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Shrahn the Spider Queen - 2016

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So after watching 

I got an idea how to tweak on this MOC that is based on :iconraindh: 's drawing http://raindh.deviantart.com/art/Shrahn-135998127

As for the changes, made a smaller abdomen not too heavy and no massive gaps, changed the big mandibles into a more pose-able one, gave the MOC a unity gimmick old school style, made the humanoid torso more sleek with bohrok eyes.
The unity gimmick works by shifting the head and revealing two sockets that can be connected with the legs removed, but the extenders still on. 

2014 version:


Edit: reshot the images after making a new head for the MOC Edited by Mate.397

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While a lot of this model is very cool, the 'mask' she has is incredibly lackluster. I strongly recommend restarting the head. The rest of hte model is okay though and I do like the consistent colourscheme on a large model.

I can see your point about the head, though personally it grew on me and the artist seems to like it too, but if there's anything in the near future that can build a better shaped head I'll do use it.

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