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So, yeah, I don't really make MOCs that often, and post about them even less often. But I built this a little while ago and finally got around to posting it on my LEGO blog (link goes to the post), and thought I'd put it on here as well.














open cockpit



smile for the camera



The wings have a mechanism so if you move one of them on one side it will move the other on that side in the opposite direction (eg, lift up the top one and the bottom one lowers). As the pictures show, the cockpit and the little slot for the droid both open up.

The ship has a bit of backstory, but I can't exactly remember what I came up with when I made it. I think it was something like a rogue group of Rebels broke off and started up their own more vigilante-like alliance and rebuilt or repainted a few X-Wings to be black and red, or something like that.

I think the nose of the ship could've used some more work (maybe should've been a bit longer and I would've liked to add more detail), but I was getting tired of my floor being covered in LEGO so I had to finish it to clean up.


Thoughts/criticism welcome, although I'll probably be disassembling it pretty soon (MOCs don't last very long with me, I like to have all of my LEGO organized).

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While the proportions are a tad off as you said, this is pretty neat. Somehow the style evokes classic space in spite of the newer parts used. This feels like a star wars x classic space crossover, and that's a concept I can get behind!


Good job - it's miles better than anything I can whip up with system.



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I write stories, which you can read at A Beach, Somewhere. My MOCs can be found on Flickr and Instagram

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