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The Power of Control

G2 2016 not a theory

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#1 Offline KDNX

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Posted Feb 28 2016 - 02:52 PM

Umarak the Hunter stood in a forest clearing. In front of him was the exit to the sprawling Labyrinth of Control. Six colourful beings ran towards him from the exit. In his right hand, he held a huge bow. In the other, he held the ram-horned Mask of Control.
The six Toa ran across the threshold of the exit. Each one wore a golden mask and their blue eyes shone from behind it.
Tahu stepped forwards, his swords extending. "Umarak! Drop the mask and we may go easy on you."
Umarak spoke in his thousand-year-old voice, a deep, raspy, yet strong one. "I'm afraid, Tahu, that I cannot do that."
"Then face my fire! Ikir, UNITY!" Tahu raised a sword into the air.
The other Toa looked around. "Where's Ikir?" Onua asked.
Suddenly, a bird's screech filled the sky. Every Toa turned to see Ikir, the birdlike Creature of Fire, carrying Ekimu the Mask Maker towards the Toa.
"Toa!" He yelled. "I have come to help you! You must remember! Unity will protect you in this battle!"
Ekimu dropped down next to Tahu. "I will watch you fight Umarak. If you are not ready, I will take over."
Tahu nodded as Ikir clicked onto his back. Ikir's head fit over Tahu's mask and his wings flapped above his shoulders.
Tahu ran at Umarak. Umarak laughed menacingly and lifted the Mask of Control. Tahu jumped and aimed a sword...
A grinding sound filled the air. ZYGUUUUUUUUN.... Tahu was lifted into the air as the Mask of Control glowed purple. Tahu flew backwards at an amazing speed.
"Ikir, deunite!" Just as Ikir popped off of Tahu's back, both slammed into the door to the Temple of Control. They fell to the ground in a heap, defeated.
Lewa and Pohatu stepped forward. "There's no way he can take both of us," Pohatu said. Suddenly, Ketar the Creature of Stone and Uxar the Creature of Jungle appeared and clicked into their places on the backs of Pohatu and Lewa, respectively. They both charged at Umarak.
Pohatu leaped into the air, swinging his ball-and-chain. As it came down towards Umarak, another grinding sound filled the clearing, and the ball stopped midair. Pohatu swung off it and towards Umarak.
The Mask of Control glowed purple, and Pohatu's chain snapped. Umarak caught him with the mask and flung him at the back wall. Pohatu, understanding he was defeated, didn't bother to deunite, and fell next to Tahu.
Lewa now flew towards Umarak. Umarak flipped his bow and fired it, catching Lewa's wings. Lewa staggered in the air, and the Mask of Control flung him at the back wall again. Lewa and Uxar deunited, crashing against the wall and falling on top of Tahu and Ikir.
Now Onua, already United, stepped forwards. "Ekimu, you must help us!"
Ekimu shook his head. "You must find a way!"
Onua frowned and ran at Umarak. He swung his hammer at Umarak's mask.
He was caught too, and thrown at the door. However, he was too heavy, and skidded to a halt in front of Tahu, still United.
"I fear Umarak may win... Gali! Kopaka! Do all you can to stop Umarak!" Ekimu was worried, but he knew that Gali was one of the most powerful Unities.
Kopaka and Gali stepped forwards. Kopaka was hovering with the power of his Unity, and twin machine guns sat on the shoulders of Gali.
They edged towards Umarak, guns blazing. The bolts stopped in front of Umarak, arranging themselves in a spherical shield around him. The bolts' spiked ends pointed outwards.
"Ekimu. He can't be beaten," Kopaka said monotonously.
"You must, Toa!"
Umarak laughed as the bullets on his invisible shield flew outwards. Kopaka was struck down. Gali continued to take bullets.
"Look, Gali... I haven't been honest with you." Ekimu sighed. "I have a special form that can defeat Umarak... But it is a last resort. Doing it could mean the end of the world. The Mask of Control can do it too. Please, Gali, don't fall to Umarak."
Gali was on her knees, now. Umarak laughed and shot a single bolt from his bow. It slammed into the chin of Gali's mask, sending it flying into the head of Akida, Creature of Water, knocking it off of Gali's back. Gali fell forwards, maskless.
Ekimu stepped up to Umarak. "So, a power you mentioned?" Umarak looked at him quizzically.
Ekimu nodded. "I'm sorry it had to come to this." He shone with a blue light, and his limbs began getting longer.
"Taller? That's all you can manage? Watch THIS!" Umarak threw the Mask of Control into the air, then removed his own mask and looked up.
The Mask of Control fell onto his face, and Umarak shone with a neon green light as the Mask of Control cracked and broke across its surface.
Ekimu gasped as he saw Umarak the Destroyer take form.

Edited by Number_One_IX, Feb 28 2016 - 02:54 PM.

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#2 Offline Wiriamu

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Posted Jul 07 2016 - 12:52 AM

An interesting fan interpretation of the 2016 story. My only hang up is that I would think that Ekimu, transformed or not, would fight alongside the Toa rather than wait for them to succeed or fail.
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