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Bionicle 2015 Episode Transcripts Part 2 (Episodes 8 - 18)

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Part One (The Legend & Episodes 1-7) (ignore the topic title) | Subtitled Videos Playlist
08 Lord of Skull Spiders
TAHU: What is that THING?
POHATU: The Lord of Skull Spiders. We can't outrun him. 
KOPAKA: Don't worry. I can freeze this bug on my own. 
LEWA: Hmph, you're too slow, Kopaka.
GALI: I'll flush it away!
TAHU: Make way for the Master of Fire. 
ONUA: We must work together. 
NARRATOR: The heroes stood side by side, and then, the six attacked as one!
TAHU: Onua, now!
ONUA: Rahhh!
[The Lord of Skull Spiders falls off the bridge, defeated.]
GALI: We did it! United, the masks hold the power to defeat evil!
09 The City of the Mask Makers
NARRATOR: The Lord of Skull Spiders had been defeated. 
POHATU: I wonder what used to be here. 
TAHU: Sh-quiet! Ba-ba-ba I have that weird voice in my head again!
VOICE: I am Ekimu, the Mask Maker. You have all shown great courage. You are true heroes. But now you must hurry and find my resting place.
GALI: We need to find Ekimu before the forces of evil. 
LEWA: Finding anything in this mess is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. 
ONUA: Hmm, the masks will guide us. 
POHATU: I don't like this place. Something evil is hiding here.  
10 When Evil Rises
NARRATOR: United, six heroes entered the city of the mask makers, searching for the legendary Ekimu.
POHATU: Careful, I smell a trap.
TAHU: Huh.
[Tahu inadvertedly steps on a hexagon that triggers the door ahead to close]
TAHU: No problem. I'll think up a plan. 
KOPAKA: That will take forever. Follow my lead instead. 
ONUA: United, remember?
POHATU: You're loud enough to wake the dead.
GALI: Pohatu's right. Be quiet. We don't know what's behind that gate.
LEWA: If you ask nicely, I might tell you.
[Lewa flies off, and Skull Warriors start shooting at the group. Meanwhile, other Skull Warriors crawl out of the ground nearby.]
TAHU: We're under fire.
KOPAKA: I hate fire. [He puts up a shield.]
GALI: Bury them, Onua. They are blocking the way out.
[Onua smashes his hammer into the ground, burying the Skull Warriors...but at the same time destroying the bridge back into Okoto.]
POHATU: There is no way out. 
TAHU: Toa! Stand united!
KOPAKA: Where is Lewa?
11 The Arena
[The Toa are being fired at by the Skull Warriors.]
KOPAKA: Did Lewa run away?
GALI: No, he just flew in.
[Lewa flies in, knocking the Skull Warriors off their perch above the Toa.]
KOPAKA: What took you so long, Lewa?
LEWA: I spotted an arena. It could be fun.
KOPAKA: We are not looking for fun, we are looking for Ekimu.
GALI: We need to get past the gate first.
[Pohatu throws a rock to bust down the door. The other Toa look at him in awe.]
LEWA: So, what about the arena?
KOPAKA: We are not going to the arena. Follow me.
LEWA: I go where I want, freeze brain.
NARRATOR: Lewa arrived at the Arena. It was once a place of great heroics and sportsmanship.
[Lewa approaches a carving.]
NARRATOR: An ancient game played only by the strongest and the bravest - one false move and -
[skull Slicer's claw busts through the stone carving and grabs Lewa's mask. Lewa falls over.]
TAHU: This is the wrong way.
KOPAKA: No, the wrong way was the one taken by... Lewa.
SKULL SLICER: Ha ha ha, ha ha-ha.
12 The Game
[The Toa are in the Arena. Skull Slicer is laughing.]
TAHU: There. [He points to Skull Slicer]
SKULL SLICER: Ha Ha Ha, ha ha-ha.
[skull Slicer puts on Lewa's mask, draining it.]
KOPAKA: What's happening?
POHATU: There is a special link between Master and Mask.
GALI: So that thing is stealing Lewa's energy.
NARRATOR: The Game had begun.
GALI: Lewa, you read the rules. What do we do?
ONUA: He's too weak.
LEWA: Hit. the. lever. 
GALI: What is he saying?
POHATU: The lever. Onua, go bash.
[Two hexagonal walls move toward Onua and stop. The camera reveals that Kopaka is holding them apart.]
ONUA: Uhhh...
KOPAKA: You're welcome. 
[skull Slicer draws his four swords. Pohatu pins two to the wall with his Stormrangs. Then Tahu fights him, until Kopaka comes in with a punch...]
KOPAKA: Tahu, you're in my way!
[Onua shuffles to the lever.]
ONUA: Get off the floor.
[Onua hits the lever. The floor falls out. Skull Slicer falls.]
[The floor comes back, and the Toa reunite.]
LEWA: What happened? 
ONUA: I hit the lever.
LEWA: Without breaking anything?
[The Arena collapses.]
13 Fallen Heroes
NARRATOR: The Toa were trapped. 
LEWA: Uh, without breaking anything, huh?
GALI: We are trapped.
POHATU: Oh, this is ridiculous. I didn't sign up for this mission.
TAHU: None of us did. We just seemed to fall from the stars not knowing our purpose. The villagers were in danger...
GALI: Skull Spiders everywhere.
POHATU: Under evil Makuta's control.
ONUA: Even underground.
TAHU: The Protectors would just keep on fighting for us to get the Golden Masks.
ONUA: They gave us purpose.
KOPAKA: It is our duty to save Okoto.
POHATU: I agree. But we're still stuck.
LEWA: Wait, I feel a breeze. There must be a tunnel behind these rocks. 
KOPAKA: What are you, the Master of Air?
ONUA: Lewa is right. Stand back.
[Rocks above the Toa explode into dust.]
14 Beware their Tail
NARRATOR: The ancient city of the mask makers had long been a silent tomb.
ONUA: A graveyard.
KOPAKA: Look for Ekimu's tomb.
GALI: I don't feel like asking the neighbors for directions.
LEWA: We could just take a peek inside the building with the huge Mask Maker sign.
TAHU: Let's go! No stopping us now!
[Tahu steps on a bone. Two Skull Scorpios slink up.] 
POHATU: I hate Scorpios.
[Cue Toa's battle with the Scorpios and the theft of Pohatu's mask.]
15 Tomb of Ekimu
[Lewa stands on top of the temple. A Scorpio crouches down as if to leap on the roof. Lewa hides behind the Mask Maker sign.]
KOPAKA: Stay and fight, coward.
[Lewa slices the Mask Maker sign, made of stone, in half. It falls on the Scorpio, crushing them.]
KOPAKA: That was...solid work, Lewa.
NARRATOR: The resting place of the mask maker had been sealed for ages.
From the darkness inside a voice called the six heroes.
EKIMU: You are clooose.
LEWA: Okay. Let's not break anything in here.
[Onua nods apprehensively.]
EKIMU: When times are dark and all hope seems lost evoke the power of past and future.
NARRATOR: The six heroes were speechless as they laid eyes on Ekimu. Never before had they seen him however, they all carried clear memories of him.
POHATU: Now what?
EKIMU: United the elements hold the power.
[The Toa combine elements to awaken Ekimu.]
EKIMU: Toa, you have arrived!
16 Unity Duty Destiny
NARRATOR: Thousands of years had passed since Ekimu knocked the mask from the face of his brother Makuta. All this time the Mask Maker had been trapped, waiting for six heroes to unite the power of the elements and wake him from his sleep. It was their duty. It was their destiny.
EKIMU: Brave Toa, you are...you are late!
KOPAKA: If you had called an army of real warriors like me, this would have taken no time.
EKIMU: Your power comes not from numbers. Your power comes from unity. But duty awaits. We must hurry!
[Ekimu runs out of the tomb to look over the Ancient City.]
EKIMU: Evil has destroyed so much.
ONUA: Actually, some of its-
LEWA: So, Ekimu, you spoke of duty. What is happening?
EKIMU: He took it. Just before you arrived.
GALI: Who took what?
EKIMU: They call him Skull Grinder. He is under my brother Makuta's control. The Mask of Creation, my mask. He is on his way to destroy it. If he succeeds all is lost.
POHATU: Where would he go to destroy a mask?
EKIMU: There is only one place  - my forge.
17 Forge of the Mask Maker
NARRATOR: The six heroes had traveled far into the Ancient City, defeating many enemies. By the power of their elements they had brought the Mask Maker back to life. But they had yet to face the true evil of Makuta and his most powerful servants. Only by retrieving the Mask of Creation would Ekimu stand a chance against his brother.The fate of Okoto was about to be decided.
EKIMU: He has started my furnace!
KOPAKA: Let me cool things down.
TAHU: Hey! Fire is my element!
[Tahu and Kopaka both advance, only to get stuck in the door and thrown back by Skull Basher. Onua advances as well and loses his mask.]
EKIMU: Have you learned nothing? Skull Basher will defeat you one by one!
TAHU: Let's give him a taste of unity.
[skull Basher is defeated. The Heroes and Ekimu go in to defeat Skull Grinder.]
EKIMU: Too late! We will defeat you and get the mask long before it melts.
SKULL GRINDER: I will have plenty of time once I have destroyed you.[He puts on the Mask of Creation.]
EKIMU: Not good.
LEWA: What is the plan?
EKIMU: Keep him occupied. [He goes to dig through some boxes.]
GALI: Is that it?
EKIMU: Just keep on fighting as long as you can.
18 The Mask of Creation
[The Toa and Skull Grinder power up...and then Skull Grinder shatters all of the Toa's masks with one blow.]
KOPAKA: It's our duty. To stop him.
GALI: How? We lost our masks.
[Onua holds on to Skull Grinder's foot.]
ONUA: We. keep. on. fighting. as long as we can.
[Onua is flung into a wall.]
Ow. Uh.
[some of the Toa try to hold Skull Grinder back while Tahu opposes him with gold sword.]
TAHU: *grunt* Yaahhh!
[skull Grinder knocks the sword out of Tahu's hand.]
[Ekimu defeats the Skull Grinder using his hammer.]
[Ekimu fixes the Toa's Masks.]
EKIMU: Toa, wake up. Never have I seen such bravery. You are all worthy.
NARRATOR: The six Toa had done their duty, awoken Ekimu, and retrieved the Mask of Creation. But evil was not defeated: Their true fate was still waiting, deep inside the darkness.

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TAHU: Sh-quiet! Ba-ba-ba I have that weird voice in my head again!


You have to admire the intelligent and thought-provoking writing of G2 Bionicle.


I am so glad you transcribed it this way instead of going by the other released works. :D




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Oh that dialogue is terrible! G2 has proven it has good writers (creature Bios on Lego.com are a sign of this); but the writers of the webisodes weren't putting their best into it.


Po-Wahi visions in my head
(Temple Mountain San Rafael Swell, Utah) 


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At least they have spoken dialogue. Most of the web episodes from 2001-2010 didn't hace a single line of spoken dialogue.

I remember the MNOG's head waggles and machine sounds. It made enough sense to me that I believed the movies were all operating on Translation Convention, and all the dialogue was really some mechanical whirrs and buzzes.

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:r: :e: :g: :i: :t: :n: :u: :i:

Elemental Rahi in Gen2, anyone? A write-up for an initial video for a G2 plot


I really wish everyone would stop trying to play join the dots with Gen 1 and Gen 2 though,it seems there's a couple new threads everyday and often they're duplicates of already existing conversations! Or simply parallel them with a slightly new 'twist'! Gen 2 is NEW, it is NOT Gen 1 and it is NOT a continuation. Outside of the characters we already have I personally don't want to see ANY old characters return. I think it will cheapen the whole experience to those of us familiar with the original line...


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At least they have spoken dialogue. Most of the web episodes from 2001-2010 didn't hace a single line of spoken dialogue.


I think having voice acting in those would've ruined the whole deal, especially if it was with a single voice actor...

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