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vicente steffens

Unit lin kuei- 216 (nuhvok)

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story: the beginning
from the first experiments for the cyborg initiative, they tried to add the ability to install portals between realms, in order to facilitate the transport of androids, however one of those experiments led them to a completely unknown realm, facing them a cave, inside the cave a robot with the appearance of an insect damaged inside the robot seemed a kind of mask.
the portal was collapsing so quickly as they could what had charged and brought to Earthrealm .... a new experiment had begun.
The analyzes showed that the mask had abilities to see in the dark and tools that allow generate earthquakes, scientists did not doubt in test these abilities one of their models, which they did not know was that the mask had own mind ... .. to activate the model, the mask had won a new body ....
the hunting:
after the escape of Nuhvok of ordered several cyborgs to finish it or reprogram it without secktor success has established a hunt 3 to end the cyborg.
Nuhvok while looking like returning to his old kingdom and serve who called the Bahrag
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Yeah I like the system parts on this build as well, and I like the wires on the back of his head, it's a neat touch. The colours work well together here and the custom everything is cool.


How did you attach the Krana? that seems to be a custom head but I cant make out the details.

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can't say i'd have ever thought of a Bionicle/Mortal Kombat crossover, but did you ever deliver. 


I like the tubing, and the opening chest plate is also pretty cool.

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I love the custom build, as well as everything else about it. The green is used just enough to make the Krana not look out of place on the amazing custom head. The system parts in it pull the whole structure together, making it look as great as it does.

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