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Guest Mister N

The Herald of Solar Eclipse

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Guest Mister N


I would like to show you my own vision of the Fallen Mask Maker (pictures are clickable).




In this design I wanted to include elements of Aztec and Mayan cultures. And my Makuta looks like the Gods or shamans of those times (Horned Helmet, Scull Amulet (hi, Scull Creatures!) and etc).
Additionaly the Herald of Solar Eclipse have any elements of the Okotan culture (Golden Armor, elemental crystal Hammer, etc).








As other Masters of Elements, Makuta has his own elemental creature, Kraven (from "Kra-" (matoran stem "elemental shadow") and "raven").



Thanks for taking a look and may shadow be with you!

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Wow, this is great.


The face doesn't look much like the dealiest villain in Bionicle history, but the rest makes up for it. I sincerely hope you fare well in the contest!

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Creativity: 8/10


Build: 7/10


Complexity: 9/10


Overall: 8/10


Your MOC is very complex, especially with how you skillfully used the Star Drill pieces for the hammer. The part below the upper thighs doesn't match well with the rest of it. Your MOC would look better without CCBS parts for the ankles. Might I suggest using the tubes found on Maxilos's weapon to go around them? http://bionicle.wikia.com/wiki/Maxilos_Robots?file=250px-Twin-Bladed_Black_Fire_Sword.png


 The green Kraata doesn't look well when compared with the purple on the bird. It's feet are unique, the masks looks okay for its purpose but they aren't proportionate. I used the same idea for my MOC  :). I like how you how you detailed the armor using both Aztec and Mayan design. The face itself is creative, I haven't seen anything like it in the other entries. Its bird is intricate, is it supposed to be a herald of the Makuta's coming?

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