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Greetings. I'm Varkanax39 (also known as Varx or Varkanax) originally from the Custom BIONICLE Wiki. I haven't really been a part of BIONICLE fandom for years, since I finished my fanfiction series on the Custom BIONICLE Wiki, the Xaterex Multiverse Storyline (XMS). The storyline ran from 2010-2012, with six main volumes and a few spinoffs here and there. 


After completing the final volume, I took the series to BZPower in an attempt to expand the audience further. The results were only modestly successful, mainly because I gave up posting it due to that "one chapter a day" rule in the Epics library.


Now that that rule's a thing of the past, I think posting the rest of these on BZP isn't the worst idea, mainly because my perfectionism demands I finish uploading the rest of the series.  I'll add links to both the story topics and the review topics, so you can berate me publicly.


Warning: These novels are long (Idk about exact page count but the shortest is ~40,000 words, while the longest is ~100,000 words). They're also heavily AU, I haven't thought about the series for a long time, so the exact details escape me, but I'm reasonably certain none of the canon characters make an appearance. If AUs aren't really your thing, you might not appreciate the XMS. Also, this was written years ago, and I'm really only posting this here to satisfy my own perfectionism (I hate unfinished threads) so I take no responsibility for spelling/grammar/continuity issues that may have arisen in the transition. If you notice anything you want me to fix, let me know. 




Xaterex Multiverse Storyline (XMS/Xaterex Chronicles)


Volume I: Into the Darkness / Review / PDF / Custom BIONICLE Wiki Page (2010)


Toa Shardak's peaceful life in the city of Intax is shattered when his father is murdered. Together with his friend Blast, Shardak sets off on a quest for vengeance against the enigmatic Ix Empire that will change his life forever. 


Volume II: The Shadows Coil / Review / PDF / CBW Page (2010 - 2011)


Shardak, Fairon, and Valkyria's destinies collide explosively in the aftermath of Shardak's narrow escape from the Circle. 


Volume III: The Darkest Light / Review (Summer 2011) / PDF / CBW Page


Now full-fledged members of the resistance, Shardak, Fairon, and Valkyria struggle against both their personal demons and the Ix Empire, while behind the scenes a darker evil looms.


Volume IV: Shattering / Review (Fall 2011) /PDF / CBW Page


On the distant world of Corona Magna, Toa Shardak comes face to face with his destiny. 


Volume V: The Final Prophecy / Review (Winter 2011) / PDF / CBW Page


The resistance has been shattered by treachery, and now faces an enemy from within even as the war against the Order and their diabolical leaders continue. 


Volume VI: Eternal Darkness / Review (Spring 2012) / PDF / CBW Page


Lord Vahrikaan has risen, darkness has fallen upon Xaterex, and the rebellion is nearing defeat. The only hope for the free world lies in the hands of three beings, whose true destinies are at least revealed in the concluding volume of the Xaterex Storyline. 



I'll try to have all of these novels posted on here by the end of the week.  If you have any questions/comments, feel free to ask me here or via PM. Thanks! ~Varx
Edited by Varkanax39





Volume I: Into the Darkness (PDF / Review / CBW PageVolume II: The Shadows Coil  (Review / CBW Page| Volume III: The Darkest Light  (Review / CBW Page| Volume IV: Shattering (Review / CBW Page) Volume V: The Final Prophecy  (Review / CBW Page| Volume VI: Eternal Darkness (PDF / Review / CBW Page)


Xaterex Art Blog | Xaterex Wiki



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