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Sand Tarakava Replica Sale and 100 krana for £40

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Hi Guys, Although on my last sale topic most of my masks are sold i still have most of my krana. So i am doing a deal. I have around 100 krana that i am willing to part with for £40 for the whole lot. Most are in great shape. There are a few in not so great shape, but thats an odd few. How does that sound to you guys?. I am willing to negotiate. 


As for the Sand Tarakava Replica. It took me a while to track down the parts and some were expensive. So i do have a minimum for how much i am willing to sell it, so do PM with offers or reply to the topic below. Obviously it has no mask but that is easily made with a spray panted ruru. I personally just dont have the time, and if i were to do it i would want it to be done properly. All parts are correct. The only thing i would say is there is a 1% chance a few of the smaller pins or bushings being the different shade of gray. I have checked just in case but I have not noticed anything. 


Please get back to me if interested. Everything is negotiable with me! ;D 




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