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BZPower Oldschool Theme [WIP]

BZP Oldschool Theme  

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Hey all!


Recently, I was going through some old files here and found some screenshots/files from BZP from a few years back.  I felt a huge level of nostalgia looking at the old forum, and I was sad due to the fact the old skin couldn't be used on this newer site due to compatibility issues.


So recently, in my free time, I decided to remake the original skin to work with the current website! 


Right now, it's an extension for different browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), but if people like it, it can easily be incorporated as a theme option to the site itself! (In the standard theme switcher at the bottom of the page)


Here are some screenshots:  (More in the Imgur album (High-Res): http://imgur.com/a/e7uBl)







It's still a WIP, and subject to further changes and such, but the core concept of it is complete. I've moved the top bar to the bottom, to allow the site to have the original spacing it had.  As well as brought back the old logo and gradients.    


I should be able to release the theme within a week or two, once I work out a few bugs.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know!  I'd love to incorporate other users ideas if possible.




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Hi, I'm Metax.  BS01's Lead Programmer and Longtime Bionicle Fan!


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Oh man. That nostalgia. And compatible with my primary browser.


Definitely support, and might have to take for a whirl when I'm feeling nostalgic.



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