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LEGO Island Racetrack Viewer

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Remember the racetrack in LEGO Island? It was a weird system of underground tunnels, filled with a lot of stuff that - even by the game's own standards - was pretty surreal. (If you never played the game, here's a video of a race.)


One of the things I always wondered was how the track was how the track was laid out, relative to the island. The game's debug mode has some keys for raising and lowering the camera, but it was still hard to get a sense of scale or layout due to how the game only loaded a few sections of the track at once.


Yesterday, we finally gained the ability to rip the 3D models of the racetrack from the game, so after cleaning them up a bit (they'd come out with highly broken vertex normals... not that the correct ones are all that pretty either, haha), I snapped them together in Unity. It was pretty neat to see (and was clearly never designed to make sense if you ever tried mapping it out like this; it relies on hiding models and changing the sky color to look right), so I spent some time turning it into a little standalone program for anybody else who wants to see.


Note that this is only the main landscape models; not all of the misc objects and things seen throughout the track were ripped, and it was only the layout I was curious about anyway.


Click the images to view larger versions:






It also looks pretty close to the original game if you run it in 640x480, haha:







Windows 64-bit:








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