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Overlord Makuta

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As you can probably guess with the surge of Makuta MOCs going up on here, this is going to be one of those in the rebrick contest. Even though I have no chance of winning and he has the generic black/red bad guy look to him, and at least 3/4 people do not like him, I made him anyway and I'm going to share him.


What I wanted to go for with him was to make him have the sort of feel the original Makuta had while bringing in something new. So naturally, the original Makuta was a huge inspiration to making this, along with Takutanuva and Karzahni. In addition to trying to have the same sort of spirit as the original Makuta, he's also made up of my trio of Makuta MOCs from back in 2008, who did not really make it past this year thanks to time and broken old parts. So I went and took some of the best aspects of them and put them towards this MOC, so you can say while they're not around today, at least they sort of live on here. So some notes on him.


The Prototype version as I call him isn't much of anything, but you can see where I'm sort of going with him. He's small and plain-looking, but that's because I was trying to get a feel of where I was going with him. And Hodge Podge makes a cameo appearance. By now, my MOCs by the names of Norenka, Atheron, and Zartross have gone into him. Atheron's hands and some armor have gone into him. Is staff will later be broken down and incorporated into this MOC much later.


Mk. .V (0.5) is closer to the final version, but still looking more bare and lacking. He's much taller now, he has the sort of animalistic legs going for him, and he's now taken a modified version of Norenka's spinning blade staff and a modified version Zartross' shield. The guy who inspired him makes a cameo appearance.


Mk. I is what my final product. More armored up and looks imposing. Don't even ask me what the daggers at his collar are there for. Takutanuva and Black Phantom had stuff like that, so why not Makuta? His first gear gimmick allows him to swing his right arm. I almost made it swing both arms, but considering how heavy the shield is, I decided against it. Also, it made more sense he'd be swinging that staff around and holding the shield for defense. His second gear gimmick is carried from Norenka and inspired by Roodaka with how the blades on the staff spin around when turned. Good enough for trying to knock masks off, I thought. He's also got a lot of spikes and jagged edges around him to make him look sort of skeletal and imposing. He has armor almost everywhere to add mass, as well as skirt armor to move along with his legs. He's also got Zartross' feet.


Mk. II built on what I liked about Mk. I while adding minor details to him. To give him more of a ruler of the underworld feel, I went with the inspiration of another ruler of the underworld from Bionicle lore and gave him chains on his arms, replacing the Bohrok eyes that now rest at his arm blades. He's also got more tubes on him like the set of Karzahni that wrap around to his back. And I changed the arrangement of some of his armor around to make him a little more cohesive.


I personally thought he looked fine. Even my mom liked the way he looked (and she's always hated how most of the official sets look), but he seems to be generally hated amongst those I show him to. So while I may not win, I at least had fun making him and I'm personally fine with him. He does what I wanted him to accomplish, and that was to invoke Makuta Teridax. And they actually look good standing side by side together. Like a proud papa next to his mini-Hulk son. He also sort of compliments Umarak the Hunter pretty well (in my eyes, anyway). I have yet to obtain the Destroyer.


Anyways, enjoy? The last time I said that, I got 3 dislikes and only one like on a video. So I guess if you like him, enjoy him. If you don't... there's at least five better MOCs in here of the same concept, so you can go look at those. I'll probably be posting other MOCs later on. This is the first one I've posted to here in years.




"Prototype" Version: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/texaskid92/Creations/OverlordMakuta/dscf0683.jpg


Mk. .V Version: 



Mk. I Version:



Mk. II Version:



Front w/weapons at ready:



Front w/weapons sheathed:






With Umarak:



Gallery When Public:


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Yeah you need to present your model better, you need the picture of the final version of him alone to be the first thing people see.

Unfortunately the colour blending between the black, trans orange and red has not been executed well enough. You might need to remove one of the colours and distribute the rest more evenly. The general shape of this Makuta is okay, but the blending of original Bionicle and CCBS could be done better.

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