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Team O.f.f. Factions

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Team O.F.F. Factions

This is a topic about a Team in LEGO Universe titled O.F.F. Factions. It stands for: Order of the Four Factions. Our team hit a big bump when LU was announced that it was ending, we are looking for new members. When we have a meeting, we will try to make it as fun as possible, and if we get a member who excels in being polite or for the team, We start the meeting by welcoming members to the meeting, then we ask for donations, so we may give away money for our weekly contests.Meeting times:TuesdaysThursdaysFridaysAll meeting times are at 6 PM EST at Mysterygoo's Meeting hall at Nimbus isle, fallback if property is locked, is My (PowerMiner's) Nimbus isle,Unconfirmed schedule for an activity at meetings:Tuesdays: A roleplay to be decided when the meeting happensThursdays: TBASaturdays: The weekly racing contest in which we do race i, the first week at Vertigo Loop, The second at Keelhaul Canyon, the third at Dragonmaw chasm. The winner will win 20,000 coins ingame, 15,000 coins for second, 10,000 for third. Our currently known members are these people:Council Members (The leaders of Team O.F.F.Sentinel: PowerMiner (Me)Paradox: AnkarusVenture League: HezekiahofBeta Assembly: michaaMembers: Agent712I will add any members I find who join or come back to the team.If this topic is not allowed, please close it immidiately.~PowerMiner~

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