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A member of a fly-like insectoid race, Velzubn became a trailblazer as the first non-human member of the Galaxy Federation's xenophobic Space Police. Protected by his powered armor, Velzubn's wings give him superior maneuverability, and despite his need for a breath mask, his incredible sense of smell has assisted the capture of many a criminal.

I had been wanting to make a full body for this head for a while, so here he finally is! There wasn't much medium blue to work with, but I think there was enough to get the job done.

I imagine this guy fitting into the same universe as the most recent Space Police set line, where in a galaxy full of varied aliens, at least some of them should get to be heroes instead of convicts. Maybe one day Velzubn will even topple the mighty space pimp!
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Pretty good blend of old and new parts here, and i like the bulky leg's. I'm not fond of how he armour around his neck has been done, the exposed point at the front is jarring compared to the well armoured rest of his body.

Thanks for the comment. I actually didn't consider the legs to be all that bulky, given some other MOCs I've made and that I went through some larger leg designs before sticking what what we've got here. As for the neck armor, I'm not entirely sure which part you mean. The hands at the ends of the Bohrok limbs are the parts closest to the front, but I wouldn't really call them exposed. Speaking of that segment, the idea was that those parts coming over his shoulders could be like straps or something as part of the attachment of the part of his suit with the wings.

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