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Legends of Okoto: a Bionicle G2 RPG System

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Hi BZP folks,


I normally spend my time loitering around the TTV boards, but I've been working on a Bionicle G2 RPG system for a while and figured that I could share it here just in case you guys are interested.


First off, a video trailer that I made for this project:


The system is heavily based on 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons, but with a lot of tweaks and mechanics specific to Bionicle G2.
There's a lot to unpack in those two documents, since they contain all the rules for the entirety of the Legends of Okoto RPG system as it stands right now and most of the world lore. I haven't finished the creature list in the Travelers' Guide yet, though. The updated Travelers' Guide will be made available as soon as I've added everything that needs to be added into it, definitely sometime within the next two weeks.
Also, even though I haven't added most of his stuff to the Travelers' Guide yet, special thanks to Nescent for letting us use his combiner MOCs to make up the creature list of Legends of Okoto.
Nescent's MOCs:


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Hey, welcome bqck to BZPower. This definetely looks like an interesting project, but it would be better suited for Fan Created Media, rather than Bionicle RPG, where text based RPGs are played.


Good luck with your project!


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-Does a victory dance- Yusss! Definitely snagging this for when the next wave of Bionicle fanatic-ness comes along! [:D] I'm loving the way it's presented too, reminds me of the D&D book Volo's Guide To Monsters. 

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