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3D-Printed Vahi, Mask of Time

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Here is my take on the G2 Vahi, Mask of Time. I based it off the official artwork of the mask, but with some tweaks to get it to match the G1 Vahi a little better. The mask grants the wearer visions of the future and the ability to tap into the power of time. It was designed to be worn along with the official lower-half Kanohi of Time on a 2001 head.


PLEASE NOTE: This mask is only designed to work with 2001 Mata Bionicle heads. It will rest loosely atop the head until you put on the lower-half Kanohi of Time to keep it snugly in place.


My custom Vahi is available here on Shapeways.


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This is really cool I love how you were able to desgin a way to make them fit together and look like an actual mask

one day this will contain greatness only the best. But take this with the ocean of salt then you will know what to expect from this

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Love this! It's a very cool idea, and it must have been hard to put it in practice.

I wish we could see the mask in the story before BIONICLE was discontinued...

Both halves were in the graphic novels.

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