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Star Wars: Interregnum

Star Wars RPG

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#601 Offline Tyler Durden

Tyler Durden
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Posted Jan 03 2018 - 10:49 AM



"We're not going to that part of the labs." Costa's eyes rolled as the doors parted for them with a hydraulic hiss, opening them up to Insight's lab and all of its goodies. Despite the devilish reputation of the Inquisitorius, their focus on interrogation and information extraction, and the sadistic nature of some of its membership, there wasn't much in the lab on board their Star Destroyers that would have looked out of place at any research center in the Core Worlds or Inner Rim. It was as sterile as many Star Destroyer interiors, with expansive sections for biological, chemical, and technological assignments. Veyura would have been more comfortable at either of the former, and Raine would have probably been more comfortable in a training room, but Costa had wanted them here. Neither of them were technically minded, and everyone knew the two were incapable of getting along, but the Chief Inquisitor intended on as many of her subordinates having just enough of a grasp on current events to thrive as possible. Keeping them focused on the manhunt aspect would be best for everyone; the same went for her superiors, the older Chief Inquisitor and High Inquisitor Rydoon. They had reluctantly ceded her more operational control after the stellar manhunt on Taris, and Costa planned on playing things as close to her chest as possible until that holocron was in their hands.


The issue was keeping Liare Sarir away from her chest. 


"We're going to the eggheads," she concluded, reaching the three Inquisitors gathered there - two from her unit and Kryik, who handled most of their technical issues on board Insight - and nodding off their salutes. "Inquisitor Kryik. Good to see you're staying caffeinated. What have you got for me?"



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whats up doc

#602 Offline sunflower

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Posted Jan 07 2018 - 03:26 PM



"Chief Inquisitor," Kryik dipped his head in greeting, the Mirialan looking distinctly less dour than usual, though his complexion was a few shades paler than normal.


"We reconstructed the data from the flight computer, initially it only seemed to confirm what we already knew, the pilot never set foot on any systems that he jumped into, staying well outside the range of any planetary bodies. There was no indication of his next target," the Inquisitor paused, and keyed something into the datapad he was holding.


"However, I continued searching, and managed to pull a specific set of coordinates from one of the systems that the pilot had​ been. I took the liberty of having the local patrol group dispatch a probe droid to the location," Kryik's eyes gleamed, and for a second it nearly looked as though he was going to smile, "It found an old hyperspace beacon, very old, put into service nearly 4,000 years ago, to be exact. Attempting to retrieve data from that proved to be more difficult than I anticipated, and would take far too long."


"This," he turned the datapad for Costa to view, on it a starchart of local space, with a chaotic mess of lines connecting systems together, "is the plot of all the hyperspace jumps we pulled from both the astromech and the nav computer. All meaningless, our rebel pilot did a decent job randomly jumping between systems."


"But this​," he pressed a key, and the chaotic mess dissolved into a string of five systems, "is the plot of the systems which our pilot spent a considerable amount of time in between jumps, courtesy of the flight computer, including the system where the probe found the beacon. I have already dispatched probes to these systems, but the Force tells me what they will find. Based on this, the only logical terminal to this pilot's trip is here," he pointed to a system near the edge of the screen, "Dantooine."


"Which, if I'm not mistaken, was rather important for the Jedi some 4,000 years ago."

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Nowhere to run... Nowhere to hide.


#603 Offline Krayzikk

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Posted Jan 07 2018 - 05:46 PM


"Like a Revan fan club these days."


Liare had padded in after Costa on silent feet, breaking off from his position to circle around to the right of where she stopped next to Kryik. Each step was easy and languid, as though he was simply bored with the proceedings. The con man stood out like a sore thumb in such a sterile environment; he eschewed his usual coat despite the slight, unshakable chill of an Imperial starship and instead wore the usual burgundy underneath. Sleeves rolled up to mid-forearm so there was no risk of touching the workstation he leaned against, palms resting on the cold surface. He listened to the proceedings silently with his eyes closed, at least until Kryik mentioned where the pilot had been. Then he watched his boss carefully from half-lidded eyes. 


Contrary to popular opinion, he read. He read almost as much as the Chief, no matter how much he teased her for it. He didn't know the details, it was four thousand years ago and whatever details weren't lost to time... He didn't have. It was a nagging feeling, for years now, that material like that was restricted for people with higher clearance than him. Despite their desire for freedom, dark side users were notoriously paranoid, eternally afraid of giving out an advantage an underling might use against them. Justifiably. It was the same attitude they imparted to their students. Which might be why he cultivated the popular opinion; better to be seen as lazy and ill-informed, less of a chance someone decides to take care of you. Or see it coming if you took care of them first. Dantooine had been very important to the Jedi, a long time ago. Supposedly everything had been destroyed, around the same time that beacon would've been from. But if something had been found....


"No offense to any Revan fans in the room," He added quietly, glancing again in Vespula's direction with what might have been a wink if it hadn't happened so fast. There was something she wasn't telling him. Probably a few things. But she had her reasons. Didn't change his job any, or how he'd handle the room. "Does seem weird that we'd end up at Taris and get pointed to Dantooine. Funny coincidence. Any ideas what he might've been doing there? I doubt it was for the locals, met 'em before, such a boring bunch..."

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On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?

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#604 Offline Ghosthands

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Posted Jan 13 2018 - 05:55 AM

IC [Raia Veyura, ISD Insight labs]


"If he is after the holocron, then where better to look than in ancient Jedi sites?" Veyura opined. "If the records are correct, Ood Bnar was old enough to have visited the Dantooine ruins before they were ruins. Perhaps the pilot had reason to think he'd find a clue there. Or even the holocron itself."


The Umbaran smirked.


"But this is all academic. Why speculate when we have the pilot himself sitting in Detention, waiting to be interrogated?"

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