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This game has been cancelled. I'm ending the MATORAN SMACK DOWN series.

Sorry to every who want to play.



Welcome fellow brothers I am


The last of the noble Rahkshi of Mata Nui.

This is the tale of how my people became the evil creatures that they are now. A sad tale but one we can learn from so this never happens again.

It all started with the first Matoran War. My people were able to stay out of way between there conflict. When we heared that the Matoran had won the battle we thought it was all over. Then he came. We first thought he came from the Matoran village then we found out he was Makuta.

He forced us to refuge Shadow Matoran. Some of us opposed the idea but some supported the Shadow Matoran. Most of us didn't know what to do.

We desided to abandon are village to the Shadow Matoran and create a new one. What a mistake that was for are people were far more advanced than either Matoran tribes. The Shadow Matoran took are weapons and had revenge in there blackened hearts. The War had started again.


Okay the Time has come again boys and girls.


Has now started.


All BZPOWER Rules apply

All of the original MSD Rules go to.

For new players I'll put here as well.


The slots are first come first served

There are two sides the Matoran and Shadow Matoran but there are Rahkshi who will play a special rule in the game.


After the players are on there sides I will PM the two people who will become the traitors.

The two traitors will get special rules in the PM that only work for them. Besides that everyone must follow these rules.

I will ask everyone to comment there attack element and a defense element

The success or failure of a Matoran's attack depends on what elements they pick.


Matoran 1

Attack: Fire

Defense: Stone


To win a attack, your attack element needs to be the opposite of the defense element.


Element battle chart

Fire beats water, earth, ice

Water beats earth, ice, stone

Earth beats Ice, stone, jungle

Ice beats stone, jungle, fire

Stone beats Jungle, fire, water

Jungle beats fire, water, earth


How to attack

I will send out PMs titled "Matoran Smack Down 2" to all 18 players

You send a message to me of who you want to attack and what side there on. I will message you if your attack succeed or failed.

You can attack anyone even Matoran on your own team but there is a catch if you attack someone on your own team if its not the traitor you loss the ability to attack in the next round. Even if your attack fails.

If it is the traitor you gain a extra attack for the next round. You only get the extra attack if your attack works.

What if you accidentally attack the traitor who's on your side.

The same thing will happend as if you attacked a person on your team knowingly.

You get one attack a round.

There will be as many rounds as it takes tell there is one side left.


Rahkshi rules

To the six people who choose to be a Rahkshi you guys can pick what side you want to be on and change it mid game. Just Comment your side switch before a battle round.

Rahkshi have no attack restrictions because they are not truly part of any side. They just help your side. They still can claim victory for your side though.

You can attack a Rahkshi on your side and get away with it harm free.


Once we have the people needed to play I will PM everyone with there information.

Please notify me in the comment section what side you want. If not I'll pick it out for you.

If one side is full and the other is not everyone else who wants to join will join that side.


Your profile name well be your Matoran name.

I also well be sprinkling in some little gifts to help you out in the game.

If you defeat someone with one of my little gifts no matter who they be; you get it. Some gifts well be known some will secret only to the person who has it.









Shadow Matoran

1. ShadowVezon


3. Toa Smoke Monster

4. Shadow FF






4. fishers64

Edited by ToaTimeLord

Hey I got a Flickr because I like making LEGO stuff.


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Tempted as I am to be a Rahkshi, I need to live up to my name. (Never mind the fact that I use Magnetism far more than Shadow nowadays)


Therefore, I'll be Shadow Matoran #1.


Banner by jed1ndy


"Master of Shadows and Game-running Compliants, Ǝɹsɐʇz Ԁᴉɹɐʞɐ ᴉu qlɐɔʞ' No˙ 999, Vezon of the Twighlight"

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