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Legacy of Protectors #2 Far Away (BIONICLE short Story)

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We check back with Lynis, now entering the base and receiving his first mission from his friend and future mentor, Scatez, who was a Dark Hunter turned LoP member after the fall of The Shadowed One.


Again we add this portion of his  story to our wall.


(At the base of LoP)

Lynis, who needed repairs to his armour, started polishing his new sword, given to him by Scatez who hand crafted it himself. He said it can slice through practically anything yet is no sharper than his own. It can also connect him with his powers, for using strikes with more power.


The armourer then walked in. Werhal was his name. He was most known for having an accent when he speaks.


"Are ya ready? I'm sittin' ere waitin' for ye." He said mildly.


"I'll be there." replied Lynis, almost agitated  He got up and out of the room, lightly putting his sword on his back. Werhal was fitting him with new armour, more advanced and durable than his own. This armour is a copy of what the armour looked like on this Uniter character he had heard of, with a few of his own touches for more awesomeness.


His power also was going to amplify this suit's already existing power.

It was a short process. Werhal's armoury was outfitted recently so it helped him with the process of fitting and applying the armour to Lynis. 


It was sleek, durable, powerful and went great with it's touches: lots of claws and the great colouration of blue, black and grey.


It also would support a cape, or a least a cloak. Lynis's hand was repaired as well, seeming it also was half blown up after the whole event on the shores of Xia. 


Lynis locked glances with Werhal's and then his new armour. This armour was definitely screaming 'USE ME USE ME UUUSSSEEE MMMEEEE' in his head. He was ready to kick the first mission away. or at least he felt like it.


Scatez walked in, surprised at this new form standing in front of him. 


"Wow." he said


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