of Elementum-Nui and rebuilt it completely. While the map may still be the same, city names and factions remain unchanged, and the essence that makes RPG what it is may still be the same, things that were overdrawn have been shortened down into a more manageable, though still very large size. If you expect something as simple as War Zone, this is not the RPG for you. The cities and the world have been made. The important NPCs have been made, and so has the history. However, players of the first RPG will note that some of things they did have made an impact – nothing has been done in vain. Most things, except for massive battles over cities, are under player control. If you enter a dungeon, it’s up to you. I won’t have random encounters, though a few things will happen regardless. A few things, such as searching for an artifact, are up to you, but don’t expect me to post – every player in a group will be sent a Private Message, and they will make sure that they’re the ones responsible for the event happening. The history is worth reading, in my opinion, if you go through. Everything described below is somewhere in the history, so if you ask “what does that mean?” you’re obviously skipping it over. (You may want to do research on some of the more vague phrases of time and distance, as I must express fondness for leagues and fortnight) Thank you to all who presented ideas to help in creating this RPG. Thanks to God for granting my the opportunity to writing it. Thanks to Bethesda Softworks, as I took inspiration from their games for a few things (you’ll note that). Thanks to NCSoft, as I built the Plague on the same idea of the Plague in their game Guild Wars: Factions. And, of course, thanks to Lego and Greg F. for BIONICLE, the basis that this was all built off of. Any comments and criticism would be very much appreciated on this one to better it further. Thanks to all who reviewed and pointed out the errors I left standing within. And finally, special thanks to Kal the Guardian, who made the banner that you see here! Thanks a lot, Kal. I wish the best of luck to all other contestants, as much as I desire a winning spot.

Thank you,

Toa Levacius Zehvor


Elementum-Nui began at the dawn of the Matoran Universe. As such, the history is quite long compared to other RPG’s, but has been compressed. At some points, a single year might have a few sentences, but usually, due to the age of the Matoran Universe, a sentence will sum up an entire century or more, and most skip a couple millennia. Parts of history are divided into ‘Ages’ and then further detailed.The Era of the Great Beings (Aprox. 100,000 BGC+; A.K.A. The Prehistoric Era) The prehistory of Elementum-Nui – named after a metal found under its surface possessing strange properties, though not able to be mined until the year 57,352 BGC – is veiled in mystery. All that is known is that, somehow, the Great Beings created the island and brought both Matoran and Rahi to it. Each Matoran went off to the place most suited to them, splitting into tribes. However, the Great Beings interfered, emerging from their hidden palace of solid ruby to create a fortress complex and a number of secretive, underground complexes. They directed the creation of the city Lunctus Castrum, where the smallest tribe, the Iron Tribe, had made a haven for all on the island. The last thing the Great Beings did before leaving was sealing the power of the island into three spheres guarded by massive temples dedicated to themselves and their ego. The three most loyal and skilled warriors of the island were elected to choose their own elite fighting force from across the island to defend the Templum, as they were called. Through use of these power sources, these elite knights, who called themselves the Templum Tutera, wielded the power of light, and at the time were very active, defending the island against any threats. The last act of the Great Beings was the promise that as time progressed, new creatures would be seen, as would new Matoran. To insure protection, they built the three towers in Summito Castrum. Leaving behind a population in the tens of thousands alone, they mysteriously vanished, their ancient palace lost and their fortress sealed and defended by constructs of their design.The Age of Ancients (100,000 BGC – 70,000 BGC) (A.K.A. The First Era) In the Age of Ancients, the elemental cities (Incendia, Glacies, etc.) were first established, and the building began. Around these cities, the smaller villages swore their allegiance as vassals. The tribes were firmly set into stone under the leadership of powerful beings who would lead the tribe. That is about all that is known in the beginning, however, as historical records are limited and fingers could be used to count those who lived during this time period. There is a period a thousand years between 90,000 BGC and 89,000 BGC that no records exist of, and even those who were alive at the time have forgotten. Before this time period, Indracks, the champion of the Fire Tribe and, debatably, the best swordsman to have ever lived, had been a legend – even more so than his sword, a katana called Golden Flame. However, during that 1000 year time period, he vanished. As no memory or records exist, it is impossible to know, but it is said that he was slain by a warrior who could summon demons and served the darkness, but in the process managed to hold him off long enough that his companions could defeat the being. According to this legend, his sword was splintered apart. A fact everyone on the island knows and can see is that Indracks not only existed, but has been imprinted forever in the stars above – a constellation of him, holding the shattered hilt of his blade, can be seen in the night sky. The Terran Tunnels were first built during this time period by the Earth Tribe in the city of Terra. All earth tribe villages on the island joined in the construction effort, and Terra became the largest city on the island – though only a few lived on the surface. In the dim glow of lightstones and fungi, their vision changed from that of the surface world to that of the underground tunnels.During this time, the original city of Lunctus Castrum was expanded upon, and as new Rahi threats formed, a small military was formed and based in Summito Castrum, to the north. Because of the split in cities, Lunctus Castrum was renamed Summus Castrum in the year 73,459 BGC.The Age of Industry (70,000 BGC – 50,000 BGC) (A.K.A. The Second Era) After the Age of the Ancients, the Age of Industry came to pass. Matoran development accelerated. The Templum Tutera refused to advance, and had faded from the face of the world – no longer were they known as crusaders of the Great Beings, but as dreadful, emotionless warriors who kept a vigil eternally within the Templum. The Elemental Tribes, always keen on inventing a way to fight Rahi – or, occasionally, each other – began to invent siege engines such as catapults and trebuchet. Crossbows, a handheld projectile weapon, were invented by the Earth Tribe first, but perfected by the Ice Tribe and Lunctus Castrum (the overall name of Summus and Summito Castrum and aligned villages). Ballistae were also first engineered, though it was when Lunctus Castrum first discovered gunpowder and began manufacturing muskets and cannons that the excitement truly grew. The ice tribe, distasteful of the explosions and fire, created an elementally powered version of muskets for their own use. Protosteel was the biggest breakthrough by the Earth Tribe, though the moment that its creation was found, it became a great desire. While the Earth Tribe made it the best, their managing to create it without the aid of a Toa of Iron was an impressive feat. The Ice Tribe began working on their own material – a rare form of ice, like that they built their city out of, that was impossible to melt and as strong as protosteel. Summus Castrum continued to be built, and by 50,000 BGC was the way it is now. However, its population was far greater, at 50,000 citizens of every element.The Age of Immigration (50,000 BGC – 30,000 BGC) (A.K.A. The Third Era) After the year 50,000, the people of Summus Castrum discovered a problem – their elemental power was waning. Matoranl, who were long capable of elemental powers, lost their ability, and toa, who possessed far greater potency, were almost halved in power. Turaga, who had a strong control of their element, now had barely any elemental powers. Unable to figure out why, they turned to the elemental tribes, and pieced together a few things – whilst the Elemental Tribes did adhere to the Great Beings, they were first and foremost sworn to serve the so called ‘Elemental Princes’, a group of supernatural beings who controlled all elemental beings, of both unknown nature and untold powers. Then there came a relatively large vessel from the south, making port in the only city on the island with a sufficient port – Desparatus Prodigium. However, the sailors did not find any friendship, for what they brought was word of a mystical entity separate from the Great Beings, known as Mata-Nui. The people of the port city kicked them from the city and took their foreign vessel, and, out of curiosity, sailed it south to find what lands lay beyond, and to establish a port there. About fifty Matoran were on the vessel when it first docked, but as they made their way across the island, they were slowly taken down by villagers and Rahi. Until they came to Summus Castrum, where the High Lord ruled that they were not to be persecuted. In an act of genius, the groups leader asked for permission to build a toa suva, and was allowed to in the South Commons. The Matoran, now numbering only half a dozen, promised the suva would allow those who dedicated themselves to the three virtues of Mata-Nui would be granted power from it to return themselves to their original power. The promise came true, and all were returned to power greater than any in the Matoran Universe would have. This is remembered still, and the year 43,245 BGC is still remembered. About four thousand years later, the Vortixx arrived, coming from the southern lands discovered to the port city south of the island now called Deparis Prodigium. Calling the island an ‘impossible location’, they used their technological knowledge in trade for a boat to travel to the north, where they docked in Desparatus Prodigium. They followed the information they learn of the largest city on the island surface and came to Summus Castrum, where they were invited as guests, despite their odd appearance. Their three leaders assisted Summus Castrum in furthering its knowledge of technology. In return, Summus Castrum provided access to its Elementum mines. The Vortixx were allowed to build an embassy in the first barracks building, outdated since the new ones creation. This technology was used to add on to the Temple of the Great Beings in the South Commons, which were renamed the Temple District with the addition of the Temple of Mata-Nui and the moving of the suva to its center. To the north, the Vortixx built a second embassy over a massive Elementum mine originally discovered by the Ice Tribe but claimed by Lunctus Castrum as the result of a deal that gave the Ice Tribe control over a small plot of land used as a Lunctus Castrum base. Their, with Matoran aid, they furthered their research. As the new complex was made, the old one in Summus Castrum was once again left abandoned. The Frostelus were a new enemy of which none had seen before. They came from the northern seas on massive ice floes. Unlike the Vortixx, they had no memory of other lands, and were presumed to have lived in the ice since the creation of the island. They travelled south, destroying villages they cut through. However, when they met the Ice Tribe in combat at Glacies itself, they were obliterated by superior fire power – a crossbow more than enough to pierce their armor. Hundreds of Frostelus were slain, and the remainder, numbering only in about two hundred, were enslaved and put to work as guards of the city, to be slain if any enemy force reached the city. Towards the end of the Third Era, the Skakdi arrived on the island. A rogue faction numbering about 10,000, they emerged on the southeast coast and quickly set a camp in the destroyed remnants of a village they conquered before spreading out and attacking nearby settlements. They attacked Terra with no success, as the city could get all supplies it needed underground, and lifted the siege after six months of attacking. Tired, they turned to Summus Castrum. More reliant on the outside world, the people of Summus Castrum could only close the gates of the city and try to wait it out. However, after one month of the siege, the armies of Summito Castrum were called in, and surrounded the small Skakdi force, crushing them through superior fire power and numbers. Only a couple thousand Skakdi, and one of their leaders, were able to flee. Though still an ever present threat, the Skakdi were crushed, and would never again be able to muster up an army of any great size. As a final note, it is unknown if the people of Deparis Prodigium discovered anything of interest, as the last ship sent there found that the entire city had been destroyed by the Skakdi and burned to the ground.The Golden Age (30,000 BGC – 3,000 BGC) and Age of the Sleepers (3,000 BGC – GC) (A.K.A. The Fourth Era)With the defeat of the Skakdi, an age of prosperity known as the Golden Age began. There was no war during this time between any of the factions, and the cities had little involvement in politics. Still, it was during this time of peace that the factions of the island first began feuding over territory as population reached its high point, and land became important. While those in the cities felt none of this, the outer settlements often had to debate over locations. Occasional brawls took place over land debates and rights to mines and the like. In the past, treaties were signed to negotiate. That time had passed.Underneath this turmoil, and unseen serpent had arrived. A ship sailed from the south and beached on the island with three Makuta lurking atop. They based themselves in the fortress of the Great Beings for an unknown amount of time before attacking Templum Meridianus, seizing its power source, and corrupting it. The power source, important to the existence on the island, was no longer usable, and the island went into darkness. However, in the destruction of the power source, one Makuta was destroyed.The Golden Age was followed by the Age of the Sleepers, which is also part of the Fourth Era, that takes place between 3,000 BGC and the Great Cataclysm. During the Age of the Sleepers, the entire island began powering down, as did a number of its inhabitants. During this time, a number of the shut down beings took on the semblance of life. They were not truly alive, however, and simply wandered about the land, unafraid and emotionless. Towards the end, these sleepers gathered in armies and attacked villages opposite of their type, spreading further animosity from the factions. On the last day, the sleepers all gathered together and marched on Summus Castrum. Before the battle even began, the island was repowered as the second Makuta was slain and the power source repowered within an hour after the Great Cataclysm.The Great Cataclysm changed the island. Though the sleepers quickly disbanded, a numbered who had ‘depowered’ simply died. The volcano Mount Incendia erupted, and the lava flow destroyed half of the circular city of Incendia. The mountain passes in the Diamond Peak Mountains were sealed off by rising mountains and landslides over the single pass through them, blocking the Vortixx from the rest of the island. The area around what is now called the ‘Brotherhood Fortress’, the old fortress of the Great Beings, was turned into a swamp called Death Mire, and the fortress destroyed, killing the last Makuta. The sand swept areas around Templum Aridus, now called Templum Superus, pulled the temple complex under, leaving only the top as the surrounding tunnels were crushed.The Age of the War / Age of the Plague (GC – 333 AGC) (A.K.A. The Fifth Era)The factions were more torn than ever, and fighting transformed from minor bickering into skirmishing on the borderlines, and finally into open battles with large forces battling on the field. The War of Elementum-Nui had begun, and nobody noticed what was happening in Death Mire. An old experiment reacted with something else, causing a cloud of darkness the burst up from the old fortress. A plague began, starting off as a simple sickness, than a lethal virus, and finally a contagious disease that caused physical, elemental, and mental changes.With the war raging between different factions, Lunctus Castrum quickly gained the upper hand as a drill emerged in the north and a small percentage of the Vortixx were able to reach them with advancements they had developed in the meantime. With these new technological boons, Lunctus Castrum was able to quickly take great control of the conflict and establish itself as even more powerful.The Skakdi, with their enemies weakening each other, became increasingly aggressive. However, they encountered an adversary that was even worse than they were – the Plagued. And with that came Plagued Skakdi to accompany the Plague Matoran and Toa. And as Vortixx went out to retrieve supplies and do field work, they too suffered from the plague, but their bodies biology led to a rapid organic and finally metallic disintegration of the body into dust.It would become painfully obvious just how dangerous the Plagued were when a whole legion of them marched on Aquarus thirty seven years after the original surfacing of the Plague, in the year 331 AGC. However, with the aid of three heroes, the people of Aquarus fended off the army long enough for engineers to repair the Aquarus bridge and gates. Two of these heroes were reportedly slain and swept into the oceans, never to be seen again.Incendia would have no such luck. Though a small group survived, most of the Fire Tribe was slain a single night later by an even larger army of the Plagued, and worse. On that night, it is said, the sky went black. When dawn came, more blood was spilt by a group of wandering members from the Templum Tutera in the form of a large force of Frostelus. That same morning, a second drill came into play and managed to tunnel its way only a few Kio from Summus Castrum, carrying with it the last of the Vortixx.Two years have passed since the fall of Incendia, and much has changed on the island. Only a handful of settlements in areas that even the Plague find impossible to reach, or have no reason to go to, remain secure. The large cities live in constant fear of the plagued armies, which have disbanded once more into small bands that roam the land, fighting with each other occasionally over territory. In light of these changes, the main factions have agreed to a cease of all conflict against each other until the Plagued threat is resolved, but an alliance has yet to be made by any of these factions.What happens next is anybodies guess.


Players in this RPG are, first and foremost, regulated by these rules and restrictions as the Player.The following rules apply to the main RPG topic, and those marked with an X refer to all topics.
    [*]No flaming, spamming, l337 speech, or just making a fun ruining pain of yourself to the rest of the players. It gets really old, really fast. Write and format cleanly and try to use good grammar – though this is not a rule, it makes it a lot easier on everyone. (X)[*]No godmodding. This means that, when in combat, come to terms with your loss. If you are fighting three people, you will typically lose, though if the situation would state that you have the advantage, and they have no way to win (example: they’re weakened from a huge fight, you have an artifact) then it should be likewise for them. I will watch for this. In addition, no bunnying, or taking control of another persons character without permission, especially in combat. And finally, do not suddenly open up some super powerful secret item you designed in your lab that leaves everyone going “what?”.[*]No weird comedy like throwing a pie at someone. It’s not making anyone laugh. Also, similar rules on romance. Flirting and the like is accepted (grudgingly) but getting into the really weird stuff is, frankly, weird, and undesired. Kissing, while not far out there in movies, is more than we need in the RPG.[*]No solely OOC posts. I have an unnecessarily strong hatred of them, and when I am forced to use them it ticks me off more than when someone else does it. And often, I have to use them in such situations. Not. One. Of. These.[*]You cannot severely wound, maim, dismember, or slay another person’s character without their permission. No auto hitting is allowed at all. However, players who refuse to ever be hit will be punished, and if they keep doing this and the GameMaster does nothing about it, you will not be punished. If your opponent wasn’t really doing anything wrong, though, you will be punished.[*]Remember, though you are exceptional, you cannot go toe to toe with most faction leading NPC’s or with certain Plagued creatures that are described below (the Plagued Omega is one such), and things like Makuta would easily thrash entire groups of players. Tahtorahk are a creature that fit this description. And, of course, you can’t take thirty plagued matoran armed with spears and rampaging towards you by yourself either. Run.[*]You may have a say in how the story develops, but things that would severely affect the world should be discussed with the GameMaster. Some things cannot be done, like planting detonations under Summus Castrum and sinking it into the ground. Others, like sabotaging and hot wiring a Lunctus Castrum tank, can be done. Though I don’t know how to hot wire a tank, so I couldn’t explain it to you[/list]The following rules apply to the profile topic.
      [*]Do not post anything that is not a character profile. The GameMaster may post an “Approved” post or tell you where to change something, but if you disagree, don’t post it on the profile page. PM the GameMaster instead and talk about it there.[*]Do not repost character profiles. When you add a new character, add it to the original post. When you edit a character due to item or appearance or faction change, edit it on that post and post a date and reason for the edit. Post that you edited or added a new character in the discussion topic.[/list] The character also suffers these regulations, and must follow them to be approved –
        [*]Races available are Matoran (Toa, Turaga), Skakdi, Vortixx, Frostelus, and Zyglak. Others must be approved by the GameMaster via PM.[*]Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Stone, Ice, Lightning, Sonics, Magnetism, Jungle, Gravity, Plasma, and Iron are approved elements. All other canon elements are banned. Shadow and Light are allowed under special circumstances by faction. Any other element that appears in the Bionicle storyline is not approved (Sand, Psionics, Time, LIfe). Custom elements must include details of their function and must be given a tribe of association (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Stone, Ice).[*]All masks appearing in the Bionicle canon that are unique are prohibited from player usage. The Olmak and Tyrna are likewise prohibited, as may others if the need arises. Custom masks may be approved unless overpowerful.[*]You can be of any gender, no matter race or element, in this RPG.[/list]A note to make is on ‘Romance’ and ‘Family’. Only Matoran accept these notions, as other races view them as disgusting and unusual. Romance is pretty much limited to a personal attachment to another. Families are not by reproduction, as Matoran do not reproduce but simply come into being from a place even they don’t know of. Instead, groups of Matoran gather in clans, and a small village of two hundred Matoran probably has five or six small, close knit groups all led by the eldest. The idea of a mother or father is a foreign notion. Now we move onto gameplay. The Shadow Wars is far more sandbox than the first game, and you can do whatever you want within the rules. Only certain NPC’s and powerful creatures are GameMaster controlled, and some things are set to occur, such as large battles. Even dungeons are not under GameMaster control. If you enter some crypt full of Rahi, you have total control over what happens within – you and other players within, that is. If I feel, however, that one player is trying to sabotage another (Ex. Creating a character they don’t intent to play for the purpose of entering a place another player is in and causing a mass of creatures to attack them both, so that both would logically have to die) will result in punishment. There are some artifact locations where powerful items can be found. Having done the research, you can travel through an underground (or aboveground) complex. All players on this quest (as at least five characters will be required) will be PMed an encounter, or more, labeled “ENCOUNTER TWO” or “ENCOUNTER FIVE”. A player with Encounter One will post it, and it happens, and then so on. A new feature I’m adding is bounties – there are a number of NPC’s possessing equipment and powers beyond normal standards for a player and with a number of servitors flocking to their charisma. They live within normal dungeons, and when you go in, you keep moving through until I determine you’ve delved deep enough to meet that NPC, who I will then bring out. Combat is another matter to be discussed. With the enviornment being perfectly balanced to both, two players are equal as far as power level, though there are exceptions (a Hau wielding toa of iron is at an advantage over a Kaukau wielding toa of water in an arena, but underwater the toa of water has almost every conceivable advantage). As such, players should look at the circumstance to decide the winner of a conflict before anything else. Combat is not likely to be interrupted by the GameMaster unless a rule is broken, or a situation where a character whose players is putting more work into role playing and the actual discussion, and is at an advantage, is finding an adversary whose player is putting less effort and at a disadvantage unwilling to admit defeat. The second player is not punished as if they had Godmodded, but the GameMaster will decided the first is to be victorious in the next two posts made by the two. And remember, defeat does not equal death in all situations. Gameplay is under control of the player. The GameMaster will only control the following.
          [*]Faction leading NPC’s and otherwise important characters to the story.[*]Extremely powerful creatures, such as the rumored Plague Incarnate, that have significant intelligence.[*]The final guardians of artifacts.[*]When and where plagued attacks occur, though players may influence the when and why through actions.[*]The time of day. The RPG starts at Noon.[/list]Players will control everything else. The plague is a very important factor of the game. A player can always choose to be afflicted with it, though the GM can decided whenever they like to afflict a player for some reason. Players who start off as a plagued begin afflicted, and can never stop being afflicted. Those in Noxtis Custrius are not mentally changed, but are indeed afflicted, and as such, cannot be afflicted again. The Templum Tutera are immune to the plagues effects, and Frostelus cannot be affected within their suits of armor. Zyglak are also immune to the plague. Skakdi players, after fifteen days of their character being afflicted in real time, can no longer play their characters as they lose all control. Three real days after affliction, Vortixx are too sick to act and die a single game day afterwards from the ailment. The advantageous abilities granted by the plague, along with the disadvantages of having it, are all described in the Allegiance section. The final thing to discuss goes hand in hand with rules, and that is punishment. The first time a player breaks a rule, they are warned. The second time, they can no longer play for 24 hours on all characters. The third time, a character is maimed and a 3 day ban is erected. The fourth time, players lose a character slot and two characters die, along with a week ban. The fifth time, all but one character slots are unusable, and the surviving character is maimed. Two week ban. The sixth time, the last slot is lost, the player can no longer play, etc. Exceptional playing will result in amnesty from crimes.

          ~THE PLAGUE~

          “This… plague. It is not a disease, my brothers! It is a curse upon our land by the Great Beings themselves, for those who have disobeyed them! But we, the pious, are defended! Do not fear; for we will survive!”

          -Omega, leader of Templum Aridus

          “You speak of it as if it is simply a disease, my lord. But this is no mere disease. I can assure you of that. It modifies itself to all cures we can create, not as a virus, but as an intelligent life force. Only by destroying its intelligence can we hope to harm it. But what being could be so horrible as to engineer this, and how could it have gained such power?

          -A Lunctus Castrum doctor to Lord Altus

          “Blarghrah Shastra! Nuara karhl kah! Brahhgg!”

          -The unintelligible words of a plagued Matoran.

          The plague appeared over a hundred years ago in Death Mire as a cloud of purplish shadow that sunk over the area. A few hunters in the area were the first to grow sick, but they eventually over came it. However, the virus mutated from its initial form, and physical contact caused it to spread. It grew worse, eventually becoming lethal. But if only it had stopped there. Eventually, it morphed into what it is today (SEE – The Plagued; Allegiance). The plague became worse in the depths of the Terran Tunnels, where its members became highly intelligent. The reason – completely unknown. The effect, however, was a number of mining camps being lost, and the plagued making use of forges and equipment to become even more powerful. The plagued began to morph further, as if trying to create new versions of themselves. The greatest plagued were able to achieve higher levels of sentience as Alphas who lead others, and the most powerful became the psionics powered Omegas.Plagued Toa/Matoran: These miserable wretches are weak compared to normal players, and have little more than a Rahi’s instinct – a Kikanalo being easily able to outsmart them. They usually do not wield weapons, but instead use claws. A few, however, still wield weapons.The Afflicted: The afflicted are more powerful than normal plagued, having begun to mutate into hideous forms. They are all very specialized – Staffers – Matoran and toa alike have transformed into these. Staffers have wings and can fly, and usually employ throwable weapons. They are physically weaker than others. Titan – Titans are massive plagued, easily six Bio tall, that were once toa. They use no weapons. They are very strong, but even dumber than normal, and both slow and weak elementally. Lurker – These plagued reside in the water, and unlike others, can swim. They must remain in water, or they will wither and die in an hour. Babbler – The babbler is the most bizarre of plagued. They are not physically changed, and they retain intelligence, but are completely insane. They constantly babble, and the babbling gathers others. When one dies, all plagued under its sway are hit by psychic feedback that renders them unable to function for about ten seconds. Plagued Behemoth – These odd creatures are a form of Plagued Kikanalo that has been heavily transformed. Possessing eight legs and three heads, these creatures also posses four arms besides their legs that emerge from their front. They are not very smart, but are too strong for a single character to defeat.Plagued Alpha – These plagued are as strong as a character, and usually are encountered leading packs. They are intelligent, but not as much as a plagued character, or near as much as a normal character.Plagued Omega – Omegas are walking Nightmares, with four or five legs ending with spikes holding up a bloated toa body with multiple arms, pincers, and a greatly mutated head, often with a great hooked beak emerging from the mask. Spikes jot out of the Omega, and the creature can shoot these ever regenerating things from its body. Attacking it in melee is unwise, as its armor is covered in puss filled sacks that burst out with poisonous acid and plagued fluids. They are able to create clouds of the Plague, and can control any lesser Plagued around them, including a plagued PC. They also possess triple standard elemental powers over shadow, and have elemental powers over psionics as well. Only appear if the GameMaster brings them in.The Plague Incarnate – Is it a rumor? Perhaps. The plague incarnate is a creature spoken about in the rumors of the Earth Tribe. It is said deep in the depths, this creature resides, able to afflict a being with a glance and made of shadow alone. If it exists, it is likely too strong for any but the most powerful to defeat. But if such a creature, a being that provides intelligence to all plagued in the tunnels, was destroyed, it could mean victory for the Earth Tribe… The plagued typically travel in the following groups –Single (1)Hunting Group (2-4)Pack (5-14) There is no known cure for the plague. A few have been made in the past, but the plague immediately became immune to them upon the first usage. The only beings the plagued don’t attack are themselves (usually). Members of Noxtis Custirus are attacked viciously if they come close, but not actively pursued.

          ~THE WORLD~

          “I have lived on Elementum-Nui for a very, very long time. We all have. It is worth defending against the plague. And it must be defended against the plague. It WILL be defended against the plague!”

          -Saphiron, Acting Commander of the Fire Tribe

          The island of Elementum-Nui is vast, with every environment imaginable able to be located. In this section, the map of Elementum-Nui (which has been modified since the original bitmap copy) will be looked over.Map of the Surface is located here - http://www.majhost.c...eArt/image0.jpgMap of the Tunnels is located here - http://www.majhost.c...eArt/image1.jpgCoastlineThe coast of Elementum-Nui is most like the environment right next to it. The beaches near Aquarus, the northeast tip of the Horn of the Great Beings, and the coast of Silver Peak Ridge, are all sandy.The Northern Coast starts about due north of Summito Castrum and stretches to the start of the Diamond Peak Mountains.The Diamond Coast starts from the edge of the Northern Coast to the end of the Snow Line to the start of Silver Peak Ridge.The Wardens Coast starts from the end of the Diamond Coast to the town of Vigil.The Gulf Coast stretches from Vigil to the end of the Gulf of Iron Maw.The South Coast stretches from the end of the Gulf Coast to due west of Templum Meridianus.The Elder Coast stretches from the end of the South Coast to the start of the Northern Coast.Pandemonium: The city of Pandemonium rests on the far northern coast of the island. Once an asylum of Lunctus Castrum, one of the first Plagued babblers was captured and taken inside. From there, the plague spread, and four hundred mentally unbalanced inmates and their guards became plagued. At first, they were sealed inside as the last act of the warden. However, the plagued on the outside eventually clawed their way in, and Pandemonium is now a large hub of the plagued. The reason for their coming is unknown, but it is suspected that at least one Omega may reside within.Vigil: Vigil is a city located at the tip of the Iron Claw, where the Silver Peak Ridge ends. A couple hundred Matoran live here in one of the last of such cities. Once a lighthouse of Lunctus Castrum, it is now a growing town and the only thing close a port that exists. The land is agriculturally sound, and it is out of the reach of the plagued. Indeed, if all else falls, it may be the last city.Desparatus Prodigium: The old port city of Desparatus Prodigium was once swarming with plagued, but the entire force left when Incendia was attacked to spread out. Now, it is truly a ghost town. Still, it is highly dangerous, as the plagued have spread across it in great numbers.Aquarus: Adjacent to the Meridianus Woods and on the South Coast, Aquarus is the city of water. The only part of it connected to the mainland of Elementum-Nui is a large, marble white bridge that connects to a small isle off the coast. At the center of the bridge is a gate. On the isle itself is the Water Temple that reveres the spirits of water and the Great Beings alike. Large lilypads are connected to this isle, and from there it is almost exactly like Ga-Koro, though much larger – it has nearly 2500 inhabitants.The Diamond TundraThe Diamond Tundra is the northernmost region of the island. The Diamond Peak Mountains split it in two, the upper part called the Far North. The Diamond Tundra is mostly dead, being a snow covered desert. However, there are still a few patches where trees (evergreen) can be found.Glacies: The capital of the Ice Tribe, the castle of Glacies is very well defended. It is composed of four floors – the Artisans District, the Common District, the Garrison District, and the Temple District, and at the very top is the Sanctum. Glacies is very quiet, as loud noises are not allowed. Matoran Sign Language is used for conversation in all but the Garrison District and the Temple District. The Sanctum is a very special place, for here the leader of the ice tribe is found, along with his elite guards.Xian Embassy: Located to the far north, the Xian Embassy is completely abandoned. Most of its technology is likely removed. It is unreachable to all but the Frostelus, though only Vortixx can open the gate.The Great ForestThe Great Forest is located on the Horn of the Great Beings. Made mostly of deciduous type trees about three to six Bio high, with the largest being around fifteen, the Great Forest is very close together, and little light hits the ground. However, there are still numbers glades that can be found. The Great Forest is dotted in ruins, and the coastal regions have a large number of ruined villages that the plague have destroyed. Very few flying rahi live here, but tree dwellers and ground dwellers love it. The Great Forest stretches along the Iron Maw Peninsula.Skakdi Camp Invidia: Invidia is a large camp where about 2000 Skakdi reside in a tribal like society. The strong rule here, and Aktramn is strongest of all. Near Invidia is a large chasm of unknown depth. This is where plagued skakdi are herded into by polearm using warriors and pushed off. The constant screeching from the bottom suggests that some are still alive. But, as they can’t make it back up, that doesn’t matter to the other Skakdi.Templum Redactum: A massive ziggurat in the center of the woods, Redactum is made of grey stone and is covered by mosses and lichens. It is surrounded by sacred burial sites where, due to the power of the energy source mixing with the polluted energies of the dead, corpses are given an unholy life.The Shining DesertTo the south is the Shining Desert. More rocky than the Aridus Desert, it gets its name from the large number of small crystals dotting the landscape and reflecting light. In its central southwest is the Stone Maze, a massive mesa with huge, canyon like walls. Many other mesas dot the region. Flight is impossible in Stone Maze through means other than gravity – all flying beings not using gravity to do so or flying by natural means (such as wings) will be grounded by the effect of the Stone Temple in Calx that spreads out over about a ten kio diameter area – slightly less than the area of Stone Maze.Calx: At the center of the Stone Maze, is Calx. Calx is built around the skeletal corpse of an ancient creature known as the Great Sand Wyrm, a creature that was, based on the skeleton, at least a couple Kio from head to tail. It is composed of the Turagas Ward, where the turaga of the village live right around the dragons skeleton, the Herders Ward, where agriculture takes place, the Commons ward, where the populace live, and the Craftsmans ward, where most of the residents do their daily labors. In the Commons Ward can be found the Stone Temple, a large, rectangular building – though what makes it most impressive is that hovering over it is an identical, albeit smaller, version of itself where its priests reside. Here, the Great Beings and the spirits of stone are revered. Calx has its own prison, built into the walls of the Stone Maze.The Meridianus & Elder WoodsThe forests to the west of the island are composed of massive trees, some reaching fifty bio high and the largest over a hundred. In the north is the Wind Tree, which has a base of slightly over one kio in diameter. The entire tree covers over nearly ten square kio of land with its massive size.The northern area is called the Elder Woods. The Wind Tree is the oldest of trees, and trees coming forth from it become progressively older. Thus, these trees are much older.The southern area is called the Meridianus Woods. This region is the middle ground of tree size and tree spacing to the Great Forest and Elder Woods. The area is much more humid here, with vines, moss, and lichen extremely common.On the far west corner of the Elder Woods sits an area of about fifteen square kio composed of small, rotten trees and a large swamp known as Death Mire, or Death Marsh as most maps will call it. Templum Meridianus: The largest Templum ziggurats, Meridianus is missing only one thing – inhabitants. At the present, its number remains the same at 111 as it was two years ago, with the selection process for new members waiting until the plagued are gone. Its power source having only been online again for 300 years, and the tunnels cleared before that, the areas around it are not populated by the undead.Aero: Aero is built around the wind tree, behind massive walls. Its three main districts, the Merchants Camp, Guards Camp, and Commons camp, all have gates to the outside. Its smallest ground district, the Temple District, is connected to the commons and guards camps. Here, the Air Temple can be found, revering the spirits of jungle, air, and the Great Beings. There is a massive elevator in the guards camp leading all the way up to the branches of the wind tree many Kio in the sky. In the treetop district, the gukko mounted air force can be found, keeping a close watch on their leaders sanctum.Death Mire: Death mire is a terrible place. All sorts of horrible Rahi could be found before the plague struck. It is impossible to go more than about a Kio into it, for at that point begins a massive cloud of Plague. Entering it is not immediate exposure, as a bubble of air could keep it out. However, it has proved impossible to disperse, and more than an hour within is a guarantee of becoming a plagued being.The Brimstone FlatsThe center of the island is the Brimstone Flats, and at its heart is Mount Incendia, the oldest mountain, tree, or anything on the island. Around Mount Incendia is a never cooling lake of lava that has existed since the end of the Fourth Era. The area is extremely hot, with most water being found in geysers or hot springs. Everything here is blistering heat. As such, only the strongest of life can maintain itself.Incendia: Incendia is a ruined city. At least three thousand plagued still reside here, though what happens within is unknown.Fire Tribe Encampment: Southwest of Incendia is the fire tribe encampment. It is made up of the Supply Camp, Military Camp, and Common Encampment. The supply camp is where supplies are kept, and it is located on the northwest side. The common encampment houses refugees in numbers of about 600. Another 200 or so reside in the military camp, where the remains of the military train under their leaders. Their temporary leader, Saphiron, resides in the Commanders Pavillion located at the far east edge of the encampment, between the supply and common encampments.Stygia: The fire tribe have only two ways to deal with criminals – execution or exile. However, neither are nearly as bad as the old ways, over 80,000 years ago. Back then, criminals were taken in caravans into Stygia. There, they were tortured, killed, and deprived of sustenance. Made worse by the fact it was literally built into the volcano. That was the past. Now, Stygia proves just as good keeping the plagued out as keeping prisoners in. Many refugees of the Fire Tribe reside here in the well defended location. However, with virtually no water, limited food, and no real leadership, Stygia is a doomed experiment.The Aridus DesertTo the north of the Brimstone Flats is the Aridus Desert. It is much sandier than the Shining Desert, with huge sand dunes covering the area. Whilst not as inhospitable as the Brimstone Flats, it is one of the most lifeless areas of the island. Even before the plague, no large villages existed here. Now, not even the plague fight over its land.Templum Superus: Once Templum Aridus, Superus sits in the center of the desert. The massive ziggurat was built onto solid stone, but only its top levels are visible. The rest is buried under many layers of sand. There are many tunnels connected to it leading to ancient crypts, some of which are accessible from above ground. The undead here are worse than those of Redactum, and some have actually been known to display intelligence.The Great PlainsThe area around Summus Castrum is a massive area of grassland and hills. One of the only places agricultural farming can be done, it was once home to many villages. Now, the plague overrun the area. Summus Castrum is built on a Matoran made flatland at the center of the hills, and looks over the area ever vigilantly – one can see the city from many kio away.Summus Castrum: Summus Castrum is the largest city on the islands surface, with nearly 30,000 inhabitants and able to hold over 50,000 behind its walls alone. It is built around the central Palace District where Lord Altus Castrum resides with his private Platinum Guard behind the walls of Fort Silverarch. Around the Palace District, going from the north counterclockwise, are the Market District, Military District, Temple District, Xian Embassy District, Commons District, Upper Commons District. Each district is separately walled. The Market District is where things are bought and sold. The Military District is where Fort Summus and the city barracks are located. The Temple District is the home of most of the cities toa and location of the massive Temple of Mata-Nui, composed of the High Temple and the Great Library. The Xian Embassy is built within its district, and all Vortixx reside here. The commons district is where most matoran live, and is much like a slums. The upper commons are home to the higher middle and upper classes.The Terran WastesThe area around the Terran Overcity is hilly, and mostly lifeless. To the south, low shrub exists as the only thing that can. Villages were once common around her for mining, but now, it is back to being an uninhabited waste.Terran Overcity: The Terran Overcity is occupied by about 1500 Earth tribesman. It is located within a small valley, and has a four Bio high wall going around the top of the valley where its gate is. It is made up of the Common, Barracks, and Industrial districts. Work is done in the industrial district. In the common district, citizens reside in their own homes. The barracks district contains the massive garrison where a couple hundred earth tribe warriors reside in case of attack on the city.The Inland BeltThe inland belt starts at the coast near Desparatus Prodigium, then circles the Shining Desert before wrapping around the Brimstone Wastes. It splits along both sides of the Aridus Desert and at two places meets the seacoast once more. Small rivers and streams are common here, and many rahi live in this space of land between the different areas of the island.Temple Requiem: Summus Castrum once had a graveyard. But eventually, its graveyard was full, and became informal. Temple Requiem was built northwest of the city about thirty Kio. There, dead bodies were placed in preserving containment cells. Now, the danger of travelling there prevents citizens of the city from going to Temple Requiem, and bodies are disposed of in other, less formal ways. Others are kept in their old homes. The temple has been locked by its caretakers from within, and at the moment is nothing more than a fancy monument.The Diamond Peak Mountains and Silver Peak RidgeThe two mountain ranges are, in fact, one single mountain range split at the so called Snow Line. South of the Snow Lines most southern point is the Silver Peak Ridge, a massive mountain range that goes down to the tip of a peninsula. Silver Peak Ridge is dotted with hundreds of caves.The Diamond Peak Mountains are much larger, and most of the mountains in the snow line area are tipped with snow. The area is extremely cold. Caves are still present, but in smaller number. Most of them are larger, however.The UndergroundThe large tunnels connected to the city of Terrra and its outposts act as roads. However, there is far more to the underground than just these paved ways. There are hundreds of tunnels connecting to these, connecting to new tunnels, connecting to the surface. In the past, it was too dangerous to travel in comparison to the surface. Now, the threat is doubled thanks to the plagued and their love of darkness…The City of Terra: Terra is the largest city on the island, and is composed of the largest caverns of the underground. It is composed of multiple connected caverns. The first 13 or so layers beneath the earth are the upper tiers, more like suburbs than anything. From 14-39 are the common tiers, where the main population of the city – about 30,000 – reside. Another 10,000 or so reside in the merchants tier, which takes up a large amount of area beneath. The citadel tier is connected to the merchants tier. Here, there are three major buildings. The first is the Tribunal Building, where the tribunal reside. The second is The Citadel, where the MIA leader of the Earth Tribe resides. The third is the Earth Temple, where the spirits of earth and the Great Beings are revered. Below the citadel and merchant tiers are the mining tiers. Every day, thousands of Matoran go deep into the earth in search of the rarest materials in Elementum-Nui. This mine, being the deepest on the island, is a testament to the will of the earth tribe to go deeper. Terra does not have a prison of its own, but the Tribunal can banish a being to some unknown location. Wherever this prison is, only one person has ever escaped it, a female toa of gravity named Oronius who was once part of the Stone Tribe. She still resides in Summus Castrum, where she tells her story.Enclave: Also known as Mining Outpost #23, Enclave faces out two directions. Both directions are swarmed in the plagued. At least 1200 residents now live in the small outpost. Every day is another battle, and many wonder when the day will come that the residents of the outpost will be forced to retreat to Outpost #13.

          The rest of the RPG, including Factions, is located at this link.

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"I disapprove of what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

- Evelyn Beatrice Hall (often attributed to Voltaire)

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Posted ImagePrelude: "Takanuva hovered in space for a long moment. He wondered what would happen in Tuyet's universe with her gone. Would the Toa become protectors again? Would the Matoran take control? Or would some group of the Dark Hunters and Makuta become new dictators?" -Takanuva's thoughts after his departure from the Dark Mirror Universe Current Situation: After Takanuva's departure, and the victory of Pohatu's resistance, things finally seemed to settle down for once.....until.The two remaining Makuta on Metru-Nui: Krika and Teridax, who has reclaimed his Kraakhan before the Toa could get it first. He and Krika corrupted many supporters of the Toa and began a rebellion. The Makuta summoned their former minions. Most beings who answered the call seeked power, only to worry of they would be taken over again. Although on the brink of destruction, the Makuta were successful in conquering Metru-Nui. Karzhinni answered tha call by sending his Matoran slaves to Ta Metru for slave labor. Roodaka gave the Makuta highly trained technicians for Xia. Mainly Skakdi and othe various species came to the Makuta as well. With all these newcomers, the Toa were caught off guard.Many Toa were unprepared killed, such as Pohatu. Many Toa vanished during the Makuta's rise to power.This led to two other resistances called Pohatu's Legion and The Peacekeeper Sect. After the emergence of these factions, the Sea Gates mysteriously closed shut. Nothing has been able to open them, despite the actions of the Makutan Caliphate, Peacekeeper Sect, and Pohatu's Legion. These disricts were made despite the control of many faction, only being held together by strands of Matoran. Locations:Posted ImageMetru-Nui was converted into four whole districts. The Coliseum has its own district. Each Metru has its private defence force.District 1: District 1 is made up of the Ta and Ga Metrus. They are the basis of manafacturing and learning. Most of the Ta-Matoran go to Ga-Metru, to learn how to craft, rather than their original home. Both Metrus live mostly in harmony, although they are plagued by gangs. Ga-Matorans instruct the Ta-Matoran on a daily basis. The Great Furnace was reconstructed into a massive manafacturing line,dubbed the Construis, creating thousands of Rakhshi shells(Artificial Rahkshi) and Exo-Vahki components. The Great Temple was reformed into a sprawling learning hub that monitored the Constuis' manafacture rate. Currently, Construis is facing internal problems from an unknown saboteur.District 2: District 2 is the Onu and Po Metrus. The Po-Matoran work on making new inventions, like new weapons and technology rather. The Onu-Matoran work on recording the history and gaining new data to further expand their ever growing Archive. Numerous times were punished Matoran were put into slave labor, from dealing with a loose rahi to disarm online exposives in the tunnels. Both Metrus are thriving, although a Onu-Matoran data archive party recently dissapeared int the Sculpture Fields.District 3: District 3 contains the Ko and Le Metrus. Ko-Metru is a hub for ideas and scientific discoveries. The Ko-Matoran work to make new ideologies and theories. They have began to research on prosthetics. Le-Metru is a testbed of sorts. From experimenting on biological weapons to new vehicles, Le-Metru is the place for it. The Le-Matoran work on the testing and transport control. Most items are contracted to here. Recently, a large swarm of Phase Dragons were having a skirmish with the LMDF. Factions:Posted ImageMakutan Caliphate: The Makutan Caliphate is one of the various governments in Metru-Nui. Teridax and Krika founded it after their conquering of the most of the island. It is based in the Coliseum. Their goal is to 'free' the island from the 'flawed ones'. Most of their feared power comes from Ta-Metru, which constructs war machines, give the Makutan Caliphate complete power. Teridax and Krika rule with an iron fist and usually slaughter their citizens because they are arfraid of another faction. If their leaders were to die, the most powerful operative will take the Makuta's place. Due to the fact many labor forces are weakening, war machines have been in high demand and the Caliphate is slowly creating them. If there was a strong enough task force to destroy the Construis, the Makuta would be crippled.Pohatu's Legion: Pohatu's Legion is the second largest government in Metru-Nui. It is mostly based in Ga and Po-Metru. Pohatu's Legion is headed by Turaga Lesovikk. Lesovikk sacrificed his Toa power into three Toa stones, each belonging to a Matoran: Jurgik Toa of Sonics; Lefric, Toa of Air; and Urhik, Toa of Psionics. His other three stones remaining stone's location is unknown. The faction was named after Pohatu's successful rebellion agaist Tuyet. Turaga Lesovikk strives to free the people of Metru-Nui. Pohatu's Legion specifies in infiltration and tactics. They have a master navy force that rivals to the Makutan Caliphate's land force.Peacekeeper Sect: The Peacekeeper Sect is a moderate government in Metru-Nui. It is lead by Darkness. Many former Dark Hunters were absorbed into this faction. The name is just a ploy to convert more people to peacefulness, hence the name. Most of Le-Metru follow the Peacekeeping Sect only because they're too naive to notice Darkness' real agenda. The main area of interest would be the Moto Hub, which now creates airships that rival Pohatu's Legion's Navy and the Makutan Caliphate's land force.Neutral: Neutral is the scene of fighting between all of the factions. Many people here are contested between their loyalty to th factions, and are otherwise known as Neutrals. ---------------------------------------------------------Character Creation: Here is an example:

Name:Gender:Alignment:Powers/Abilities:Species:Weapons: (No over powered weapons)Appearance: (Be descricptive)Personality:Bio:Weakness: (Absolutely necessary.)

No Masks of Time, Creation, Life, Dimensional Gates, Shadow, Light, or Emulation. Custom masks need to be approved.Peacekeeper Sect: Any kind of speciesMakutaria: All BoM associated beings (Unless I do not approve)Pohatu's Legion: Any kind of speciesCustom species need to be approved. Rules:1. Follow all BZRPG and BZP rules2. No goddmoding. No exception!3. Warnings will be sent if you disobey the rules. You only get three strikes. On the second strike, your character will lose many items. On the last strike, you will be banned from this RPG4. Have Fun!

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Continuing - The War of Elementum-Nui 2


“I pledge loyalty to the Army of Fire, to forever serve in the eyes of the Great Beings under my commanders, and to proudly do all for the honor and glory of the golden fire of Incendia. All glory to the Fire Tribe; all honor to Incendia!”

-A pledge taken by recruits entering the official military of the Fire Tribe.

In a chaotic world, allegiance is a very powerful thing. Those without an allegiance all but surely fall without guidance from companions. Still, some exist as mercenaries and freelancers. All primary factions of the game, including those players create, are listed here.Information on Xian weaponry and Elemental weapons is listed with equipment. These terms are used frequently here.Lunctus Castrum The second largest faction in terms of total population, Lunctus Castrum is the most powerful entity on the islands surface due to its size and advancement. Though limited so far to a minor navy and few ground vehicles, Lunctus Castrum is many thousands of years ahead of its fellows. Summus Castrum was the capital of the faction before the destruction of almost all surrounding settlements; now it is the only civilian city. The leader of Lunctus Castrum, a toa of fire named High Lord Altus Castrum takes command from within his palace in the cities center. Under him is the High Council, a group of fifty elected Turaga from the nobles and, occasionally, commoners who vote in laws and determine whether or not a new leader can be appointed. Due to its oligarchic republic nature, Lunctus Castrum has a second leader, High Lord Argent Castrum, a matoran veteran of many wars who resides in Summito Castrum with his troops. Due to heavy injuries taken from a Fire Tribe shock force on the battlefield a century ago, he is forced into a mechanical battle suit that contains life support while it slowly works on regenerating his body back to its former state. Lunctus Castrum is the only faction with a legal code. To sum up its laws, slavery is illegal, murder is illegal, battery on a fellow member of the faction is illegal, fraud and forgery are illegal, the trade of non public xian goods and items from before the Age of Ancients is illegal, theft is illegal, and arson is illegal. The usual ‘modern society’. Views on the plague are all unfavorable, and though advancements have been made that can temporarily delay the plagues effects, scientists have been unable to design a cure. Instead, the policy is to kill all plagued on sight and destroy the bodies and weapons.Though members of Lunctus Castrum respect the Great Beings, most also believe in Mata-Nui and draw power from the suva in his temple, renewing it every year. Most also have technological upgrades (specify in your profile only if you do not) that allow matoran to more easily use their elemental energy, as even with the suva, most find it hard.Lunctus Castrum has an illegal black market in Summus Castrum in which anything can be bought and sold. To get in, you need to know the right people and have the right card. No player can go to the black market without a card, which is awarded to them through actions.Lunctus Castrum has matoran of all genders and elements, and is the only one with Matoran of Iron. As such, those of the elemental tribes can move through Summus Castrum if they stay discreet and mind their manners, and those of Noxtis Custirus can go through if they keep to the shadows, though special permit is needed from all to enter Summito Castrum. That is, of course, a military clearance.An attack two years ago has sparked a number of inhabitants to dislike the elemental tribes further. Though the issue was later resolved when it was determined the group was a rogue band, a large group from the Elemental Tribes once entered into Summus Castrum for unknown reasons, and left a staff afflicted with the plague, leading to the deaths of two citizens and later a guard after the building was set of fire, likely by this group, leading to a massive burning in the market district. It is worth noting on that same day, a SkakdiSkakdi used the distraction of the guard to attack an honored member of the cities guard and were driven off shortly after.Matoran of this group have very limited elemental powers.The Temple Guardians (a.k.a. The Templum Tutera or Knights of the Three Temples) The Templum Tutera are an elite group of warriors based in the Templum, the three temples of the Great Beings across the island. They are led by Optimus, Omega, and Magnus. Little is known about the group, only that they rarely recruit, and when they do, they choose only the most exceptional and often the most distraught of those on the island. And no one has ever, supposedly, turned them down. Though all three leaders are roughly equal on the field, the size of their controlled location grants them power. Omega, the second of the three, bases himself in Templum Superus, the former Templum Aridus, in the northern deserts, and due to its population, is supreme commander. Optimus, the first and most battle hardened, resides with only his elite guard in Templum Meridianus, formerly Templum Superus Meridianus. Magnus leads from Templum Redactum as the third leader, enjoying his new status as not being in the smallest Templum. Those in the Templum Tutera have a number of benefits. They are unharmed by poison and disease, and age has even less of an effect on them. They can remove poison from others and cure disease, though their effect on the plague is limited to returning the beings mental state. However, after the changes suffered, very few would like to see what their bodies had transformed into. These knights also are defended by a deflective aura that repulses evil creatures. Weapons still can be used of course, and the aura is of little use against more powerful plagued. Lesser plagued, however, recoil when reaching near the Templum Tutera. In addition, the Templum Tutera, due to rituals that connect them to the source, cannot be slain in the Templum. Wanderers, however, lose this trait. In the event one would die, their body and equipment disintegrates, and they reappear by the source in a few minutes. If they are slain outside of the Templum, the effect cannot help them. As a side effect, they lose all elemental powers and give them to the source, and instead can channel, even after leaving, the light from the source they are from as light powers. When a wanderer touches one of the elemental weapons or elemental artifacts used by elemental tribes, it triggers a reaction in which flashbacks from before join the group (of which they have no memory of beyond battle experience) are returned to them, and they regain their original elemental powers for a few minutes. This shock is enough to stun most. Contact such as being bashed in the skull does not apply. Due a sacred covenant, all knights are required to destroy any items of foreign origin, meaning all Xian tech and items based from it, along with foreigners themselves. Players who reuse their Templum Tutera characters from the old game have a number of changes (see Character Sheet). Due to the memory loss, members of this faction have very limited emotional responses, and have no liking of anything other than other members of Templum Tutera. All genders permitted; specify original element in your profile. All members are, however, toa. The most distinguishable item a member has is its weapon, a melee weapon of any type (from a dagger to a lochabar axe) made of material that dissolves upon its wielders death. These weapons are stronger that protosteel, though not enough so to shatter it in most cases. Secondary weapons are often carried, including ranged ones. The most favored color is white, followed by grey. Bright colors are virtually nonexistent. The Templum Tutera view the plague as a divine punishment on nonbelievers, though some wanderers have their doubts.The Fire Tribe The honorable Fire Tribe are a diminished group. Once almost as powerful as Lunctus Casturm, the fire tribe is reduced to a refugee camp of slightly less than a thousand individuals far off from Incendia. Here, life is hard for the group, who have nothing left but what they could carry. The Fire Tribe has no true leader now, with their leader trapped in Incendia during the Plagued attack. The female toa of fire Saphrion is the closest thing they have to a leader, due to her speeches to raise the groups morale and common showing of the fire tribes banner (two blades, one gold and one onyx, clashing in a burst of orange flame over a maroon background with the hilt of a golden katana in the center, the seen overlooked by a red Hau). However, despite her bravado, she has found it hard to be the leader the tribe needs. Despite desperate times, the group remains strong, as they use surrounding land to gather the food they need and supplies to repel the plagued. Still, despite the fierce independence inherit to the tribes, the people of the Fire Tribe are willing to accept outside help against the plagued. A dislike of the water and ice tribe (who ‘attacked’ them during the Age of Sleepers and often conflicted over territory on the borders) leads dealing with those groups to be an affair that more often than not breaks down due to old rivalries. Due to the desperate situation, murder and assault on other members of the tribe, or guests, is punishable by death. Thieves are exiled from the tribe, a fate far worse. Slavery is legal, but there are no more slaves. All died during the battle. Most members of the fire tribe wear moderately defensive or heavily defensive armor, ranging from ring mail to plate mail. In addition, members wield weapons (typically melee, and more often than not for cutting) infused with the element of fire, granting them their own powers when used by a matoran or toa (or turaga) of fire or plasma, ranging from axes that ignite with flames to swords that create walls of fire. These weapons cannot be constantly used, but are not reliant on their wielders elemental power, making them great for back up. All members must be of the matoran species and of the fire or plasma element.. Members of the Fire Tribe view the plague as an impurity to be destroyed by fire. They burn plagued bodies.The Water Tribe Based in Aquarus, the Water Tribe would have swollen in numbers from refugees taken in if it wasn’t for the sheer number of its members who were slain in the Battle for Aquarus two years in the past. Making up about eleven hundred individuals, the Water Tribe are known for having the best medics on the island, using their mastery of herbs to cure poisons even the scientists of Lunctus Castrum would be baffled by. Though they offer healing to all, they refuse access of any into their city not from the Water Tribe. This does not, of course, prevent them from taking in those from outlying settlements originating from the water tribe, as they have done with the refugees. The water tribe is led by Hydrara, one of the last Turaga of water in the tribe. Extremely well practiced in control over water, as well as wise, she finds it hard to lead her people on the field of battle they know so well. The water tribe have often been considered pacifist, but anyone who has seen them in battle can assure you that is not the case. Still, most members are prone to risking their own safety to help others out of the tribe’s code of conduct, even if those others aren’t in the tribe. This, obviously, does not apply to an enemy defeated in combat, though leaving an opponent to suffer and die instead of slaying them outright is not highly thought of.All members of the tribe are of the matoran species, and though most are of the water element, there are also some of lightning. The majority of the population is female. The laws are not written down in a legal code, but are understood by the populace. They are not much unlike the laws of Summus Castrum. Armor is rarely very heavy, and armor ranging from studded leather to chainmail is often employed. Weapons used are normally polearms, from tridents to harpoons. Special elemental weapons are employed infused with the elements of water or lightning, and usable only be a being of one of these elements, such as a trident that shoots streams of water to a javelin that transforms into a lightning bolt, and then returns to the wielders hand upon hitting something.SPECIAL NOTE: Members of the water tribe are immune to plague transmission via fluids. This less contagious form of the plague has been consumed by all members who remain unafflicted, and the body is strong enough to resist its effects.The Air Tribe The nomadic air tribe travels across the island, moving to a new location every three years. Since the start of the war, they have remained based at the Wind Tree, where they have established the city of Aero. There are no other air tribe settlements, with Aero having about five thousand or so members. The air tribe was perhaps the most hard hit by the plague. Due to living closest to Death Mire, they were completely unaware when the plague first hit, and thus lost the largest number of citizens in the initial outbreak. The air tribe was once led by Saeronius, a matoran of air who was discovered to have powers far surpassing even the toa. Near the start of the war, he attempted a ritual to bind himself to the island itself, hoping to gain an advantage. The ritual ended with him bound into a massive plant creature, leaving him immobile. Over the last two years, he has only spoken to Gukko Commander Rezsip, a toa of air who acts as his right hand, and has not been seen by anyone. Whispers state that he may very well be dying, or otherwise losing his grasp on sanity. None question, however, that due to his military leadership, Rezsip has more than proven himself a successor, especially taking into account his charisma off and on the field of battle. There is no real legal system here, as long as you can get away with it. Being non-matoran is the worst though. The air tribe, like the ice tribe, is far more reclusive and outright refuse to do anything other than keep to themselves. They have long been opposed to the tribe of stone, who built a number of settlements in locations the air tribe based themselves during their nomadic travels. Rezsip is an exception in that he hates the Plagued far more than anything else, and has been known to pursue groups long distances just to a kill a small group out of hatred alone. Members of the air tribe typically have Gukko as mounts. Matoran commonly ride the smaller Kewa, while toa ride normal Gukko. The only Kohu currently ridden is that of Rezsip, a bird larger than even others of its kind. Players can choose to have a gukko dependant upon whether or not they meet the qualification (see Character Sheet). Armor is usually light, from simply hide to chainmail, and some wear no external armor. Elementally infused weapons are normally ranged, such as a longbow that generates its own arrows out of wood, which explode into vines upon contact, or otherwise a small melee weapon, such as a dagger that, when spun before being throne, transforms into a cyclone upon contact. All members of the Air Tribe are of the Matoran species and possess either air or plant life powers.The Earth TribeThe largest tribe is the Earth Tribe. Nestled in a massive cavern complex called Terra, the Earth Tribe is connected to the surface only by a small city with about one thousand residents based over the massive entrance into Terra, known as the Overcity. Though larger than the present day Fire Tribe, the population of the Overcity seems small compared to places like Summus Castrum. The truth lies underneath. Nearly twenty thousand residents live in Terra, and another sixty thousand are spread out across the tunnels underground.The Earth Tribe is not, however, untouched by the Plague. On the western side of the island, a full war rages beneath everyone’s feet. Nearly one third of the so called ‘Terran Tunnels’ is controlled by the plagued, along with the outposts around. All survivors who were not plagued fled to the closest stations, which now act as battle areas against the plagued. The bravest still go to battle out in the tunnels against the plagued, hoping to strike a blow at their leaders. For unlike the present surface, these plagued are, and have been since the start, intelligent creatures, ruled by heavily mutated creatures called ‘Plagued Omegas’, and a creature whispered in local superstition made of solidified shadow known as the Plague Incarnate able to afflict someone with a glance.The Earth Tribe is led by Geoxyrz, an entity who is ‘one with the earth’ that could supposedly speak from statues made in all outposts. However, like Saeronius, he has not spoken for the last two years. In his absence, a toa of magnetism named Ovank has taken control over all military and domestic operations. As a noble, leader of an outpost, and military veteran able to function above and below ground, he has not had his role disputed.The second political player, possibly the more important one, is the Tribunal, a set of three toa judges who reside in the Tribunal Building. These three are the judges of the Earth Tribe, and deal the sentences for crimes. All loyal to Geoxyrz, they have been very opposed to the idea of a normal being having control, especially a military commander. A small power war has been going on for the last few months between these three and Ovank, but with the plagued threat, neither has physically gone against the other as of yet.Most members of the Earth Tribe have been underground for thousands of years. In this time, they have developed infravision, allowing them to see using heat instead of light. Their eyes, however, still observe light as well, and they see this way in areas well lit. Though, obviously, light is still needed to read, it is not pleasant, and extremely bright flashes of light are painful. Most of all, being on the surface in sunlight actually causes severe harm to the earth tribe members eyes. Those in the overcity, while lacking infravision, do no suffer this handicap (all players are from the overcity).The deepness of their mines allowed the Earth Tribe to discover the effects of the odd radioactive properties in the underground areas deep under the island, along with veins of Elementum, a rare material once much more common and used to forge elemental weapons and in certain Xian items. The reason, in fact, that the Vortixx stayed, and the christener of the island. The Elementum so deep down, however, was changed, becoming far more potent, and harder to work with. Still, this was overcome. The problem was quickly discovered when a shipment was sent out. The metal simply decayed in sunlight, becoming worthless. Members of the tribe quickly found a way to stop this, though the process caused the metal to lose these wondrous properties. Still, under the ground, the Earth Tribe – and the plagued they fight – have access to much more potent weapons and equipment.Laws here are much like Summus Castrum, though less formally written and instead simply understood by heart and mind than by reading them.All members of the earth tribe can mine and forge simple weapons and armor given the proper materials and time. All members are also of the earth or magnetism element and of the matoran species.The Earth Tribe has no true enemy, but like the Stone Tribe have riled up the Air Tribe in the past. The Earth Tribe is allied with the Stone Tribe, and trade often. Only a few conflicts occurred between them during the war, and often by borderland stone tribe members against the Earth Tribe.The Earth Tribe is unique among the others in how it views wanderers from the Templums. Unlike others, who see them as intruders for not also honoring elemental spirits that reside in the island and trying to enforce their will, those in the Earth Tribe consider them messengers from the Great Beings and treat them with respect. This group prefers to make battle with blunted or pick weapons in most cases, and use extremely heavy armors such as plate mail and splint or banded mail. Elemental weapons are infused with magnetism or earth abilities (a pick causes metal to be magnetically stuck to it at its wielders will, for example).The Stone Tribe Master stoneworkers, the stone tribe is based in a huge stone canyon maze accessible only by flight or knowing the path. The path, obviously, isn’t a commonly known fact, and known only to members of the stone tribe and traders from the Earth Tribe, along with a few individuals willing to keep the secret. Though, by all accounts, the path is presumably easier than any would ever be willing to guess. In the center of the stone maze, the metallic skeleton of a huge Sand Dragon measuring nearly one kio in length can be seen, its flesh and skin picked away and its bones bleached. This huge skeleton is the central point of the stone tribes city, Calx, whose residents honor the powerful creature – perhaps the most powerful Rahi to ever live on the island – for strength and determination, and even more so the one who killed it, a toa of stone known only as the Wingbinder for his ingenuity in bringing it down by binding the creatures wings with huge stone blocks and crashing it into huge stone spikes he created on the ground below, a feat often mimicked by those hunting aerial beasts in the present day (the final part of the legend involving him finishing the weakened beast in melee is debated heavily, as the creature is more than a few Kio long…) In the Sand Dragons skull lives Turaga Roxus, a master stonecarver and element user who has been leader of the tribe for longer than anyone can remember. In fact, nobody even remembers when he became leader, only that he has and, until he dies, always will be. He was rumored to have been a toa who fought alongside the Wingbinder in the battle against an unknown enemy in the Age of Ancients. The stone tribe has long been an ally of the earth tribe, trading masterfully crafted items of stone for items made of metal. The beneficial trade has caused a great deal of goodwill between the tribes that has always been present. In fact, the only true enemy the stone tribe has ever made could be considered the air tribe, who their growth often conflicted with. Like the ice tribe, the Stone Tribe still has a number of settlements above the ground untouched by the plague. These well defended locations typically have walls and a small garrison within, and only the largest have more than a thousand inhabitants. The stone tribe is mostly composed of Po-Matoran, but a great deal Ba-Matoran are also present. Only those of the matoran species are in the tribe. There are about seventeen thousand members of the tribe, with about eleven thousand of them residing in the city of Calx. Most members of the tribe are trained in combat, and own at least one suit of armor, occasionally lighter to allow mobility, but more often than not heavy. Plated armor is not often seen, and only the elite vanguard of the tribe are ever seen using suits of full plate armoring. Most members have a very strong sense of honor, and prefer to engage any opponent one on one. While it is not dishonorable to flee a single creature of enormous power, it is a great deed to defeat a creature more powerful than oneself alone. Fighting an equal when you are at the clear advantage is considerered cowardly, as is attack by stealth (save when hunting a beast).Plagued creatures, while a threat to external settlements, have proven no threat to Calx itself. The stone tribe, however, is the tribe most frequent in raiding parties to attack the plagued.The Ice Tribe The Ice Tribe lies secluded in the far north of the island, situated in the Diamond Wastes far away from interaction. As with the Stone Tribe, it still has a number of small settlements spread out over northern area. Over half of the tribe resides in their capital, a huge fortress made of solid ice known as Glacies. What makes the ice tribe unique among its fellow elemental tribes is that, despite being grouped with the air and water tribe as the least industrial tribes, is that they are the most advanced technologically. Designs exist, hidden in vaults, for experimental weaponry powered by the user’s elemental power, though the creation of these items is not performed. However, a commonly used type of weapon is a musket that fires elemental energy rather than using gunpowder, with the same effects. The exact nature of the weapon depends on the builder. Spread out over the entire Diamond Tundra, the Ice Tribe has about twenty three thousand members. About twelve thousand of those live in Glacies itself, and most settlements have between five to eleven hundred members. Most villages have a Turaga or toa in charge, but every member of the tribe answers to Turaga Cyrox, a wise leader and rumored to have been among the most powerful of toa during the Age of Ancients. Warriors of the Ice Tribe are most feared for their silence in combat. During a fight against one, most never make a sound. Though all know how to speak Matoran, silence is required in all but the most dire circumstances, and most members prefer the silence in any case. Instead, most members speak using matoran sign language amongst each other (these signs are understood by all matoran and Frostelus – though the later cannot make the symbols – on the island; Skakdi and Zyglak cannot understand the symbols, and most Vortixx have no reason to learn). The Ice Tribe was barely affected by the Plague. During the initial time period of the Plague, none of those afflicted even entered the Diamond Tundra. Over the last two years, some bands of former Ko-Matoran have spread up and assaulted small settlements with little impact. All members of the ice tribe are De-Matoran or Ko-Matoran, from matoran to Turaga. The tribe employs the usage of items made of Elemental Ice, an unmelting ice as hard as protosteel, ranging from plates on armor to the blades of weapons.The Non-Matoran Factions Outside of the matoran, each race basically keeps together. The Vortixx associate regularly with the matoran of Summus Castrum, but refuse to deal with anyone else, due to the ‘primitive’ nature observed. They are headed by three Chief Engineers. Though originally they were commanded by all three equally, Chief Engineer Azira, a very smart and cunning female, has taken command of the entire organization. They are based in the Xian Embassy in Summus Castrum, formerly an ancient matoran fort turned rebuilt into an engineering lab. They possess technology surpassing that of even the matoran they trade with. The plague kills Vortixx in a very short time period. The Skakdi are enemies to all on the island, and often to each other. No Skakdi has ever allied with the matoran, and no matoran has ever tried to ally with them. They are led by Aktramn, possibly the most physically powerful warrior on the island, in their camp known as “Invidia”. Those who are plagued are forced into a large cave, where the mutated creatures rage against the outside world. And everything else. The plague causes those afflicted to mutate – their organic body parts swell and mutate, covering over the entire form. The spine slugs common to the creatures fuse permanently and mutate even further. The Frostelus have no official leader, or faction. They are enemies to other races, and their brutish nature makes them more fighter than talker. The only thing they fear are the Templum Tutera, ever since a massacre back two years in the past when a trio of wanderers killed over three dozen of them for no real reason. The were enslaved previously by the Ice Tribe, but they successfully escaped, moving to a large number of ice floes north of the island. The mechanical suits hiding their natural forms make them immune to the plague. The Zyglak are the final primary race of the island. About a year ago, they simply began emerging from the mountains to the east. Though the Vortixx have no reason of knowing why these Zyglak do not transmit the protodermis eating plague of the rest of their species, they are in all other ways completely alike in comparison to their kin. They have no leader, but seem to travel in packs. As they are immune to all disease, even the plague, bands of Zyglak travelling down from their home have proven the most successful combatants to the plagued. Unlike other Zyglak, they do not particularly hate Matoran and Toa (they seem to have never encountered them before), but seem to regard them, like everything else, as prey to feast upon.SPECIAL FACTIONSNoxtis Custirus (RESTRICTED ACCESS) The Keepers of the Night were once an order of warriors based in Desparatus Prodigium. When the plague struck, the entire organization was wiped out, as all but a small group of its members were caught in the destruction. Rumors say that a new group has been formed, taking the ancient name of the organization, Noxtis Custirus, as their own. Well, they’re true. All members are afflicted with the plague, and thus immune to it. Each passes through a ritual that stops the effects of the plague from progressing further. A member of this organization gains all the benefits of being a plagued (with none of the downsides), and can still use their mask powers at full. They have the elemental power of shadow rather than the former that they had. Members of this organization prefer darker colors, though not the dull coloration used by the Templum Tutera. Purple, red, and black are the most common. This order obeys the laws of the areas they travel to. As members are plagued, they are considered dead/lost by any who know of their being lost. When with others, members never reveal their names except to those they trusted most in their previous couriers, whatever that may be. Even then, revelations are made rarely, and most members would prefer it that way. Making the organization public, however, or its secret base, is punishable by death. Only toa and matoran can join. Each member retains their old weapon (be it Elemental or Xian), in addition to a second weapon called a rune weapon. Rune weapons are normal weapons with no special powers of notable use, save as follows. However, having one makes the wielder immune to mind control and attempts to read their mind, and can also be activated mentally by the wielder into a distress call that all members on the island immediately pick up. The leader of the organization can also use the weapon to send telepathic messages to all members of the group. The group is obliged to fight the plagued whenever they can. Taking out powerful plagued is a must, but calling in others is recommended against truly powerful enemies, such as an Omega.SPECIAL NOTE: Joining the group is done only by two ways. A character who meets certain requirements may join the organization. In addition, players who have a character as a member from the first game can carry them over, or if they did not have one, they can create one at any point for this one. Only one character per player can be a member of this organization, and if that player is killed for any reason, a new member cannot be created.Players who are constantly misbehaving will not be allowed to join, as this organization provides more benefits than any other (despite its downsides). Unlike the plague, it is not a death sentence of banishment from all other player interaction, simply a handicap. All of the benefits combined means that those prone to going god-mode are not going to be allowed.The Plagued Not even the plagued know who their leader is. They roam about the land, killing all they come across. Most are mindless, primitive beasts. However, there are some who develop extraordinary intellect and power, known as Alphas. From the ranks of the common toa, these plagued become as deadly as even players. Plagued characters can either become that way during the game itself or by starting off as a plagued character. All plagued characters thus have the traits of a plagued creature. These traits are – Normal elemental powers replaced by shadow Physical strength doubled, as is speed and agility Slightly lower ability to penetrate illusions, immunity to most mind control Increased senses of smell and hearing, lower tactile functions (do not feel pain as much, both a bad and good thing) Increased fire resistance, lowered tolerance to frost and light Ability to see in the dark Kanohi powers function at only about 35% efficiency Characters who start off as plagued are automatically Alpha types, but have lost their pack for one reason or another. They have the following traits – Increased bodily regeneration Ability to persuade other plagued to assist them Normal tolerance to frost (replaces lowered) Character who start off not being plagued are as strong as alphas, but lose out on these benefits. They do, however, have the following, having not been plagued as long – Normal Tolerance to light (replaces lowered) Increased rationality (may recognize the potency of certain weapons, etc.) Kanohi powers function at only about 50% efficiency Deciding how to do this is up to you. All plagued have a few goals, though they don’t know why. -Leave the island (hampered by the fact most can’t swim, they don’t know where to swim to, and none can use boats) -Spread their curse -Kill those who are not plagued -Destroy civilization. Plagued characters can indeed spread the plague, but remember, you can’t simply infect every NPC that you touch and come across. You’re supposed to kill them if you can, spread the plague if they’re too powerful, and run away if neither can work out. When you are fighting players, they can only be infected if they wish it to be so, and post it in discussion or on the main chat. And remember, nobodies CHARCTER wants to be plagued, even if the PLAYER does. Would you really want to lose your rationality? Plagued are incapable of activating elemental weapons and can’t do anything with Xian tech beyond smash it. Crude weapons are more often used. Weapons kept in constant contact for about a year become tainted, and can spread the plague to those who handle it for too long. Plagued have no true home city. However, a large number still gather in Incendia to listen to the Omegas that reside within (these are usually simple cannon fodder) and in Desparatus Prodigium (though these have been fanning out, and only about nine hundred still live in the port city; also mostly wild). There is, however, a city called Pandemonium – once an insane asylum for Lunctus Castrum located on the north coast, the city took in one of the first few plagued right after infection, and within the jailhouse it spread to guards and other inmates. Some escaped, but it became the first quarantined area. Over the years, plagued have found ways in and out.The Mercenaries Guild The Mercenaries guild is a totally neutral organization to all conflicts. It has been mostly eradicated by the plague. However, members still reside within small ruins away from civilization, looting old villages and combating adventurers who come up against them. They are split into Guardians (who guard guild bases), Marauders (who go out searching for profit) and Mercenaries (who take work for pay). Guild members are less talented than players, but work in pairs who have long worked together. A duo is enough to take a single character down, especially if they have knowledge of their target to work with. The guild is beyond the hiring of common adventurers, but may be employed by rich individuals to hunt down characters, or may act as bounty hunters. Marauders often compete with adventurers in old ruins, searching for treasure.Creating your Own Faction You may create your own faction. At least three members, and at least six characters, are required to become a semi-official faction. This means submitting a name, a list of the founders (members and characters) and a location to act as a base. If, for some reason, the character total is dropped below six, the faction becomes just a group again. At fifteen characters (and 5 members), a faction begins to notice attention, and large factions ask those within for their allegiance. Upon giving it, they will be established by that faction as official; otherwise, they are neutral. At 25 characters (and 7 members), the faction attracts attention, and NPCs head for its base. The base is placed on the map and the faction, if the members of it wish to, may be placed in the factions list. Plagued may not join these factions. Templum Tutera may not join these factions. Skakdi may not join these factions, nor may Zyglak. Vortixx will only join with a Summus Castrum aligned faction; Frostelus will not join with an Ice Tribe aligned faction. Noxtis Custrius does not permit characters to join without pemission from their superior, given in person.


And thus with this information in mind, you can create your character.Username: (What is your BZP display name?)Name: (What is your characters name?)Gender: (Obvious)Species: (What species is your character?)Affiliation: (Faction affiliated with)Powers: (All powers your character possesses. A skakdis powers, elemental power, kanohi powers, etc.)Equipment: (See below)Appearance: (How does your character look?)Personality: (How does your character behave?) [Optional]Biography: (50+ words)In the equipment section, you must note what type of armor you have, as follows.---Light Armor. Light armor ranges from a mesh, to a robe, to light plates of chitin from a Nui-Rama, to the hide of a Fader Bull. Light armor does not hinder swimming speed (save if it is awkward to swim in, such as a robe) or movement speed.---Medium Armor. Medium armor applies to armor such as scale armor, ring mail, the icy plates used in the ice tribe, and chainmail armor. It’s hard to swim in and hinders movement, but can be taken off quickly.---Heavy Armor. Heavy armor is hard to move it, taking in equipment such as banded and splint mail, plate mail, and field plate types of armor. It’s nearly impossible to swim in it, and running long distance is extremely tiring. It greatly slows movement.---Plate Armor. Plate armor only applies to full plate armor. It is easier to move in than heavy armor, but only the Templum Tutera can have it at the start of the game. All in all, it hinders slightly more than medium armor, and defends better than heavy armor. The fire tribe manufacture types of plate armor, but it does not have the mobility qualities of that used by the Templum Tutera. In both cases, it is completely impossible to swim in plate armor, and as it still weighs more than heavy armor, once you’re knocked down it’s almost impossible to stand back up.In addition, list mundane equipment you have along with weapons.Elemental Weaponry The tribes make use of weapons and similar equipment (shields, or a spiked gauntlet, for example) that is infused with elemental energy. Each player has one elemental weapon. These elemental weapons do not and cannot use the users own elemental energy, but instead their own, and recharge over time. They can be used by a user of the same pair of elements (Fire and Plasma, Air and Plant Life, Magnetism and Earth, etc.).Xian Technology The Vortixx make use of extremely advanced, futuristic technology. Members of Lunctus Casturm all have at least one piece of it -for example, some of the weapons on the BS01 page for Xian Weapons are allowed, as are custom made ones. These are typically the ranged ones, though not always. At least one piece is stated, as if a player has two items that are both very low powered, they might be allowed both. The Vortixx, as they are superior combatants in melee, typically use ones made for such combat instead of ranged weaponry, and have the one of the following two items.-----Xian Element Adapter v3.0 The Element Adapter allows a Vortixx, and only a Vortixx, the ability to create and control the last element they were struck with, along with increased resistance to it. Some other powers may come with it. It typically doesn't take long to get the hang of an element they were familiar with, but one never used before may prove difficult to manipulate easily. Sources of an element, but not created or manipulated by an elemental power (an open flame, a block of ice, or just the air around you) cannot be used as the basis for this.----XIan Element Master v1.5 A much newer piece of tech that allows a Vortixx to control the elements around them - all elements - to a limited extent. For example, moving the earth around, manipulating a campfire. Creating the element, or controlling an effect created by a toa or similar being, is impossible... for the v1.5. While anybody could use these, they require a lot of stress to use properly, and are built into the body instead of being a usable item.Vortixx may also have another item that gives them a benefit similiar but weaker than a Kanohi mask (a limited form of sonar projected from a helmet, the ability control some Rahi due to a wristband, a weak shield projected from a gauntlet, increased speed from boots) if it seems within the realm of possible (the Faxxon and Garai are two examples of those not allowed).In the power section, note that Skakdi have the following - a passive vision power which is disabled when they use theri active vision power for about five minutes, a special power unique to them, and elemental abilities when in conjunction with another Skakdi. Particularly strong powers for passive vision or active vision may prevent both from being allowed, and a special power of significant power may remove the active one (one that would remove both is not allowed at all)Note – you cannot join the Mercenaries Guild, but you can still be a neutral mercenary.You are limited to three characters per player. Those who participated in the first RPG - I can check the Archives - have a fourth character slot. You may earn another one by playing extremely well, helping out others, pointing out mistakes, and all in all just being a benefit to the GameMaster(s) and everyone else.Inter-Faction Interaction The factions are not on great terms with each other, so actively displaying the symbol of another faction and waltzing into a city is a bad move. You must have an intent that will benefit the city to be allowed in. Sneaking in may happen, save in Summito Castrum, Glacies, and Calx, all of which are well defended against such an attempt.


There is but one true GameMaster – there can be only one. However, there can be up to two secondary GameMasters. These secondary GameMasters may be chosen from amongst players if they express the desire to have permission. A few benefits and penalties are provided to these secondary GameMasters, to prevent favoritism –Penalties
    [*]They may not recover artifacts. They may participate in their recovery, but will not be allowed to use them. This means avoiding favoritism - favoritism displayed last RPG that will not be repeated.[/list]Benefits
      [*]They have an additional character slot and may create dungeon ideas that they will be in sole control of.[*]They may choose one of the faction leading NPCs, and based off of the characters given personality be the sole controller of that NPC unless it contradicts what the GameMaster desires. The NPC must remain in the city unless circumstances give a reason for this.[*]In their role as faction leader, they have access to the entire army of that faction that they may use if at the time appropriate.[*]They may write a dungeon. If it is approved, they are given free reign to host this area and reward players for working together and finding ways to solve riddles and puzzles.[*]They may approve characters, but characters can be disapproved.[*]They may deal out punishments.[/list]A GameMaster who violates the rules will immediately and irrevocably lose all privileges but retain the penalty permanently. They may step down from their position at any time, and not retain penalties or benefits. The character slot is not lost. If a GameMaster steps down, another may be chosen or picked within 1-2 weeks time.-Toa Levacius Zehvor :flagusa:

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Posted ImageEnemies of Justice“You made an excellent effort. But they don’t remember who tried the hardest… only who won. Today, that is I. Goodbye, brother.”- Makuta to Mata Nui, 8000 years agoThe world has changed a lot from those days. Makuta, the Great Spirit, and Rahkshi, his noble sons, watch over the Matoran today. Living times of prosperity, the Matoran don't even bother trying to remember how things used to be. Many doubt the existence of Toa, who are said to have lived and protected the Matoran long ago.Yet, there are those who remember all too well...While times are peaceful, even Makuta seems to have forgotten about his universe. There are those who take advantage of this.Since Toa started disappearing from the universe long ago, one group has worshipped Mata Nui and kept alive memories about him. So well-hidden are they that Makuta himself has never realized they exist within his world. And they have stayed hidden for all these years. But now, with everything peaceful and the shock of a new Great Spirit has passed within thr universe, it is time to come out and fight in the name of Mata Nui.The world has taken a bizarre twist, however. Those who were once regarded with fear are now looked up to and respected for all they do. Those who once were viewed as heroes of great honor, have now become enemies to all those who love their home. Interaction from Mata Nui's followers is not wanted. Things are good. Who would want to break the piece, the happy times?The new enemies of the Matoran.The Mata Nui's Devoted.Metru NuiThe glorious city of legends lives a time of wealth and prosperity. Matoran work and enjoy their lives while Rahkshi patrol and guard them against threats.Le-MetruLe-Metru is as orderly and effective as ever. The chutes run on time and Le-Matoran airships constantly transport goods from one Metru to another. There are some areas, however, where no Matoran are allowed and are constantly guarded by the Rahkshi.Ga-MetruThe original Great Temple was destroyed long ago, with a new one built in honor of Makuta. The ruins of the old Great Temple are still there, though, and the area is guarded by Rahkshi. There is something in there Makuta doesn't want Matoran to see...Onu-MetruThe Archives have expanded and are richer than ever, with thousands of species of Rahi and other important artifacts. The lower levels are still dangerous to Matoran, though, and nobody is allowed there.Po-MetruPo-Metru is filled with statues of Makuta and Rahkshi. The builders of this part of the city design and sculpt their statues with care.Ko-MetruKo-Metru is still the silent city of Metru Nui, with scholars studying the stars and the will of Makuta. The Rahkshi have ensured that no one will be able to disturb the Ko-Matoran in their work.Ta-MetruTa-Metru produces masks and tools for other Metru and keeps the foundries running. A new Wall of History has been built, but the old one is guarded by Rahkshi and its surroundings are considered highly dangerous. No Matoran who has gone near the wall have ever returned.ColiseumThe mighty Coliseum now houses the appartment of Metru Nui's new leader. The arena of the Coliseum is used for Kolhii, a sport played to honor the great Makuta.GameplayThis RPG takes place in Metru Nui, 8000 years after Makuta took control of the Matoran Universe. The Matoran have forgotten about Mata Nui and the Toa almost completely. Makuta is their Great Spirit and the Rahkshi preserve law and peace in the city. As it's important to Makuta that his universe runs smoothly, Rahkshi are not that cruel at the Matoran, but rather firm. They make sure no outside threats disturb the Matoran. This is why the Matoran don't see Rahkshi as frightening as they used to. The Matoran instead fear those who rebel against the Rahkshi and claim that Mata Nui will return. Toa are things out of a Matoran's nightmare in this city.You can play this RPG as a Matoran, but if you want to be a member of some other species, you can also play as a member of MND, the Mata Nui's Devoted. Metru Nui has a leader, but he is not Ahkmou. The leader of Metru Nui will be revealed later on in the game.Mata Nui's DevotedThe MND is an organization founded soon after the Order of Mata Nui and the Toa disappeared. It's purpose was to secretly worship Mata Nui and keep faith in his return. Now that Makuta has started to pay less attention to his universe, the organization strikes in an effort to change the world into what it was. The organization has a leader, but he or she will not be revealed yet. There are members of many species in the organization, even Toa. Unfortunately, the Matoran don't want MND to interfere with their current lives, since everything is peaceful. Followers of Mata Nui are now a minority. The MND headquarters is a set of caves in the Great Barrier.What is this game about?Basically this is a RPG of the changed values and the clashes of MND and Rahkshi, with Matoran of Metru Nui playing an important part in the future of the MU by defining what values are right and how everyone else should think. As a Metru Nui Matoran, you can either stick with worshipping Makuta or be influenced by MND to worship Mata Nui instead and wait for his return. Who are the enemies of justice? That is for you to decide.Rules1. You can play as a member of any species, but only Matoran are allowed to be citizens of Metru Nui. If you want to be a Toa or a Vortixx, for example, you'll most probably be a member of MND. However, you can also choose to be an outcast hiding in the city.2. Custom speices are allowed, but they have to be approved by the host of the RPG first.3. In battle, you NPC the Rahkshi. Keep in mind that they're tough enemies though.4. No auto-hitting or god-modding. Apply Bzprpg rules here.5. You can travel out of Metru Nui to the Great Barrier, for example. However, you are not allowed to open any of the seagates without permission from the host.6. Once you've posted a character sheet, you can start playing.7. You are allowed to have pieces of advanced technology, but if your weapon seems too powerful, the host has a right to deny the use of that weapon further on.8. All elements but light or shadow are allowed. This concerns all species.9. All Kanohi, except for Avohkii, Kraahkan, Olisi, Mask of Creation, Vahi and Ignika are allowed. Such freedom, however, brings responsibility with it.10. Have fun.Character sheetName:Species (You can be any species you can think of, but if you're anything else than Matoran, you will have to be either a member of MND or an outcast. The Rahkshi will attack everyone but Matoran):Alignment (MND or not, basically):Kanohi (even if Matoran):Tools:Powers and skills (even if you're a Matoran, you can have certain talents that can be put here):Personality:Biography:

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Posted Image

Not the best-sounding message to send to you all, but it’s all I have.Know that a virus is infecting Techna’s SCPU. Know that I can save the SCPU by downloading the virus into my own body. Know that in my last moments I am thinking of you, fellow Toa Techna.Hunt down the hackers. Stop them, no matter what the cost. I know you are limited to imprisoning them because of the Toa Code in your hardware, but even so you can make their lives as hellish as possible. For me.Good-bye.* * *I’m Torch, Toa of Plasma and deputy leader of the Toa Techna -- well, now leader, as our former leader, the Toa of Electricity Ion, died to save Techna’s mainframe. He downloaded a virus into his own body, and the massive misinformation overload killed him.But I digress. If you are receiving this cybernet message via your brain implant, you are a denizen of Techna. Read on -- or listen on, it doesn’t matter -- for a review of our current crisis. Your help combating this threat will be invaluable.And if you’re a hacker... well, be warned: We will find you.* * *HISTORY of TECHNAFifty years after our population of Spherus Magna, we, the Matoran, Toa, etc., finally gathered enough technical knowhow to examine the technology within the damaged Matoran Universe. Together with the Glatorian we copied detailed designs and brainstormed how to recreate them ourselves.I was a Matoran then, rather young compared to most. Even so I helped construct the first working quantum computer; I was also one of the first to suggest examining Matoran and Toa themselves. In doing so we discovered how to meld organic and mechanical parts together into one body. Ten years later we began adding implants to Toa and Matoran. Another ten years after, we created the first synthetic Matoran, one of fire.A mere year after the first S-toran (as they were called) was created, all of us (the Matoran, Toa, Glatorian, Agori, etc.) happened upon a grand plan: to take the Matoran Universe and recreate it into a grand spaceship to locate other planets to colonize. Some jumped for the idea; others didn’t. With what help we had, we worked for two centuries on the spaceship.One thousand years afterward, now one hundred thousand years ago, we finished the starship. We took the Great Spirit Mata Nui's Kanohi Ignika and installed it as our SCPU (Supervisory Central Processing Unit), called “all aboard who’s going aboard,” and launched the starship into space. We dubbed it the Techna Nui.In a large chamber within the spaceship Techna Nui is the city we call Techna; we all live within this space-city.During our time in space we have discovered how to create synthetic elements and Kanohi, how to create customized species, and how to link us all together using Techna’s SCPU, thus allowing hover-taxis to be driven automatically without crashing, and allowing the Techna Nui to fly itself through space. Now no one remembers who’s a Matoran and who’s an S-toran -- both have so many implants, they seem equally robotic. I like it that way.Just recently our SCPU was hacked. The Hackers want us floating dead in space, because they don’t believe we should be influencing the rest of the universe, insignificant as we are. The Technans believe we should continue onward. Some don’t know what to believe. And what’s more, the SCPU is beginning to malfunction; machinery's timing is growing off, hover-taxis end up a block from their orignal destination, and people report being haunted by an odd ghost program. Techna’s best programmers cannot find the cause of all this, as the ghost program avoids all detection.This is where you come in.* * *ABOUT TECHNAThere are three main districts in our space-city, Techna: the Science District, the Information District, and the Denizens District. Citizens can travel between them as they please, via either hover-taxis or protodermis transport chutes. It’s impossible to enter offices without the proper IDF (Identification Frequency), which can be edited upon promotions and / or job switches.The Science District takes up the western half of Techna; the Information District takes up the eastern half; and the Denizens District takes up a small extra quadrant to the north, as you can see from this map:Posted ImageAll of Techna is defended by hovering Automated Defensive Robots, ADRs, armed with energy ball launchers. The robots have arms but no legs and are about as large as a Matoran. When an alarm sounds, ADRs will immediately converge on the area, so don’t try sneaking into places you shouldn’t be. Also, various food business (as well as empty buildings reserved for food businesses) are scattered throughout both the Science and Information Districts.SCIENCE DISTRICTThe largest of the Technan districts, the Science District’s offices deal exclusively with technological advances. Scientists work within closed chambers, working on advanced computer programs and new weapons, masks, and armor.-Technology Tower:This is the single manufacturing plant of the city of Techna. It takes up the very center of the Science District, a large cubical base from which extends a skyscraper-like structure. Only scientists with the highest possible permissions may enter.-Computer Knowledge Center:Most of the programming for the SCPU is done within this small tower to the southwest of the Technology Tower. Entry permissions are the same as those for the Technology Tower. It is believed the SCPU virus was uploaded from here; thus, security is doubled.INFORMATION DISTRICTThe Information District includes many database libraries with information on everything from how to create a homemade chocolate cake to how to program in MCL (Matoran Code Language); not all libraries are accessible to the general public, however. There are also cyberprinters based here; many a citizen of Techna has gotten popular through publishing a book on the cybernet.-Security and Defense Library:This is accessible only to those accompanied by one of the Toa Techna. It includes a complete listing of all previous misdemeanors, including those committed before the Techna launched. It also includes complete schematics for Techna and its defenses.HOUSING DISTRICTThis includes one hibernation chamber for every citizen. While in this hibernation chamber characters are plugged into a computer, which allows them to move about in a highly-realistic virtual bedroom they may customize any way they wish.* * *CHARACTER CREATIONThis is the interesting part. See, it’s possible for citizens of Spherus Magna to contact us via a technology called “quantum entanglement”. Don’t know it? Look it up. After a request is approved, we can create a body on the Techna Nui for someone and then, using quantum entanglement, transfer someone’s personality from the old body into the new. You can be a Toa or Matoran, Glatorian or Agori, or even request a custom build; you can even have high-tech implants fresh out of our Technology District.All one needs to do is fill out this form and send it to the Character Database:Name:Gender: (Male / Female / None)Species:Kanohi: (if applicable)Powers: (if applicable)Weapons:Implants: (robotic arm, x-ray eyepiece, arm blaster, shoulder disk launcher, none, etc.; preferably one or two, keep within reason)Personality:Alignment: (Hackers / Techna / Neutral)Bio:The Toa Techna's profiles are as follows:

Legolover-361:Name: TorchGender: MaleSpecies: ToaKanohi: Mask of Time PerceptionPowers: PlasmaWeapons: Two daggersImplants: Arm-mounted plasma jetPersonality: Torch is under constant pressure. He is self-critical to the point where the other Toa Techna think he's too tough on himself. He prefers to hide his emotions beneath a facade of power so that the Matoran of Techna have an idol to which they can look for guidance and safety; his fierce loyalty for the denizens of Techna gives him a fiery reason to hunt down the Hackers before his city -- which he helped build -- is destroyed.Alignment: TechnaBio: On Spherus Magna, Torch, as a Matoran, helped design the first working quantum computer. He was also part of the team to design the Techna Nui. A century after the starship launched, Torch earned enough accolades for his help to be built into a Toa of Plasma.Dovydas:Name: EnaltaiGender: MaleSpecies: Toa Kanohi: HauPowers: StoneWeapons: Two particularly long and sharp wristbladesImplants: An implant that allows particularly quick movement of his right arm. Quite frankly, to the extent that unless his right arm is incarcerated in some manner, you'd better watch out.Personality: Quiet. Awfully quiet. As in, talks in really, really rare occasions. So none have gotten to know him well enough to see what's beneath the solitude-loving, ultra-introvert exterior. Not to mention, to many he appears ruthless, grim and dark.Alignment: HackersBio: Enaltai is widely considered in Techna, except amongst the Hackers, to be mentally unstable. The Hackers, however, consider him to be a visionary. He was the best friend of Ion, the first leader of the Toa Techna. However, soon after Ion's death, he came to the conclusion that only a return home and an abandonment of Techna will save its inhabitants from an inevitable demise at the hands of a virus. He joined the Hackers, and, ruthlessly slamming through the opposition, namely any Hacker who would oppose, has seized the title of unofficial leader of the Hackers.Shyym:Name: Forcyte (pronounced 'Foresight'); formal designation was 'M-Forcyte' shortly after his original activationGender: MaleSpecies: ToaKanohi: Mask of LogicPowers: DataWeapons: None. Forcyte usually abstains from combat. When he is driven to it, he manipulates his powers with his mind and his hands.Implants: *Sensory enhancements for his eyes and his ears. *Outlets along his arms and legs, through which he can access nearly any computer system and database aboard the Techna Starship. *Extra memory banks, in which he stores staggering amounts of data. It is worth noting that he has multiple banks, and only one is in his brain; the rest are scattered throughout his body. When called upon, these 'outlying' banks send data to his brain via his nervous system; this process takes several seconds. The data in his brain bank, however, is instantaneously accessible.Personality: "Aloof. Egotistical. Unstoppable."These are all words Forcyte has used to describe himself. The first two are undeniably true; Forcyte is the most mysterious and least loved of the Toa Techna, and makes no efforts to endear himself to the citizens. He is supremely confident in his knowledge and his abilities, often acting as a lone wolf; on occasion, he feels even his fellow Techna are inferior to him, though he is careful not to say so aloud. The third word will be put to the test as Forcyte sets out to pacify the Hackers and Ghost Program. Alignment: TechnaBio: Unlike most of the other Toa Techna, who were Spherus Magna Matoran who willingly joined the Starship, Forcyte was an S-Matoran who was created on board the ship as one of the first Matoran of Data. Even as a Matoran, his knowledge and ability to memorize data was unusually powerful; these abilities grew to supernatural proportions once became a Toa and gained his extra implants and mask. Because of it, he has gained an incredible ability to look at a situation (in the real world or in cyberspace) and analyze it in seconds through deductive reasoning, arriving at conclusions that would stump anybody else. He was made an official member of the Toa Techna a few thousand years ago.Forcyte is a sleuth: his job is to gather evidence and catch criminals. He does this not out of a sense of duty, or a desire to protect the ship, but simply because he relishes 'the game.' This obsession and lack of morals, combined with his fearsome gifts, make him simultaneously one of the most admired and loathed figures aboard the Starship.Forcyte has come to see the Ghost Program as his nemesis, and devotes himself to trying to corner and catch it. His obsession is such that he has often had to be dragged away from a computer terminal and sent into the field to hunt for Hackers.King of No Isles:Identification Designation: Matrapolix "Matra" I'RohuGender: MaleDNA Origin: De-Toa, highly edited to hardly resemble a Toa at all.Headgear Type: Mask of biomechanicsPhysical Abilities: Advanced mastery of technology and sound. Besides that, some of his implants are beneficial when it comes to agility and physical strength. Thus, he is quite a powerful Toa. His knowledge of mechanics come from implants and his mask.Tool of Choice: Besides his implants, Matrapolix wields a hooked blade that he uses for combat. When not in use, it is commonly clipped to his back. Additionally, he has a pistol that fires short-range energy blasts, and short-circuiting energy stun-blasts, depending on the current setting.Physical Appearance: In one word, Matra is a cyborg. His implants are so severe, that some regard him as completely mechanical. This is not true, however. It's complicated, so I'll start from the bottom.Matra's feet are encased in steel boots that are implanted into the nerves of his feet. This allows for him to be able to stand on his feet for hours without becoming uncomfortable, as well as kick hard things without any serious pain.This guy's legs are monsters. They are implanted so that you can see through the flesh in quite a sickening way. They are otherwise covered in armor.Mat's chest/back are heavily armored, and the back is equipped to let his blade slide in and out. There is an χ pattern over his chest of glowing liquid, which in reality is artificial "blood." Due to his many implants, he originally had strains as his body struggled to power them. So, he had this liquid injected to help out. This has to be refueled every so often, usually every two weeks on slow weeks. The shortest burn-up time was eighteen hours, when he was still adapting to the implant. Gradually, he was able to cope with it.His mask is a typical ninja mask. It's visor is green and in a stretched V shape from eye to eye. The bottom half is flat and veil-like.Biological Mechanic Edits: His implants are his best qualities. Here they are listed:1. Feet implants mentioned earlier.2. Implants in legs increasing his agility, speed, and jumping ability. His legs are often stiff, and feel uncomfortable.3. Chest implants to allow for greater physical strain without damage to internal systems, and greater metabolism.4. Arm implants that increase bicep strength and lifting power. He could put a nasty dent a hover-taxi, but he couldn't lift one.5. Finally, mental implants. His brain thinks purely logically, and often keeps him from making emotion-based decisions. Besides that, his brain works like a computer and thinks in equations, even having its own wi-fi. This implant also aids the ear problems natural to his species.Natural Programming: Matrapolix is, for one, completely emptied of emotion. His brain works like a computer. Not to say the emotion isn't there, but he's pushed it away. He found it useless. However, he is a Toa Techna. That in itself is one of the reasons why he hasn't gone insane and tried to kill everybody: he was programmed not to. He judges by two main factors: mercy, and justice. He has put the code to law, and lives by it. Moral Programming: Toa TechnaRecord of Known Existence:Born a Toa, Matrapolix was never the most fun person to be around. When they left the planet, he knew he had to be something greater. He would fight against hackers.He knew he was not strong enough to do so, however, and underwent different implants until finally, he found himself able to stand for Techna. Here he is today.Skarloth:More to be added later.

Note that one can’t be a Makuta, a Great Being, a member of Botar’s species, a Baterra, or any Rahi. They can, however, be a Glatorian, Toa, or any similar species; they can even create their own, within reason, of course. Kanohi not allowed are the Mask of Time, Mask of Life, Mask of Light, Mask of Shadow, Mask of Dimensional Gates, Mask of Creation, and Mask of Undeath. Certain implants may be accepted or rejected based on the approvers. Custom Kanohi and elements are allowed with approval.
Note that Techna has its own custom Kanohi and elements. In addition to the normal elements, Crystal, Nucleons (control over protons and neutrons), and Data (ability to adjust data and data flow, and act as a sentient database) also populate Techna.Special Kanohi include the Mask of Engineering (enhances engineering abilities), Mask of Logic (speeds thought processes tenfold), Mask of Hyperspace (creates a hyperspace storage pocket), Mask of Remembrance (plants memories within others’ minds), and Mask of Time Perception (speeds up or slows down perception of time, including user).All characters have a brain implant that allows them to communicate with others mentally, either via audio or text (like how you’re receiving this message).ABOUT THE HACKERSAs I honor freedom of choice, I cannot physically stop you from choosing evil. But it is my job to stop any criminals on Techna, and the hackers are criminals.The hackers believe Techna is wrong. I don't know how they got onto this starship in the first place, but they're here. Maybe they're suffering from claustrophobia; maybe they truly believe we should not disrupt the life of other planets; maybe they believe we've left behind our souls when we embraced technological advancements. Whatever their beliefs, they are here, and they are attempting to hack into Techna's mainframe, either to destroy us, turn us around, or something more devious.* * *This should be all the information you need to catch the hackers -- or, if you are a hacker, turn yourself in. It doesn’t matter who you are; you are a part of this project, and the Toa Techna are committed to keeping you safe.Torch out.* * *
GAMEPLAY and RULESThese rules are to be followed to the letter. The first two times you break the rules, you will get warnings, both in PMs and in edits to your offending RPG posts. The third and fourth times, your character will be involves in damaging mishaps that set back your roleplaying. The fifth time, you will be permanently banned from the RPG.Remember to use IC (location goes here) before every in-character post, and OOC after every out-of-character post. For example:

IC (Science District):“Some place,” remarked the newcomer to himself, gazing around at the buildings.OOC: My character is open for interaction!

1. All forum rules apply.2. No god-modding. “God-modding” is when you make your character do something ridiculously over-powered -- for example, calling an asteroid down from the heavens.3. No auto-hitting. “Auto-hitting” is when you damage another character without giving the other player a chance to post, saying the character dodged.4. Listen to the RPG staff. They are RPG staff for a reason; thus, you cannot disobey them without very, very good reason. Techna's RPG staff -- Legolover-361, Dovydas, Shyym, King of No Isles, and Skarloth -- will be playing as the Toa Techna, which will provide an easy way to recognize them.5. Running story arcs is encouraged; making said story arcs rigid is not. This should be a rule of thumb for making and running story arcs: If you can't adjust your story arc to let other people play, too, don't run it. This is the Bionicle RPGs forum, not one of the Library forums.6. Excessive ridiculousness is frowned upon. Sorry, but this is not the Comedies forum. Using cartoon physics is not allowed and will be viewed as god-modding. A character made only to poke fun at other people (as in, he doesn't even work at anything) will also be frowned upon.7. Do not control or replace staff NPCs. This should be common sense. The NPCs include the Ghost Program and leaders of various divisions. You can’t create PCs to replace those NPCs, either, unless the staff grants you permission (and please do not ask for permission; if your character is in a certain field and he / she does well, he / she will be provided with opportunities to be promoted).8. Remember: You’re playing this to have fun!

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Bionicle TBRPG Contest 22 – Shadow of the Barraki

By: Awesomeness

Introduction: Setting: The game takes place in Mahri Nui. Backstory: For centuries, the Barraki have been training and mutating different sea monsters for use as an army. When the previous leader died, his son replaced him. Tired of waiting for the “right moment,” he directed a preemptive strike at the matoran. With their primitive weapons, the matoran didn’t stand a chance. The hydrukas that faithfully served the matoran were brought down to the Pit and were mutated. One matoran led a daring escape with a band of his friends; he climbed out of Mahri Nui and up onto Voya Nui. He told the Toa of what had happened. The Toa argued over the matter for days, until it was decided that Jaller, Hewkii, and Hahli would travel down and help the matoran, while Kongu, Nuparu, and Matoro would try and round up reinforcements. Jaller, Hewkii, and Hahli purposefully mutate themselves into water-breathing Toa and travel down to help the matoran. Characters and Creatures: The characters involved are Jaller, Hewkii, and Hahli Mahri and Kongu, Nuparu, and Matoro Inika. The Barraki will be the antagonists, and the player will be able to access them upon completion of the game. Creatures include all manners of aquatic beasts. Everything from the Bionicle universe (Mahri Nui) is included, though I will be adding to the names.Story:Setting: This game takes place in Mahri Nui. Outline and Basic Play: The player will be able to choose from Jaller, Hewkii, and Hahli Mahri for the first half of the game. Once he/she completes half of the game, Kongu, Nuparu, and Matoro Mahri will be unlocked. Upon beating the game, the player will be given the option to restart, with the possibility of playing the part of the Barraki. Player Control: The player has some control over where the story goes. There are set goals that the player has to accomplish in order to beat the game, but those goals can be met in numerous different ways. There will be multiple spots throughout the game where the player’s actions greatly influence an occasion later on in the story. Quest? This game is a questing game, meaning that there is something that they try to achieve. The game is not a MMORPG, rather, the player only sees him/herself. The ultimate motive for the Mahri is to free the matoran from the tyrannical rule of the Barraki, while the role of the Barraki is to eliminate the Mahri through any means possible. Requirements: Character: Members will be taking real Bionicle characters Made-up Characters: Halfway into the game, along with unlocking the rest of the Mahri, the player also unlocks a Character Creation Portal. This allows the player to create their own character that can be used in the game. The portal is basically a mix-and-match game where the player can choose from different masks, weapons, and armor from pre-existing Bionicle sets. The sole purpose of this is to allow for some variation; the characters created by the player are only a slight improvement upon the characters given. Character Profiles: Jaller: Jaller is given a Power Sword that can burst into flame that stuns the opponent momentarily. This can only be used once per battle. His mask allows increase of critical hits. Faithful to the sets, Jaller also has a Hahnah crab that carries his Cordak Blaster. The crab doesn’t serve much purpose otherwise. Hewkii: Hewkii’s weapons have been revamped from the set’s version. His weapons now consist of two electric flails. His mask of gravity allows him to alter gravity. It is critical during a cave battle, where the only way to beat the boss is to use Hewkii’s mask and flip gravity, causing the boss’s vulnerable stomach to be exposed. Hahli: Hahli still has her claws, which are just standard melee weapons. Her mask has been changed, however, and is the reason why one would want to play as her. It allows her to summon various creatures that do battle with her…or against her (think Kongu Mahri’s REAL mask). Hahli also retains her wings, allowing her to move much faster. Kongu: Kongu’s equipment stays the same. He uses two Cordak Blasters. However, his mask has been changed. He now uses a mask of detection, allowing him to find shortcuts. For Example: Instead of having to go through a ravine and fight numerous monsters in there, his mask of detection reveals platforms that one can just hop on across the ravine. Matoro: Matoro’s weapons have been changed to twin ninja swords. His mask of reanimation allows him to reanimate the enemies he has killed and have them “serve” him briefly. Nuparu: Nuparu now uses a scythe. His mask ability stays the same, allowing him to move silently. This makes getting past patrolling guards in certain levels a lot easier.Rules: Battle Rules: The winner of the battle is the one who survives. However, if one is playing and loses to a monster, but has managed to score impressive “combos” (multiple attacks grouped in an effective manner), then that player resurrects and the monster dies. Shops: Shops are located at strategic cities throughout the map. As the game progresses, the shop items increase in value. Items bought in the shop are sent to the player’s inventory, where they can be used or equipped, and a copy of them is sent to the Character Creation Portal, where it can be used in creating a character. Upgrades can be performed on any piece of equipment at any time, so long as the player is a. high enough level and b. has enough sand dollars (currency). Experience: The player gains experience after beating monsters and completing checkpoints. There is also a list of achievements the player can earn that grant huge experience. The player reaches a new level after getting enough experience points. The number of experience points needed per new level is simply that level squared. For example: at level 4, the player needs 25 total experience to get to level 5, where he/she needs 36 total experience to get to level 6. As the player levels up, he/she gets access to more areas, equipment, and upgrades.

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Bionicle: Mystery Voyage 2001by Zorkel5671300 Hours: Day 73: 10 Years After Voyage BeganHelp... For anyone that hears this transmission. My name is Vaka. I am on Space Voyage 2001. How I got here is unknown. My fellow passengers and I have no idea how we wound up here. But something sinister is going on here. We live our lives shallowly. We go through the motions, by have no purpose.Our cruiser is more a space-faring dome, with an entire city built within. The city, Nui-2001, is under control of a dictator, Emperor Zork, and his laws are enforced by robots known as Vahki. We need help. There is evil being undergone in this voyage. I lead a secret underground organization meant to learn more about our meaning here: The Saviors.I've undergone a mission into the Alpha District, the government district, and have discovered something of utter importance. My information is contained within an attached file to this transmission.What was that? I heard a noise. Someone's coming. I don't have much time. I need to hide before I'm found. If anyone can get this, please help. With what I've learned, we need it."Hey, you!" Oh no, I've been spotted. A copy of this will be sent out into space, along with a copy to The Saviors. Our safety is up to you. I'm leaving this as my dying wish.It's a Vahki. It's coming closer. Goodbye. Remember, it's up to you. Agghhhh... Huh, ugh. Good... bye.Send.***I'm Asha, lead scientist of The Saviors, and have been able to hack into the Zorkonians' Screen Monitors to let you listen to the dying message of our former leader, Vaka. Please understand that there is something truly evil going on here. You must beware... zzz... I'm losing my hack. I have sent the attached file to every citizen's Datapad. Be warned... zzzzt...This is the information contained within the attached file, though parts were corrupted and had to be removed.Voyage 2001 contains the city, Nui-2001. The city contains five districts-Five DistrictsAlpha District- the Government District- is where Emperor Zork's palace resides. All government undertakings are done here. No citizens are allowed here. It's also thought the Vahki Factories are contained here. Level 1 Clearance is needed.Omega District- High Class District- District of rich, fancy high class citizens. Many think they know more about our mission than they let on. The district is beautiful, gleaming and polished, high tech and more advanced. Level 2 clearance is needed.Gamma District- Science District- This is the district where experiments and study are performed. Rumors of experiments performed on citizens here float around. Level 3 clearance is needed to get in. Level 3 clearance is by invitation only.Delta District- Casino District-This is a district containing large casinos, owned by residents of the Omega District. Level 4 Clearance, which isn't hard to come by, is needed.Beta District- Slums District- This is where the common citizens reside. Overcrowded, poor, hungry, we reside in poverty. Dilapidated overcrowded buildings line the overfilled district. A Marketplace, which is more of a black market, is where most trading is done. Common Level 5 Clearance, which everyone has, is needed.Underground- There are rumors of secret underground crypts underneath the city, but so far The Saviors have yet to locate an entranceThe five districts are spread like an octagon, with bridges linking the five in the shape of an octagon, and bridges connecting each of the districts to all the others from within the octagon. A dome covers the entire octagon city. An ocean sits between and around the districts, known as the Great Sea. It extends all the way to the edge of the dome, and wether or not anything else exists out there is unknown.---Casinos:*The Big Widget- owned by Ezra, a Toa, is the largest Casino.It has a modern, techno theme.*Win-a-Buck- the second largest casino, owned by a female Skakdi named Naomi.*The Winter Springs- Third largest casino, owned by Kaza, a Matoran*Desert Storm- Fourth largest Casino, owned by a Glatorian named Raghez, has a desert theme. It serves only water, and the heat is always high.*O.P.E.R.A.T.I.O.N W.I.N- Fifth largest casino, owned by an Agori named FhitzThere are also many smaller casinos owned by various privates residents from Omega District.---CitizensAll Matoran Universe and Sphereus Magnan species live here.Citizens have begun to choose sides, either aligning with us, The Saviors, or our government, Big Brother. Many hate the conditions, while others make the best and continue to support the government.Dronies- a slang term used by members of The Saviors for those citizens who seem to have no personality and support Big Brother strongly. Many of us think that they are being mind controlled, though it's not certain. They constantly seem as if in a day dream, wandering aimlessly as if the real world has no importance.---FactionsBig Brother- Big Brother is the ruling government of Nui-2001. Who elected them to rule or placed them in charge is unknown, but I'd love to have a chat with them. Big Brother treats us like animals, here in Beta District, barely beneath their notice. We are left here in poverty and starvation, while they sit in luxuries, taxing us and forcing the Vahki upon us. Emperor Zork has never even left the palace.The Saviors- We, The Saviors, have been dubbed a "rebellion," or a "resistance," but we prefer the label "movement." Our goal is to bring about equality, and prosperity to all, while getting rid of starvation and suffering. We were cofounded by Asha, Vaka, and Rhen as a peaceful missionary to give food to the poor, and have become so much more.Third Movement- There have been murmurs of a possible third movement. Nothing much is known about them other than that they have specific ideas and goals that seem to differ from our own.---Information Recruitment Form:Name:Species:Alignment:Element:Weapons (if any):Powers:Weakness:Personality:History:Example Recruitment Forms:Name: RhenSpecies: TurageAlignment: The SaviorsElement: IceWeapons (if any): StaffPowers: IceWeakness: FirePersonality: He is kind and wise. He has much experience in his older age and has secrets too.History: Rhen was once a Toa who cofounded The Saviors. He did something that led to him becoming a Toa, but what he did remains a mystery. He served was as Vaka's right-hand man, and inherited leadership of The Saviors after Vaka's death.Name: AshaSpecies: MatoranAlignment: The SaviorsElement: IronWeapons (if any): Disk Launcher and a hammer-staffPowers: NoneWeakness: Easily beaten by Toa or any powered beings.Personality: He is cold and has few relations. He seems to have a great burden that relates to something in his mysterious past.History: He cofounded The Saviors and quickly became a major component. Much of his past is unknown, but it's rumored he once had an important job in the Gamma District, from which he was disgracefully discharged. If true, it would explain his scientific knowledge.***Laws of the City1. No flaming, god-modding, controlling other peoples' characters, spamming, or making fun of others' choices. Please try your best to us good grammar.2. Please try for no OOC only posts.3. Do not severely hurt or kill another player's character without their permission4. Do not do any major unallowed things, like going to locked areas before they're ready.5. Don't do anything that would change the world majorly, say a nuclear bomb or dimensional gate that'll rip the ship apart.6. You will have roles in how the story develops and choices will lead to certain things, but nothing like running into the palace or breaking into a top-secret science center without Gamemaster's permission.Rules About Beings1. All Matoran Universe and Sphereus Manga Species are allowed. No Vahki unless given special permission by GameMaster. No Makuta at least for the moment.2. All canon elements are allowed; things like Time and Life are not allowed, but may show up as the story continues3. All canon masks besides the Olmak, Khraaken, Avohkii, Ignika and Vahi are allowed. Some of these masks may show up later on though.4. Both genders for all species are available, besides MauktaAdventure RulesThis world is considered a sand-box world, but will also be story driven. The first week or so is about setting up your lives in the Slums District. You may not be from the Government or High-Class Districts yet. They'll come in later. Story Missions can be assigned by Gamemaster under persona of The Saviors new leader, Rhen, Turaga of Ice. If you choose to be on the side of Big Brother and want story missions, you'll get them through a mystery man named X. PM Gamemaster for missions from either. Story missions are optional, though. They can be used if chosen, but if you want, you can play the entire game without taking part in any.Battles are possible and won't be controlled or interrupted by Gamemaster unless any combatant is found to have broken a rule. This will be decided on a problem by problem basis.The Emperor (Gamemaster) Controls:*Vahki will be controlled by Gamemaster*Major story events*Mission giving*Faction NPC leadersMysteriesThese are some of the major mysteries we, The Saviors are left to ponder and may need your help to find out:*Who, and what, are Dronies?*What goes on in the Gamma District?*What is the mission of Voyage 2001?*What is the destination of Voyage 21?*What, and who, were we before we joined Voyage 21?*Where did we come from?---Story Arcs- Story Arcs are the major way to push the story forward. The Story Arcs are divided into volumes, each volume representing a month. Each Volume is divided into four chapters, each representing a week. In each chapter, a new event will help move the story forward and it's final ending will be decided based on the decisions of the populance. The final chapter is considered a "season finale," which leads to a cliffhanger and sets up the next Volume.Volume 1: The Mystery Begins-Chapter 1: Meet-and-Greet- Come and explore the city. Make friends, build up your life, form alliances, and learn more about your current day world. Have fun while you meet-and-greet!-Chapter 2: Beast Unleashed!- A huge beast has escaped from a laboratory in the Gamma district and is tearing through the Beta District, destroying houses and ruinging lives. With no Vahki to be seen, will you join the fight against the Beast Unleashed?-Chapter 3: Setting Sail- The Saviors have completed their first major project, a large boat that's to explore the Great Sea. With plently of room, will you too come setting sail?-Chapter 4: (Season Finale)Volume 2:-Chapter 1:-Chapter 2:-Chapter 3:-Chapter 4:Volume 3: -Chapter 1:-Chapter 2:-Chapter 3:-Chapter 4:---"Remember, my fellow Citizens. We must uncover the secrets of Voyage 2001!"- Rhen, when he took over as leader of The Saviors

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The Island of PainLet us not mince words. You are a slave. You have been plucked from whatever walk of life you once came from, and are now little more than a product. Our product.We are the Shepherds of Flesh. We own you.The years have been good to us. With the Great Spirit asleep there is no-one to rein in the Brotherhood of Makuta, or the Dark Hunters, or any other of the similar but lesser organisations.Like us.We are slavers and there are always openings for slaves. Be it in the foundries of Xia, or the wars of Zakaz, slaves are always in high demand. Perhaps you were travelling. Perhaps you were cast out. Perhaps you were on the run. It matters not. Our agents took you, contained you, delivered you to us. And then it was simply a matter of what to do with you.We think the Island of Pain. Oh yes, the Island of Pain should suit you well. Where every shadow is cast by a beast trying to eat you. Where every flash of colour is an enemy tying to kill you. Where we have a team whose sole purpose is to make you die in the most agonising way they can think of.Have fun.The RPGOh dear, it appears you've been captured by an organisation of ruthless slave-traders called the Shepherds of Flesh. And rather than send you to be a menial labourer or cannon-fodder, they have posted you off to their deadly island. Perhaps you were a bit hard to break, perhaps they're making an example of you, perhaps one of your enemies paid to have you sent there. Whichever. You are now on the so-called Island of Pain. And you are going to be hunted.For the Island of Pain is a game reserve of sorts. Apart from other slaves it is full of hazardous terrain and dangerous wildlife, along with the team sponsored by the Shepherds to hunt you down.Good luck.LocationsThe Island of Pain was artificially created by the Shepherds specifically for hosting their twisted games. It is roughly circular in shape and surrounded by a dome made of some kind of metallic shell to prevent slaves just swimming or flying away. The Shepherds sought to create as many different environments as possible to provide their 'guests' with a variety of combat scenarios.Posted ImageToothy Bane: A series of mountains and valleys on the island's southern side. Jagged and unforgiving, their icy peaks stretch high into the sky, gathering snow as though they were scraping it from the clouds themselves.Haven Cove: Nestled away in Toothy Bane is the Cove. It is a perfect little beach, flat, white sands and gentle waves. There is only one path leading to the Cove, leading many to think it is also the perfect defensive spot. Their remains tell a different story…Shadowtangle: A massive forest that covers half the island, fed by meltwater from the Bane mountains. The canopy of the trees blocks the light, turning the world below into a permanent realm of twilight. This place is infested with ravenous animals solely there to eat you.The Yawning Sunder: The Sunder is a massive chasm that spans the length of the island. It severed Shadowtangle in two, and as a result the side facing the forest is one colossal waterfall as the meltwater drains into the abyss. The echoes of this waterfall are supposed to sound like the yawns of a giant, hence the name.Stony Leap: The only permanent bridge across the Yawning Sunder, in contrast to the numerous lesser and temporary wooden bridges. It is a formidable and impressive construction, made of solid stone with metal reinforcement.The Parched Wastes: When the Yawning Sunder bisected Shadowtangle half the forest was cut off from the waters that sustained it. It withered and died, turning into a dry and dusty desert. The Shepherds merely adapted this into a new environment for combatants, creating buildings that were purposefully constructed to be ruins. Watch out for these ruins, as they often conceal oases.The Shimmering Maze: At first this appears to be a lake, a flat expanse of shimmering blue. Its position in the north-west of the Parched Wastes means it is often considered a mirage. It is in fact a deposit of diamond, vast and brilliant. The Shepherds have drilled down into the crystal, creating a labyrinth of glittering catacombsAshring: A semi-circle of volcanic terrain around the Parched Wastes and the Shimmering Maze, reaching around the northern half of the island. The skies are dark with noxious clouds, the air is filled with a brimstone stench and the ground burns and boils. There are often slow-moving patches of lava bubbling from beneath the crust.Dragon's Roost: The largest volcano in Ashring, lava and sulphurous vapours constantly pour forth from its gaping crater. The Shepherds can apparently make it erupt at will should they want to provide a challenge for those in the area.

The Griffon II: Not a location made by the Shepherds, this is in fact a boat constructed by the resistance fighter Levacius. It is built to hold the ever-growing movement that follows him, a mobile base for those dedicated to bringing down the Shepherds and their whole organisation

The Dome: Surrounding the island, preventing escape by sky or sea. It is made of an unknown substance not quite rock, metal or shell but somewhere in between. The Shepherds project images onto the inside of the dome; snippets of action, the location of caches, and a huge map of the island. It appears to be impregnable, but supplies have to get onto the island somehow. As does air. And the waters inside are still affected by tides. It seems there is hope for escape yet…EnemiesAs if the natural pitfalls and savage beasts weren't bad enough you will also have to contend with the minions of the ShepherdsObservers: Small and oval, rather like a metallic egg. A metallic egg with a massive camara lens for an eye, a propellor on the top for flight, and two sets of spindly extendable tentacles on either side. They buzz around the island recording the action, or noting where repairs are needed. They have no means of attacking and no defence other than running away, but there is no penalty attached to destroying them. So if one is trailing you, revealing your location to all, you are free to smash it.Caretakers: Robotic enforcers for the Shepherds, they are similar to the old Vahki units, but enhanced with Rahkshi parts scavenged from battlefields. They are sent out to plant caches, deliver rewards or carry out repairs. Their adjustments give them assorted Rahkshi powers, allowing them to defend themselves if necessary, though destroying a Caretaker will earn the displeasure of the ShepherdsTeam Patronage: An elite team of six Toa sponsored by the Shepherds to hunt down slaves, receiving extra weaponry and equipment as payment of sorts. Formerly slaves themselves they banded together into an efficient killing machine, and became an official part of the games. If you kill a member of the team you take their place, so the Shepherds will often reveal their locations on the map they project in case you wish to challenge oneCachesThe Shepherds want to give you a chance that is at least half-way fair, so they have their Caretakers plant caches randomly about the island. These can contain anything from a new weapon to medical supplies, and can prove most useful if you can find them. They may be revealed through an image, a placement on the map, or sometimes a riddle.ProfilesFill this in and wait for approval. You are allowed five charactersName: The name your character chooses to go bySpecies: You can't be a Makuta. Custom species are fineGender: Speaks for itselfAppearance: What do you look likePowers: What can you do?Weapons/Equipment: Keep in mind that, as you're a slave, you won't have anything too fancyBio: What happened in your characters past? How did they come to be on the Island of Pain? What are they like? What are their goals?

[b]Character Name:[/b][b]Species:[/b][b]Gender:[/b][b]Appearance:[/b][b]Powers:[/b][b]Weapons/Equipment:[/b][b]Bio:[/b]
NPCsCharacter Name: LaeliusSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Stately-looking but actually somewhat shorter than average. His armour is more gold than red, kept perfect and shiny by his heat powers searing off grime. His mask appears to be a Pakari, the grills studded with small jewelsPowers: Fire elemental powersWeapons/Equipment: Jutlin, Great Mask of Corruption. A pair of Great Scissors, long protosteel blades affixed to each other with a hinge.Bio: The coward. Laelius was a general in a great and formidable Toa army, one renowned across the southern continent for its mighty victories against its foes. However Laelius faced a Vortixx warlord who was smarter than he was, and could see his army being routed and slaughtered. Rather than be killed or captured he fled, turning his back on his troops. He was picked up by the Shepherds while wandering a lonely road, a dusty and destitute beggar.Character Name: ArillanSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Appears as a Metru-style toa with dark green armor, mixed in some places to blend in with foliage. He also wears a black robe from a cache. Appears to have a Mask of Illusions.Powers: Has the elemental powers of air, with special training in the power of creating a vacuum.Weapons/Equipment: Mask is powered as a Kanohi Crast, the Mask of Repulsion. Wields a handmade bow from the Shadowtangle, though lack of proper tools to work with has rendered it rather ineffective as opposed to a proper one. He has a quiver that he holds 36 arrows in (keeping tally) made of wood and tipped with stone. Also has a staff, the only thing left of his former life asides from his mask, that holds a sword in it (though getting it out would require breaking the staff and pulling out the weapon). How the sword got into the wood is unknown, as it was not his. Has some antivenoms and a large skin for holding water. Claimed from Kadens corpse a Kanohi Hau, a Protosteel Tomahawk, and a Halberd.Bio: Arillan was once a woodworker, specializing in making weapons and arrows. However, as time passed, he grew bored of his job. It was then that his life took a twisted turn. The local toa had been poisoned by the Dark Hunters, and in order to defend the village, created six toa stones to create new toa. With no other way to determine the owners, the matoran chose to host a tournament for who would be the greatest warrior. Seeing the toa stones, however, he figured that there was no reason to split their power, and during the tournament he stole all six of them and took them to the suva, gaining all of the power of the former toa. By the time he was discovered, he had already left.Because of his corrupted motives, he found that his armor was darkened by shadow and his mask was of an immoral power. None of this bothered him, however. Only a year passed by the time he made his first kill - it was fun. After that, he spiraled down a path of murder, treachery, and corruption, going so far as to kill a Dark Hunter who had killed his target before he did. In retaliation, the Shadowed One called for his capture. That was when the Shepherds of Pain got word of him, and captured him only a few hours after his final murder.He is still able to make weapons from scratch. He is also a master archer, and can still take shots superior to all but the greatest archers even with the poor weapon quality he is using. He doesn't like alliances, and plans only on killing every living being he comes across, unless he feels a battle is to hard to win. Joined Team Patronage after killed AderynCharacter Name: JaxeniaSpecies: ToaGender: FemaleAppearance: The term armour really applies here. Jaxenia is covered in thick battle-armour, dull grey and heavily battle-scarred. Her mask appears to be a symbolic Hau, though it seems more like a helmet than an actual maskPowers: Water elemental powersWeapons/Equipment: Eypoxi, Great Mask of Suffocation. A long fishing rod she can use as a quarterstaff or unwind the reel to act as a barb-ended whip.Bio: The tyrant. Formerly a Chief of Police for a corrupted government on a small island. Jaxenia was personally responsible for the detainment and interrogation of those who did not show sufficient loyalty and devotion to the city-state. She grew in power and ruthlessness until finally the Matoran decided they wanted no more. There was a coup, and Jaxenia and her cohorts were driven out. Jaxenia herself was cast adrift on a raft with no supplies or way of steering. She was found half-starved by pirates and passed on to the ShepherdsCharacter Name: Blinding WhiteSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: His joints are ethereal and crystalline, coloured as they are translucent white. His armour is a shade of delicate snow-white. His mask has the semblance of a Matatu, draping over his head like mail with a lens staring darkly out at the worldPowers: Ice elemental powersWeapons/Equipment: Wocax, Great Mask of Blindness. Ice pickBio: The traitor. Blinding White never really got on with his old team. They squabbled and bickered, and never really got on with each other. Things were especially bad between Blinding White and the team leader, Blazing Red. Their conflict descended into physical blows in which Blazing Red and his fire powers came out on top. Humiliated and furious Blinding White waited until nightfall and murdered Blazing Red in his sleep. He chose to leave his village after that, no longer caring about it or seeing it as his responsibility. He was mugged on the road and found half-dead by the Shepherd's agents amidst the corpses of his assailants.Character Name: VertanSpecies: SkakdiGender: MaleAppearance: Vertan is clad in bright red, silver, and black armor. His head/spine is also red, and his eyes are scarlet. He has club-like hands that end in silver claws (shaped like Tyrant’s) and large feet (shaped like Gatherer’s) with three clawed toes, silver in color as well. Vertan also has this symbol tattooed on his right shoulder armor.Powers:-Fire elemental powers (in conjunction with another Skakdi)-Impact Vision-The unique ability to create and fire force bolts. He can also charge the bolts in his hands to make a bigger, stronger blast, though this process is rather slow.Weapons/Equipment:-A spiked, wooden club-Great Pigrit, Mask of Slowness (taken from Kuy'saz'ra)-clawsBio: Vertan was once a vicious warrior on Zakaz, often being one of the first combatants in battle. However, when the army he was fighting with lost, he was sold to the Shepherds by the enemy, mostly for being too destructive. They decided to put him on their island, where he could take out his aggression on other slaves. After killing the Toa Kuy'saz'ra he became a member of PatronageCharacter Name: JontanSpecies: Hybrid Demon-ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Short, brown and black, lean. He has piercing red eyes and a bright red tattoo on his mask. Has absolutely no signs of ever being scarred, bitten, or otherwise harmed. Carries a large jar filled with sand on his back.Powers: Sand, X-ray Vision via AkakuWeapons/Equipment: Large jar of sand; Akaku; sword and shield obtained from OuraBio: Jontan was genetically altered as a very young Toa. His body and mind were fused with a sand elemental, though pretty much everyone referred to it as a demon. This sand demon gave him extraordinary power, but also eventually drove him insane. Despite how fast an attacker moves, he seems to always get stopped by sand. He's even tried committing suicide before, but the sand has protected him. He has no friends, but tolerates Rastaque as a subordinate. Became a member of Team Patronage by killing TalpidRules

    [*]BZP Rules apply, obviously[*]No god-modding (e.g. controlling someone else's character, having your character do something impossible). And if someone god-modes against you, don't do it back, tell a Staffie[*]This is a Text-Based RPG, so to join in you post what is basically a miniature story for what is currently happening to your character[*]Don't bunny (meaning control extensively) other peoples characters without their permission[*]No silliness such as suddenly firing cream pies from your Midak. Believe me, it's not as funny as you think[*]Don't glory hog or continuously degrade someone else's character[*]Use IC for In-Character and OOC for Out-Of-Charactere.g:IC: The Toa leapt from ledge to ledge, escaping the enraged RahiOOC: Hey Randommember1, care to join in?[*]The Kraahkan, Avohkii, Olmak, Mohtrek, Vahi, Tryna and Ignika are not allowed.[*]You are not allowed any unreasonable elements (e.g. Life or Time) and Nova Blasts are strictly off-limits.[/list]Thanks to Cipher for creating the map

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Knives in the Dark  Welcome, small speck of a being, to the land of darkness. What is going on here, you ask? This is a reality created of the nightmares of matoran. This is a reality where Teridax won. This is a reality where he killed Mata nui, and didn’t simply put him in a mask. This is a reality of death, pain, and hunger. This is a land of darkness, and a land of shadow. This is a land based solely on the rule of Knives in the Dark. Take what you want, and don't show mercy. Doing so is often fatal. The Toa Mata have died in the Karda-Nui energy storm, no one is left to save you. The Toa Mahri and The Toa Hagah have been destroyed by the new great spirit. The Shadowed one’s pitiful army has been conquered. The Order of Mata-nui, with all their power, fell before the might of Teridax. Welcome to your worst possible nightmare.In this RPG, the matoran universe has become a battle zone, with warlords fighting and killing each other every minute of the day. Teridax does nothing to control this, and is instead focusing on becoming the next great being like leader. Toa are small in number, and most matoran slave for Teridax, or attempt to hide from his ever watching gaze.There are six warlords that rule the islands of the Matoran Universe. Lord Darkon, Toa Decrax, Siren, Ajax, Anubis, and Sinmear. These six warriors, mages, and rouges all want the southern continent for themselves. There seems to be something hidden there, considering every other factor and resource of the island. Many speculations have arose, but we still do not know what is there. Until the plot advances, players are banned from going there. (unless told otherwise)There are seven Factions you can be. Neutral, or a warrior / agent / enforcer of one of the six warlords. Your character may not physically interact with their warlord (If they have one) But they can speak to them. Before you go and chose Neutral, remember, you will be under the protection of a mighty ruler. Who knows. Maybe they will even give you tools for a mission once and awhile.Lord DarkonName: Lord DarkonGender: UnknownSpecies: UnknownAppearance: Extremely tall, (8 foot 4) with large, spiky, and bulky gunmetal armor that hides shape of body and face. Never takes off his/her spiked helmet that resembles Sauron's.Powers: UnknownFavorite War Weapons: UnknownLord Darkon is ruler over the great city of Metru-Nui. He/She is a very mysterious and quiet ruler, going to war when He/She must, and settling riots quickly and efficiently. His/Her motives are unknown. Not many files of information exist about Lord Darkon, but from what is known, She/He should be feared. Are you looking for a place to lie low for awhile? Avoid too many questions? Come and go as you please? Metru-Nui sounds like the right place for you. Just beware, when there's a war, Darkon's gonna draft you.Toa DecraxName: Toa DecraxGender: MaleSpecies: Toa of PlasmaAppearance: Decked out in full battle armor, skin a vibrant orange with strokes of maroon. Face is constantly contorted in a scowlPowers: Plasma control, Mask (s) powers.Favorite War Weapons: Kanohi Pakari, Kanohi Jutlin, and Kanohi Crast. Uses a hybrid between a broadsword and a great sword for most battles.Toa Decrax. A name that makes every one of his citizens shudder. Ruler over Stelt and Odina, Decrax had wealth, property, power, everything a normal ruler could want. He wants more. Decrax's motives are simple. Take over every land mass in the Matoran Universe.Toa Decrax is hungry for the happiness he gains by conquering, and is always in war. His recent take over of stelt makes him a bigger threat to both Ajax and Siren. War is expected. Does a pillage sound like fun to you? How about a full battle field? Like axes, Maces, Greatswords, and the such? Then call 122304 and get this for ONLY 19.99! Sounds like Toa Decrax's empire is the place for you.Siren Name: SirenGender: FemaleSpecies: VortixxAppearance: A Dark grey and teal body, with silver highlights. Very slender, very tall, considered extremely beautiful by most species (The exception is Zyglak, of course). Constantly dressed in expensive armor and clothes that she uses to show off her wealth. Eyes are light blue, with white pupils.Powers: Elemental Control over Sonics. Seems to have a hypnotizing effect on those who look at her.Favorite War Weapons: A bow and arrow created out the strongest wood around that she can channel her powers through. A necklace composed out of power discs that grants her the powers of three Kanohi that she can use separately. The Kanohi in Question are Mask Of Quick Travel, Mask of Invisibility, and Mask of Conjuring.Siren. Enticing. Lovely. Beautiful. These are words used to describe her. Perhaps deadly would be a better description. Siren is the sadistic and by many standards, evil ruler of Xia and Karzahni. Her motives are thought to consist of gathering as much land mass as possible, and having all her enemies as slaves. She loves toying with her enemies, spreading false rumors, leaving them false tips by “accident” And the such. If you wish to confront her, do so with extreme caution. Siren's lands are filled with Merchants, Black smiths, Mercenarys, and People who use others for their gain. Sound like your guy/girl? Well then, Siren welcomes you to her kingdom with open arms. Watch out for that hidden palm blade.AjaxName: AjaxGender: MaleSpecies: SkakdiAppearance: Black, with a face resembling Avak's mixed with Rediak's. Gunmetal secondary color/armor. Has blue eyes with strange white pupils. As buff as a normal Skakdi, but slightly taller, with a more snake-like spine that has only a single line of spikes going down it. (like a xenomorph's back) Normally dressed in spiked and demonic looking armor, with a long flowing cape.Powers: - Elemental Control over Gravity. (when used with another Skakdi, of course) A unique vision power of chain lighting (His blue eyes turn white, and a large burst of chain lighting shoots out) that has to recharge after every use. The special power of creating, absorbing and controlling bony extension that come out of his body. (Ever heard of Marrow from X-Men? Like that, except they don't fall out, but stay in.)Favorite War Weapons: A Japanese Yari, two Sap Gloves, and a gun-like Xian weapon that fires beams of pure electricity.Ajax is a dark, brooding warlord that strives to leave his current position of power for a higher, more Omni-potent one. Ajax is never happy with where he is, and will step over your body to reach a higher position. He is currently in possession of Zakaz and the Northern Continent, and rules them with a iron fist, a very large tyrannical and corrupt police force, and a network of spies. Warning to any rebels on those islands; Death is your most probable future. Are you a evil, shadow-y , or a plain-out-corrupted-power-hungery-scum-bag? Yes? I didn't expect that answer Well, Ajax's army of spies and enforcers working for self-gain is probably the only place were you'll be excepted.AnubisName: AnubisGender: MaleSpecies: Hybrid created by energized protodermisAppearance: Body is humanoid, but has four arms, Two upper larger ones, and two lower smaller and thinner ones. His face resembles a jackal, (I wonder why? :P) complete with ears, a sensitive nose, and animal like eyes. Rest of body is covered in plated armor, and back is covered in heavy armor. Is black, with gold highlights and such.Powers: Elemental control over shadow, increased speed, strength, resistance, and intelligence. Thought to posses Psionics as well.Favorite War Weapons: Twin large sickles that shatter what ever they touch with a tremendous amount of force.Anubis is a very different story. Often called “The Wizard of the West” And “The Dark Mage”, it is quite obvious that he is the only one of the warlords to use luck and the shadows to win his battles. He is constantly telling his citizens that they must strive to please Teridax, and the only way to do this is to take control of the southern continent. He is the Ruler of Artakha and the Artakha islands below it. While the other warlords are all fighting with firepower, brute strength, and numbers, Anubis’s forces are sneaking in the shadows that he has created, unseen and deadly. If your character is a rouge, shadow user, scout, or Assassin describes your character, i'd go with Anubis.SinmearName: SinmearGender: MaleSpecies: Unknown. (Undiscovered)Appearance: Is extremely skinny and lean, with large, white eyes, and a Skakdi like grin. Wears very large shoulder armor, preferring to leave the rest of him unprotected.Powers: Elemental Control over Plant life and Air. If a being is stupid enough to try to telepathically talk to him, they are confronted by a wall of white, pure noise. The ability to control Rahi and InsectsFavorite War Weapons: A double bladed sword that can split into two separate long swords.Sinmear is… different to say the least. Insane would fit better. Completely, uncomprehendablely, utterly maddened would be the best. His motives consist of "Make the great spirit proud, and bring my rivals to their knees." Sinmear is the ruler of the numerous southern islands, sitting on a throne of trash, and controlling a army of misfits. He has not attempted peaceful contact with any other warlord. As you can tell, not much is known about him, and not many want to know anymore. If Insane, crazy, misfit, and strange best describes your character, this is your guy.Locations You have twelve possible lands your character(s) can be. These are listed and described in their current setting below the map:Posted ImageMetru-Nui: Metru-Nui still consists of six sections, though they have been changed greatly. Ta-Metru is now one gigantic factory, Ga-Metru a naval base, armed to the teeth, Le-Metru uses it’s chutes to send weapons and military supplies all over the city. Po-Metru is a training grounds and weapon testing facility, Onu-Metru filled with scientists studying nature so that they may use it’s danger for war. And Ko-Metru is one gigantic fortress and military intelligence base. The colisuem has been transformed into one gigantic palace, with the mysterious Lord Darkon living there.Zakaz: Zakaz is very different then it was before the takeover. The citizens of Ajax’s empire have all moved to the Northern continent, leaving Zakaz empty. That is, except for the military. The whole island is swarming with every type of danger, from foot soldiers to airships. Ajax himself normally is present there, overseeing the busy work-force. The west part of it contains mostly Naval and Airship workshops and harbors, while the east is mostly the footsoliders' barracks and training grounds, with a few small castle-like sturctures for commanders.Northern Continent: All of the citizen’s of Ajax’s empire reside in the Northern Continent, where they work hard and efficiently to build weapons and armor. They citizens of the N.C. are not as efficient as Matoran, or as quick with their minds or hands like Vortixx, but they are excellent fighters, and perhaps the most loyal. Ajax is very proud of them, and often makes boasts and bets on how powerful and brave they are. Insulting their leader or their country will probably result in a serious beating, or stoning. If you were ignorant enough, maybe even death.Xia: Ah, Xia. Smoke bellowing from factories, and Vortixx run from here to there carrying weapons that could destroy a small civilization when fired. Relaxing sounding, isn’t it? Well, It is if you’re a war-monger, who are the main focus of Xia’s factories. The only thing different from when the last ruler lived is a missing landmark. The mountain. Siren, to show her power, destroyed it when she was appointed. Xia’s workers normally live inside the factory, thus there are no huts or the such. Watch out for gangs. For some reason, they have been allowed to live un-challanged in the complex maze of factories.Karzahni: The north of Karzahni is currently being used to test weapons, unauthorized access normally results in imminent death, if you are lucky. The southern part of it, however is full of cities and villages, where many citizens live, performing all the other tasks required to keep Siren’s empire alive, such as farming. Siren enjoys residing in a gigantic stone castle she has there. Watch out for the villagers' "Farming tools". Their normally dangerous weapons.Artakha: Anubis’s personal kingdom, Artakha is filled with futuristic cites and clean skies on the inside, but on the outside, dangerous Rahi hunt for prey. Artakha himself dissapeared when teridax took over, and Anubis took full advantage of that. Anubis has made sure that classic smiths made all the weapons and tools required for keeping the city functioning, thus keeping the air clean, and the visibility maximum. Some consider Artakha to be one the happiest places to live. Others consider it unerving. After all, a ruler that can watch you when you sleep isn't very reasurring.Artakha islands: Anubis’s idea of clean air, however, does not extend to the Isles directly below were his gleaming palace lay. The Artakha Islands each have respective hives of Factories making products of only one genre. For example, the top island produces only weapons. The second one produces ships. So on and so forth. The island were Tren Krom used to reside (He is now working with Teridax to become more powerful) is now occupied by a military intelligence base, complete with a full-blown security force. Anubis is said to personally work there, though this might be a rumor.Stelt: Stelt is occupied by a large military base named “Ground Zero” by it’s crew, referencing to how they think it’s the worst of the worse. If only they knew how wrong they were. The coast is occupied by three naval bases, each filled with ships of different kinds. Almost no workmen live on stelt, instead, all building is made by the army technicians. The land there is almost complete rock, thus, Toa Decrax tries to prohbit stone users there. That is, unless your on his side.Odina: Odina is now one gigantic city, not that different from Metru-Nui. There’s even a gigantic coliseum in the center. Though, it’s used for… darker entertainment. Gladiator fights. The entire workforce of Decrax’s empire rests in the city, which is constantly patrolled by heavily armed guards, preferring to shoot first and ask questions later. Toa Decrax holds a tournament in his honor at random intervals, and occasionlly, residents of the local prisons and dungeons are used in it. He also picks worthy - looking strangers off the street. Keep on your feet here, word of advice.  How to Play:This game is like any other Text-based RPG, except with a few twists. We'll get to those later. Never played a RPG before? Well, to explain it as basic-ly as possible, you create a story with other players. Still confused? You shouldn't be. Here's a example of a post:

OOC: Hey, Randomguy1234, want to help? My character is swamped.IC: Cazr slashed wildly in front of him, activating his Kakama to allow him to reduce the arrow to wood shavings with a iron tip. He didn't see the kick coming however, considering it was from the back, how could he? The foot connected with him, sending him sprawling, unhurt but stunned.

See? Good. IC Stands for In Character, and OOC Stands for Out Of Character, by the way.When you create a character, choose a alliance carefully. If you follow a Warlord, make sure you create a character that would be in his army. For instance, a hiding-in-the-shadows Rouge would most likely go under neath Anubis's banner. A fully-clad-in-armor-brute that enjoys battle would most likely be a follower of Decrax.Understand? Read the Warlord character pages carefully.This is the character form, use the space you have wisely.Name: (Please keep it bionicle-y. No ‘Billy bob’)Gender: (Male/Female. Unknown is a option too, but only if you make sure the Char has one, just he/she is not revealing it. Be inappropriate, and you get a strike.)Species: (No Makuta. Custom are fine)Appearance: (What does your character look like? What does he/she wear? What is his/her normal expression?)Powers: (I shall be looking at this, so overpoweredness Is not allowed. Looking at the warlords for a level power isn't a good Idea. They are supreme rulers, not citizens and army men.)Alliance: (Which warlord do you follow? None? Then put Neutral)Equipment: (You know, what does he/she have? This isn’t just weapons. Masks and stuff go here too)Bio: (please keep it short, I don‘t wish to spend a hour per character reading)Rules:No godmodding. Nothing that is impossible to defeat. (EX: No all powerful attack such as a nova blast)If you disobey a rule, or are a all around annoying and unfair player I shall contact you. You have three strikes, and then you shall be banned from the game. All other BZPower rules apply.And I must review all characters before play. Just post in the topic. I control all warlords, (unless, I chose a co-host) and thus have control over all authority and armies in those regions.And lastly, to make it clear, this is how much Romance is allowed:Nothing on the level of kissing and above. Period.About Movie-level in everything else. (EX: Hahli and Jaller, Sidorak and Roodaka)

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“The Wall has told us many things,” the scholar said. “The past unfurls before us like a warbanner in preparation of battle, its contents spelled out like field orders. It can even tell us the future, though our small minds cannot comprehend it,” he said with the feeble laugh of an ancient man. “There is, however, one thing it can’t share with us.” He waited, looking into his pupil’s eyes for a glimmer of reckoning, but he saw only a blank face. “The present, my boy!” exclaimed he; “It can’t tell us the present!”“But why?” the boy asked. “Something so powerful must be able to—““No,” the Elder interrupted kindly. “Because the present isn’t up to the wall. The present isn’t up to people like me who read tomes all night. It’s up to you. You are the present. You make history. The Wall merely records it. We merely observe it. But you have more power over this spire than any of us do.” The old man smiled at the matoran. “So what are you waiting for? Go and make the present!”

Epoch of Despair


“Master, what can you tell me of our plight?”

“Six toa came from... somewhere else. The Wall does not tell us from whence they came or why, only that they came in boats, carrying all of us with them. Their names, however, are firmly engrained into our very being, burned into our forheads. They were Frareo, Toa of Fire; Kaccio, Toa of Ice, Antrim, Toa of Earth; Calibran, Toa of Stone; Nakaii, Toa of Air; and Chamina, Toa of Water. But they were more than toa, more than heroes. They were GODS! “Together, they raised their hands and created our island from nothing. They made what we stand on, we live on. They shaped our homes with their hands, and it was thanks to them that we lived this long. They breathed life where there was none! Immense was their power, great their words! For thousands of years, they guided us, shielded us, helped us. Years of plenty, those were. But like all good things, it ended too soon.“Five thousand years ago -- this date I know -- the Toa vanished. No clues were left behind, no traces of where they went. Our gods, once observing and serving, were no more. We soon realized we were on our own. But bad went to worse, and worse to terrible, as we felt the earth tremble, the slow slide, the seas roar, and nature itself seemed to have lost interest with us. Reality itself seemed to conspire against us, and our island, once round and perfect, shaped with wisdom, was shattered. “The Kuogo Breakoff split from the mainland, and the rest of Kini Karda vanished under the sea, gone like the Toa. This was when we truly realized our situation. But we still live, and so long as we have air to breathe and water to drink, we shall continue to do so. But we remain faithful, steadfast in our belief that our gods shall return, confident that we shall see that day before we come at an end. But some among us are more realistic.“Boy, we are old, feeble and weak. You, and all like you, must go. Go and find the Toa, go and find why we are where we are. Go and save us!


In this game, you play as a villager on the island of Kini Karda. The toa-gods who created and ruled this island have disappeared, and in their wake nature began to fracture. The island shattered in two and the villagers were on their own as the island still moans and gradually frays at the edges. The villagers of the island are getting antsy and the various factions are struggling to maintain order and hope, but time is running out and it is time for everyone to rise to the moment. It is up to you to go and make a difference. Your first and main goal is to save the island, but in doing so you will unlock the secrets of Kini Karda, find the toa-gods and alter the course of history in the game -- forever.


To start, you can play as a matoran villager from any of the cities and can have any profession you desire, though ideally something themed to your home city. You can also play as a hermit, though not everyone should. No other species can be played at this time, though matoran of other elements other than the original six can be played with staff approval. However, matoran can have one minor power. Details in the character sheet section below.Play as a toa character becomes unlocked when I or members of the game staff decide to grant it as a reward to certain players, and there is a possibility that they will become unlocked in general at a later time. However, for the creative players, play as a toa is not needed. Use your heads and play creatively and there should be no problem.This is a player-driven game, and while it does have a central plot, it is up to you to progress the game. Some of you who were familiar with games run by former RPG gamemaster Exo-Fat have an idea of what I mean by this. I will insert things here and there, sometimes clues, sometimes strong nudges, to keep the plot alive, but the speed that these checkpoints come and go is strictly up to you. This game is also immersive and interactive, so being a player is an even more fun experience.

The Geography of Kini Karda

Kini Karda means “Temple of the Heart,” and it was what the island originally represented. It was once a perfectly round island, but it has long since fractured and eroded away with its creators vanishing without a trace. But as an artificial island, it has things one would not otherwise see in nature, from trees that contort in off shapes to glaciers that flow uphill and sand that erupts from the ground like lava. The mainland remains called Kini Karda, but the breakoff has two names, formally known as the Kuogo Breakoff though the Po-Matoran and some others call it Kini Cordak, or “Temple of Desolation.”The islands are split up into six wahi, each with a city corresponding to its respective element. Each city is vastly different from the other, and almost all are fortified in some respect. Posted Image

The Wahi


Ta-Wahi is the westmost region and one of the smallest in surface area, but by far the fiercest. The volcano known as Frareo’s Rage is at its core, a round but violent shield volcano with streams of lava consuming all the land north to east of it. The volcano itself is surrounded by other mountains, some even taller than it, and it is in one of the valleys between these hills that the City of Fire exists. The city is a square, walled stronghold in a large lake of lava, completely symmetrical and full of right angles. It is home to over two thousand Ta-Matoran, all of them trained part-time soldiers. The city is famed for its discipline and structure, and it is this order that preserves them in these hard times. To be a Ta-Matoran is to stand for justice and perseverance at all odds. From time to time, the blizzards from Ko-Wahi will enter the city’s area and even let snow fall in their blazing city despite the lava, giving an eerie aura in the walls of the fortress as the residents realize, if only for a moment, that their castle can be overwhelmed.


Ga-Wahi is on the far east side of the island, and is the only wahi that is in two parts. The main portion is on the mainland, dominating the inner southern coastline. It is miles and miles of long beaches with tropical foliage. Short streams and rivers flow from the mountains the southern border of the wahi, and these cool streams are all picturesque and ideal for fishing, though none are navigable. The City of Water lies on the coastline in a small cove, with part of the city placed on huts built on pylons in the water and part of it with wooden buildings in the shaded landed part, making the town versatile and able to create and export their own goods. The city docks are the largest in all the land.The northern portion of the wahi, however, has no streams, and instead is only a small portion on the east side of the Kuogo Breakoff. Dry grass valleys create a sort of desolate region, and nothing taller than shrubs grow there. There is only a small settlement, but it is nomadic and always searching for the best place to lay low at, since the coastline is constantly being eroded away. Between the two landmasses lies the Bay of Hodor. This little sea was once a part of what was the largest wahi, and if one braves the dangers under the waves and searches in the sediment below, one would find the scattered remains of matoran life.


Po-Wahi controls the rest of the Kuogo Breakoff. A vast chunk of pure desert, the entire region is nearly featureless save the tall dunes that are constantly shifting, covering paths and tracks almost overnight. The City of Stone is an unwalled village on the remains of what was once a great canyon, surrounded by a natural moat that swallows the dunes that constantly assault the place. Portions of the village stand on separate rock formations, all connected by narrow bridges that look like cables straining to keep the pieces together. The most impressive landmark of the region is the Great Sand River, a giant flow of sand that appears to miraculously emerge from a source in the middle of the desert. Although fed in part by the dunes and the canyon, the river is almost made from thin air, and there are rumors of a temple at its true source, though it has never been found. The river is navigable only by a special type of boat, and the Po-Matoran built actual docks at the bottom of their city to utilize the river as their primary merchant hub.


Le-Wahi has the longest uninterrupted coastline. Dominating the southern part of the continent, the wahi is entirely filled with thick forests filled with wetlands at the bottom and massive trees reach to the sky as if struggling to snag the sun itself. Two long rivers feed the unquenching thirst of the forest, and between these two rivers lies the City of Trees, one of the few not named after it’s respective element. It is encapsulated in a wall of hedges and wooden barricades, and cannot be found by one unless led by an experienced guide. No roads lead out of it, and the best way to traverse the wahi to the city is through the trees themselves, and a vast network of branch-to-branch causeways connect to the city. Dominated by a huge tree at the center of the settlement, the city is rectangular and organized, and rows of agriculture separate the huts the villagers call home. The lucky ones have huts in the branches of the giant tree, usually in the form of hollowed out grottoes that provide spectacular views of the wahi. Despite this, the businesses have no resident quarter, and restaurants and shops alike can be found all over the city.The border of Le-Wahi to Ko-Wahi is home to the Mist Forest, a narrow strip of chilly, foggy, always wet high forest that some matoran of all sorts have hermitages and monasteries in. Also in Le-Wahi, shrouded in the vines and roots of the understory, is a legendary temple, previously the most magnificent in all the land. Called the Kini-Toa, it was built in ancient times to honor the toa. Built on a small island in the middle of a lake, it is connected to the shore by four perpendicular bridges lined with columns, and the temple itself is four ziggurats surrounding a central plaza, where great statues of the six toa stand carved out of stone. This temple is the subject of much debate and theory, as very little is known to be true about the temple, and there are certainly many secrets to be known about it.


Ko-Wahi is a land of mountains with glacial valleys nestled between peaks. There is always a brizzard brewing somewhere in the wahi, though it moves like a cloud throughout the region. The glaciers feed almost all the rovers and swamps in the mainland, but the longest of them all, the Erth Glacier, named after a fallen matoran explorer, flows directly into the southern ocean, making it particularly special. Throughout the wahi, cairns and minute shrines exist, each one a superstitious attempt at bringing the much-adored hero back.The Peace of Kaccio, an extinct volcano, is named after the resident Toa of Ice, Kaccio, who according to legend silenced the volcano with his silence. In the crater of the volcano is the City of Ice, which is built around a central mound with crypts inside it. The city is built over underlying volcanic tubes that have been expanded, leading to entrances around the outer flanks of the volcano itself, making it far easier to enter and exit the area, since summiting the walls and entering the crater directly is extremely difficult.


Onu-Wahi is the most mysterious one, however. The surface is little more than black soil that dominates the northwest corner of the mainland, filled with rift valleys and ravines that spell certain doom for those who traverse it. Below it, however, are vast caverns that make this wahi the biggest. The actual limits of this wahi are far greater than what the map says, and the system travels in all directions with entrances all over, from the mountains to the sea and from the desert to even the jungle. This can lead to many sorts of terrariums to be found in various caves and caverns, reflecting the sort of landscape placed above it, especially if there are vents allowing nature’s forces in. There are many sunken caves and caves with flora growing in great proportions in it, etcetera. In the wahi proper, there are two dominant structures. The City of Black is built into the side of a huge cliff inside a massive cavern, so large one can’t even make out the ceiling. Inside the walls are the holes where the light from the rooms inside emanates, as it is in the wall that the city is housed for the most part. On the floor of the cavern is the main square, a huge field with a river flowing through it and gates that lead to the subterranean mazes of caves.The Antispire, however, is the most bizzare feature. It is a tower in every sense of the word except for the fact that it was created from a giant stalactite, hanging from the top of another great cavern. In it, resident matoran elders write histories and read from the great Wall of Testimony that covers the entire outside of the Antispire, accessible by the swirling steps that wrap around the temple, or dive into the books of the vast library inside. Superimposed on its surface are great glyphs, making the entire structure’s walls into an enigmatic sort of fractal where prophesies are embedded in prophesies.

The Politics of Kini Karda

City Govenment

The only city with a centralized government is the City of Fire, which is controlled by Frareo’s Best, the Army of Fire. The other cities live without much structure, following prominent citizens instead of established masters. Although the Army of Fire has established authority in all the cities except the City of Stone, they are more of a police and security force than a government. The Elders serve as lawmakers and wise arbiters, and they are generally accepted as counselors for most issues. The City of Stone employs a similar structure, though they use a far more democratic system in which citizens create a general assembly to solve major problems, while smaller problems are fixed by smaller assemblies of the affected group. Security and safety is done by the Disciples of Calibran, and the Elders still serve as arbiters and counselors.


There are various organizations in the island, most of them compromised of matoran of multiple elements. Each can represent a different creed, ideology, goal or any combination of those.

The Elders

These are aged matoran who have dedicated their lives to reading the Wall of Testimony and serving as counselors across the islands. They are the closest the island has to turaga, and most are skilled mediators, counselors and scientists to fill the void of true village leaders. While there are fewer than fifty who reside in the Antispire, there are at least twice as many who live on he rest of the island, living in sparse accommodations in all the villages. Despite their monklike demeanor, they do not believe in being hermits and instead do all they can to spread enlightenment and wisdom to the people, seeking to be as useful as possible. They are not, however, priests or any other sort of spiritual guide, instead serving to present truths and give purpose to others. Members of the order wear a simple black poncho to identify themselves. Every hundred years or in the event that their master dies in office, the Elders hold a conclave in the Antispire to select their leader, called the Great Master. Their order is due for an election very soon.

The Order of Calix

When the toa disappeared, the priests went underground, starting the Order of Calix, or Fate. The sole purpose of the Order is to investigate and bring back the toa, and the members of the organization stand by the belief that they will one day return. They scour the temples, travel to the corners of the island and devote time and effort to arcane rituals to summon their gods, but their faith has so far not seen any grand reward. While many of the matoran are sympathetic to their cause and support them from afar, very few can respond to the rigorous demands of the Order and cannot take part in their activities. They claimed possession of a monastery in the mountains, and there they live like warrior monks. In their possession is one of the famed Toa Tools: a torch with a flame that never dies. A highly desired artifact, they are convinced it holds a powerful secret that can summon the toa again and seek other tools, certain the ancient artifacts are hidden across the islands and contain the answers to their prayers.

Frareo’s Best, the Army of Fire

Built as the Coty of Fire’s native army, it has since become the best and most prepared fighting force on all of Kini Karda. Trained to near perfection, members of the Army of Fire are experts at tactics and weaponry. They are not just found in Ta-Wahi, however. When the toa vanished, the Army of Fire was called upon by almost all the cities to establish garrisons there and become a sort of islandwide army and police corps. Seeing it as an opportunity of spreading order and justice to all parts of the mainland, they eagerly spread their influence. All officers of the Army of Fire are Ta-Matoran, and while all other sorts are welcomed superficially, they cannot advance past enlisted ranks and commonly serve as specialists. The City of Stone is the only city that refused their aid, causing a sense of distrust and antagonism between the two cities, since that caused the Army of Fire to not have any power on the Kuogo Breakoff. Their home is a quarter of the City of Fire, a citadel within the monolithic fortress. From here, their commanders and generals send dispatches to the outlying garrisons. The senior general lives in a highly protected level near the top of the castle.

Disciples of Calibran

Created as the City of Stone’s response to the Army of Fire’s advance, the Disciples of Calibran, named in the honor their patron toa and his philosophies, are known to be masters of ambush and use of their environment, which they developed because they had to make do with nothing to start with. Although substantially fewer in number, they are never unarmed and always have a plan B. They are extremely resilient and skilled in hand-to-hand combat, employing a heavyhanded, bonebreaking fighting style to crush their enemies. The Disciples believe in individualism and democracy, breaking free from the highly organized and orderly dogma of Frareo’s Best. However, despite this, they do not recruit members outside of their own kind. Their base is a hollowed out network of caves in one of the pillars in the canyon the City of Stone. Humble and lacking royal trappings of any sort, soldiers live like rodents curled up in burrows in the caves.



Affiliation: Elders

Position: Great Master

Arrys is the current leader of the Elders. Residing deep underground in the Antispire, he has spent many years reading texts and gaining wisdom, and people from across the land come to pay respects or request divination from him. An inviting man, he welcomes all pilgrims with open arms, regardless of motive or background. Arrys may also be more than great host that he seems to be, though, and some among the Elders murmur that since his election over 99 years ago, he became more and more erratic and mysterious, whispering to himself in hallways and disappearing from time to time. He dispels such rumors, though they persist.

“The Prophet”

Affiliation: The Order of Calix

Position: High Priest?

Almost nothing is known of this enigmatic figure. He is known to exist, but his identity and true powers are the subject of nothing but debate.


Affiliation: Frareo’s Best

Position: Senior General

The most senior captain in the Army of Fire, Kondam singlehandedly made the army the strong force it is today, securing embassies all over the mainland and personally overseeing the rigidity the army enforces. His full title is “Kondam, Frareo’s Best, Lord Commander of the City of Fire, Senior General of the Army of Fire,” and in formal situations he is simply known by “Frareo’s Best.” More of a doer than a thinker, his strong personality betrays his personal inability to strategize brilliantly, and he is constantly living in the shadow of the intellect of his predecessors. This insecurity manifests in the form of paranoia, and he is incredibly cautious, rarely travelling without a heavily armed and trained escort and typically sneaking across the island to supervise instead of announcing his arrival to make preparations. His ultimate goal is to abolish the need for toa and claim the island for himself and his own – as Emperor.


Affiliation: Disciples of Calibran

Position: De-facto Commander

A short, stocky, blank-faced matoran of stone, Basilli was never officially put in charge of the Disciples, though he has been recognized as the first among equals and reluctant commander. He is cunning, sly and quick-witted, but shy and soft spoken. Nevertheless, he is famed for his bravery. He lives like the rest of his men in a burrowlike cave in the same stone monolith. Credited for the strength of his city and the solidarity of his men, contrasting Kondam’s personality, despite his importance, he refuses escorts and is protected by his men out of adoration instead of necessity.

Sheets and Game Rules

Matoran Powers

Matoran can access one power through the use of a disk. It is a round disk that possesses a power, granted by the toa-gods, to the matoran who owns it. Power Disks, as they are called, cannot be used by anyone other than the original owner, and it is a powerless plate to anyone else. To use the disk’s power, it must be in physical contact with the matoran user, and the user must consciously activate the power. Unlike Kanoka, however, the Power Disks cannot be activated by being thrown or launched, and must have contact with their user. However, that is a moot point if the power of the disk is, say, a timed sonic strike.While the disks can be forged into Kanohi, the process in which this is done is unknown and it is very rare to find matoran wearing powered Kanohi. This was previously done as another way for the Toa-Gods to honor select villagers, and it is an exceedingly great honor to have it done. So far, the Elders alone have the ability to forge Kanohi from the disks, and they don't take that knowledge lightly.When selecting the power for your villager, keep try to keep it original and exercise a common sense test to it. If it seems too powerful or subject to abuse, chances are it is, and if it is, I'll take action, so just be aware of this.

Character Sheet

To join, you need to fill out this form and submit it in the profiles topic. Staff will then PM you to alert you if anything needs to be fixed or if the profile has been approved, after which it will be added to the list. All parts need to be fleshed out as much as your imagination allows you, and the staff reserves the right to put any character, tool or ability into question and make a final call on it. Name:Gender:Element and Species:Character Appearance:Power Disk:Mask and Tools:Character Biography:

Faction Sheet

Factions cannot be created yet, but will be unlocked to the players Shortly after the game is thoroughly under way.Faction Name:Description: (Goals, purpose, etc.)Members: (At least three belonging to at least two players)

Game Rules

· All forum rules apply. No flaming, trolling or any other activity that breaks the laws of the land.· Use IC for “in character” and OOC for “out of character” when posting in the game topic.· If what you have to say is an OOC and directed at a single person, send it in a personal message instead of posting it in any of the topics. · No OOC-only posts. At least post a promise of an IC in the future and make every post count.· When battling another player, you must communicate via PM to decide who the victor is. No pointlessly long, drawn-out battles.· Be realistic and don’t pull powers out of your butts. Stick with what you’ve got. You also can’t be everywhere, can’t know everything and definitely can’t do everything, so no abusing powers you don’t even have.· Listen to all staff instructions and be excellent to each other.· Have fun! This is all about building a universe together and enjoying it, so seriously, don’t be afraid to break out and carve your own path. You guys are why this game was made.

Karma System

Be GOOD in the RPG and you might:· Be able to play as a toa.· Be given a special weapon or secondary ability.· Have your disk made into a powered kanohi.· Be bestowed special in-game privileges.Be BAD in the RPG and you will:· Be warned by staff.· Be suspended from gameplay.· Have a random character killed by my whim.· Be banned from play.

Game Staff:

Gamemaster - EmperorWhenua

Game Assistant - Vacant

Special thanks to Swert for some conceptualization and naming help, and thanks to all potential reviewers and players.

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Posted Dec 07 2011 - 10:33 PM


Posted ImageI've fallen asleep. I keep drifting deeper and deeper inside of my head. All these years, and yet I do not wake. Nor do I feel the slightest tug of reality. I just continue deeper into unconsciousness.Lately, my dreams have been filled with the visions of friends long forgotten, and enemies forcefully forgotten. For some reason, I feel as if I just finished settling at the deepest reaches of a trance put upon me a lifetime ago. Finally, I feel that I can begin the long journey to recovering.But although things now feel more like I believe life used to be, I no longer trust what I know to be my dream version of friends. They feel almost too real. And the sting of the enemy's weapons grows increasingly painful. Yet still, I do not wake.So, all my friends with me, I dream.


Lost to time, the inhabitants of a southern island sleep. They have been that way for as long as anyone passing through can remember. No one knows why they sleep or why they won't wake. And the Makuta of the island has long gone missing. Also, no longer does anyone remember the real name of the island or the name of its long forgotten protector.For centuries the island lay alone, due to its harshly tropical climate, its ferocious breed of Rahi, and its one inaccessible bay. Only those with the ability of flight, teleportation, or the clever use of their powers have visited, and found nothing changed from the stories they had heard. And the strange howls of the night beasts now haunt the daylight, discouraging all intruders and would be thieves.Even the other Makuta left the island alone for a time, having more important things to worry about than some island stuck in slumber. Finally, after a large amount of continued myths of various hidden objects of worth that lead to threats to strip the island bare, they placed a teleportation scrambler system up around the island and left it at that. And so the island has stayed that way, secluded from the outside world, for longer than anyone cares to remember.Of course, not all are satisfied with the apathy surrounding the island. There are those who ask questions and want to find answers, no matter the consequence, because they believe it to be the right thing to do. Despite individual persuasions, they all want the same thing: Answers.Answers to questions like: Why do the Rahi of the island not devour or destroy the Matoran and the small villages they sleep in? What are the Rahi on that island, anyway? Why do the Matoran still sleep? Can they be woken up? Why has no one done anything yet? Where is their Makuta? Why did the Brotherhood really put up the teleportation scrambler and dismiss the island? And what caused all this in the first place?So, this unnamed group gathered members from far and near and grew as more questions were asked and answers demanded. They came to be known as the Insomniac Group, perhaps referring to their tireless researching of the island, which they had titled: Dreamland. They attained the help of various Scientists and Researchers and Developers and anyone else that they thought could help them in their quest to get on and explore the island and find its answers despite previous botched attempts.And, with the many new additional members, the mandatory background checks became increasingly rare, due to continued sloth, until it seemed that just about anyone could join the quest for any reason. And when the day finally came where everything was prepared for the treacherous terrain of the bay and island, they gathered their things, loaded up their boats, and headed for Dreamland.The docking was indeed treacherous. The measly remains of what was once a wooden pier that shuddered in a newly formed storm was all there was to signal the only slightly less dangerous opening up onto the island in the cliffs that surround the bay. One ship had to stay out at sea to avoid being smashed against the cliffs due to the fierce storm while the others carefully docked and unloaded with the help of the few water elemental controllers. Something to be noted is that despite all those who controlled weather and the Toa of water and air, they could not even hinder the storm in its onslaught. This in itself was warning enough of what was to come.The rest of the next three days was spent unloading and moving equipment, and searching for a suitable spot to set up the first camp. On the rise of the sun on the fourth cloudy day, all the boats, excluding the one still out at sea because of the stubbornly continuing storm, were on the bottom of the bay and all those guarding the boats were found slain. Actually, the only way to figure out that they were slain was the torn and shredded armor left behind.That was when things began to unravel.Almost as if Rahkshi were assaulting them, the Insomniac Group slowly began to fracture due to increased amounts of fear and anger among their respective members. It didn't help that the island Rahi, which the group simply began calling, "Rhaks", were nowhere to be seen, and yet still heard. The cries of the Rhaks pierced the night and invaded random times of the day, putting everyone on edge as they moved about the island and managed to set up three different camps where they found clear ground.The day the first Rhak showed itself was the day when the Insomniac Group truly split and fled to different camps for their own various, irrational reasons.It has been three weeks since the first and so far only Rhak has been seen as it rampaged through the three camps, strangely only wrecking equipment and attacking those that got in its way, and the three groups have since done what they could to set up their equipment from the camps into various bases as best they could. Perhaps because of the island and its pressures, or perhaps because of some unknown power, the three smaller groups are now fiercely protective of their bases from the other groups. Not only are they now irrationally hostile towards each other, but they all have different objectives they wish to achieve. And it doesn't help when one group has equipment the other group needs.Strangely, the groups seem completely normal when conversing with each other, but will erupt in anger when another being from an opposing camp is spotted. Another factor might be that the trees and shrubbery seemed to part for the Rhak, when it seems to hinder everyone else. There are many things to be asked about the island, even while apart from the other groups.But all live in fear of the Rhaks and what running into one would mean.Three weeks passed, with the storm over the island keeping up its ferocity. All the groups spent their time patching up what they could and protecting what they couldn't from the other groups. With the pounding rain leaking through the intensely thick canopy, not much progress was made in exploring or getting off the island.And then the almost unnatural storm cleared momentarily, and the fifth ship docked and unloaded, only to find barely controlled chaos.The storm then came back in with all its ferocity.


All Matoran on a southern island, nick-named Dreamland, have been asleep for as long as anyone can remember. Their Makuta is missing, and this is in the time when the Makuta still did their jobs. The Brotherhood reviewed the island and, due to multiple myths that led to attempts to "mine" the island of all its assets, set up a teleportation scrambler around it. Seeing that it was illogical to try to get onto the island by any other means, the Brotherhood then left it at that and cast the island from their memory.This led to beings on surrounding islands to question what was really going on. After many years and a few failed research attempts, a group amassed members, set on going to and researching what had happened on the island. Coming to be named the Insomniac Group, they gathered all the experts that they could to build them what they would need to get onto and survive on the island. After a few years of preparation, they finally felt they were ready, and the group cast off with five ships to the island.In the treacherous, cliff walled bay of Dreamland, one boat was forced to stay at sea because of a storm that appeared, while the four others successfully unloaded after much work. The storm, despite the efforts of those on the boats, was not able to be lessened and definately not stopped. The fourth day on the island, the Insomniac Group found the boats already unloaded were destroyed, sunk to the bottom of the bay, and all that was left of those set up to guard the boats were a few badly shredded pieces of armor. Meanwhile, the almost unnatural storm continued to stop the fifth boat from docking.Now stuck on the island, at least momentarily, the group painstakingly set up three different camps, each with a different purpose. Then, the first native Rahi of the island, which they quickly named a "Rhak" due to its reptilian appearance and slight resemblance to a Rahkshi, showed up and went on a rampage, destroying equipment and all who got in its way.After this, the camps were turned as best the groups could into bases, and the three different groups became suddenly hostile towards one another, while still trying to accomplish their self defined individual tasks. A rather irrational behavior in that they are only hostile toward members of the other bases. Something seems to be affecting them.And then there's the Rhaks. Even though the groups have only seen one, the almost constant cries remind them that they all have a hidden, common enemy that has still chosen not to attack in full force.Finally, after three weeks spent mostly repairing equipment, a short break in the storm appeared, and the fifth ship managed to dock and unload its contents, also placing you on Dreamland. The storm above once again rages on, drenching everything.


You're ship has finally docked. You are on Dreamland. The Insomniac Group that you belong to has strangely divided into three separate sections, each with its own motives (Described later). You may be strong individuals compared to the NPCs, but you too are pulled on by uncontrollable feelings of anger and fear that seem to radiate through the air. While you probably will break beyond this simple emotional barrier holding the NPCs in place, remember that once or if you choose a certain group, you are no longer welcomed by any other group if your loyalties become public knowledge.Your options are simple:You can try to leave the accursed island;You can try to discover the secrets of the island and then make an action based upon that new knowledge;Or you can die.The second option is the preferred one. After all, why else play the RPG? But remember, you must have fun. Or else.


Posted Image

Posted Image

A mid-sized island with dense tropical foliage and cliffs surrounding the whole island, this is where you'll be playing the game. The terrain is treacherous and everything slopes upwards towards the apparently dormant volcano. The canopy is almost impenetrable from above or below except in certain places. And the storm above now seems not to be able to be stopped.While you do have a map of the island, nothing has been named, or explored yet. New information on the island will come as the players or NPCs explore. Meanwhile, the known locations:Only Bay Passage-This is the only passageway to the Bay. It has been widened by the Insomniac Group, but is still steep and somewhat treacherous, definitely so in the rain. Water runs down the middle of it as the rain continues to poor. Footing is hard to find, even more so after all of your equipment was taken up it. What is left of a dock appears to be the hastily built remains of others that might have come before you.The cliffs are the most gentle here. Trees from the top of these cliffs branch out far over the bay and lower down many vines that are thicker than most rope. The area around the path seems to be almost cut out on purpose due to how it cuts into the cliffs and provides a way up onto the island, but so much dirt and roots now cover it that no one is able to see if it was actually cut out of the rock of the cliffs.Camp Site A-The first camp to be up and the first camp to become more of a base, this camp is situated in a widened clearing with an open sky. One of the few spots like it on the island. It has ten trailers all with different purposes: One kitchen, two power generators, one equipment repair shop, one armor and weapons shop, one empty trailer for gathering samples, and four large housing trailers.The ground in this area is all ferns and small shrubs. Even after being cut away for the camp, they seem to be re-growing at a frightening rate. The opening above is perfectly circular and seems to attract the darkest storm clouds that are always threatening with lightning.Camp Site B-After crossing four rivers in the delta, B was set up in a small clearing on already trampled ferns. The trees are thick and the sky cannot be seen, making the area full of deep shadows from what light makes it through the canopy. It has ten buildings all with different purposes. Instead of an armor and weapons shop, they have a trailer full of scientific data gatherers and other devices.The area appears to have some trees that appear to be oldest so far found on the island. They are heavily knotted and their large gnarled branches intertwine with the younger trees around them. Large roots stick out of the ground everywhere. In some places these roots are high enough to walk under.Camp Site C-With a trek straight to the mountain not possible due to terrain and the large equipment trailers that barely made it along the path from camp B, C was set up next to the River, almost on the muddy banks. The canopy is wound shut, and almost no light gets through. It has fourteen buildings all with different purposes. The four extra trailers are secure cages for any indigenous species of Rahi.The trees here appear to be the healthiest so far with tall trunks and branches only high up. Many vines can be seen climbing up the trees, only to spread out onto the branches and hang back down to the earth. The camp is set among the trees, due to there being no clearing whatsoever, and along with the constant state of night provided by the canopy, visibility is low, even with lanterns set up that cast dark shadows everywhere. Water trickles down from above, but the rain is mostly blocked, unlike the other camps.Pathways-The larger pathways have been painstaking hewn from the surrounding foliage on top of what were once smaller pathways. And considering how the trees seemed to resist the blades of the vehicles/labs, new large paths are not soon to be made, especially in the continued rain and with dulled and damaged equipment. Meanwhile, the smaller pathways are badly overgrown with numerous roots and vines. And considering the thick canopy, it is hard to move around effectively.*Please note that on the map, buildings are over emphasized. And the terrain is thick and the island large, making movement slower and dangerous on foot and in flight when not on the paths.

Of Factions and Motives

The Insomniac Group members on Dreamland have officially split. While there are no official names as of yet, they can be listed by what they hope to accomplish.Researchers-The Researchers wish to continue with their original purpose for coming to the island and find the secrets of the Matoran located sleeping in their villages. The researches set up at Camp B because they knew a Matoran Village was close because of old texts they had found in their research beforehand. Unfortunately, due to their damaged equipment and the pouring rain, they haven't been able to explore much of anything. They can also account for there being a village somewhere around Camp C, but they do not know if there are any other villages.Hunters-The members of the Hunters have taken a fascination with the Rhaks of the island and wish to discover their secrets, or even another of the species, considering only one has been seen. Unfortunately, in the rain and dense foliage, they can't find any tracks or anything else to find the Rahi. They have shrugged off the others to secure their objective and have set up camp as nearest as they could get to the only source of freshwater on the island with Camp C.Forfeiters-The Forfeiters just wish to take what they can from the island and leave it in one piece. Unfortunately, without any boats, they can't leave. They have been busy fixing their equipment and don't have any knowledge to effectively make a boat out of the gnarly trees around them. And even when they find out about the one boat intact, it will not be large enough to hold all of their beloved equipment and the "samples" they wish to acquire from the island.Of course, their main objective remains the same: Gather everything of worth or power from the island and then return back to the rest of the universe to sell it. (Repeat for infinite wealth. U mad?) These are the beings who should have been rejected due to background checks, but obviously, they weren't.Missions-These will be added to the RPG once I set everything up and players have started making affiliations. They will be small side quests that each group needs to accomplish before they can move on to the next task at hand. There might be rewards for accomplishing them, but that is to be determined.


BZP Rules apply, all of them.No god-modding (e.g. controlling someone else's character, having your character do something impossible). And if someone god-modes against you, don't do it back, tell the Staff.This is a Text-Based RPG, so to join in you post what is basically a miniature story for what is currently happening to your character.Please, try to use good grammar. It helps everyone out.Use IC for In-Character and OOC for Out-Of-Character.For example:

IC: The Toa glanced at his friend as he scanned the perimeter, looking for enemies.OOC: Hey Lewa34Dude, want to join us?

Don't extensively control other people's characters without their permission (Bunnying).Don't injure another character without permission.Comedy is accepted, but keep it realistic and to a minimum. No random pie flinging contests.Don't glory hog or continuously degrade someone else's character.All characters are incapable of performing Nova Blasts.All major discoveries or story twists must go through me first.The Jungle is VERY thick and movement is hard. Please keep this in mind. Traveling will NOT be easy and will take several posts to go down the paths even. And as of this moment, you will find that you can’t break out above the canopy for some reason, please keep this in mind as well. I know this is restrictive, but hopefully players will open up the island quickly as they begin to explore. I just really don’t want players to be zipping around the island like I normally see in RPGs. Although if you do move too fast, prepared to be stricken out at by the Rahi of the island. This is mostly due to things that need to be found out before other things. Let me know if you can't stand this, because I will try to re-work it if it absolutely must change.And most important of all, HAVE FUN! And pick fights with random people, everyone loves a good fight.

Game Master

I am the Game Master of this RPG. And as such, I control the story and NPCs. I make sure fights stay fair. I approve profiles. I assign Co-GMs and the like. And I deal out punishment and hand out rewards.Punishments will be given after the rules are broken, like any good GM would do.-First, I will tell you in a PM or in the discussion topic what you did wrong and ask you to stop.-Secondly, if you continue to/or break a different rule, I will injure your character.-Third strike, and you have one of your characters killed.-Final Punishment is being banned from the RPG for as long as needed to fix behavior issues of any kind. A week at the least.Now for the good part: Rewards.Rewards will be handed out to players that are especially helpful in one way or another. These rewards include but are not limited to: More characters; a new power; a new mask; an upgraded weapon; misc.; etc.Hopefully there will be no punishments, but plenty of rewards.


Finally, the part where you join in. Please fill out these forms in triplicate… (Three Characters Max)Name: (No official canon names like Tahu. It must be a Bionicle-ish name, not Bob or Toaofmuffins05)Species: (You know the drill. Custom is allowed if described in detail and I approve. No Makuta)Gender: (Male, Female, It, Non)Faction: (To be added if you decide to join one of the groups. For now, everyone should just put neutral, since no PCs have explored any of Dreamland yet)Appearance: (A detailed description of your character or a linked picture)Weapons: (These were forged to channel one's power, kill, or destroy)Mask: (Custom is allowed. No Kraahkan, Avohkii, Vahi, Ignika, Olmak, Mohtrek, or Tryna)Power: (Time and Life and any other unreasonable power is not allowed)Secondary Abilities: (Agility, a Strong Mind, Quick Thinking, Finesse with a Particular Tool/Weapon, etc…)Weakness: (Everyone has one, this is a must (But if you meta-game this information against other characters, it is punishable if not fixed))Personality: (How does your character think and feel?)Biography: (Background time. Detailed biographies are welcome!)Empty Profile:Name:Species:Gender:Faction:Appearance:Weapons:Mask:Power:Secondary Abilities:Weakness:Personality:Biography:


Name: GarettSpecies: Swervarian RahkshiGender: MaleFaction: ResearchersAppearance: Garett is blue with green hands and feet. His left arm is a mixture of black, brown, blue, and green.Weapons: His staff, which is in the shape of Levrahk's.Mask: NonePower: Teleportation, and his left arm allows him power over Quick Healing. Although with the teleportation scrambler in place around the island, he seems to only be able to teleport a few Bio at a time.Secondary Abilities: Being a Rahkshi of Teleportation, Garett is very quick to take in a situation and act. He also has trained himself to find the weak points of a being or object and is very skilled with his staff.Weakness: While quick thinking and fairly strong, Garett often refuses to kill anything, and as such his blows are not normally as hurtful as they could be.Personality: Almost like a fun uncle, Garett seems to speak with wisdom even other Swervarian Rahkshi don't have.Biography: Hailing from the Island of Avoidance, Garett is about his father's work in tidying up what he can while he can. He is also searching for his father. When he found out about the Insomniac Group early in its forming, he joined, and has climbed the ladder to become the official head of the expedition. But as of the moment, he leads the Researches on towards their main objective even though some members resent the fact that he is a Rahkshi.Name: JanxSpecies: Swervarian RahkshiGender: MaleFaction: HuntersAppearance: Janx is sand yellow metallic with black hands and feet. His left arm is normal, since he has not unlocked/discovered his secondary ability.Weapons: His two whips can connect to form his staff. When in staff form, the whips can elongate into ropes.Mask: NonePower: Rahi ControlSecondary Abilities: Not only does Janx control Rahi, but he knows them. He can almost tell what a Rahi will or won't do. And almost what they're thinking.Weakness: Janx has a hard time battling elements.Personality: Janx is enthusiastic about Rahi and not much else. He will converse with you, but the subject will quickly turn to RahiBiography: Created after Garett, he has been mentored by the older Rahkshi. As such, he joined Garett in the Insomniac Group when he heard of an unstudied Rahi species. Due to his expertise on the subject, he now leads the Hunters. Why he is no longer talking with Garett or Sirel is a mystery even he can't answer. Proving himself before, the other Hunters respect him as leader even though he is a Rahkshi.Name: SirelSpecies: ToaGender: FemaleFaction: ForfeitersAppearance: Sirel has a dull white body with light blue armor and is shorter than most Toa.Weapons: A Rhotuka Launcher attached to her left arm. It can fold in on itself so as to not hinder movement. Power of Rhotuka: Temporary Intangibility (The Rhotuka is intangible, allowing it to fly through solid objects, then it rapidly becomes solid and sharp enough to cut through nearly any substance). And an Ice Gun, but instead of an Ice Pick, it wields a bayonet. It is balanced and easily used as a makeshift sword or gun.Mask: Elemental EnergyPower: IceSecondary Abilities: Sirel is agile with quick reflexes, and has a cunning intelligence.Weakness: Her lack of strength does not help in a physical fight.Personality: Cold and calculating, she always gets to the point.Biography: Unfortunately for the Insomniac Group, her background check never happened and she went on to form her own small faction. Her goal being to get what she can from this island. She leads the Forfeiters and realizes a boat needs to be made, but she is more concerned with what she can get out of Dreamland.Name: UnknownSpecies: Unknown (Nicknamed: Rhak)Gender: Unknown (Probably Male)Faction: NoneAppearance: Standing on two legs, the only Rhak ever seen is twice the height of a Matoran. Its tail is stiff and strong for balance. It has two shorter arms compared to its back legs. The arms don’t quite reach the ground, but can lash out or handle "equipment" if needed. It is all gray with natural bone-like armor on its head, back, the outside of its legs and arms, and the top of its tail. It is definitely reptilian looking and it has piercing yellow eyes. Its tail is apparently sharp, and its teeth are almost as long as the claws on its "hands" and feet.Weapons: Its teeth, claws, and tailMask: Unknown (Probably None)Power: Unknown (No power was shown when it rampaged except perhaps limited invulnerability)Secondary Abilities: It appears they have unordinary intelligence. But that can't be proved by just one sighting.Weakness: Unknown (Hopefully Many)Personality: Vicious, and apparently hungry for those who get in its way.Biography: Nothing is known about where the Rhaks came from or if they were on the island before the Matoran arrived, or even their real name. The only thing known is that they are mad at the intrusion by the Insomniac Group, and yet so far only one Rhak has made a halfhearted attack that sent the Insomniac Group in an unprepared frenzy when it turned out that it couldn’t be injured.

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Day Run: The Garden“Greed? Greed drives us all – I can assure you of that. It can be observed anywhere you look – a merchant’s greed drives him to sell useless items to passerby; a congressman sells his ideas in an attempt to gain power over his nation; and in this case, a gambler threatens civilians to try and expand his empire as much as he can. Fortunately, he does not hear the bells that toll in the distance…”~Unknown

The world was silent. The land was dark. The wind was blowing; the land was still. Rolling fields, shifting hills lay undisturbed. Large trees dotted the shadowed landscape, reaching upward, toward the vast maw of nothingness above. Save for the land, seeming to span on forever and ever, nothing lived. There were no animals, no people. Nothing. The earth shifted in several places. The wind rustled some branches, some vines, some flowers. A stream ran somewhere, unseen as it flowed on. Life was still; only plants resided within the garden...A cloud of green floated through the air, just above the grass. The tiny blades of life rustled as it passed. Whispers sounded from the thing, a multitude of voices neverending. Yet it did not live. It brushed against trees. It whispered to the vegetation around it, searching, seeking something. It passed above an upraised patch of earth; a pair of sunken eyes followed it. The cloud ignored the watcher. It was approaching what it sought. A soft thumping, growing ever louder... the beat of a newborn, steady and quick... the drumbeat of life, a sound known to all... the cloud was drawing closer...A faint glow appeared in the distance, a white light that pierced the darkness. The beat grew louder, stronger with each passing centimeter. The cloud approached it slowly, entranced. The trees began to whisper in response, returning the cloud's chatter. The beating came from within one of these trees; the front was slowly opening, the light growing stronger. Webs of matter crisscrossed against the opening, doing little to hide the light. The cloud felt... warmth... as it approached... that was unusual. Pleasure it had felt... the joy of death... the thirst for blood... but warmth... true happiness... this feeling was new...The beat grew louder. The cloud stopped, just outside of the circle of light that the heart was emenating; for that was what had been revealed to it. A heart was planted within the tree, totally organic, supply energy, blood, circulation to its host. And it emenated warmth, happiness...The trees continued to whisper. The cloud whispered back. Nothing else mattered to it as it gazed upon the heart....The world grew silent...The Yin-Yang Gauntlets. The Sword of Ybrus. The Eyes of Apheer. The Mask of Aru. The Necklace of Amerdal. The Rose.These seven objects floated around the Ringmaster, gold, silver, purple, green, black, red, gray, blue all mixing with one another, a whirlwind of color that engulfed the entire room. It was almost too much for him to take in -- the surge in power; the deepening of his knowledge; the memories that flooded his mind, threatening to overflow his senses. For a lesser being, it would be too much. They would break under the weight of the world, they would crumble beneath this increase in ability, this enflarement of the soul. But not the Ringmaster. He hung on.He could just imagine the world outside. A cascade of confusion and fear as the world crashed and burned around those on Kai-Nam, screams intermixing with gasps as the land seemed to twist and warp before righting itself once more. Cries and shouts of sadness and despair as the outlands cracked and groaned beneath their own weight; he could virtually hear them over the whirlwind of energy around himself as the walls, the ceiling, the floor disintegrated, revealing the Toa to the world outside, a gigantic sphere of darkness that rose into the air.A smiled crossed his face as he looked down through the darkness. The island was indeed in turmoil. Faint blue energy floated upward in large clouds as the inhabitants of the island perished, their soul energy released, free for him to take, only adding to his mental and physical abilities. With this kind of power at his disposal, the rest of the universe would soon follow, become his own personal dimension... and then... then...He couldn't finish the thought. The Ringmaster faltered. The land below had transformed into a perfect circle of darkness, threatening to spread further. In the center two large, red objects glowed -- a pair of eyes, red as blood, glaring up at him. The sea twisted and churned, whirlwinds whipping at the Toa's face. His hand slipped; he began to descend.No... I wrote these terms... I must accept them...But no. He couldn't do it. The thing below was getting closer and closer, an abomination, unnatural. For the first time in a long time, the Ringmaster felt something... something more... it started in his chest, spreading out from there... but... why? He had the universe at his fingertips... he could become all powerful...But was that... regret... that gnawing at the back of his mind... was it worth it...?A mouth appeared in the mass of darkness below, crooked, jagged teeth jeering at the Toa, slowly opening, threatening to devour him... the terms of eternal, unending, immortal power...The Ringmaster screamed. The world froze around him...Tap, tap, tap...Snow and hail mixed in the air, striking against the Day Run owner's office window. The sky was thick with clouds high above, swirling around with the cool winds of Kai-Nam. The whiteness of the snow that covered the land, the grey sky, the bleak fog in the distance... it only served to emphasize Kai-Nam's current situation, at least in Kerid's mind. She leaned back, sighing, her head resting upon her chin in deepened thought.Things had gone so poorly since the Day Run had arrived on the island. The Ring and KNPD conflict had only served as a tornado of terror, pulling the neutral tournament into the mess the two groups had caused. What had seemed like only slightly hostile negotiations and meetings had turned into full-out battle against both sides. The revelations of what they had each done on the island, both to people and thigns that were familiar to Kerid and things that were not, had only strained relations further. Murders. Lies. Attacks. Threats. Everything had fallen apart.And now, she mused sadly. everyone is in danger. Chabri is gone... people are missing... Alan, Kairan, Swerv, so many of us labeled as outlaws, wanted for treason against a group that rules for a single purpose... She sighed. And Lyxek... I can't even begin to imagine just what he intends to do with the heart... What's it going to take to bring an end to this chaos?Tap. Tap. Tap.The snow and hail pounded against the office window. The bleakness of the land beyond, the coldness of the wind and ice... it all served to emphasize the changes coming to Kai-Nam, the all-out war that was soon to come...The future was bleak; no one could deny that. But, she supposed... they would just have to struggle on through it...

Playing the GameStory in Brief

It has been a year since the Night Run’s sixth tournament. In that time, the Pha-Matoran – Matoran of Ectoplasm – who inhabited Gynel have found a new home, having been rescued from that nightmarish place by the Brotherhood of Makuta. Using her own wealth and Ehjoras’s negotiation skills, Kerid has secured a deal with the authorities on Kai-Nam, getting permission to establish a new tournament on their land – the Day Run, a much more relaxed version of the Night Run, which was shut down following Daeja's attempt to conquer the universe using a race of parasitic monsters called Feranaki, servants of the now-destroyed God of Death Ruaki. At the same time, the Ring – a gang that has infested the underworld of Kai-Nam for the last decade – has gained an interest in the tournament, and their leader, Lyxek, recently began to try to buy the game off of Kerid. She refused, and now finds herself caught trying to run the tournament whilst simultaneously dealing with the Kai-Nam Police Department and both of their conflicts with the Ring.Meanwhile, other problems appear to be brewing. Monsters of various kinds have surfaced in City, mainly in the South District -- the Collector, a being made of green mist that seems to appear and reappear at will, killing beings in groups of seven when it does; dozens of twisted, Matoran-like beings; and a gigantic Toa made of shadow have all been seen and fought. The KNPD has determined that these creatures are composed of the same nanobots that form the Day Run's arena terrains, though Kerid has confirmed that they are not responsible for them. As well as this, Lyxek has recently secured a deal with the Dark Hunters, and has assigned ten Hunters the task of traveling to Gynel to retrieve some sort of flower located there, though for what purpose is not known. Further, he recently revealed a strange, mechanical heart to Vailian, called the Coeur d'Ombre, apparently capable of infusing immense power into beings, following the robberies of three companies on the island, in which several nanobots, AI and power cores were stolen. Their purpose in the Ring's plans has yet to be revealed.Now, things had taken a final turn. The stage has been set for the last confrontation. The Director, revealed to be an AI created for the sole purpose of defeating Lyxek and the Ring, is amassing his army. Lyxek and the Ring, so close to fulfilling the Ringmaster's as-yet unclear plans of total domination, have begun to collect the activation keys for the Coeur. The tides are turning. Truths are coming to light, some of them more shocking than others. More questions are arising with each passing moment. Who created the Director? What is Lyxek really planning? And above all, what is this 'Rhashahk'? Only time will tell...

Your Job

As the players in the game, your job is to – surprise! – play the game! I know, shocking, right? In all seriousness, though, your job is to do as you see fit – play in the Day Run’s tournament if you want; try to discover the secrets of the island; cause mayhem in the city; anything that will advance the plot. Obviously, don’t go crazy with it, but enjoy yourself – it’s a game for a reason. There are many different backgrounds you can choose from, from a KNPD officer fighting the Ring to a civilian participating in the tournament – so choose wisely, but make it interesting.Simply put, you play the game, and if you’re cunning enough, you play the players.

My Job

My biggest job in this RPG is to act as the Game Master. For those not in the “know,” this means that I will be responsible for doing a bunch of moderating duties – approving new players, keeping an eye out for unfair play and advancing my own major plot points, for instance. Luckily, I also have the privilege of playing alongside you guys – if all goes well, you will mostly see me using my own characters alongside your own, participating in the Day Run and Ring/KNPD affairs and whatnot.So… yeah. ^--^Also, to stop conflicting times from popping up (as has happened in the past in other RPGs, where two events started up at the same time and then one of the groups said that several days had passed whilst the other was still in the exact same time frame, thus creating a paradox when they met up later,) new days won't be made official until I post something like:GM: As everything of importance seems to have happened, the next day will now begin.This is primarily to keep things on schedule, and should not affect gameplay that much.


For years Kai-Nam was a place of peace, where one could go to enjoy the quiet, to work on projects set to make the universe a better place. For years, the citizens of Kai-Nam were left alone, welcoming newcomers with open arms as long as they did not cause trouble or disturb other residents. That all changed a century ago, when the island experienced a series of unfortunate and unlucky events – the invasion of the Skakdi; the arrival of Toa Lyxek and the subsequent formation of the Ring; not to mention several attempted pillages by pirates. Now, the island is split – the Kai-Nam Police Department rages an ongoing battle against the Ring, a fight that does not seem like it will end any time soon, and the Ring, in turn, has set their attention on the Day Run ever since the tournament started, hoping to use it as a way to make money.In terms of game play, all of these factions are open for players, and there are few restrictions on what you can be – each group is composed of completely unique individuals, without focusing primarily on one species or another. The only guide that you must use to choose your group is your character’s moral standpoint, and even then, you have options.

The Kai-Nam Police Department“Our orders are simple: Detain any who would attempt to cause chaos on Kai-Nam, be they Day Run contestants, simple citizens, lowlife scum from the Ring or even our own officers. You’ve been warned.”~Officer Lurinost

The Kai-Nam Police Department (also called the KNPD for short) had been relatively inactive up until the Skakdi invasion and the formation of the Ring, so much so that it had barely a dozen members before the first disaster struck the island. Now, however, the KNPD has grown and thrives on the land. Where once several Ko-Matoran joined together in a laughable fighting force now stands a respectable crime-fighting group consisting of many, many powerful fighters, many augmented by equipment issued to them by the dozens of labs on the island. The rulers of the land, they are very strict, punishing crimes committed by any – even their own officers, in some cases – whilst also providing relatively benevolent rule over the city.Public approval of the KNPD is uncertain; while many approve of the group’s efforts to defeat the Ring, others question the true intentions of several officers, specifically those of Lurinost, a high ranking member of the group, and several of her partners, all of whom have been known to abuse their powers in ways that get them what they want without getting them in trouble with the higher ups. There is also the question of their leadership – no one knows or remembers how or when they managed to replace the island’s ruling council as the leaders of the city, and some fear that they will not relinquish their rule once they are no longer needed, though this remains to be seen. The KNPD’s leader, the identity of whom is unknown to anyone, assures the residents that they have nothing to fear..The KNPD’s headquarters are located in a large, domed building in the center of the city, which is nearly impenetrable due to its heavy defenses. As a note, they are currently allied with the Day Run, so to speak, allowing them to operate in the outer ring of the island, so long as they do not cause trouble. Many officers use the tournament for entertainment in their spare time.Similar to the Night Run Guards form the previous RPG, the KNPD is a strict force, and not one that you want to fight against alone. Notable members include officers Lurinost, Sanshou and Sensha, who act as an elite team, and the Director, a mysterious entity whose identity is unknown to all but the highest ranked individuals. Their primary goal is to defeat the Ring, though how members of this group go about this is completely up to them. The Director also has several other ‘projects’ in the works, the specifics of which are unknown.

The Ring“We may just be a ‘petty gang’ right now, but soon enough this whole island’s going to be begging for mercy from me – police and Day Run chumps included.”~Ringmaster Lyxek

For all the hate that they are given, the Ring could be considered nothing more than a group of gamblers – thieving, murdering, lying scumbags, but gamblers nonetheless. The Ring’s main philosophy is that luck will see them through; as many have noted, they are correct – the majority of their operations, such as the establishment of several game corners and robberies, have succeeded, something that Lyxek has made a point of attributing to his amazing luck. Out of that virtue, Lyxek and his operatives have also managed to avoid capture by the KNPD time and time again; how is not entirely known, but bribery is suspected.Ironically, were it not for the citizens and the KNPD themselves, the Ring might never have formed on Kai-Nam. Ten years ago, Lyxek came to Kai-Nam in what could be described as little more than a torn up box. After noting how they saved his life, he was eager to help defend the island and its labs from wrongdoers; however, he was continuously turned down by what he describes as corrupt individuals, and was left on the streets with no way off of the island. With nowhere else to turn to, he resorted to stealing, first money, and then equipment. Around the same time, he had taken up residence in an abandoned hotel near the outskirts of the city, and soon after he began to recruit individuals in a similar situation to his cause. Thus, the Ring was born. In that time, he has managed to acquire a rather large amount of money, set up an underground base in the Barrens, and covertly opened several game corners and such around the city. Unfortunately, this has put the Ring at extreme odds with the KNPD, which brings us to their present conflict.While not an all-out war, the Ring and KNPD conflict has resulted in mass damage to several labs due to small skirmishes between agents of both groups. This has not been helped by the Ring’s disagreement with the Day Run – Lyxek has assigned several operatives to attempt to take out Kerid and take control of the tournament, as he sees it as a great way to bring in money, though he has been unsuccessful in accomplishing this. Nevertheless, he is determined to undermine both the tournament and the KNPD, and has made passing comments about being willing to “pull all his cards” to accomplish this.The Ring is based in the Eastern Barrens, as well as the outskirts of the city. Any species, aside from Makuta (due to a low opinion of ‘such scumbag’ on the Brotherhood’s part,) are free to join. Members tend to have a liking towards fun and games, and as such several have joined the Day Run in their spare time; several operatives are there simply to try to carry out the mission of taking over the tournament. Notable members are Lyxek, the Ringmaster, and Vailian, his right-hand man; the former is usually found either in one of the Ring’s various casinos or in the Ring’s main base, a structure built into one of the nearest mountain’s base. The Ring seeks to, first and foremost, buy out or take over the Day Run so as to bring in money; their other objectives are, essentially, causing mayhem on Kai-Nam, not to mention the individual objectives of their allies.

Civilians“Are you a visitor to the island, an unaffiliated, or just an ordinary being? ...Then you’re a civilian. Stay out of trouble, keep your mouth shut and, if you’re lucky, you’ll stay that way.”~Suya

The use of the term “Civilians” here is slightly misleading. One might think of civilians as residents of an area, or maybe even pawns in a game of chess, bystanders who do absolutely nothing. Yet others realize that this term can mean other things – in this case, the civilians of Kai-Nam are essentially the neutral group in the RPG. Some are normal Matoran who have lived on this island all their lives; some are beings who have come to participate in the Day Run and nothing more than that; still others seek to participate in and take advantage of the battle between the Ring and the KNPD, yet do not wish to officially join either group.Out of all the factions in this RPG, the civilians have the most options in terms of what they get to do, and yet at the same time they are also slightly limited. Civilians are not bound by the codes of either the Ring or the KNPD, yet this also means that they do not have access to either faction’s resources or base of operations (unless, of course, a meeting was arranged beforehand.) This group compensates for that by having access to the laboratories of Kai-Nam, and by extension access to… experimental weaponry – for a price.Because of how this group operates, there is no leader amongst them, nor is there a main base of operations. Still, they have the whole of Kai-Nam at their disposal, and if a small group of individual civilians wishes to do so, then they may band together and claim, say, a hotel complex or some other abandoned building as their own; heck, if they wanted to, they might even be able to start their own mini-faction… In short, the goals of individuals in this group are all over the place – Elithes and Illuxio, for instance, have taken to acting as vigilantes, while Zanth and Suya… no one knows what they’ve been up to, but it is thought that they are secretly investigating both the KNPD and the Ring.

The Guild of Tyis

Connected to the Civilian faction is a group of bounty hunters known as the Guild of Tyis. Led by founding member Tyis and his councilors, the guild operates from a large tower on Tyis Island in the Niakar Trinity. The Guild of Tyis is composed of members of various backgrounds; as such, it has official members in the Day Run, the Ring and the KNPD, as well as those merely operating without these affilations on Kai-Nam. Unfortunately, getting membership to the guild is notoriously tricky; one must make themselves known as exceptional hunters and fighters and then commit to a series of tests to officially be recognized by the council. Should one pass the tests, however, the perks are quite worth it.After attempting to assassinate both Lyxek and the Director, the Guild has become a target to both groups; the KNPD has even gone so far as to ostracize all officers with affiliation to the group, granting non-guild officers permission to... 'take care' of them.

The Day Run“We’re entertainment for the masses – nothing more, nothing less. We’ll welcome you into the game regardless of your background, just as long as you don’t bring your pathetic disagreements against us with you.”~Tournament Organizer Kerid

The successor to the Night Run on Gynel, control has shifted from Makuta Jaeda to the Steltian named Kerid. Along with this change of hats came a remarkable shift in the Run’s operations: With Ehjoras’s help, Kerid has greatly relaxed the rules of the tournament, as they no longer have any great and terrible secrets to hide. Contestants are no longer executed for “trespassing,” players can come and go as they wish, and regulations have been modified. Instead of yearly tournaments, smaller tournaments are held once every six months, with the second official tournament starting soon. With these changes came the birth of the Day Run.In terms of game play, the Day Run is quite similar to the Night Run in that it focuses primarily on racing and gladiator combat. Players form teams to compete in it, and at the end of each race or arena match a prize is handed out to the group with the most members in the top five. Kerid has been particularly generous with her turn as the head of the tournament – her prizes usually consist of expensive upgrades to the vehicles owned by participants, and she has allowed virtually everyone who has asked to participate in the game – including members of the Ring, despite their leader’s threats against her. This stems from her experience as head security guard of the Night Run, realizing that mixing in heroes with villains will help keep both types of characters under control – currently, she is using this philosophy to keep KNPD officers and Ring operatives in check with each other. So far, it has worked.The Day Run is a unique group here, as it does not function as a full-blown faction for most characters. Instead, it acts as a sub group to all the rest – players join either the KNPD, the Ring or the civilians, and if they wish to participate in the Day Run, then they must simply add that to their profile. The leaders of the Day Run are Tournament Organizers Kerid and Ehjoras. They have set up the majority of their operations on the west half of the island, in the Barrens, with their race track zigzagging around the entire perimeter of Kai-Nam. Further, the Day Run is the easiest way to jump into the game; it offers a lot of interaction with other people through team recruitment and in the matches, so if you're having trouble getting into the game, try having your character join the tournament.

The Day Run Code of Conduct“Rule number two, no sabotage – you signed the contract, you agreed to our rules. As punishment, I am officially barring you from the next two Day Run events. I’d celebrate if I was you – I could have done so much more...”~Tournament Organizer Kerid

The Day Run has fewer and more lenient regulations than those of the Night Run, and like the old tournament, players are required to abide by these regulations at all times whilst participating in an official Day Run event. These regulations are as follows:1) By registering for the Day Run, participants take full responsibility for any injuries they may receive during their time in the tournament. While safety measures have been taken to prevent any serious injuries, the risk still stands2) Participants in the Day Run are expected to play fairly; as such sabotage of an opponent’s equipment, including weapons, vehicles and other supplies, will result in punishment ranging from temporary banning from the tournament to permanent exile.3) During an arena match or race, a player will be removed once they are unable to continue battle, normally after being knocked unconscious or after having their vehicle destroyed. At this point the player will be removed from the event and may not reenter.4) Any player who breaks the above rules will immediately be removed from the tournament and barred from further entrance, unless pardoned by Tournament Organizer Kerid or Ehjoras.

Vehicles“Sometimes I can’t help but marvel at what these people can come up with…”~Sanshou

The first thing many associated with the Night Run when it was active was the large amounts of vehicles and pilots who participated in it. That has not changed with the Day Run; in fact, given Kai-Nam’s reputation as one of the biggest producers of new vehicle designs, more and more beings are connecting the two together.The first thing many associated with the Night Run when it was active was the large amounts of vehicles and pilots who participated in it. That has not changed with the Day Run; in fact, given Kai-Nam’s reputation as one of the biggest producers of new vehicle designs, more and more beings are connecting the two together.In the year since the Night Run ended, vehicles have stayed just as reliable as ever, with new designs and upgrades being made each day. It is not uncommon to see large, Rahi-like mecha traversing the lands, or to see whole blocks cleared in any city as pilots settle disputes through vehicular combat or races – something that happens even in such sophisticated places as City. While they are large and clunky, mecha and vehicles in general are becoming more and more accepted, with fewer people classing owners of such things as ruffians.The general view of the “best model” also seems to be shifting. Though once seen as mighty, powerful and never to be messed with, Rahi mecha seem to have taken a backseat to the maneuverability, speed and overall smoother wheel-based designs as of late – motorcycles and other such things, in other words; hover boards, too, have seen a recent rise in use by smaller species, and a new, bipedal group of mecha have also begun to see action. Regardless of their differences and the preferences of individuals, all continue to thrive, and the Day Run will accept any type of vehicle for use in their tournament. At the same time, both the KNPD and the Ring have realized the value in vehicles; as such, many of their members have begun to build or steal their own, and those with past experience as pilots have begun to train newcomers in their use.Due to relatively limited space on the island, as well as to keep players from using ridiculously large vehicles, the maximum size that a vehicle can be is 5 Bio long by 5 Bio tall by 3 Bio wide, or 22.5 ft. long by 22.5 ft. tall by 13.5 ft. wide.

Credits“Credits? Oh, they aren’t anything special… until you consider that you need the highest amount to win the tournament.”~Tournament Organizer Kerid

Credits are an important part of the Day Run, serving both as the primary prize for races and arena matches and the ranking system for the tournament. Much like in the Night Run, varying amounts of Credits are awarded to participants in the tournament, with the amount depending on where each player places. Credits are also kept track of via the Day Run’s computer system, so that contestants do not have to do the math themselves. At the end of the Day Run's tournament, the team with the most Credits is declared the victor and will receive a grand prize.The amount of Credits awarded to each place is listed below. This list generally only applies to FFAs and regular races – some variations give preset amounts to the winning teams.First place: 300 credits awarded.Second place: 260 credits awarded.Third place: 220 credits awarded.Fourth place: 180 credits awarded.Fifth place: 140 credits awarded.Sixth place: 100 credits awarded.Seventh place: 80 credits awarded.Eighth place: 60 credits awarded.Ninth place: 40 credits awarded.Tenth place: 20 credits awarded.All other racers: 10 credits awarded just for entering.

Teams“Teams were too valuable of an asset for our players to leave behind, hence why we’ve carried them over to the Day Run… even if some people get a little ‘carried away’ with them.”~Tournament Organizer Kerid

As with any game, the Day Run allows players to operate as teams, so as to allow them to increase their odds of winning the grand prize. While members of both the KNPD and the Ring tend to form small groups to accomplish their goals, the Day Run is the only organization with an official way of organizing players into teams. This is done through Team Crests.Developed by Ehjoras and his team of engineers and used in the Night Run, Team Crests are white, circular, shape-shifting devices handed out to all Day Run participants. A player’s Team Crest is affixed to their armor for the entirety of their run in the Day Run via magnetic force, and can be removed at any time. Mental activation allows the Team Crest to change its shape into one specified by its user; the extent of this is limitless, as long as it does not exceed the initial size of the Crest.To form a team, your Team Crests must be synched up with those of other Day Run contestants; this can be done via mental activation of a coding device built into them. Once the synch up is complete, all of the members of the newly formed team can communicate with each other via communication links built into the crests, and their Crests will then transform into the shape of the team’s leader’s Crest. During CtF games, a separate signal temporarily connects the Crests of two or more teams to form a larger one and changes the color of the connected Crests to either red or blue, though the shape does not change.There are a couple of limits on the Team Crests, unfortunately. For one, due to the possibility of an information overload, the maximum amount of players that can be on a team is four. Secondly, when tampered with (via hacking or disassembly) by anyone without knowledge of how they were made, Team Crests tend to explode – this is possibly a safety precaution designed to stop the technology form being used by the Ring. Other than that, the abilities of the Crests are seamless, and fairly easy to figure out.

The Coliseum“Personally, I prefer the arena to the race track – you can’t rip apart your enemies limb from limb while in a vehicle, can you?”~Officer Lurinost

Gigantic; imposing; exciting; these are the words that usually come to mind when one mentions the Coliseum. A huge, domed stadium, this structure is home to all of the Day Run’s non-racing events, from capture the flag to free fighting to fast-paced vehicle shoot-‘em-ups. The majority of the arena is built into the ground, separated into seven, gradually shrinking rings connected via slanting walls and tunnels, ending in a final, bowl-like bottom ring. It is designed with nanotechnology that allows it to change its terrain with the activation of several control panels, located in a small, square room above the stands.

Types of Matches

Free-For-AllFFAs are, quite simply, FFAs. They pit three to four teams at a time against one another with no alliances between them – the only alliances you will find are those within the teams that enter. Ranking follows the Day Run Standard format – the last ten warriors to fall receive a specific amount of Credits depending on what order they fell in.Capture the FlagA game played between 2-6 teams, Capture the Flag pits two even teams – one designated Blue, the other Red -- against one another, with the objective being for each team to try to capture the opposing team’s flag and return it to their base. The first team to do so will be declared the victor, and each team composing the winning team will receive 300 Credits. This is one of the few games to utilize the Team Crest’s Linking feature, connecting two separate teams together to temporarily form a larger one; as a note, members of individual teams will always be placed on the same CtF team. Vehicles are allowed to be used in this event.Team One vs. OneTOvO’s are simple one team versus one team battles; as such, only two teams participate in one of these events. Each team sends in one team member to do battle, until all of the members of one team have been defeated. This game uses the Day Run Standard ranking format – the first player to fall is treated as 8th place, the second as 7th, and so on.–Team vs. TeamAn off-shoot of the above, this is exactly the same as TOvOs; the only difference is that instead of one team member battling at a time, the whole team participates at once. It follows the same scoring system as above.Vehicle BrawlVehicle Brawl’s are similar to the above, as they are a two team event and your whole team participates at once, only they are done in vehicles – and as they are required for use in these matches, if a team member of yours does not own a vehicle, he or she can not participate. Vehicle Brawls use all seven of the Coliseum’s rings while they are happening, providing maximum space for each player’s vehicle. They follow the Day Run Standard ranking system. Purely bipedal mecha tend to shine in these battles, as their greater maneuverability and shape allow them to better navigate the field, though that is not to say that other kinds of vehicles are totally ineffective.

Races“What’s more exciting then driving on a freakishly long course at a bazillion miles per hour!?”~Officer Sensha

True to its name, the Day Run continues to host races as part of their agenda, though to an admittedly lesser extent that the Night Run; Kerid has stated this to be because she does not wish to disturb the relative silence of City, though this is ironic considering how loud the crowd in the arena usually is. Races take place on a race track spanning around the entire perimeter of the island, designed so as not to keep people form going on and off of the island while a race is taking place; it also uses the same nanotechnology that the arena uses, allowing it to change its terrain. Race variations have lagged behind arena matches, with only two race types currently established; however, Kerid and Ehjoras are both working on expanding that.

Types of Races

Regular RaceRegular races are just that – regular races. Two to four teams race through the entirety of the course and places are determined by who gets across the finish line first. Unsurprisingly, weapons are allowed to be used in this event – a lot. So go crazy. Ranking follows the Day Run Standard Format. Note that hover boards are not allowed to be used in this event, as they do not provide enough protection to their users nor do they possess the necessary energy to even keep up with the more speed-capable vehicles that most contestants use.No WeaponsNo Weapons races function exactly as the above, with the only change being that it is purely racing – no weapons are allowed to be used during them. Other than that, they follow the same rules as above.


Posted Image(Credit to Kal the Guardian for the map.)

“Vreclusive scientists… strange and unique experimental veapons… it’s ‘ome sweet ‘ome!”~Elithes

At first glance, Kai-Nam’s heavy snowfall, tall peaks and dangerous outer rim would make the island appear uninhabitable to all but the most adaptable of individuals – and, indeed, many of the first beings to attempt to colonize the island died off before a strong establishment could be made. With the introduction of several hundred Ko-Matoran thousands of years ago, however, the island has evolved into one of the universe’s leading technological advancers, specializing in vehicles and other survivability devices through the use of plentiful natural resources hidden near the center of the island, as well as recently beginning a slight heating of the island to make it more open to beings from warmer parts of the universe. This section will attempt to familiarize newcomers to Kai-Nam with the island’s most important locations – new and old.The BarrensThe outermost part of the island, the Barrens is just what the name suggests – a frozen wasteland that forms the shores of Kai-Nam. While it is possible to survive there, there are not a lot of resources, and most beings that have attempted to live in the Barrens for long periods of time have or nearly died. Niaka, or Ice Wyverns (named after the first leader of City, Niakar) are a common sight in the Barrens, being able to survive off of cold alone.-The Roads to Salvation are a web of paths that have been established from the various docks around Kai-Nam that lead to City. They are separated from the wild parts of the Barrens and the Hills by tall fences with built-in heating technology, providing relatively safe and comfortable travel to City for newcomers to the island.-The Silent Hills are, as many have noted, misnamed, because they refer to the dozens of small mountains scattered around the Barrens and that surround City. Still, official paperwork has yet to be signed that change their names, for unknown reasons. Regardless, the Hills are, as the name suggests, silent – few noises are ever heard coming from them. Recent technology has enabled beings to travel up the mountains, usually for training purposes, and they remain a favorite spot for people to seek solitude from the business of City despite their cold temperatures. Strangely, the higher one climbs, the warmer it seems to get…-The Ring Headquarters is where Lyxek can usually be found. It is built into the base of the tallest eastern mountain, close to City, and extends throughout the whole mountain, as it has essentially been converted into a massive fortress. It is equipped with defenses capable of holding off even the strongest KNPD warriors, and if the need arises, a self destruct sequence can be initiated that is reportedly powerful enough to take out an eighth of the island it is located on.The Day RunHaving moved from Gynel in the past year, the Day Run has been reestablished in the western Barrens of Kai-Nam, so as not to disturb the residents. From a distance, the structures give the Day Run the appearance of a sort of small city, though these thoughts are dispelled immediately once one gets a closer look at the buildings. A path runs from the Day Run facilities to City, heated and protected by similar technology to the Roads. Due to recent events regarding the KNPD and the Ring, guard activity has risen – guards can now be seen patrolling the borders of the Day Run facilities and path far more often than usual, all with orders to subdue anyone who attempts to cause trouble for the tournament.-The Registration Office is relatively small in comparison to the other Day Run buildings, being only the size of a two-story house. It is a circular building with a flat roof, with four entrances. In the center is a desk with an automated registration, who is programmed to confirm all information on contestants before entering them into the tournament. To stop potential hackers, the computer networks in the registration office are protected by dozens of Smart AI.-The Player Lounge is a small hotel-like structure. Some contestants in the Day Run have no place to stay on Kai-Nam; as such those contestants are allowed to stay in the hotel for as long as they are participating in the tournament. It is a fairly fancy place, opting to give contestants the most comfort possible so as to keep them in top condition. It is usually used as a meeting place for the more reclusive teams.-The Coliseum is a large, domed structure belonging to the Day Run in which all gladiatorial matches are fought. It consists of stands for live audiences to sit, a control room from which the terrain can be changed, and seven rings composing the actual arena part of it. The rings slop down into the ground, gradually getting smaller until they come to form a small (in comparison to the other rings) bowl at the bottom. The audiences are protected from stray blasts by an energy shield separating the stands form the ring, and Recorder 2.0s float innocently over the battling contestants at all times, broadcasting the event to the universe. Kerid and her office are also located here, built above the stands so as to give the TO the best view of the events.-The Race Track is a large, zigzagging course built on the perimeter of Kai-Nam. It is designed so as not to impede travel between the docks and City in that is rises over the roads between them. Like the Coliseum, special nanobots developed by Makuta Jaeda are used to change the terrain of the race track into virtually anything imaginable. Recorder 2.0s are a common sight over the entirety of the track, broadcasting the races to view screens all over the universe.-The Garage is similar to both the Coliseum and the Lounge. It is an optional housing unit for the vehicles owned by contestants who can not find a cheap enough garage in City; and like the Coliseum, it is build deep into the ground, making it appear smaller on the outside than it is on the inside. This is where the Recorder 2.0s are stored when not in use, and where Ehjoras’s office is – the Matoran in question is also a common sight here.CityBuilt in the center of Kai-Nam, right above where the majority of the natural resources can be found, City has become the sight of one of the most technologically advanced societies in the universe, rivaling the Brotherhood of Makuta and bypassing Xia in weapons and vehicle production. Being the only town or city on Kai-Nam, City has no “official” name, though the possibility of building new colonies has prompted several naming proposals. City is split into five smaller divisions, with each district specializing in a certain aspect of society.-North District, the science hub, is the second most heavily guarded sector of City, due to the fact that it is home to all of Kai-Nam’s labs, factories and experimental facilities, excluding the vehicle factories. Both KNPD officers and Ring operatives are a norm here, with the former guarding the labs and the latter attempting to gain intelligence on them; scientists are a very common sight as well, hustling to and fro in an attempt to keep everything in order. Lurinsot, Sensha and Sanshou tend to base their operations here, and are almost always seen pursuing criminals – or, in some cases with Lurinost, attempting to bribe or blackmail scientists into giving her equipment.-East District is the residential and recreational sector of City. It consists mainly of garages, hotels, apartments, shops, game corners and other such recreational facilities. Many contestants in the Day Run stay here during their time on Kai-Nam, as well as the residents of City; they are typically segregated from each other in terms of sleeping quarters, with Kai-Namians residing closer to Central than contestants. A now-obsolete section of East District is infamous for housing Lyxek and his original lackeys, who would later go on to form the Ring; several casinos built and owned by them are a daily reminder to the residents of this fact. The Civilians not affiliated with the Day Run all reside here.-West District deals with all of the vehicle-related stuff that is not covered in the North District. New vehicles are built, tested and mass-produced in West District, and then shipped out for use by other islands and the KNPD; some factories have secretly been bought out by the Ring, and as such provide vehicles to them. Several small race tracks can be found here, though unlike the Day Run’s, few can change their terrain.-South District was once the site to many observatories and planning facilities, where scholars could study the stars and improve designs for devices that would later be developed in North District. Following the Skakdi raid, South District has been transformed into a badly damaged and abandoned area of City. Though one would have expected repairs to have been finished since the raid, work has been slowed to a grinding halt after the discovery of a group of dead workers trapped in a green substance; investigations are still under way, though there have been few results. Strange creatures have also been sighted wandering around the streets at times; it is unknown who or what they are, though the Ring has claimed to be responsible for whatever it up on more than one occasion.-Central/KNPD Headquarters, called the “Political Division” by some, is the central section of City. It is the location of everything related to politics and the KNPD – jail houses, the mayor’s office, the town hall, and such. It is heavily guarded at all times by the KNPD. Near the middle of Central is a domed, fortress-like structure close to the town hall; platinum white in appearance, it is the base of all of the KNPD’s operations, and is nearly impenetrable due to the heavy defenses it is equipped with. It is designated as a fallback point for the mayor in the event that the Ring manages to break the mayor’s defenses. It is also where missions for the KNPD are handed out, and by extension, where the Director resides. A medium-sized section is dedicated to extracting resources from under the City -- with the Ko-Matoran twist of being done quietly and cleanly, of course.Niakar’s TrinityNamed after the first leader of City, Niakar’s Trinity is a trio of three small islets off of the south coast of Kai-Nam. Though uninhabited by any sapient species, a large colony of Niaka is known to inhabit all three islets. The islets are known to be used by the Guild of Tyis in their initiation tests – a bounty hunter who can successfully capture a Niaka, who are known for their slyness and strength when infuriated, is considered worthy enough to become a member of the Guild. Travel to the islets is allowed, but highly advised against.-Kia Island is the smallest, westernmost island in the trio. The Niaka on Kia are not all that aggressive, due to being more familiar with the inhabitants of Kai-Nam than others. Legend has it that the jewel "eyes" of a once-extremely powerful being are hidden on Kia, though they have never been found; apparently, whoever does find them will be blessed with good luck and wisdom in all that they pursue...-Tyis Island is the easternmost island of the three, and is the largest of them all. Named after the Guild of Tyis, Tyis Island is the most commonly used island when it comes to initiation tests in the guild. The Niaka here are more aggressive than those on Kia Island, though less so than those on Jial.-Jial Island is the last island, and the furthest from Kai-Nam's mainland. The Niaka on Jial are unique in that they are primarily red and black, and are all extremely aggressive; rumor has it that this is the result of... experiments performed by the Director on the local population. Travel to this island is heavily advised against, more so than travel to the other islands.The GardenThe Garden. The Place of Birth. The Origin Point. Once a myth, a place of wonder, a mystery in Kai-Namian folklore, the Garden is all too real. A vast cavern, seemingly far beneath City, it is a vast, lush land, shrouded in perpetual darkness and accessible only by teleportation at certain areas on the island, with the help of one of the secretive Keepers. Within it lies answers to a large number of recent questions. Within it lies an object of power, the other half of the Coeur d'Ombre, rumored to be the key to defeating Lyxek and the Director. Within lies terror unseen, beasts never meant to see the light of day. You seek it at your own peril.

Staff & Rules

1. First and foremost, all BZP rules apply – as usual, so no flaming and spamming and trolling and whatnot. If you haven’t read them, they can be found here.2. To emphasize two specific parts from the above, do not spam and do not flame. For the uninformed, spamming is the posting of pointless messages – in this case, posts that don’t apply to the RPG. Don’t do it. Flaming is the intentional act of OOCly attacking or provoking another member. Don’t do it. You will be punished.3. Heed the words of the staff. In the case that either you think a staff member has made an unfair call or they may have blatantly disrespected you, take it up with me and we’ll sort it out.4. Don’t majorly control another player’s character unless they have asked you to. To be specific – A. Don’t kill another player’s character without permission; B. Don’t severely injure another player’s character without permission; and C. Don’t make another player’s character do something huge without – you guessed it – their permission. If you want to do that with your own characters, by all means go for it.5. You must be approved in the profile topic before you begin playing.6. Do not God-Mode or meta-game. For those not in the “know”: meta-gaming is, essentially, making your character know something that you only know OOCly – like, for example, reading a conversation between two characters nowhere near your character and then having your character know of it. God-modding is pretty much just playing unfairly in battle, – never tiring, being impossibly strong, etc. Both are looked down upon, and neither will be tolerated, even against NPCs. As an extension of this, Nova blasts are not allowed.7. Please be realistic. BIONICLE and earth physics may not completely apply, but you can’t jump a mio into the air – it’s just not possible without help. Along with this, you may have a fast vehicle, but don’t zip off from one side of Kai-Nam and arrive at the other in one post. And make NPCs act like they should – if you’re a known KNPD officer, Ring guards aren’t going to let you into their base.8. Please use the OOC and IC systems when you post. Examples of each are as follows:IC: “You’ve no idea what you’re dealing with,” Vailian said coldly, idly drawing five cards from his Coder…OOC: RandomToa1, that’s your cue to say what cards he drew. ../forum/style_emoticons/default/happy.gif9. You are allowed to use a maximum of three (3) characters in this role-play. If you earn (a) reward(s), you may use it/them to create additional characters.10. Be fair – establish yourself as a trustworthy person and act on that. By this I mean don’t purposely undermine someone else’s character just to win a battle or race. It’s a game; if you have to resort to OOC cheating to win a battle, then you’ve got issues.11. Have fun! Don’t take this too seriously – it’s a game. Games are games are games. They won’t affect you.Staff-Parugi (GM)

Punishments & Rewards

The Garden follows a relatively simple five-strike system when it comes to punishments. Each time you break the rules, you will get a warning, with each warning increasing in seriousness. Once you get five strikes, you’re done – your characters are killed and you are permanently booted from the game. For specific details:1st Strike: A friendly warning over PM; no other repercussions. You are expected to stop after this.2nd Strike: A more severe warning, again over PM. A character will be injured, though nothing serious. Consider it a slap on the wrist.3rd Strike: A third warning. One character will be severely injured and his vehicle damaged. Stop now.4th Strike: One last warning. Your character will be killed, and all assets taken by his opposing faction. This is your last chance to turn around.5th Strike: No warning. All characters killed, all vehicles and equipment taken; permanent banning from the RPG. You were warned. Go away.On the other hand, if you are a good and/or helpful player, the

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Beating drums create a deafening roar through the jungles of Le-Wahi. Shrill, melodious flutes meet them. The two instruments intertwine into a beautiful rush of music. And yet, if you could see the field they are played on, you would not think so. The destruction being caused by the playing of those is easy to see on the bloody plain. Onu-Koro and Le-Koro are at war...War, I say? Indeed, though unlike war that most beings would immediately call to mind. Swords and axes are of no use here. Shields and armor of the conventional sort are useless. The weapons of choice are instruments. Massive earthen drums blasting deafening booms over the field. Long flutes of wind screeching death...Death is the art accomplished by this. You are no doubt wondering as you read this warning how music could be so vile, so bloody, so deadly. It is no simple music. The Matoran use their inner elemental strength combined together, with the help of any available Toa, to create these tools of war, these instruments of evil. The battle fields are more than just fields. They are three-dimensional plains filled with hills and cliffs and platforms and rivers and rahi of music...Music is our bane. The once sweet melodies played to soothe nerves now tear them to pieces, the sounds of joy used to brighten spirits now cut through souls. Everything involving a rhythm is filled with fear...Fear is the only emotion that I can display. I try to stop the madness. I try to stop the needless bloodshed. My entire rag-tag faction is trying to stop this madness. But the ones who realize this insanity are few, and the number rises and falls like a song itself. We will not fight by their methods. We won't fight using physical weapons if we can avoid doing so...So, this is my warning: Enter this cursed land at your own risk. Mata-Nui shall never be the same with or without you, but help would be welcome. The sheer fear of this apocalyptic noise is enough to stop a heart's beating...Beat and Rhythm"Our death is just a note away. We must stop this terrible devilry, or face the end of civilization."The antonym of all that is noble, good, just?Music.For time out of mind it has been used for many different purposes. A soft melody could soothe the nerves or lull a crying child to sleep. A joyful tune could lift one’s spirits or signify a victory. A mournful song could bring the hardiest of warriors to tears.Indeed, the wonder of music has amazed generation after generation. The art of playing instruments has been a well-kept and greatly-loved tradition. It has captivated the old and the young since it came into existence. Yet in despite, many things good become terrible tools of evil.It is a sad happening if that is the case. The formerly loved can become a taboo that even those that use it fear to speak openly of. Music fell into this unfortunate position. How could anything so wonderful become so vile? The answer is painfully simple.A harmless spore of mold grows into a foul poison over food, destroying its worth. Thus was the case of this. A great toa musician of Le-Koro known as Sargune experimented with using music combined with elements to create living music you can see, touch, and still hear. He succeeded to a degree, becoming the most accredited artist of the time.Sargune’s elemental music took much practice to even begin to use properly, and even the toa himself had to concentrate ridiculously hard and was always tired after playing. Yet he kept using it, and the entirety of Mata-Nui became enthralled by the astounding phenomenon. Still, he never was able to figure out how to better control it, and he could produce no more than simple shapes.That was the spore, making way for the infection. Matoran - and indeed even toa - of black hearts experimented further, seeing the extent of which this wonder could be used. They found out the deathly power of what is now known as War Music.War Music takes Sargune’s principal of element-music combination and enhances it to the point where it can be easily controlled and formed into practically anything. As long as a toa is present, it is extremely easy even for matoran to use. And even if there are no toa to help, War Music can still be used effectively.But they didn't stop at just making it. They spread the mold over the continent, infecting the minds of the villagers. The villagers didn’t like how their neighboring Koro did this or that. And now they were super powerful and could kill the others. The tempers rose as each Wahi and the Koro within was threatened by their neighbors.It was obvious that war would soon break. Thus, five of the six Koros prepared for war. Each soldier learned how to use War Music. The villagers of both air and stone took a liking to instruments of wind-like sounds, the higher pitched for the former and lower for the latter. Earth matoran and toa chose massive instruments of concussion. Ga-Koro took to hydrophones and Ta-Koro to instruments of keys or chimes.A small fraction of these Koros were against War Music entirely. They fled and took refuge in Ko-Koro and Kini-Nui. These named themselves the Dissonance. Being lovers of peace, uninterrupted by most noise, the Ko-Matoran readily joined this blooming faction. They devised ways to fight against the Tribes of Rhythm, using weapons and armor such as vacuums, sound-absorption padding, and elemental disruptors.The war went well for a period of time. The Dissonance took great advantage of the fighting Koros, devastating armies already locked in combat. Ground was steadily gained, until they had roughly a fourth of each Koro. Discord, the leader and creator of the flourishing faction, was leaving no room for the Tribes of Rhythm to survive.Many of the Tribes of Rhythm were on the verge of defeat when a great blow was struck on the Dissonance. A large part of Ko-Koro split from them and began using War Music. This greatly injured the faction and forced them to withdraw from almost everywhere besides Kini-Nui. Their usage of stringed instruments was unlike the other types of War Music, being more orderly than any of the others. Thus the war was turned.Eventually a weak attempt for peace was created, known as the Toa Council. Though it was originally created to end the war, it quickly turned into a meeting ground for alliances to be created and broken, along with possibly trading plots of land or other things such as that.And now it rages on, unlike any war ever fought. The Dissonance and the Tribes of Rhythm, all pitched in the War of Beat.In Short/Ice BreakerA guy found a way to combine elements and music to make something tangible and yet still hearable. Some guys took this and turned it into a weapon, calling it War Music. War broke, some guys from each Koro and the entirety of Ko-Koro created a faction called the Dissonance with a leader named Discord. The Tribes of Rhythm were hurt badly seeing as they were fighting both each-other and the Dissonance. But then Ko-Koro decided to become a Tribe of Rhythm and so the Dissonance lost almost everything except Kini-Nui.Mata-NuiMata-Nui, the island paradise. It isn’t an island covering a giant robot’s face. Just a beautiful, luscious, tropical island. All that, and pitched in a massive war. The War of Beat. Mata-Nui is split into six massive sections, called Wahi, each containing a village, or Koro. There is one Wahi for each of the basic six elements. Then, at the heart of the island, taking up a part of the great volcano Mangai, is the former temple of Kini-Nui.Each of the six Wahi is controlled by one of the Tribes of Rhythm. Le-Koro is the main village in Le-Wahi, more like a towering city built of wood and vine. The massive village stretches through almost the entirety of Le-Wahi itself. Shrill tones of trumpets and flutes ring through the woods almost ceaselessly as its strangely merry inhabitants constantly war.

War is their life. Without it, the Le-matoran would feel useless, empty, with no joy. They find happiness, enjoyment, and fulfillment from murder. Still, not all are evil, murderous maniacs. But Le-Wahi is one of the deadliest, most unreserved areas of Mata-Nui. If someone isn’t allied with them and he is in their border, he had better hope that he isn’t discovered.Ta-Wahi consists of a large part of Mangai itself. Ta-Koro sits around the mouth of the volcano and even inside the massive rock formation. From massive bells to organs to simple wind chimes, you can find a variety of instruments. The matoran are a generally easily tempered and quick-to-action group, yet they are quite strategic and relatively rational.

Despite their tempers, the Ta-matoran really are quite amiable and fun. That is, if whoever they meet isn’t against them. In that case, unless they find an especially merciful villager, that unfortunate matoran should be prepared to meet a cacophonous, fiery death.Ga-Wahi, containing Ga-Koro, is mostly grassland and water. The toa and matorans’ huts mostly sit atop massive lily pads in the water. Only a select few of their buildings are built on the land. The Ga-Koronans have a massively large advantage at their home due to their genre of War Music, hydrophones, using great amounts of water. Though they can carry water with them and draw it from the earth and vegetation, they usually only fight on the coasts of other Koros.

The Ga-matoran have quickly become hardened warriors, losing much of their former peace, happiness, and comfort. However, compared to the other Tribes of Rhythm, they are still likely the easiest to meet without being killed.The largest section of the island, Onu-Wahi, is not on the surface itself, but is completely subterranean. Indeed, saying Onu-Wahi and Onu-Koro is synonymous, for they consist of a huge network of populated caves and tunnels. To anyone that doesn’t live there, the endless paths and caverns would quickly become a twisting, winding prison. The citizens generally use slow, deliberate patterns in warfare, their great earthen drums pounding in deadly strategies. It is almost impossible to prepare for and invasion by them, seeing as they can break out of the earth right under a village.

The Onu-matoran have changed little during the war, due to taking the smallest part in the War of Beat. In fact, if a matoran from the outside were to enter with no seeming threat, he could mingle just as easily as ever. While in their cities, the citizens show no sign of a war happening. They seem neutral to the world, defending themselves and attacking only when they must.Taking the northern section of the island is the desert of Po-Wahi, containing the small village of Po-Koro. The sands and stones constantly move with the tune of a deep, rich trombone or tuba. Any low-pitched brass instrument imaginable can be found in this place. The Po-Koronans are quick and near-reckless in most of their strategies.

Second only to Le-Wahi in brutality, Po-Wahi’s inhabitants are extremely destructive in all their battles. If a wall stands before them, they blow a hole through it. If an army of matoran stands in front of them, they blow a hole through that army. They stop for nothing, having only a care for themselves.Finally, becoming a Tribe of Rhythm far after the others, comes Ko-Wahi, with the lofty city of Ko-Koro. The bone-chilling cold of the sheer mountains makes an amazing natural defense. The village sits on the slopes of the towering mountain by the name of Ihu. The inhabitants use stringed instruments in a way unlike any other Koro’s War Music, cutting through other types with deadly precision.

The question has been raised by many as to why they left the Dissonance. What is the answer? In the simplest way of putting it, they got told off by Discord for experimenting with War Music. He didn’t send them away; however, they easily felt that they were not welcome. Thus, they left of their own accord. Despite this, the citizens of Ko-Wahi are generally well-aligned morally, if cold and unwelcoming to othersKini-Nui, in a valley near Mangai, has been turned into a massive fortress by the Dissonance. It is shaped like a castle with smooth, towering, black walls and seemingly no entrance. The faction keeps watchful guard. Never a song is sung, never a tune struck. Despite this, the Matoran and Toa alike are not all gloomy. They find other ways to entertain themselves. A strange fact is that Onu-Koro is unable to attack from below due to some type of impervious stone.

The Dissonance is the resistance force. They are the antithesis of the Tribes of Rhythm. These are the matoran that recognize the evils of their former brethren and have shunned them. The Dissonance aims to destroy the evil of War Music. However, there are those that, of course, have joined for the sake of being on the side that they believe will win.Character CreationHere’s where you finally get to the part you’ve (hopefully) been waiting for. Where you come in! Copy the blank profile, paste it into a post in the profiles topic, and you’re on your way!

Name: (Be creative. No Tahu, thetoa3, Bob, etc.)Gender: (Male, Female)Faction: (Dissonance, Neutral, Tribes of Rhythm [specify which])Species: (I'd like to keep it to matoran, toa, turaga, and even differing species of rahi.)Element: (One of the main six.)Preferred Weapons/Tools: (No Epic Sax [of Doooom], please. Kanohi go here.)Appearance: (Pic and/or description.)Bio: (A decent-sized paragraph or two describing your character.)Here’s the blank profile:Name:Gender:Faction:Species:Element:Preferred Weapons/Tools:Appearance:Bio:

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

Name: DiscordGender: MaleFaction: DissonanceSpecies: ToaElement: AirPreferred Tools/Weapons: An object that looks like a shofar (ram’s horn) but sucks in War Music and converts it into elemental blasts.Appearance: Discord always wears a cloak, though strangely it seems not by choice. It seems melded with his body, yet still flows and moves like any other cloak.Bio: The solemn leader of the Dissonance. Discord is, unlike your typical mysterious being, actually a great guy with which to have a conversation. But much like the stereotype, little is known of his background.Name: Toa CouncilGender: Letrin, Onuraf, Taxuth, and Porake are male. Gawea and Kora are female.Faction: Tribes of RhythmSpecies: ToaElement: Each of them wields one of the six main elements.Preferred Tools/Weapons: Each uses a weapon of his or her own Koro.Appearance: All wear elaborate armor, corresponding with their elements and genres of War Music.Bio: A loose attempt at keeping the War of Beat from turning into a bloody massacre, the Toa Council consists of the leader of each village. Letrin is the jolly leader of Le-Koro. Gawea is the cool, calm leader of Ga-Koro. Onuraf is the solemn, rarely outspoken leader of Onu-Koro. Kora is the cold, calculating leader of Ko-Koro. Taxuth is the hot-tempered leader of Ta-Koro. Porake is the quick-witted leader of Po-Koro.

Important Things• All BZP rules apply.• Use IC and OOC while posting. Example in Reference section.• Please, do not God-Mode. Things that fall in this category include making yourself defeat a giant army single-handed, murdering a single enemy in one simple blow, never getting hurt in a battle, landing a severe auto-hit, and many other instances like these. This includes the "Stormtrooper syndrome," which basically implies that enemies are pushovers. They aren't. Your enemies are as good as you are. You can mow them with your symphonies of fire or assassinate them with your notes of rock, but always keep in mind to have common sense.• Alright, seeing as everyone either can use powers fit for gods or use things that can destroy these powers, god-modding is hard to avoid. But it will highly depend on how you RP. For example, I say, "Toa Onuraf charged his earthen powers and shaped them into a massive bass drum. Then, using the powerful beat from it, he threw Letrin across the field into a massive tree," cool. But, if I say, "earth toa guy uses earth to hit air toa guy and slam him again and again against the ground breaking his back and knocking him out," then no. Just no. Again, use common sense.• Bunnying/bullying is wrong. Don’t do either.• Don’t make your character “high and mighty” above everyone else.• Kanohi that are not allowed in this RPG include but may not be limited to: Kraahkan, Avohkii, Vahi, Ignika, Olmak, Mask of Possibilities, and the Mask of Creation. Limited masks include the Tryna, Mohtrek, Olisi, and the Mask of Clairvoyance.• Feel free to be creative with instruments and masks. If you have a reasonable idea for a new type of whatever then heck, go ahead and try it.• Only the original six elements are allowed. This may change, but for now it's this.• Feel free to have as many characters as you want, as long as an army made by you doesn't flood the profile topic.• It is highly suggested that you keep your grammar and spelling in check. srsly bro;/ no un wntz two red tis,-GM: 1) Game Master. 2) God-Mode.War Music: The elemental music used by the Tribes of Rhythm. It can be formed into anything imaginable by the user.Tribes of Rhythm: The Koros using War Music.NPC: Non-Player Character.PC: Player Character.Bunnying/bunny: 1) Controlling people’s chars. Just a simple stare or something mild like that could be overlooked. Maybe even making them block. But making them attack someone (or something such as that) without permission is simply too much. Don’t do this. 2) A small rodent/lagomorph, usually gray, black, white, or brown in color. Quite cute, has long ears and large feet, is especially fond of carrots.IC and OOC: 1) In Character and Out Of Character. 2) For example:

Onuraf/Fighting Letrin in the Outskirts of Le-Wahi\IC:Bringing a shield of sound over his head to block the arrows of sonic air, Onuraf charged his earthen powers and shaped them into a massive bass drum. Then, using the powerful beat from it, he threw Letrin across the field toward a massive tree. To follow up, he flew toward his opponent upon a powerful burst of sound, ready to slam into the toa of air at full force.OOC: Hey Zippidy-doo-dah, want to join me?Toa of Dancing - GMCo-GMs will be added as neededThe Co-GMs (if any are enlisted) have the ability to punish and reward you, as long as the action is approved by the GM. If it’s something that needs to be addressed immediately, however, they can yell as loud as they wish and punish you. The GM himself (me, ToD) can dish out anything he believes he sees fit. Immediately. If not sooner. So behave and get rewards. =)ThanksThank you to anyone who has helped me with this RPG or with becoming a part of the RPG Forum. Without you guys, Beat and Rhythm would never have come around. Though I’d like to specifically thank a few of you here. I’d like to thank The Power that Is and Exo-Fat. TPtI has most likely scolded me the most of anyone I’ve ever RPed with. Both have helped by previewing my RPGs in the past, with Exo-Fat doing so to BaR. He’s also been a great friend. Thank you Koname, Xeriak/Soylent Green\Whatever, TPtI (again), etc. for creating or helping run the first RPG I played in, A Midnight Grey. I thank the players of City of Steam. I thank the Indie game developers who made games such as Audiosurf, Beat Hazard, etc. I again thank all of the RPers that have interacted with me throughout these more than three years on BZP.

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The Island

“I sleep to wake and take my waking slow.”

There stands an Island in the midst of an endless sea, barren of name and place in time. It has stood for all eternity and for all eternity it will stand, lest it fall out of favor of the Gods.

History is forgotten here and the villagers call the Island their home not out of choice, but out of no other alternative. The Island, for all intensive purposes, is not a very hospitable home.

Villagers constantly struggle to ward off giant, prehistoric beasts known as Rahi, who do not take well to the villager's way of life. The destruction of trees and habitats in a desperate bid for survival by the villagers have made the beasts of the land very angry. The beasts have grown accustomed to the taste of Matoran-flesh, and Matoran have grown accustomed to the endless state of war. Although strategies have been developed to ward off the terrifying predators, the Rahi are regularly victorious in not going hungry.

Although the Turaga lead the respective and disjointed villages, the villagers blame their woes on not a natural crisis, but a spiritual crisis. The High-Priest Karzahni has claimed to the general populace that this endless curse is a direct result of the abandonment of the Great Spirit Makuta. Over the coming decades, acceptance and popularity for the faith of Makuta has grown significantly, in some places even becoming a theology. Ancient temples are refurbished and devoted to prayer to the Great Spirit in hopes of calming the tide of the hungry beasts, and many claim it has worked in stemming the flow of blood.

Where the High-Priest Karzahni stands unsuccessful is with the small and roguish cult of Mata Nui, a small sect that refuses to pray to the Great Spirit Makuta and claims his existence is false. This heresy has not gone unchecked, and many militant groups hunt suspected cult-members and bring them to justice. The High-Priest brings divine retribution on those found secretly praying to the false god Mata Nui. Rumors have even circulated that this false god is truly a demon that controls the beasts, having ushering in this age of war as long as the villagers can remember.

Karzahni claims the end to this accursed painful existence is coming to a close, and a new age is descending upon the people - but it can only become a reality if the entire populace chooses to accept Makuta as their one true guide and protector. A crusade is forming across the blood-stained lands of The Island and lines are being drawn.

All the while, villagers fend for their lives on a daily basis and The Island itself seems to ever be a part of the conflict as the very earth itself seeks sacrifice.

And across the lands, the Spirits walk.


Mainly, survive. You are a villager and are free to survive in any way you see fit. Be that a merchant, a bounty hunter, a low-ranked priest, or simply a wanderer out for your own, the choice is yours. The Island is a place where the law of the land is dog eat dog. Camaraderie is a foreign word, as is the term hero, or "Toa," in the Matoran dialect. Sides are being drawn and deception and kidnappings are becoming more and more frequent, even from the Turaga leaders. As the Guards defend the Koro's as best as they can, villagers are beginning to interact more with the wandering Spirits, turning to them in a last breath of desperation for help against the beasts. Whether the choice to approach one of these Spirits is wise remains to be seen.

Beware, criminals. Despite the seemingly lawlessness of The Island, the bounty hunters have a way of finding those they deem a threat to their power. High-level criminals and those caught in an act of blasphemy will be brought to Ta-Koro for judgement by Turaga Vakama and his right hand Jala, or worse - the High-Priest Karzahni. Whether you choose to be a missionary of Makuta, a hunted cultist of Mata Nui, or somewhere in between, watch your step.

No one is safe, and no one is sure. The Island is changing, and beasts are becoming smarter.

The question is not what will you do; the question is will you survive long enough to do it?


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The Island is a vast place, whose shores encompass terrain from seeping bogs to a massive, searing desert; from the heights of icy mountains to mines, deep beneath the earth, and from a blazing volcano to serene bays. Strange ruins of temples and statues can be found in the deepest and most secretive places on the island, as if to say "you are not welcome here." Regardless, the Matoran have made their homes here, and now they battle the very Island itself for their survival.



The skyline of Ta-Wahi is dominated by the imposing Mangai Volcano, under which rests Ta-Koro. To the west of the great volcano is the Tren Krom Break, which divides the fiery wastes of Ta-Wahi from icy Ko-Wahi, and to the north is the Ta-Wahi Beach, which separates Ta-Wahi and Ga-Wahi. This Wahi is typically characterized by blasted wastes and a red sky, tinged by the fires of the Mangai Volcano. However, the Charred Forest, burned in a great battle against a horde of Rahi, spans the southern end of the Wahi, where it connects with Le-Wahi. The Charred Forest is the domain of the mysterious Tahu, the Ghost of the Ash.


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The burning city of Ta-Koro is nestled in the massive volcanic crater of the Mangai Volcano, its citizens defended from Rahi attacks by the Mangai itself and the Ta-Koro Guard. But the guard also contends with problems from within, as Mata Nui cultists and sundry other scum from across the island have chosen to hide within its walls. Turaga Vakama and his Captain of the Guard, Jala have begun to crack down on crime, offering second chances to those who can prove themselves as worthy fighters in the Ta-Koro Stadium.



The serene shores of Ga-Wahi are likely one of the safest places on the island, the only sounds one hears are often the cries of seagulls and the crashing of waves. Naho Bay's waters are calm and undisturbed, hinting at no sign of life, and the forests inland are almost untouched by Rahi predation. The phantasmal Shade of the Coast, Gali, sometimes appears on the shores of her Wahi, prowling the seaside in the pale moonlight.


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Ga-Koro, village of the Endless Ocean, is now naught but ruins after a devastating Taravaka attack sunk the village to the bottom of the bay. The Ga-Koronans decided not to rebuild, instead moving further inland and learning the art of stealth and secrecy in imitation of the Shade of the Coast. They wander Ga-Wahi as nomads, often crossing into Ta-Wahi or returning to Ga-Koro in search of salvage.



The deserts that are Po-Wahi are utterly inhospitable to any stranger that might wander into its domain, and not even the nomadic Ga-Koronans dare to wander into its depths. The sun sears this wasteland of dunes, covering over the pitiful paths that the Matoran laid down in an attempt to master it. Rahi lurk in the sands, ready to ambush and kill any who trespass in their domain. Pohatu, Spirit of the Wastes, guards this desert.


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The ruins of Po-Koro are long empty, the ghosts of those slain in Rahi attacks whispering through the streets and across the empty Koli fields. The marketplace, once full of animals and merchants, is now slowly succumbing to the sandy blankets of the desert outside the shattered walls, and the stone huts of the Po-Koronans stand empty or broken. The Po-Matoran themselves have fled to Onu-Koro, but some enterprising Matoran essay into Po-Wahi and sometimes into Po-Koro itself in search of valuables to trade or use.



The tunnels of Onu-Wahi are byzantine and truly incomprehensible. Some safe passages are marked by lightstones on their walls, driving away Rahi, but others were carved by unseen horrors in the dark places beneath the earth, and only the most foolish enter those catacombs. Kofo-Jaga nests are hidden within the walls of the upper caverns, and once disturbed, they will pour upon the offender in a swarm of rage. However, not even they dare to nest in the deepest part of Onu-Wahi, where creatures never dreamed of by Matoran lurk. If you stray far enough from the lit path, you might run across the Eidolon of the Dark, Onua.


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The cavern city of Onu-Koro is one of the most populous places on the Island and it is similarly the most technologically advanced Koro. The Onu-Koronans have mastered the art of steam power, importing lava from Ta-Koro to keep their engines running at all times. Their mining machines are powered by steam, and their mining shafts are serviced by complex arrays of elevators, managed by batteries of steam engines. The Koro itself is often rather busy, and the Onu- and Po-Korans who live there are always busy. However, there are some rumors that the Onu-Korans are growing tired of outsiders, and many have been known to go silent or greet strangers with false pleasantry.



The icy mountains of Ko-Wahi are one of the most hostile places on the island, and their treacherous cliffs have been known to claim almost as many victims as the Muaka that hunt here. The Drifts are the most deceiving part of Ko-Wahi, as their pale white dunes hide jagged ravines which will suck the unwary Matoran into the chasms far below. Only a select few wander out into Ko-Wahi, and most of those travel to the North March, a well-mapped and less-treacherous part of the Wahi. Should one come across a Rahi, there is a slim chance that one might find the Specter of the Drifts, Kopaka, who hunts Rahi to take their pelts as trophies.


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Ko-Koro is a place of complete discipline and silence, ruled by Turaga Nuju. The village of frost has long since cut itself off from the rest of the island, the Ko-Korans preferring to seal themselves within the safe confines of their glacier home than to risk an encounter with the hostile Rahi that live in the savage wastes of Mt. Ihu. Most Matoran spend their time in silent contemplation in introspection or on the prophecies carved into the walls of Nuju's Sanctum.



The swamps of Le-Wahi are full of poisonous Rahi, ready to kill and eat an unwary Matoran without a moment's warning. Behind every leaf might lurk a predator, and every rustle of the wind through the trees might be a hunter ready to jump upon its prey. The bogs are full of false trails and sinkholes, and every safe-looking patch of grass could easily be a step to your doom. Even the most experienced Matoran are leery of the prospect of travelling through the swamps. The canopy of Le-Wahi is not much better, where Nui-Rama hunt in packs to kill their prey and return it to their towering hives. This Wahi is the stomping grounds of the Wild Wraith of the Sky, Lewa.


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The treetop village of Le-Koro is home to the elusive Sky Matoran and their Turaga Matau. They protect their village on the backs of tamed Kewa and Kahu, but foragers and scouts can sometimes be seen flitting through the highest branches of the Le-Wahi canopy. Unfortunately, few have ever entered Le-Wahi to try and meet the Le-Korans, and fewer have survived the perilous journey. Those exceedingly few Le-Korans who have wandered out of their Wahi have expressed unfamiliarity with the other Koros, aside from their mere existence.


Players can and only will be Matoran villagers. "Toa" do not exist here. The term itself is a forgotten one. You must choose your allegiance and profession and land of origin, but beyond that, you are mostly left to your devices to decide your fate. Remember, your choices truly matter in whether you survive in this place. Death is a frequent visitor, even on players. We will be watching, and if you do not watch your step you will be facing an untimely end. Think very carefully about who you face and how you face them, because this is not a game of power, but a game of wits.

Character Sheet:



Koro of Origin: (Ga/Ko/Ta/Onu/Po/Le only)

Occupation: (if any)

Weapon(s): (if any)

Brief Description (colors, mask, etc.) of appearance and history:

We fully encourage you choose an occupation of importance and utilize it well - we need bounty hunters to hunt down heretics, we need merchants who tinker away at new technology to ward off predators, we need explorers to seek new refuges within the abandoned temples scattered across the lands, we need cartographers to map out new territories and make new connections with other Koros, we need diplomats and tradesmen. We need hired guns and guards for bands traveling bearing goods. GMs will not be doing any of this - you will be tested however, but the better you grasp a role and make it your own, the "harder" it'll be for us to dispose of you if you become a vital part of the villager lifestyle. Take advantage of the sandbox-element of this and truly find your niche - the RPG depends on it.

You may also want to be careful on what you declare to be - character sheets are common knowledge, in-game and out. If you list yourself as a cultist, you will be known as that in-game and be hunted down within the first week, we guarantee it. We suggest you keep your motives and "true" allegiance to your posts and force us to find out who is who, detective style. In fact, you could even be a sleeper-agent within missionary-ranks secretly working for the cultists, or vice-versa. Keep secrets that we must find out to keep the story engaging - be prepared that anything posted can and will be used against you if you're not careful. That said, we like a bit conflict here and there.

Jam-sessions, or multi-person posts mostly written on a messenger program or PM, are also encouraged if you want to keep certain things secretive, like meetings between different cult-players, for example. No place on the Island is secret, so be careful, because if anyone takes a hunch on your true motives, they are more than welcome to act on it. We're looking at you, bounty hunters and hired guards.

Le-Korans have natural camouflage, Ga can hold their breath longer, Ta are more resistant to heat, Onu have sharper eyesight, Ko are more resistant to cold and Po are physically stronger. Use these to your advantage. RULES

* You can have a maximum of three characters. Remember however, if you do not keep your wits about you a character can be killed off in a flash - this is not a punishment (usually), but way of life on The Island. If you cannot face up to the trials of The Island, then that's that. Characters cannot be brought back from the dead or re-made, although there can be similarities. I suggest you pick very carefully traits for your characters that will increase the chances of survival. You can request to have a character to be killed off, or simply do it yourself if you wish to create a new character after reaching the three-limit capacity.

* As there are no powers, god-modding will be difficult, but still possible. Don't do it. If you're facing a giant Muaka alone with nothing but a rock, chances are you won't be making out of that fight alive unless you run or have some back up. We will be watching every fight and every step into dangerous territory. Treat these players like real people and treat every situation as a life or death situation, and act accordingly. If you really have no chance of surviving, and you choose to stay, or bend the rules of luck into your favor, you won't be surviving. Go into every confrontation with a fight or flight mentality, and be prepared to have an infallible fight plan or an infallible flight plan, because any holes or mistakes will be taken advantage of by the cunning Rahi, or anything worse you might fall upon.

* There will be one main in-game post, not several, to avoid running into complications with the current BZPRPG. In the main post, time stamps will be utilized to indicate place and time. For those new to the concept, a time stamp is a small stamp at the beginning of each post and change of time and or place, and looks like this, for example:

{Lewa, Le-Koro, Afternoon}


{Jala, Ta-Koro, Sundown}

* Be kind and helpful to new players - coach them when need-be and it will help in the long-run if groups start forming to protect one another. Lone wolves will quickly find that that path is a nigh-impossible one to maintain for long.

* No one can kill another player or NPC (including Rahi) without strict permission from the controlling player beforehand, unless it is your own character. If you kill off a character you plan on bringing back sometime, please let one of the GMs know in advance.

* Feel free to ask any questions to any of the GameMasters, which include myself, Lloyd, and Exalt (or CJ to vets).

* Other standard rules apply

* Have fun and be interesting - we're looking forward to you guys finding solutions to the problems and coming mysteries, and there will be little coaching from us. We will constantly challenge you, and we highly encourage you not telling us your plans so that we're just as surprised as you are when we spring things on you. However, if you're ever concerned about a particular option, always feel comfortable to broach it with us.

* Remember, we love you. It will be tough love at first, but smart players will be rewarded with very beneficial awards.

STORY CLARIFICATIONS (Dangers of Rahi and Spirits)

Although based on the island of Mata Nui, this is not a carbon copy of 2001 or the current BZPRPG plot. It is quite distinct and separate from the traditional mythology. There is no giant robot underneath this island. Kini-Nui is a hidden location yet to be discovered by any Matoran or Turaga, and there are plenty of mysteries that will crop up that are quite solvable by players. However, we are serious about the prospect of frequent deaths. Wit, cunning, and wisdom will be the things rewarded, not brute strength or arrogance. We will be paying attention.

Rahi are not the traditional size and shape either. They are huge in comparison to their canon-counterparts, truly of mythological and prehistoric proportions. Drawings and more visual representations will be added later. Think Shadow of the Colossus to get an idea.They are cunning and coordinated and will be controlled solely by GMs until certain players are rewarded with the ability. You are to control your Matoran and yours only unless given strict permission. Matoran are about human-height and Spirits several feet taller. Muaka can come as tall as ten-feet tall while standing on all fours, to get some perspective.

We must also clarify the "Spirits" (Tahu, Gali, etc.) are not the "Toa" you know. We highly suggest if you come across one you take into account you have no idea what you're going up against, and may pay the penalty for your lack of caution.

This entry will be fleshed out a little more in the coming days, but we hope you enjoy and can be excited for what we have to present. This has been a long time in the making and we are extremely excited to share this with you guys. This will likely be our last RPG and we wanted to go out with a bang.

Good luck, and may the true Great Spirit look down upon you in favor.

Our best,

Cap, Lloyd and CJ

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"Knowledge is the root of arrogance. Secrets are the stumbling blocks of the proud."


Part 1 of the Guardians Series


The misshapen Kanohi sat on the iron table, its blank eyes staring soullessly up at the onlookers. The Turaga of Water eyed it with a mix of wariness and weariness; the mark on it had been etched into his memory just as it had been etched upon the mask. It was an elegant, curving "S" shape, with a scythe coursing through the middle. Delmar had seen it before, so many ages ago.

The eight elders sat noiselessly around the table, none daring to utter a word. At length, the Vortixx Arima spoke up.

"This doesn't mean anything," she declared matter-of-factly, although her timorous tone stated otherwise. "Hundreds of Matoran know the mark, don't they? This could just be an elaborate prank designed to scare us."

"Sixteen dead bodies say it's anything but a prank," the Turaga of Stone declared solemnly, his face ashen at this unwanted discovery.

"There have been twenty-eight murders in my province over the last three weeks!" Arima cried, bristling a bit. "And I know for a fact that they were committed by the Blades. But what do you have? A couple of symbols and the testimony of some half-witted tohunga? It's baseless conjecture!"

"They're back," the Matoran of Air interrupted, his voice firm. "The sun told me so yesterday."

An uncomfortable silence followed.

"Well," Arima replied smugly, "that settles everything now, doesn't it?"

"You'll remember, Arima," Delmar began, looking over at her with his moon-rimmed spectacles. "That one time when Uderu predicted a bomb threat because the 'sea spoke to him.' You laughingly ignored it, and we all know how that turned out."

Arima's smug grin turned to a sour grimace, and she bit her tongue. Once more the council plunged into tacit, contemplative thought.

"We can't take this risk," the Toa of Fire said finally. "If the Shadow Lovers are back, and they really are responsible for these murders, then we can't just sit back and hope they don't exist. We need to hunt them down and end their terrorism before they gain enough traction to bring our republic into a state of war."

Six of the other elders nodded their heads in agreement. Arima still looked unconvinced.

"If you ask me, it's a waste of resources that could be better spent on another cause... like exterminating the Blades."

Delmar glanced over at her once more, a sad smile starting to form on his lips. "Arima, do you think I want this? Do you think I fervently desire for the Shadow Lovers to return? They, who are responsible for so much heartbreak and sorrow? Let it never be said of me that I am a wisher of violence! My only wish is to protect my people, and to insure their safety."

Arima became silent, not reassured but knowing it would be foolhardy to argue further. Delmar looked around at the panorama of faces gathered in the room, all of them solemn and grim.

"My friends," he said, steel entering his voice, "let's end these traitors once and for all."


Many ages ago, the Matoran arrived on the mysterious island of Mata Nui. Their origins, as well as the origins of the island, are unknown.The Turaga, six Matoran-like beings, assimilated the Matoran into six groups corresponding to their element and proceeded to populate the island.Two months after the Matoran made landfall, ferocious beasts known as Rahi attacked them, devastating their villages and leaving many wounded or slain. These Rahi, as would be revealed later, acted under the command of the shadow master, Makuta.Makuta’s crusade against the Matoran lasted for many months. His Rahi became a daily peril for the villagers, and in response they constructed feeble armies and fortresses to deter the attacks.The Matoran’s hope was steadily declining, but at length six Toa arrived upon the island and helped to fend off the insatiable Rahi. For a few weeks, the attacks stopped and the Toa ingratiated themselves into the Matoran society.After this brief pause in his onslaught, Makuta once again struck the Matoran, except this time he did so with Rahkshi, his powerful sons of shadow. The Rahkshi were even fiercer opponents than the Rahi, and the Toa themselves seemed unable to defeat them.In a desperate gamble, the Toa and the Matoran armies engaged Makuta in battle at his base, the temple of Kini-Nui in the heart of the island. The battle lasted for days, but the allied forces of the Matoran at last triumphed over the king of darkness.Joining Makuta at this battle were his heretofore unseen Matoran supporters, the 'Shadow Lovers.' One of their number - a Ta-Matoran named Tanuuk - slew three of the Turaga (Vakama, Nokama and Onewa) by stabbing them in the back. He was himself slain by Turaga Matau and has been known postmortem as the Betrayer.At this historic Battle of Kini-Nui, Makuta met death at the hands of the six Toa of Legend. The Rahi, released from their bondage, dispersed and ceased their attacks on the Matoran. The Rahkshi, fatherless and without purpose, retreated into Mangaia. The Shadow Lovers, now traitors to their own kind, fled into hiding, but not before their leader, the Po-Matoran Onerus, was captured and publicly executed.Free from the blight of Makuta, the Matoran colonies were now able to live in peace and prosperity. Three Matoran - Jaller of Ta-Koro, Hahli of Ga-Koro and Hewkii of Po-Koro - were chosen to replace the fallen Turaga as the leaders of their respective tribes.Having fulfilled their destiny, the six Toa of Legend requested to sail away from the island of Mata Nui to investigate their origins. Reluctantly, the Council of Elders consented, and the Toa's departure was met with many tears.Some hundred-odd years after the Toa's exodus, the Matoran discovered the underworld - a mysterious, expansive land that sat right underneath their own. There they found many strange and awe-inspiring species. The compliant ones - namely, the Skakdi, the Vortixx and the Steltians - were allowed passage to the surface. The bellicose were kept at bay in the underworld.A tri-century after this Great Discovery, the Great Deluge occurred. Pieces of the underworld's ceiling broke off and floated to the surface. The ensuing floods utterly demolished the underworld, killing thousands. The new islands formed by the Great Deluge were added to Mata Nui, which was renamed Magno Nui after its increased size.Seventy years after the Great Deluge, conflict once again struck Magno Nui. Verigos, the Steltian governor of the Nu-Wahi province, rallied many of the underworlders in a coup against the original Mata-Nuians. The Blades of Fate, as this rogue confederacy was called, stood poised to conquer the Matoran forces. As if in response to this, the Red Star, a mysterious fixture in the Magno Nui sky, cast storms of lightning upon the Matoran, creating eighty-odd new Toa. With these newfound warriors, the Matoran and their underworld allies easily quelled the Blades' rebellion.Seven-hundred years have passed since the Blades' uprising. The Matoran government, under the oversight of the eight elders, has strengthened. Industry is flourishing. Prosperity abounds.And yet, in the shadows, evil still lurks. The Blades of Fate have returned, albeit as a corporation of crime and villainy. The Shadow Lovers too have come out of hiding, stronger than ever, and with an impossible plan to resurrect their master, to release him from the grip of death itself...


In this RPG you will play as an inhabitant of the massive republic known as Magno Nui. You may join a faction, or you may roam the island on your own as a mercenary or a sojourner. The path is yours to choose; will you be a conformist, or will you strike out on your own, gaining followers, perhaps even forming your own faction over time? The choice lies before you.

If you choose to be neutral, then enjoy yourself wandering around Magno Nui and its islands; however, if you choose to join a faction, then you will be given special missions by me that will have a certain goal and will last for a predetermined duration of time. You can ignore these directives if you wish, but doing so could be detrimental to your faction. The outcome of missions - whether successful or disastrous - will affect how the story of Magno Nui progresses.

As role-players, you will have total freedom over what you wish to do in Magno Nui. The only things that I will control as game-master are as follows:

    [*]Faction leaders, important characters (NPCs).[*]Faction missions and directives.[*]Predetermined events, which will happen either at a preset time or as a reaction to a role-player's action.[/list]


    Republic of Magno-NuiThe all-encompassing government of the colossal island Mata Nui and its surrounding islets. The Republic is governed by eight elders, one from each province, elected every ten years. The elders serve as the republic's legislative branch as well as the heads of the two military branches. The Republic's judicial branch is headed by the Valigamut, a forty-member supreme court. The only branches that will concern the role-players, however, are the two military branches detailed below:
      [*]The Magisterium - The traditional military enforcers of Magno Nui, the Magisterium contains Toa, Matoran, and all known underworld races. Each member of the Magisterium has a universal authority to make arrests, as well as a license to kill if necessary.[*]The Archaeum - This branch of the republic has been considered unnecessary by some, and a laughingstock by others. Its members have been tasked with the preservation and study of ancient artifacts, in addition to the investigation of supposedly paranormal events. There are no Toa or underworlders among its ranks - its agents are entirely Matoran. Many of them still hold to the worship of the Great Spirit, a religion that most see as antiquated. In addition to their weapons of choice, standard equipment for Archaeum agents is as follows: Mind Rings, which enable telepathic communication between all Archaeum members, Vanishing Serum, which, when consumed, turns the drinker invisible for three minutes, Redeux Potion, which, when drunk, teleports the drinker to the gates of Archaeum Tower, and finally the Thought Bomb, a cranial implant that allows Archaeum agents to detonate themselves at will. The Archaeum have regained importance and authority in the wake of the Shadow Lovers' return.[/list]The Blades of FateFollowing their catastrophic defeat at the hands of the republic, the surviving Blades went into hiding, cowering in darkness and licking their wounds. They hid in various slums and grottos across Nu-Wahi, and for decades were too scared to venture out. As the manhunt for the Blades ebbed, however, they soon found the courage to regroup. They held secret conferences all over Nu-Wahi, contemplating their future and their leadership. Eventually, they chose a domineering Vortixx known as Lord Skalt to be their leader. They also concluded that a full-frontal assault on the Republic would be suicidal; instead, they decided to operate in the shadows, degrading the Republic as an ever-growing crime syndicate. Attracted by the Blades' quest, assassins, counterfeiters and all manner of scum began to join; Verigos's once-righteous crusade has since become a haven for theives and murderers. They strike at the Republic with their crimes, operating either under contract or out of spite.The Shadow LoversBetrayers, murderers, oath-breakers all... the Shadow Lovers have dwelt in Mangaia for centuries, biding their time until they were once again strong enough to challenge the Matoran. It seems that that time has now come; following the orders of their self-proclaimed regent, Vanum, the Shadow Lovers have at length made their presence known on Magno Nui, perpetrating random and disturbing acts of violence. But the Shadow Lovers are not content to exist only as a terrorist sect; no, they have a far more menacing goal: to resurrect their fallen master, Makuta. Their respect for him is borderline idolatrous; indeed, some do worship him as a deity. Vanum has even begun to make arrangements for Makuta's return: namely, he has regained the Rahkshi's obedience and reclaimed the Kanohi Kraahkan, the hallowed Mask of Shadows. The most terrifying development in the story of the Shadow Lovers, however, is how they themselves have grown in power. While they were once regular Matoran, they been transformed into something different by drinking " the blood of the father" - a mysterious green substance, the composition and source of which are known only to Vanum. The original Shadow Lovers, and all of their recent initiates, now stand at two bio tall, have much darker armor, have preternatural speed, strength and dexterity, can wield the elemental power of shadows, and possess one of Makuta's original powers.


      All across Magno Nui, there are secrets that have been dormant for years, relics of a bygone era... some hold inestimable powers; others bear curses too foul to give voice to. They have been labeled "artifacts," and it is the sole duty of the Archaeum to collect and protect them. But with things that are so powerful, there will inevitably be other interested parties...

      Aor CrystalsThese mysterious crystals have been found buried deep within the firmament of Mata Nui. They are found primarily in tube-like veins that weave all across the island. The crystals are unstable and unpredictable when exposed to oxygen, making them incredibly difficult to mine. All the crystals contain copious amounts of energy. Some strains of the gem have properties that initiate unique effects when applied to living organisms - namely, teleportation, invisibility, explosive combustion and, in the case of intelligent organisms, telepathic output. Since these crystals are dangerous when exposed to oxygen, they can only be handled and manipulated in pressurized environments. The Archaeum use chemically and mechanically altered Aor crystals to power the majority of their tech. Igni'kannThe origin of this ancient tract is unknown; some of the Archaeum suspect that it's older than the Matoran themselves. It details the location of an item that has the ability to heal any wound, even to undo death itself. At some point in Mata Nui's history, the scroll broke into several pieces. The Archaeum possess three of these shards, but there are an indefinite amount of them still scattered across the island.

      Characters of Note (NPCs)

      Name: Rexut.Race: Toa of Fire.Gender: Male.Allegiance: Republic of Magno Nui; Council of Elders.Appearance: A stocky, short Toa of Fire with silver armor and a bright silver Kanohi Kadin. Powers: Elemental power over fire, Kanohi Kadin, preternatural swordsmanship.Weakness: Nimbly built; can't withstand blunt force very well.Equipment: Rexut wields a one-handed, two-edged short sword with a leather-covered hilt and a ruby pommelstone. He also carries a round copper shield with serrated edges; it is quite aerodynamic, and Rexut often uses it as a projectile.Bio: Hundreds of years prior to the current day, Rexut was a simple construction worker, using the lava flows to create strong, smooth huts for the residents of Ta-Koro. Even through the times of the Great Discovery and the Great Deluge, he kept to his job, preferring a simple, hard-working life to a life of adventure. All of that changed upon the rebellion of the Blades of Fate; Rexut was one of the Matoran transformed into a Toa by the Red Star's mysterious power. When the Blades marched upon Ta-Koro, Rexut was the first to defend his home, launching into battle with unrivaled courage. He led the charge into the Blades' ranks, dexterously scything them down like so many stalks of wheat. His many years spent handling tools gave him an instant advantage in battle, as he wielded his sword with skill and efficiency. For his brave leadership, Rexut was awarded the position of the Commander of Toa. Later on, this position metamorphosed into "Executive Head of the Magisterium." Finally, upon the passing of Jaller, Rexut was elected as his replacement in the Council of Elders. Rexut still retains his position as head of the Magisterium. Name: Delmar.Race: Turaga of Water.Gender: Male.Allegiance: Republic of Magno Nui; Council of Elders.Appearance: A thin, wiry Turaga, standing about half-a-bio tall. His face is wizened and withered, and his brilliant blue eyes sit encased behind a pair of half-moon spectacles.Powers: Limited control over the element of water, Noble Kanohi Iden. He also has limited and vague powers of precognition. Weakness: Extremely old and frail; inferior in combat.Equipment: His Turaga staff, through which he can channel his elemental powers. He also carries a scimitar, although he cannot use it with much skill. Bio: To begin with, Delmar was an oddity. A male Ga-Matoran was almost unheard of at the inception of Mata Nui, but the young Matoran took his differences in stride and didn't think twice about this conundrum. Even from his youth, Delmar was a smart Matoran, with a vast knowledge and a biting wit. He became Turaga Nokama's right-hand Matoran, helping her to plan out and annex the different areas of Ga-Koro. Delmar became many things - a politician, an architect, a teacher. But the one thing he didn't plan on becoming was a warrior; but when the Red Star let loose its storms, that's exactly what happened. Upon becoming a Toa, Delmar rushed to Ta-Koro to defend the Blades' imminent attack. There he paired with Rexut, and the two of them carved bloody lines through the ranks of the Blades. Afterwards, he returned to Ga-Koro and resumed his life as normal, except now serving as a guardian for his home. Following a devastating tsunami on the Ga-Wahi coast, Delmar drained his Toa power and reverted to his Turaga form in order to heal dozens of crippled Ga-Matoran. Upon Hahli's death, Delmar was almost unanimously chosen as her successor in the Council of Elders.Name: Uderu.Race: Le-Matoran.Gender: Male.Allegiance: Republic of Magno Nui; Council of Elders.Appearance: A short, broad-shouldered Le-Matoran with a dazzling gold monocle over his left eye. His armor is entirely dark green.Powers: Very limited control over the element of air, skilled marksman.Weakness: Easily outmatched in hand-to-hand combat.Equipment: Seeing as he's head of the Archaeum, Uderu carries all of the standard Archaeum equipment. In addition to this, he carries a poison blowpipe which doubles as a bo staff, and a polymorphic cloak that allows him to be easily camouflaged.Bio: Uderu is eccentricity incarnate; everything about him seems exaggerated. He wears a pair of spectacles that is much to big for his head. He's constructed towers and towers of books in his Archaeum office, in addition to the dozens of bookshelves he already has. He rises and meditates every morning before proceeding to hunt Kewa for his breakfast. He sleeps inside an apparatus that hangs upside-down from his office ceiling. And, perhaps most bizarrely of all, the Le-Matoran love him. Even in his youth, Uderu was extremely popular - he was a masterful comedian and a splendid hunter. But following the advent of the Blades of Fate, Uderu's legacy rose to nearly astronomical levels. Despite being woefully outmatched, Uderu marched to the frontlines of the Ta-Koro army to face the oncoming Blades horde. Armed with only a poison blowpipe and some smoke bombs, Uderu haphazardly charged the opposition, dodging their attacks and making quick work of them like a seasoned assassin. Of the hundred-thirty warriors that fought for Ta-Koro that day (eighty-one of them being Toa), Uderu came in twelfth in kill count. For his unbelievable performance, he was chosen as head of the Archaeum, which was newly formed at the time. Uderu accepted the position with immeasurable glee. After Turaga Matau perished, Uderu was chosen as his successor in a landslide vote. Uderu still holds his position as head of the Archaeum.Name: Odahii.Race: Turaga of Stone.Gender: Male.Allegiance: Republic of Magno Nui; Council of Elders.Appearance: Far bulkier than Turaga Delmar, Turaga Odahii is also slightly taller, standing at about 3/4 of a bio tall. A deep scar runs diagonally down his right cheek.Powers: Limited control over the element of stone, Noble Kanohi Kakama.Weakness: Odahii harbors an inexplicable fear of large bodies of water, i.e. seas, lakes or rivers.Equipment: His Turaga staff, through which he channels his elemental powers, and a pair of limestone nunchucks.Bio: Odahii is the very epitome of reluctance. He eked out a very simple existence in the early days of Po-Wahi; he worked as a sculptor, carving busts and statues and, if required, pillars and bricks for houses. He was a skilled artist, and would be happy to sculpt from sunup to sundown. Thus, when he was transformed into a Toa by the Red Star, he was none too happy about it. Some think that he channeled this frustration into pure battle-rage when he faced the Blades of Fate at Ta-Koro; he came away with the highest kill count, slaying nearly 1,000 of their number with a rusty halberd and his trusty nunchucks. Some expected him to become a warrior after this historic battle, but instead he went right back to sculpting. When Hewkii died, and for lack of a better candidate, the Po-Matoran chose him as their representative Elder. He accepted the position, albeit half-heartedly.Name: Elik. Race: Toa of Ice.Gender: Male.Allegiance: Republic of Magno Nui; Council of Elders. Appearance: Lanky and slightly disproportionate; his feet are extremely large, his hands no bigger than a Matoran's, his legs extremely long and his arms short and bulky. He wears a pearly white Kanohi Pakari carved into the shape of a Great Kanohi Iden.Powers: Elemental power over ice, Kanohi Pakari. Weakness: Elik relies mostly on brute strength in combat, not skill. Thus, a more dexterous opponent can usually outmaneuver and outclass him. Equipment: Elik carries three tomahawks bearing the following affectionate names: Skull-chopper, Head-cleaver, and Brain-juicer. His real joy and pride, however, is his battle-hammer, which he has inexplicably named Henri the Indefatigable.Bio: Elik was always battle-hungry; even as a youth, he would brawl whenever he could, simply to prove his mettle as a fighter. He grew strong and skilled as a result; he was a legendary wrestler all across Mata Nui. When he became a Toa, however, he really got to satisfy his bloodlust. He dashed to Ta-Koro with his aforementioned weapons, eager to spill the blood of any Blades he found. He must've posed an intimidating figure to the Blades; he was adorned with strange headdresses and bracelets made from Rahi bones, and warpaint coated nearly every inch of his body. And although he lost to Odahii in kill count - a fact he's still sore about - he won the award hands-down for most gruesome kills. Some of the tamer ones are as follows: He pulverized a Steltian's skull, sending his brains sailing for hundreds of feet before coming to a halt. He shattered a Skakdi's ribcage with the flat of his hammer. Finally, he ripped out a Vortixx's spinal column and beat a Skakdi to death with it. He won his people's undying respect, if more out of fear than love. When Turaga Nuju died, he was chosen as his successor in the Council of Elders, narrowly beating out a milder candidate.Name: Suvoko.Race: Turaga of Earth.Gender: Male.Allegiance: Republic of Magno Nui; Council of Elders.Appearance: A humble-looking, bespectacled Turaga with a slight paunch. He is the shortest of all the elders, standing at only 1/3 of a bio tall.Powers: Limited elemental power over earth, Noble Kanohi Mahiki. Weakness: Suvoko is very inexperienced in physical combat, preferring to deal with his foes mentally instead.Equipment: Turaga staff through which he can channel his elemental powers, and a dagger.Bio: Before becoming a Toa, Suvoko owned a hardware store in Onu-Koro. He was a sly character and a brilliant salesman, often making monumentous gains on second-rate items. Although he was a notorious cheapskate, he was also a dedicated worker and would always get the Onu-Matoran what they wanted, if for a higher price than they would have liked. For this reason, he gained the begrudging respect of his fellow Matoran, and became something of a miniature celebrity in Onu-Koro. When the Red Star unleashed its lightnings upon the Matoran, Suvoko was one of the few Onu-Matoran struck by it. He was extremely reticent to take up the mantle of a warrior, so it took much arguing from his fellow Onu-Toa to persuade him. At the battle of Ta-Koro, he did not face the Blades in a full-frontal charge, but rather hung back and used his illusions to confuse and disrupt the Blades' offensive. Unlike Odahii, Suvoko did not return to his profession after the battle, but rather took up the role of a politician in Onu-Koro, making subtle power plays against Turaga Whenua regarding the future direction of the city. After Whenua's death, Suvoko ran a slick and beligerent campaign that almost single-handedly won him the election for successor. Since Suvoko has gained control of Onu-Koro, he has been an outspoken opponent of the city's mining industry, preferring instead to turn Onu-Koro into a commercial attraction.Name: Lady Arima.Race: Vortixx.Gender: Female.Allegiance: Republic of Magno Nui; Council of Elders.Appearance: Tall, imperious and imposing. Her hair is pulled back into a braid that runs down her back all the way to her waist. Powers: Physical dexterity, stealth, forceful negotiator and manipulator.Weakness: Lady Arima is very proud, and can be easily baited into acting before she ought.Equipment: A tall battle-spear that stands at least one bio taller than she does. A third of its length is comprised of a steel blade. She also carries smoke bombs and sulfurous red powder that causes its victims to cough nigh uncontrollably.Bio: Before the Great Discovery, Arima worked as a craftswoman in Xia, one of the underworld countries. She worked alongside her male compatriots to rebuild their broken world, which had apparently once been glorious but had fallen into disarray. In addition to being a skilled craftswoman, Arima was also a vicious warrior. Whenever her foundries were attacked, she defended them fiercely. Her fellow craftsmen deeply respected her, and she acted as their intensely loyal protector. When the Great Discovery occurred, Arima led her followers to the surface-world, albeit with reticence. Her proficiency as a stateswoman and a regent were soon noted, and she was appointed to be one of the aides of Verigos, the governor of Nu-Wahi. She caught wind of his treacherous plan against the Mata-Nuians and fled Nu-Wahi, siding with the Matoran in the battle of Ta-Koro. After the Blades' crushing defeat, Arima skillfully talked them into giving up their rebellion and submitting once more to the Matoran government. For her acts of fealty and bravery, she was awarded the position of governor of Nu-Wahi.Name: Jejuna. Race: Toa of Electricity.Gender: Female.Allegiance: Republic of Magno Nui; Council of Elders.Appearance: Slightly taller than Rexut, but not as tall as Elik. She wears bright gold armor that clashes slightly with her yellow exoskeleton.Powers: Elemental power over electricity, Kanohi Komau.Weakness: Jejuna is guilty of naivete, and can be easily fooled. Equipment: Katana, lasso.Bio: Originally, Jejuna grew up as a member of the Ta-Koro tribe, believing herself to be a female Matoran of Fire. Needless to say, her attractiveness, coupled with her proximity to so many males, made her quite the heartbreaker in Ta-Koro. What made her even more desirable was her untarnished spirit; Jejuna was a wide-eyed dreamer, spending her time fantasizing and writing novellas instead of toiling away like her fellow Ta-Matoran. She seemed absolutely content and happy all the time, and not once could she bring herself to criticize someone else. She was, almost entirely, perfection. Thus, some considered it a great loss when the Red Star transformed her into a Toa. After all, nowhere was innocence more often lost than on the battlefield. Nevertheless, she emerged from the battle of Ta-Koro more energized than ever, and with a newfound sense of adventure. Bidding farewell to her home, she roamed Magno Nui, seeking out conflict wherever it dwelt. She became a wandering vigilante, fighting evil independently of the Magisterium. When the governor of Ka-Wahi was assassinated, she threw her name in for consideration as his successor, seeing the gubernatorial position as just another opportunity for adventure. With no other candidates daring to take over the infamous island, she was given the job by default.Name: Lord Skalt.Race: Vortixx.Gender: Male.Allegiance: Blades of Fate. Appearance: Shorter than Arima and slightly thinner. He has bright green eyes and serrated white teeth. His armor is entirely black slave the green breastplate and gauntlets that he boasts.Powers: Skilled swordsman and marksman, highly developed sense of sound.Weakness: Lord Skalt is fiercely arrogant, often ignoring flaws in his plans or weaknesses in his defenses. He also has a troublesome tendency to underestimate his opponents.Equipment: Two-handed, double-edged broadsword and a launcher that shoots explosive Madu fruit. Bio: In the days before the Great Discovery, Skalt worked as a craftsman in Xia. Although he was a fine worker, he was a sociopath at best. He absolutely despised his coworkers and at one point tried to drown one of them in molten iron. The foreman of the foundry, Lady Arima, immediately discharged him, and the governor of Xia banished him from the island. He sailed off to the island Odina, where he fell in with a group of mercenaries. He developed a talent as an assassin, and soon made a business of it. When the Great Discovery occurred, he opted to travel to the surface-world once he learned that Arima was heading there. He bided his time in Nu-Wahi, looking for a prime opportunity to assassinate the Lady. He tried at one point, but failed humiliatingly and retreated, hiding away for many years before he resumed his work as a hitman. When the Blades of Fate were formed, he was one of the first to sign up, both to satisfy his bloodlust and to get back at Lady Arima. When the Blades were routed at Ta-Koro and Verigos was slain, Skalt took it upon himself to nurture the Blades back to health. He is their de-facto leader, and he bears the title "Lord" as a taunt towards Lady Arima. He has set up the Blades as an amoral crime syndicate, but he has a long-term goal of overthrowing Nu-Wahi and slaying Lady Arima.Name: Vanum.Race: Mutated Matoran; "Shadow-lover."Gender: Male.Allegiance: The Shadow Lovers and, ultimately, Makuta. Appearance: Vanum is entirely black, almost darker than shadow itself. His eyes are a dull green, but in times of anger they glow a magnificent crimson. His face is nigh indistinguishable, and he wears a helmet that is reminiscent of a Kanohi Kualsi.Powers: Significantly enhanced speed, strength and agility, control over the element of shadows, the ability to slow the movements of nearby enemies. Weakness: He is extremely averse to light, preferring to work at night whenever possible.Equipment: He wields twin battle-axes.Bio: Vanum was once a simple Onu-Matoran who mined iron ore in the outskirts of Onu-Koro. He was always ambitious, and talked constantly about what he would do differently if he were Turaga Whenua. He invented dozens of schemes and plans that he was sure would weaken Makuta's stranglehold on the island. However, one day Vanum's minecart broke and he went flying off the rails, landing on the hard, black rock hundreds of feet below. It was then that he was approached by none other than the Master of Shadows himself; Makuta claimed that he would spare Vanum's life, upon the condition that he would visit him every day henceforth in a secret chamber near Onu-Koro. This Vanum did, with the original intention of killing Makuta. But Vanum was soon seduced by the pronged words of Makuta; before too long he was an avid disciple of shadows, changing his plans from Makuta's downfall to the Turaga's. Upon Makuta's urging Vanum gathered a group of Matoran and brought them to Makuta, who quickly turned them as he had with Vanum. The group became known as the Shadow Lovers; a fellowship of Makuta's followers. They elected one of their number, the fierce Po-Matoran Onerus, as their head. After Makuta's downfall at the Battle of Kini-Nui, Vanum fostered the remaining Shadow Lovers within the secret chambers of Mangaia, where he found many hidden secrets and scrolls. It was he who discovered the formula for the "blood of the father," and he too who plotted Makuta's resurrection. Time will only tell if the latter will succeed.


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      ^Click above for a full map of Magno Nui!^


      Ta-Wahi is a vast stretch of land that is multifaceted in its uses and appearance. On the shores of the lava flows, and in the areas nearer the volcano Mangaia, the ground is grey and ashen and the air is thick with smoke. These subregions are populated mainly by Ta-Matoran, or any other being sturdy enough to brave the fires and the sulfur. On the other hand, there are also many plains in Ta-Wahi, which are home to verdant crops fed by bounteous volcanic soil. Finally, there are the beaches, long stretches of white sand that border a voluminous blue sea. These regions are the most temperate of any in the Magno Nui mainland, making them prime real estate for Matoran looking for a life of comfort.
        [*]The San'durst Vineyards - These vineyards, originally pioneered by a Toa of Plant Life named San'durst, encompass much of Ta-Wahi's greener areas. These vineyards are privately owned and operated, and they produce some of the most decadent fruit known to Magno Nui.[*]The Fire-tongue - The largest lava river in all of Ta-Wahi. [*]Ta-Koro - A heavily fortified lavaside city. Four stone walls encompass it, their parapets lined with Madu launchers. The Fire-tongue flows through its center, with cool obsidian bridges superimposed over it. The most definining features of the city are its Magisterium tower, a tall spire in the northwest corner of the city, its library, one of the vastest in all of Magno Nui, and Maora's tavern, a sprawling complex of buildings that house fiery liquors of all varieties. [*]The Iron Crown - A hexagonal iron penitentiary that sits in the widest berth of the lava river. The most compliant prisoners are chained to the top of the penitentiary, where they live out their sentence raising buckets of lava on a pulley system. Other prisoners have to work inside the prison, within suffocatingly heated rooms. Unruly prisoners are tossed down onto the lowest level of the prison, where the floors and the walls are all white-hot with lava.[*]Ta-Mesa - A lavaside shantytown southwest of Ta-Koro. It is a prominent dock for lavaships or other travelers, and has a notoriously high crime rate. Its economy relies mainly on smuggled goods and liquor.[*]The Ascans - A collection of dozens of old, decrepit stone huts that lie alongside the Fire-tongue. Their origin is unknown. Nowadays, they act as the home for poor Ta-Matoran or ascetic hermits.[*]The Great Telescope - A mysterious observatory on one of the crags overlooking the Ta-Wahi beaches. It is currently being manned and protected by a handful of Archaeum agents.[/list]Ga-WahiUnlike Ta-Wahi, Ga-Wahi's climate is singularly suited. Its beaches are vaster than Ta-Wahi's but are regularly plagued by storms and tsunamis. The wet climate extends further inland, where one can find a bevy of swamps and marshes. Some thick jungles also jut out of the region's landscape, fed by near-continuous rainfall. The region is also splintered by hundreds of streams, rivers, brooks and lakes. This expansive wetness, while distasteful to some, makes Ga-Wahi one of the most prosperous regions in the whole of Magno Nui.
          [*]The Ilian Fields - "Fields" is something of a misnomer here. In reality, these fields are marshy plains that are covered in a bio of standing water. While this would be detrimental for normal crops, its actually ideal for growing waterbound plants like kelp and watercress. It is also a prime location to raise fish and other water-breathing Rahi. Thus, these fields are dotted by various farms, which are fenced off by a holey mesh, so as not to mix the plants and the plant-eating Rahi.[*]Naho Bay - The largest bay in all of Magno Nui, Naho Bay is an immense body of water. Its shores are dotted by numerous shantytowns and docks, in addition to the region's capitol, Ga-Koro.[*]The Hura-Mata River - The largest river of water across Magno Nui. It feeds off into numerous streams and brooks that spread throughout Ga-Wahi.[*]Fagu Swamp - A nasty, mostly unexplored bog that houses many terrible varieties of Rahi. In addition to having countless sinkholes, most of the plants that grow in the swamp are highly toxic. A small village has been built above it, supported by trees and log pillars in the tradition of Le-Koro, albeit more dangerous. A minute Magisterium office sits in this village, with the sole aim of developing biochemical weapons from the nasty toxins of the swamp.[*]Ga-Koro - A sprawling complex of huts, schoolhouses and towers, Ga-Koro is not exactly what one would call a metropolis. Unlike Ta-Koro, Ga-Koro is militarily inadequate, boasting only footsoldiers and a few squadrons of archers scattered throughout. Most of the buildings are extremely close together, and vendors make the cramped streets nigh impassable. Despite this, Ga-Koro is one of the most economically booming cities in Magno Nui, thriving not on commerce but sheer agricultural output. The most prominent features of the city are its auction house, a crowded rectangular hall on the seaside border, and its university, which has over sixty professors.[*]Serenity - A collection of schoolhouses deep within Ga-Wahi. The professors here are extremely stern, punishing overt tomfoolery with instant expulsion. It is where extremely devoted students go to perfect all the standard practices of the laws and sciences.[*]Black Kan's Hand - Originally the hideout of a Skakdi pirate named "Black Kan," this ramshackle wooden building, built atop a murky marsh, now serves as a meeting-place for members of the Blades of Fate. Its existence is known only to the Blades of Fate, and it is one of their most closely guarded secrets.[*]The Wall of Triumph - A tremendous stone wall that lines the southern shore of Naho Bay. It acts as the main military center of Ga-Wahi, boasting both a Magisterium and Archaeum garrison. Its parapets are lined with long-range ballistae, catapults, trebuchets, and Madu launchers to debilitate enemy ships.[*]V'rushka - A mysterious jungle which is home to many species of carnivorous Rahi. It is mostly unexplored. An Archaeum outpost sits on the edge of V'rushka.[/list]Le-WahiNearly the entirety of Le-Wahi is covered in thick, oppressive overgrowth. There are only a handful of areas where one can see sunlight touching the ground. The floor of the jungle is extremely treacherous to maneuver, and thus only soldiers or warriors are wont to do so. The main proponents of the economy are hunting, of which the Le-Matoran do much, and commerce. Le-Koro is home to some of the most talented artists and musicians in the whole of Magno Nui.
            [*]Skywatch - Skywatch is Le-Wahi's most noteworthy military outpost. It's octagonally-shaped, crafted entirely out of logs and wood, and held together by extremely adhesive pine resin. It is also airbound - it's held aloft in the sky by seventeen hot air balloons, and anchored to the ground by one massive weight the rests on the forest floor. This weight is heavily guarded by a bevy of Madu launchers. Numerous rope ladders run from the ground to Skywatch, serving as reliable but easily severed modes of transportation. Skywatch has both an Archaeum and a Magisterium garrison. It also has a Gukko force that is comprised of members from both military branches. Needless to say, parachutes are mandated equipment for all Skywatch officers.[*]Le-Koro - This treetop village stands suspended over the jungle, held in place by resin, ropes, pillars and prayers. It's extremely expansive, covering over one-third of Le-Wahi's total surface area. It is protected not by a massive military force but by classic Le-Matoran cunning. Much of Le-Koro can be sent crashing to the ground if it gets invaded, via special remotely detonated explosives. Numerous towers dot the city, which are alighted by watchful archers and marksmen. The most outstanding features of Le-Koro are its music hall, where many musicians have proven their mettle, and its game preserve, a small area annexed for the sole purpose of hunting and selling game.[*]Archaeum Tower - Although it is in Le-Koro, Archaeum Tower is notable enough to be described separately. Archaeum Tower is the tallest structure in all of Magno Nui, although it technically stands lower than Skywatch. Its entirety is covered by Madu launchers and ballistae. Its foundation is surrounded by a circular wall, with only one gateway. Only Archaeum agents and Elders are allowed inside of the tower.[*]The Den - This is another of the Blades' notorious hideouts on the Magno Nui mainland. It consists of a hollowed out chamber inside of a massive cedar underneath Le-Koro. It is accessible from only three entrances: a linear chute that begins at the top of the cedar, a tunnel from Onu-Wahi that leads up from the bottom, and a hidden doorway that stands about 1 bio off the forest floor. The Den is normally used as a hideaway for hunted Blades, while Black Kan's Hand is used as a meeting-place.[*]Le-Vadu - This is truly an oddity in Le-Wahi: a village that sits entirely on the Le-Wahi jungle floor. Le-Vadu is the shantytown that borders Lake Kanae, the largest lake in Le-Wahi and one of the largest lakes in all of Magno Nui. Le-Vadu's economy rests almost entirely on the fishing industry that the lake facilitates, but it does also house some taverns and a theater in which down-on-their-luck musicians can perform.[*]Agrippa Castle - Named after the heroic Toa of Stone that built it, this mighty stone fortr
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Nightmare City

Death has permeated this wretched city. It has seeped into the ground, flows through the water, spread into the air. The dead have become the living in this city.


It started with a scream. The scream of Turaga Dume as he fell to the ground, knife planted in the small of his back. The scream of the guards, rushing in to save their principal, not knowing they were running to their inevitable doom. The collective and silent scream of the population of Metru Nui, as they saw what their beloved city had turned into.

The screams of all those who didn’t win the game.


Ranak. Once an unknown, has become the most recognized name in all of Metru Nui. It was he who assassinated Turaga Dume, he who took control of Metru Nui, and he who turned it into a pit of despair.

But let us start at the beginning. The Great Spirit Mata Nui is dying. The Toa Nuva left in order to find the legendary Mask of Life, hoping to save their protector, and complete their destiny.But in their absence, the city has been left almost completely unprotected. Only Takanuva remains, but he will not be nearly enough. Thus, the Turaga initiate Operation: Toa-Hero. Massive shipments of Toa Stones arrive, and with them, the potential for an entire army of Toa.

An army it is. Matoran flood the streets, eager for the chance to protect their new home, the chance to become heroes, a thirst for power, or a combination of the three. Among them, a lone Ko-Matoran, not a scholar, not anyone you may have heard of. A nobody. A Matoran, known as Ranak.

Flooded with new power, Ranak saw the newfound admiration in the Matoran’s eyes, regarding their new savior. Drunk with power, he accomplishes deed after deed for the masses, protecting their city time and time again. He became an emblem of all that Toa stood for.

But it wasn’t enough. He needed to be able to look down and see the entire population stare up at him, and tremble. He wanted to see if these Matoran, these truly inferior beings, could survive the harsh world, without the sword and shield of the Toa.

A plan was hatched. An army assembled.

As all this went on, more and more species began immigrating into Metru Nui. Skakdi, Vortixx, you name it. Many were bitter and resentful of the Matoran, and Ranak used that to his advantage, forming his own army, known as the Beings of Peace. It was a secret group, who trained in the sub-levels of the Archives, away from prying eyes.

When they struck, they struck like lightning. Any and all exits to the city were sealed, trapping the inhabitants from escaping. An assault group broke into the Coliseum, murdering all seven Turaga in cold blood. This day, forever known as the Reckoning, would mark a new dawn for Metru Nui.

The dawn of hopelessness.

The Nightmare games were instated, pitting every inhabitant of Metru Nui against each other, for the reward of freedom from this wretched place. The Beings of Peace kept everyone in line, ensuring that the games ran smoothly.

But these new contestants won’t give up so easily. Led by the exile, Takanuva, a rebel militia was born, dubbed ‘The Anarchy’. Their goal: to overthrow Ranak, and to free the city from his grip.Now, the city fights to survive. It’s fate, rests in your hand. Will you rebel, with the Anarchy? Will you enforce, as a Being of Peace? Or are you just one of the many trying to survive in this harsh new world?


The Beings of Peace - Led by the ruthless (and very insane) Ranak, the Beings of Peace are the absolute authority in Metru Nui. It is they, who plant the caches of food, medicine and supplies, in various sectors of the city, tempting survivors to risk life and limb for them. It is advised to fear them, and never to provoke them. They are not against making the competition one less full.The Anarchy- For every light, there is a corresponding shadow. The Anarchy, led by the great Takanuva, has only one goal: to defeat Ranak, and restore the city to whence it was. Originally just a rabble of like-minded rebels, it has since grown into a dedicated and mature militia.The Tinkers- While not technically a faction, they are still a force to be reckoned with. They were developed by Ranak in order to ‘spice up the games’. Deadly, vicious machines, intent on killing anything that crosses them, they know no allies. Beings of Peace, Anarchists, even other Tinkers are not safe from their clutches.


Name-RanakGender-MaleSpecies-ToaAlignment-Beings of PeaceEquipment-A large, serrated swordKanohi-SuletuPowers-Elemental control over icePersonality-Sadistic, insane, condescending, self-righteous, depraved with delusions of grandeurAppearance-A thin, tall, bone-white Toa, with his sword strapped to his back. His overall appearance is not unlike that of a skeleton.Biography-Once a not-well-respected Matoran, during Operation: Toa-Hero, he was one of many who became Toa. He loved his job and the glory it entailed, but it was not enough for him. So, he assembled himself a secret army, composed of disgruntled outlanders, trapping and enslaving the residents of Metru Nui.He created the Nightmare Games, pitting each resident against the other, for nothing more than his own entertainment.Weakness-He’s utterly insane, for one thing. Also, he’s an egomaniac, who doesn’t like being told what to do, even by his own advisors.Name-XaleGender-MaleSpecies-SkakdiAlignment-Beings of PeaceEquipment-A massive Cordak blasterKanohi-n/aPowers-Elemental control over lightning (in conjunction with another Skakdi), as well as impact visionPersonality-Brutal, but very honorable in his fighting style. He’s coarse and sarcastic most of the time, a trait he developed to shield any weakness he may have.Appearance-Your typical silver Skakdi. His only distinct feature is the scar over his left eye.Biography-Once a respected general on Zakaz, until a Toa raid decimated his forces, leaving him nothing but a petty warlord. Promising him amnesty for his crimes ‘against humanity’ if he agreed, the Toa and Matoran offered him a job as a military strategist in Metru Nui. Reluctantly, he agreed.Xale was good at his job, but his hatred for the Toa was still glowing red-hot inside of him. So when Ranak offered him a job as the Captain of the Beings, he leapt at the chance to humiliate the Toa, like they had done to him.Weakness-For one thing, his hatred for Toa leads him to take insane risks to kill as many of them as possible. For another thing, Ranak’s whole agenda goes against Xale’s system of honor, leading him to have certain reservations over some of his leader’s more...controversial orders.Name-TakanuvaGender-MaleSpecies-ToaAlignment-The AnarchyEquipment-His classic spear of light, as well as a broadsword (similar to Jaller Mahri’s)Kanohi-HauPowers-Elemental control over lightPersonality-Generally upbeat, but the current situation has (spiritually) aged him, making him much more cynical.Appearance-Retaining his first appearance, but with grey armor instead of gold.Biography-He was originally the leader of the newfound Toa army. He did his job well, until the Reckoning, when he launched an ill-advised strike attack on the Coliseum, only to have his forces destroyed, and himself labelled an exile.Ranak took his mask, and flung him into the Nightmare games to fend for himself. He was almost o the verge of death, when he was saved by a Ga-Matoran named Del. Her bravery and generosity inspired him to form the Anarchy, with her as his most trusted lieutenant.Weakness-He is still haunted by the guilt and self-loathing following his failed attack on the Coliseum. This can cause him to be reluctant to give orders to his troops, and can cripple his fighting style.Name-DelGender-FemaleSpecies-MatoranAlignment-The AnarchyEquipment-A dagger and a disk launcherKanohi-RuruPowers-n/aPersonality-Usually optimistic about the future, and so believes in helping others. Her bravery and generosity know few bounds, but despite that, she is a shrewd military mind.Appearance-Your typical Ga-Matoran.Biography-Before the Reckoning, Del was a simple clerk, just another Matoran in Metru Nui. She didn’t volunteer for Operation:Toa Hero, as she thought her goal in life was best suited as a Matoran.Once the Games began, she was lucky. Del was fairly well-off, and so was able to survive for a short while longer than some others. Soon, however, she realized there were many out there who truly needed help, and the Matoran dedicated herself to aiding them anyway she could.Weakness-Her only real flaw is that she believes in the goodness in people, until she’s forced to end the delusion.


Ta-Metru- Due to neglect, this former beacon of industrial strength has been rendered a near-deathtrap. Most of the forges have long since been destroyed and the majority of the streets have been drowned in molten protodermis. There are still some navigable routes, but they few and far between.Most people are wise to avoid this district, but some of daring (or crazy) come in hopes of finding any surviving weaponry or other objects.Ga-Metru- This district is deep in Anarchy territory. Hardly as innocent as it once was, it is still much less touched by the Games, compared to some other places. It has become a veritable fortress, impervious to almost any attack.While the canals still run, they have been polluted by the ravages of war, and much of the potable water has been diverted to the Great Temple, which serves as the Anarchy’s main base of operations.Onu-Metru- This is possibly the most populated Metru in the city.With more than enough places in which to hide, it is ideally suited for those less capable of protecting themselves. And most aren’t against using the many Rahi exhibits here to avoid starvation. Many have even set up makeshift camps for themselves in these underground labyrinths.The Archives are highly contested between the Anarchy and the Beings of Peace, due to it’s strategic importance, but neither side has gained any ground.Po-Metru- Frankly, one of most untouched Metru’s in the city, it is both a haven and a deathtrap for most. The Sculpture fields have long since collapsed in on themselves, creating a deadly labyrinth of constantly shifting constructs.In the plains, a small black market has popped up, where many trade (cautiously) goods, generally trying to remain on each others good sides. The wide open plains offer a clear view of attack, but still leave almost all exposed to prying eyes.Le-Metru- Once the transportation hub of the city, it has been reduced to ruin, barely even habitable for most. However, this not due to waste or poison, but rather to the Tinkers. They seem to congregate here most often, but it uncertain. Because of this, this Metru is often a blood bath, as Tinkers do not distinguish between friend and foe.This is one of the last places where Vahki patrols still exist, and even those are dwindling. Often, one will find mangled Vahki chassis’ lying across the streets, torn apart by Tinkers.Ko-Metru- In this realm, knowledge has no value any longer. Priceless are burned for heat without a care, and delicate equipment, transformed into weapons. Even the weather seems to have turned on the district, making the winters much, much colder and harsher.Any who remain here generally reside like hermits in the upper levels of the Knowledge Towers, safe from the elements and other threats.Coliseum- The base of all operations for the Beings of Peace, it is a combination fortress/palace, where Ranak resides almost all of the time. The sub-levels serve as a warehouse and hanger bay for the Beings, and the Arena has been converted into a training ground and rest/quarter area for their foot soldiers.As of the moment, the only the methods of entrance for non-Beings are the six bridges leading into it. Even if anyone makes it through the guards and across the bridges, there is still the massive iron wall which surrounds the whole grounds. Often their doors never open, as most Beings exit the Coliseum via a series of underground chutes leading to a variety of secret, but no less dangerous locations across the city.


V.1 (Choppers)- The first series of Tinkers created, they’re little more than metal skeletons. Their only real assets are their speed, and their weapons, which consist of a pair of lopers as a one hand, a chainsaw as the others.They’re speedy little devils,whose strategies revolve around catching their opponents off-guard, before hacking them to pieces. Not very bright, they’re mainly used as cannon-fodder.These can be summoned by anyone, and can be controlled as NPCs.V.2 (Sawheads)- Slightly broader than the V.1s, they’re about the size of Toa, with only about half the intelligence. Unlike their earlier brethren, they have standard hands, each tip with a razor-sharp blade. This is counterbalanced, by the fact that they have chainsaws for heads. Due to this, they tend to be rather top-heavy, and have to bow their heads slightly to move around.Their strategy is to charge the opponent, trying to cut them apart as quickly and viciously as possible.These can be summoned by anyone, and can be controlled as NPCs.V.3 (Behemoth)- These are one of the most advanced models of Tinkers. If you have to describe them in one word, it’s this: Massive. Easily twice the size of a Toa, it largely resembles a giant, thus inspiring the name. It greatly resembles a Toa as well, albeit a more deformed and hunched version.Their general strategy is to, and I don’t jest... smash, smash, smash. It just tends to bash, crash and bludgeon anything that comes into view or reach.These can be summoned by a player, but only after approval by me. Also, activities involving this creature will be closely monitored by me. By which I mean, no major city-wide damage, no re-wiring, etc.V.4 (Wraiths)- By far the most dangerous, and least known-about Tinker, it so far has only been rarely sighted by anyone living. It is silent, deadly and anonymous on all accounts. They have been designed with the most depraved purpose in mind: to destroy the residents by tricking them into trusting their own.They’re basically improved V.1 Tinkers in Toa armour. Their mouths are lined with miniature drill bits intent on ripping unsuspecting victims to shreds. While totally mute, they’re programmed to be friendly enough to infiltrate groups, before wrecking havoc. Their presence is one of the main reasons for the rift between the many small groups in Metru Nui.These depraved creatures can only be summoned and controled by a GM (a.k.a. Moi).

Rules, Punishments and Rewards

The following rules are the laws of this game. Any violation of these shall be dealt with appropriately by the responsible GM.

BZPower Rules Apply- Obviously...No Godmodding- For newcomers to this wonderful world, Godmodding is a serious, though not totally uncommon crime. It is defined as one of your characters having an inappropriate or unwarranted amount of power, knowledge, etc.No Bunnying- By which I mean, no controlling other people’s characters without their person. Having them get a drink of water, walk around, etc. is acceptable, but sending them charging into the fray of a battle, killing them, or making (character) life-changing decisions.No Spamming, Trolling or Flaming- Respectively: No posting absolutely pointless comments, and keep the OOC-only posts to a minimum. This is disrespectful and clogs the tubes. No massive argumentation with other players. Don’t take the law into your own hands. If there is a problem, let me know, and I’ll deal with it.Use IC and OOCWhen Posting- In order to keep a sense of sanity in this place, please use these terms. ‘IC’ represents your character’s narrative, while ‘OOC’ represents you yourself talking to other BZPers.Ex:IC: Bob swung his sword out, catching the Tinker on the back of the head.OOC: Hey, RandomBio, wanna team up for a fight?Be Respectful- Possibly the most important rule here, just be nice to people. Sure, you’ll get into quarrels, but you must still understand that people will have different views and opinions than you.

These punishments will be and can only be doled out by a GM. However, these are not set in stone. Rookies may be given a little more leniency, while more heinous crimes will be dealt with swiftly.

Strike 1- A mild warning will be given, informing you what you did and advising you not to do this again.Strike 2- A more severe warning, and the offending character will be beaten and robbed by the opposing faction.Strike 3- The offending character is killed.Strike 4- Suspension from the RPG for a suitable amount of time.Strike 5- Banishment from the RPG.

Just as those who break the rules and cause trouble will be punished, those who are good players, who help others and aid the RPG to move forwards may be rewarded, with such things as any extra character, a new piece of equipment, etc.


There are some many I’d like to thank. Those who inspired me to RP, and really taught me how to. Those who aided me to grow as a writer, and really opened me up to this great world.

Thank You.

Let nothing stop you in what you believe in. No matter what the odds are, no matter how bad things seem, there is a secret untapped potential in everything you see. We’re already there, we just have to find it.


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