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Why Matoran Shouldn't Time Travel

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This is a comedic story I wrote as a Secret Santa Gift for BZP Member  for the BZP Secret Santa Event. (If it isn't obvious, I was his Secret Santa. :P) I had a lot of fun writing this story, and I'm glad I was able to give it out on time. 



Why Matoran Shouldn't Time Travel


Once, on the Island of Mata Nui, three Ta-Matoran decided to go on a camping trip to Kanae Bay in Le-Wahi for a sort of vacation. These three Ta-Matoran, Agni, Aodhan, and Kalama, thought they would have some fun on this adventure away from their home.
It was the first night of this trip. Agni, Aodhan and Kalama were sitting around a campfire, telling stories about their adventures they had been on while doing their jobs in Ta-Koro. Between the three of them, they had some interesting stories to share. What they didn't know was that one was about to begin.
Kalama: I can't believe that story you just told us, Agni.
Agni: What? Why?
Kalama: You really scared off a Vako by just throwing pebbles at it?
Agni: Stones, Agni. I believe Po-Matoran would call them stones. And yes, it ran off when I threw some small ones at it.
Aodhan: Those things are almost as dangerous as a Kane-Ra. I'm surprised it didn't try to flatten you instead.
Kalama: It would've flattened him, Aodhan. Rahi usually don't respond well to having stuff thrown at them. That's how I know he's making this story bigger that it really is.
Aodhan: Well, I guess that could be true too...
Agni: If you guys aren't going to believe my stories, then maybe we should change the subject. I don't like being called a liar.
Kalama: I didn't say that you're a liar. I just saying you're exaggerating your story a bit.
Aodhan: And now its my turn to tell a story from one of my days at work.
Agni: Let me guess. It involves you and Tiribomba farming lava and having to deal with a really angry Infernavika, which only attacked you two because he accidentally hit it with your farming tool because he thought it was a weird looking rock.
Aodhan: ....Maybe.....
Agni: Alright, if you guys really want to change the subject, I have something we could discuss.
Aodhan: Well, if both of you know my best work story already...
Kalama: Wait, that is your best work story?!
Aodhan: Lava Farming isn't the most exciting job in all of Ta-Koro. You could possibly fall into the lava and melt to death, sure, but that doesn't make it exciting.
Kalama:   :blink: 
Agni: ANYWAYS, I wanted to ask you guys about time travel.
Aodhan: What's that?
Agni and Kalama look like Aodhan as if he had lost his mind.
Kalama: You've NEVER heard of time travel?!
Aodhan: Long periods of lava farming can do stuff to your mind, man. Weird stuff.
Agni: Time travel is basically your present self going into the future or past of the flow of time.
Kalama: What's your question about it, Agni?
Agni: Well, do you guys think that is actually possible to actually time travel?
Kalama and Aodhan paused and thought about the question for a moment. Finally, Aodhan decided to answer first.
Aodhan: Well, anything's possible, I imagine.
Kalama: If you can think like that, if you want, Aodhan. But I have a pretty good feeling that it can't be done.
Agni: Why do you say that?
Kalama: Because it sounds impossible, Agni. It sounds like something that would go against the laws of nature.
Aodhan: Regardless, I think it would be fun to go into the future and see what has become of us.
Kalama: I know what it would be like: a bunch of Matoran still trapped on an island rule by Makuta.
Agni: Come on, Kalama. Don't you think that its at least a little possible that someone could travel into the past or future?
Kalama: No, and even if you could, why would you? It just sounds like it could cause a lot of trouble for yourself and others.
Agni: Fine, Kalama. But I will make a deal with you right here. If, anytime in the future, I do manage to discover a way to time travel, I will travel back to this very spot in time. I will come back to this instant and tell you myself that it is indeed possible to time travel!
At that very instant, there was a flash of light that blinded all three Ta-Matoran. When their vision returned a couple seconds later, a new Ta-Matoran was present among them. He was bigger than any of them had seen before, wearing a Miru just like Agni's mask, and standing the group's campfire.
Strange Ta-Matoran: I told you, Kalama! I told you time travel was...OH MATA NUI I'M ON FIRE!
He jumps out of the fire and begins rolling around on the ground to put the flames on his body. Agni, Kalama, and Aodhan just watch him, perplexed.
Aodhan: Um...are you guys seeing this? Sometimes being around lava all day also makes me see things.
Kalama: Yeah, we're seeing this. Also, I think we need to get you a new job.
Agni: There is only one explanation for a Matoran magically appearing to us like this: He is an evil entity sent by Makuta to kill us!
Agni then runs to the nearest bush, ripped off the largest branch he can, and races over to the now de-flamed Ta-Matoran and starts beating on him with it.
Strange Ta-Matoran: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
Agni: Take that, agent of evil!
Strange Ta-Matoran: 'grabs branch from Agni and pushes him back' Would you stop beating on me and let me explain!
Kalama: Alright, who are you and where on Mata Nui did you come from?
Strange Ta-Matoran: My name is Agni. 'points to Agni' And I'm your future self!
Agni: You're my future self?   :o 
Future Agni: Yep, and I came back to this point in time to uphold my vow to Kalama here and tell him that time travel is indeed possible. 'turns to Kalama' IT IS POSSIBLE, NON-BELIEVER!
Aodhan: Well, this is an unprecedented turn of events.
Agni: Hold on, I believe in time travel too. But how can I believe that you are my future self? You're bigger than I am, and apparently have more of an ego than I do. How can you proof that you are me?
Future Agni: Well, there are many ways. But I think I'll go with the opinion we have of Jaller, the captain of the Ta-Koro Guard. An opinion you, or should I say we, have told no one else.
Agni: You don't know anything about what I think of him.
Future Agni: I do know that you think Jaller just doesn't look good with that Hau on, and that you think that he would look better wearing a Kanohi Ruru like our friend Kapura. You also have some pretty negative thoughts about his leadership style. It boils down to you thinking that he is too bossy.
Aodhan: Hold on a minute, Agni. You have a problem with Jaller's leadership of the Ta-Koro Guard?
Agni: My future self is currently standing before us, and THAT is what you're focusing on right now?
Future Agni: 'turns to Kalama' So, do you believe me now?
Kalama: Well, I still have some doubts about it, actually. What if this is a trick from Makuta, or...
Suddenly, another flash of light blinded group. When their vision returned, another Ta-Matoran was standing next to Kalama. He was the same size as Future Agni and wearing a Kanohi Matatu just like Kalama's.
Kalama: Wait, are you....?
Stranger: Yep, I'm your future self, Kalama.
Kalama: Okay, Now I'm convinced! Time travel is real! 
Agni: For once, I agree with you! Now we can ask you two all sorts of questions about our futures! Like how you guys are bigger than us, or....
Future Kalama: NO! We can not under any circumstances tell you guys anything that we know about the future.
Agni: What? Why not?
Future Kalama: Because that could lead to severe consequences for our future. There are certain rules that have to be followed so that the future as the future Agni and myself knows will remain unaltered by our visit here.
Aodhan: What are these rules?
Future Agni: Stupid rules that take the fun out of time travel. Like 'Don't give out information' or 'Don't step on anything.' They are nothing more than silly rules that some concerned Ko-Matoran came up with.
Kalama: So that is something Ko-Matoran come up with in the future? Interesting.
Future Kalama: What did I just say, Agni! Now our whole timeline could've just been altered!
Future Agni: Come on, Kalama. Dropping a few hints to out past selves isn't going to hurt anything. So they know who came up with the rules of time travel. Nothing bad could come of that.
Aodhan: So, is my future self going to show up?
Future Agni: Oh, you die in the future. So there is no 'future you' to join us here.
Future Kalama: AGNI!
Kalama: Wait, what?
Agni: I guess I also become kind of blunt in the future too. I don't know if I like my future self...
Aodhan: Let me guess, I fall into a lava pit.
Future Agni: Yep. A few years from now, actually.
Aodhan: Figures.
Agni: You seem to be taking this revelation very well, Aodhan.
Aodhan: I farm lava. It's bound to happen to some Ta-Matoran eventually.
Kalama: Well, not on my watch. I will keep a watchful eye on you from now on, Aodhan, so that you don't die in the future!
Future Kalama: 'to Future Agni' You smelt head! Now the future is going to...
Suddenly, Future Kalama vanishes into thin air.
Kalama: Where did he, I mean 'me' or 'I,' go?!
Future Agni: I don't....oh wait, I kind of remember now! You die with your friend when you try to save him, so your future self doesn't exist anymore.
Kalama: WHAT?
Agni: How do you know that?
Aodhan: My guess would be that Kalama knowing that I was going to die, failing to save me, then dying himself caused the future to be changed, which then changes the memories that the future Agni retains about said future.
Agni and Kalama:   :eek: 
Future Agni: I actually remember my Kalama saying something like that could happen if the future changed while we were in the past.
Kalama: How do you know that happened, Aodhan?
Aodhan: It's actually really simple. You guys are just over thinking it.
Kalama: So, what would happen if I didn't try to save you in the future?
Future Kalama suddenly reappears in the same spot where he vanished.
Future Kalama: ...change! Wait, what happened?
Kalama: You're back! My future self is saved!
Future Agni: That is a big relief.
Future Kalama: See, Agni. This is why we shouldn't be here! Stuff like us disappearing from existence could happen!
Future Agni: I see what you're saying. But I just think that if we are more careful with what info we give out...
He takes a single step forward as he says this, and then suddenly his entire body turned purple.
Agni: WHAT THE...?! You're purple! Or 'I'm' purple! Or whatever the proper grammar term is for it!
Future Agni: What are you talking ...WHY AM I PURPLE?!
Future Kalama: See what I mean. One small change in the timeline, even a single step, can have drastic consequences.
Future Agni: How did this happen...wait, I have the memory now. You did this to me, Kalama!
Future Kalama: No I didn't! You brought it on yourself!
Agni: How did this happen to him? Or is it 'me?'
Future Kalama: If we told you, it could disrupt our future even more.
Aodhan: 'to Future Agni and Future Kalama' Maybe you two should just go back to your time before more damage is done.
Future Kalama: Agreed. Future Agni should've never made this trip to begin with. I warned him constantly not to do it, but did he listen? No. And now he is purple.
Agni: So how will you two get back?
Future Agni: The Tiribomba from the future was operating the device that sent us here, and if my count is correct, he will actually warp us back with it in a few moments.
Future Kalama: Will you STOP telling them about the future!
Kalama: The future Tiribomba? Really? He isn't the smartest Madu Fruit to fall from a tree, if you know what I mean.
Aodhan: A bag of rocks is smarter than him. And that is coming from me.
Future Agni: He isn't smart currently, but he is a genus in our timeframe.
Future Kalama: AGNI!
Future Agni: That info isn't going to going to hurt anyone.
Suddenly, there was once again a bright flash. When it was gone, only Aodhan, Future Agni, and Future Kalama were left in the campsite.
Aodhan: Wait, here did Agni and Kalama go?
Future Agni: Oh no....
Future Kalama: Tiribomba brought back the wrong versions of us! That moron!
Future Agni: Okay, maybe he isn't as smart as I said he was...
Aodhan: Can't he just send them back here and then take you two back to the future?
Future Kalama: That can't happen! Our time travel technology only lets two beings travel in time and back once a year!
Aodhan: Wow, that is kind of a design flaw with that device.
Future Agni: So we're stuck here for a whole year?!
Future Kalama: Looks like it.
Aodhan: This isn't going to lead to anything good.
Future Kalama: I can't believe I'm stuck on this island again!   :crying: 
Future Agni: Let's just breathe for a moment, Kalama. So our past selves are stuck in our future for the next year. What is the worst thing that could happen?
Future Kalama: Have you forgotten that you are still purple?
Future Agni: Oh yeah. There's still that. But what else could...
Future Kalama suddenly turned into a yellow and black striped Matoran.
Future Agni: Now you're a different color!
Future Kalama: 'looks at himself and lets out a long sigh' This is going to be a very long, strange year.
Comments and criticism appreciated. And merry Christmas to everyone on BZP!
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Everyone is one choice away from being the bad guy in another person's story.



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