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Selling Nearly Entire Collection

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I have decided to sell nearly my entire collection of Bionicle sets, as well as a couple Hero Factory sets. I am also selling some books and the entire run of the comics from 2006 to the end, starting from Ignition #1. These comics are all in decent shape, except for Ignition #1.

I have instructions for most sets. Those sets that I do not have instructions for will be ~$1 cheaper than their brethren with instructions and will be noted as such. I, however, have packets of instructions with no (complete) sets to go with them. These will be on sale at the bottom. If purchased in bulk, the prices on these will be greatly discounted. Only two or three sets have their original packing, these will also be noted.

Once all of these sets have sold, I will sell a large bucket of random parts that I have amassed. The reason that I am not selling this at first is because many of these sets were once in this bucket, and although I did my best to sort them, I may have messed up. I want to ensure that every individual set is complete and that everyone has received any missing parts before I sell what likely contains those missing parts.

Payment is primarily money, but trades for Technic sets and Power Functions elements may be acceptable. Paypal is my preferred method of payment, but if that is not an option, contact me. Prices may be discounted if multiple items are purchased together. Payment for shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Items are shipped from Mississippi, US. Due to the fact that I am now in college and must remotely get my family to package, shipping may take longer than both of us would prefer but it will still be shipped as soon as possible.

All sets contain the exact pieces required to build the set, no more.

Sets for sale:
8564 Lehvak (No instructions)

8566 Onua Nuva (No instructions)
8568 Pohatu Nuva

8591 Rahkshi Vorahk (No instructions)

8610 Ahkmou (No instructions)

8614 Nuurakh (No instructions)

8747 Suukorak

8730 Toa Hewkii
8731 Toa Kongu (This is in the original packing, unopened.)
8732 Toa Matoro (This is in the original packaging, although it is opened. It is still in excellent condition, though.)
8893 Lava Chamber Gate

8911 Toa Jaller

8915 Toa Matoro
8919 Mantax
8923 Hydraxon

8685 Toa Kopaka
8686 Toa Lewa (The axle on the sword snapped off, and snapped off again after I glued it back on. The sword and the axle are both included so that the buyer may decide what to do with them)
8687 Toa Pohatu
8941 Rockoh T3
8942 Jetrax T6 (Standard blue version)
8944 Tanma (No instructions)

8972 Atakus (No instructions)
8974 Tarduk
8975 Berix
8977 Zesk

8987 Kiina (Original packaging)


8989 Mata Nui (Original packaging)

8989 Mata Nui

8990 Fero and Skirmix
20012 Click the Scarabax Beetle


7117 Gresh (Original packing, missing the golden armor piece)


7135 Takanuva (This is in the original packing, opened. It is also missing a Glatorian hand, one that I searched for and cannot find. As a replacement, I have included a dark green Glatorian hand and a dark gray original hand, so that the buyer may have a choice as to which they prefer)

7148 Meltdown
7162 Rotor

Instructions for sale:
8536 Kopaka

8570 Gali Nuva
8571 Kopaka Nuva

8601 Vakama
8618 Rorzakh
8619 Keerakh

8739 Toa Hordika Onewa
8742 Vohtarak

8913 Toa Nuparu

8980 Gresh

The collection of comics is $35. I would prefer not to split the collection up, but if you desperately need just one or two, contact me. The books are $5 each. Again, however, they are discounted when bought together. The books are:
The Official Guide to Bionicle
Bionicle Chronicles #1: Tale of the Toa
Rahi Beasts (x2)
Adventures #1: Mystery of Metru Nui
Adventures #4: Legends of Metru Nui
Adventures #7: Web of the Visorak
Bionicle: Web of Shadows

The price of the bucket will be approximately $25-$40, to be determined later.

In closing, I have a few sets remaining (this is where the "nearly" in the title comes into play). These are sets I would rather keep, but if you are desperate to have them, then make me an offer. Fair warning, though. These I really like, so the price to purchase these would be higher than everything else above. Here are the sets:

8535 Lewa (This also contains the parts to convert him into Lewa Nuva)
8578 Gahlok-Kal (The arms and legs are that of a normal Gahlok, but the shields, head, and Krana are that of a Gahlok-Kal)
8746 Keelerak
8953 Makuta Icarax
8699 Takanuva
7116 Tahu

Contact me if you have any questions!



Γαρ επιστιμη!


Для науки!


For science!

(Literally, it means "For knowledge", but it can be taken as "For science")




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