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YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Lets build "Ekimu's Falke" - Agil (Elemen

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Hey everyone


Nice to meet you all. Just going to let you all know im not a spammer.  :) Im just here to share around my YOUTUBE VIDEO. Its a how to build Ekimu's Falke "Agil" (Hawk of light) Elemental creature of light.


It would be awesome for BIG BIONICLE fans to please check it out let me know what you guys think and do like and subscribe if you did enjoy it!!!  :) I also have a Moc Ekimu combined set if you guys also want to watch. Im just a new you tuber starting out and would like your awesome feedback about my video!! Any good feedback would be greatly appreciated and do please genuinely support the channel if you do enjoy my videos


Thank you very much for reading my post and stay tuned for more videos if you are watching  :)


KInd regards


Lets build "Ekimu's Falke" - Agil (Elemental creature of Light) :


Bionicle Moc : Ekimu + Tahu Uniter of Fire = Ekahu (2016) :


Thank you again for reading my post and enjoy 

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