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My Bionicle story

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#1 Offline Takutanuva1987

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Posted Jan 24 2017 - 08:25 PM

So I have been a collector of Bionicle figures since 2001. I remember getting the first Onua figure when I was a kid and loved the figures all the way up until the final set last year. With collecting them though I started creating my own story to go with my own creations. This started as just a kids idea but over the years has grown into something I am quite proud of. Ive written most of it down and have decided to finally post it and get reaction from the Bionicle community. Much of it is similar to the original story but I change quite a bit over the course of my story changing characters origins and adding characters that never existed. I am going to post the first "Episode" and would appreciated some feedback/critiques on it. I appreciate it all.


Beginnings: Part 1


            It happened in a flash. A ball of fire hurtling out of the sky. A huge explosion rattling the ground as the fireball hit the earth and hundreds of screams echoing through the forest. But this was no fireball. This was a ship, a skyship over a thousand feet long that had fallen from the sky and crashed into the ground. The screams echoing through the forest are from the hundreds of occupants of the ship who were jettisoned right before it exploded. The screams aren’t the normal ones you would hear from the survivors of a crash though. Instead of “Where is my family?” and “How did this happen?” it is “Where are we?” and “Who am I?” for the entire manifest of passengers has lost their memory. They have no idea who they are, where they are, or how they got there, and that is scarier than any crash could ever be.


            As the group of survivors rush away from the burning wreckage of their fallen ship a voice is heard out of the ocean of yelling. “Everyone listen! Come this way! We must stick together!” It is coming from one of the passengers. He doesn’t know why he felt as though he needed to lead them, it was just an inner urge he had, but he must try and make sure not to lose anyone in the dark forest that surrounds them now. He doesn’t look like the others either. He has more of a weathered and wise look to him, but his voice carries far and the ones near him follow. Soon the entire mass of people are following him away from the crash and into a nearby clearing. As they walk he is joined by another who looks similar to him, weathered and with an air of wisdom, but a different color. In fact he has noticed that everyone seems to be colored a total of six different ways.


            As they reach the clearing the crowd begins again with pleas for answers. They expect this one who led them away from the dangers of the crash to know something they don’t. Unfortunately, he does not. Like everyone else in the clearing he has no idea who they are or where they are. He cannot even recall his own name. “I know you wish for answers!” He says to the confused and worried crowd. “But I have none. I just feel as though we are safer together then apart in this forest we know nothing about!” The crowd becomes more restless and the question of who they are becomes more prevalent. “We know not who we are!” The other one who looks similar to him says. “But we do know we all came from that ship!” He points to the wreckage. “That much is certain. Now we need to find shelter until morning then we can try to sort everything out!” This other one like him is a born leader too.


            As the crowd begins to calm down and attempt to create shelter and some sort of comfort out in this forest the one who led them out of the forest looks around at everyone there. The differences he noticed about them become more prevalent in the light of fire. They are colored six different ways black, blue, white, brown, green, and red. He is red and the other one who helped him calm the crowd is colored brown. Without a name to call himself he just decides to refer to himself as Red for now. Red walks over to Brown and thanks him for helping calm down the crowd. “Don’t mention it, it was no problem. I just felt like I should, ya know?” Brown says. “I do know.” Red responds. “That’s why I led us over here. I felt an inner urge to keep everyone together.” He says. “I feel the same way. Safer together than out there alone.” Brown responds.


            The next morning four others similar to Red and Brown come over to them. White, Blue, Green, and Black they decide to call themselves for the time being. They have each been talking to others of their color and they all feel like they were on that ship for a reason, but no one can remember why. “We need to find a better place to protect ourselves.” Black says. “Yes, and we need to try and find out who we are soon and where we are.” White adds in. “Agreed, but where do we start?” Asks Green. “Maybe we should head there.” Blue suggests as she points towards an enormous mountain to the northeast of them. “No…I think we should head west.” Red suggests. “Why?” Asks Brown. “I am not sure.” Red starts. “But I feel as though what we need most now is answers and I have a feeling they are towards the west.” The others don’t argue with Red and they all agree to head west, hoping that will lead them to some answers.


            As they walk through the forest the six leaders get a chance to talk to one another. They too have all noticed the color differences in them. They all have personality differences as well. The black members seem to be much larger and stronger than the others there while the brown ones are faster and the green ones seem to know their way around the forest better than any of the others. “Yeah, I and the others of my color can see in the pitch-black darkness too.” Black tells the others. “Strange.” White says. “We each seem to be adapted to different things.” White and the others of her color have impeccable memories, able to remember every step they have taken. Which increases their curiosity of how they all lost their memories and ended up on that ship. A rustle in a nearby tree startles them though and they all stop, trying to see what it could have been.


            All of a sudden, a huge lizard-like creature eight feet long, twice that of even the tallest among them, jumps out of the trees and roars so loud is echoes through the entire forest. Its massive razor-like teeth are bared and the six leaders and the crowd of hundreds behind them know not what to do here. In a flash the creature is gone. It jumps into the trees and disappears without a trace. The leaders are dumbfounded. How could a creature that big…just vanish? Then it appears again in front of them out of thin air. “It can camouflage itself!” Blue yells to the others. “Watch the ground!” and just like that the creature is gone. Except this time then don’t just hear the footsteps or growls of one, but what seems like five or ten. “Huddle together and watch the ground! It can’t hide its tracks!” Green cries to the others there.


            For a moment, everything becomes calm. The growls stop and one of the red survivors breathes a sigh of relief, but then it is lost. Seven of the large reptilian creatures uncloak and jump at the mass huddle of survivors. The green ones try to hold the creatures back with the spears they fashioned themselves the previous night, but it is not enough. The spears are shattered into splinters as one creature grabs a blue survivor by the arm and attempts to drag it off. Three of the black survivors pick up rocks and hurl them at the lizard with incredible strength and accuracy and the beast lets go, running back into the forest with a bruised eye. As the blue survivor falls the mask that was on his face falls off and he slumps over unconscious. The three black survivors that helped him, pick him and the mask up and pull him back into the huddle.


            As the green survivors use their spears and the black ones hurtle rocks at the creatures the unconscious blue member is brought over to the leaders. “We can’t wake him up!” One of the black ones that helped rescue him says. “Let me see him.” Blue asks and they lay him down in front of her. As if by instinct she picks up the mask, examines it, and then places it back on to the unconscious survivor’s face. In an instant his eyes open and he sits up, groggy, but ok. The rest of the leaders yell to the survivors not to let their masks fall off and to work as a team to fend off the creatures. At once the other colored survivors start picking up anything they can and begin pelting it at their reptilian attackers. As the last of the lizard creatures hisses at them and runs off into the forest everyone calms down a bit, but still ready to pummel another creature should it attack them as they hear a louder roar in the forest.

            “We have got to get out of this forest.” Black exclaims to the others. “Agreed, but I truly believe what we seek is just a bit further this way.” Red responds. The other leaders are more skeptical now of Red’s hunch to go west, but with no better alternative they continue on, a bit more cautious now than they were before. As they continue on they end up coming to a large clearing of which a large river passes by. Over this river is a large metal bridge and on the other side of this bridge lay the largest gateway any of them has ever seen, even though they don’t remember seeing any other. That is not what stops them though. For behind this gateway is a massive city with metal spires that travel hundreds of feet into the air. A twenty-foot wall surrounds the city and Red and the other leaders feel as though this is what they have been searching for all along.


            As they head towards the city and cross the bridge a question comes into all of their minds. “How are they going to get through that gate?” Red and the other leaders walk up to it and instinctively, as if guided by an unknown hand, they all touch the gate. At once light begins to appear from under their hands. Red, green, blue, black, white, and brown lights travel over the gates surface to a point in the middle. They circle around for a moment and then they all hear a voice. “Welcome home.” The voice startles them. Red looks around and sees no one. “Who are you?” He asks. “I am Archive.” The voice begins. “I am the computer program that runs the city of Æthon.” “Do you know who we are?” White asks. “Yes. You are the Matoran. The chosen people of Mata nui.” Matoran? They are called the Matoran! “Please come inside.” Archive beckons as the gates open. “There is much to tell you.”


            “They survived!?” A dark voice says as its rage echoes through a darkened hallway. “No matter.” The shadowy figure says as he walks into a cavern. “My new minions will make short work of them soon enough.” As the figure stops talking clicking and screeching is heard as a thousand red eyes open, awakened from their slumber.

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#2 Offline Takutanuva1987

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Posted Jan 26 2017 - 06:14 PM

Beginnings: Part 2


            As Red and the other Matoran, as they were apparently called, walked through the gates of Æthon they saw an amazing, but obviously worn down, city laying before them. It was far larger than the outside gates had suggested. It looked as though it went on for miles in every direction. Building after building lay down the streets and the entire city seemed to be surrounded by the enormous wall connected to the entry gate. If this truly was their home, then Red and all the other Matoran couldn’t begin to understand why they had left it in the first place. Why had they left? And for that matter, how long had they been gone? There were so many questions that they all had. Thankfully they had Archive, the city’s interactive computer database, to ask. But where to begin? Which of their question was the most important and needed to be answered first?


            “How long have we been gone?” Asked White. She apparently had decided that was top priority. “The exact timeframe is unknown to me.” Answered Archive. “But my program has been running Æthon for one thousand years and fifty-three days.” As Archive finished, the Matoran all looked at each other in astonishment. A thousand years?! That seemed impossible to them. “Why did we leave?” Green was the next to ask something, they needed to know more. “The reason for your departure is unknown to me. My database has degraded over the years and much information has been lost.” Archive answered. “Well we are back now.” Red replied. The reason they left could be learned another day, for now they wished to know who they were. Archive directed them to a large building and told them that this was the Elder’s Hall. All the basic information of the city and its inhabitants could be found within.


            Red and the other leaders accessed the main system and instantly hundreds of bites of information flowed across the many personal interfaces. Red and the other leaders lined their groups up by color and one by one each of them touched the screen and a bio appeared in front of them. Red’s real name was Nuhrri, he was a Turaga, or leader and elder of the fire tribe. Brown’s real name was Ahkmou and he was a Turaga as well of the Stone tribe. All of the leaders were apparently Turaga, which was why they felt the innate need to lead. White was called Ehrye and she led the Ice tribe, Black was Tehutti and he led the Earth tribe, Green was Okrahm and he led the Air tribe, and Blue’s name was Vhisola and she led the Water tribe. They were all Matoran, but all came from different tribes to work together towards the betterment of their race.


            This apparently was one of the three virtues they lived by, Unity. The others were Duty and Destiny. They had been given to them by their apparent creator, a Great Spirit known as Mata nui, which also was the name of the island they were on. All of this information was overwhelming, but much was missing. Why they abandoned the city, anything that had happened before they abandoned it, and how they had crashed were all still mysteries to them. As all the Matoran learned their names some found that their “place of residence” wasn’t always Æthon. “Archive, what is Rai’sto?” Nuhrri asked. “Rai’sto is the Fire Matoran village inside Mt. Kardas. It is where most of the Fire Matoran call home. Only a few members of each tribe normally live in Æthon permanently.” They found that each tribe had a village somewhere on the island.


            Rai’sto for fire, Therro for ice, Kai’ron for earth, Aquanos for water, Groban for Air, and Ba’ros for stone. Each village lay in a different region of the island that coincided with their element. “That is why we are adapted for different things.” Tehutti commented. “My tribe can see in the dark and here look. Kai’ron is an underground village.” He said as he pointed at the holomap that had appeared. “But how do we get to these locations?” Asked Vhisola. “The transport tube system.” Answered Archive. “It is a personal transportation system that connects Æthon with the six villages.” It seemed that everything was perfect for them here. They lived in harmony with each other and seemed to have been quite prosperous. What possible reason could they have had to leave such an amazing home? As they read through the names on the display though, a loud crash startled them and Nuhrii and the other Turaga went outside to investigate.


            “It seems as though someone is attempting to break through the gates.” Archive said as they rushed towards the entrance. As they reached the lookout towers above the city wall they saw it or for that fact them. Ball shaped creatures were revving themselves up and smashing into the gate, but it wasn’t just one or two, there were close to two hundred of them on the bridge trying to break through the gate. “There attacks are strong, but the gate had suffered no damage yet.” Archive added. But just as Archive finished speaking one of the creatures burst into flames and bashed the door again. “Though that… may prove more effective.” As they looked around for anything to help, Ehrye noticed something above them. “Archive, what are those?” She asked and pointed at the devices. “Those are Concentrated Zamor Cannons, designed to deter attacks like this one.”


            The Turaga rushed up the stairs and attempted to activate one of the cannons, unfortunately they would not fire. “Archive what is wrong with them?” Ahkmou asked. “Unknown. Their exact design and function was not a part of my programing.” Frustrated they left the cannon room and looked for anything else that could help them. “In here!” Cried Okrahm as he waved them into a room. The room was full of what seemed to be weapons, much smaller ones than the cannons, but weapons none the less. The Turaga and a few of the other Matoran grabbed them and ran back up to the wall over look and started firing them at the creatures. The weapons were small, but fired blasts in quick succession which seemed to annoy, if not damage, the creatures. As they fired though more of the creatures caught fire and smashed at the door.


            “We need to get those cannons working.” Nuhrii said to the others as three more of the creatures went ablaze. “We will try again.” One Matoran said to him. Nuhrii looked at the Fire Matoran and an inner feeling told him to let them try. “Okay, but try and be quick about it.” The Matoran left, followed by five others. As Nuhrii and the others below kept blasting at the creatures, those six Matoran climbed back up to the cannon room. “What do we do?” Asked one. “Not sure, but we need to figure these things out.” The Fire Matoran said. “Names Tahu by the way. Who are you all?” The other five sounded off. “Onua.” Said the Earth Matoran. “Lewa.” Said the Air Matoran. “Gali.” Said the Water Matoran. “Kopaka.” Said the Ice Matoran. “Pohatu.” Said the Stone Matoran. “Nice to meet you all. Now let’s get these things working.”


            The Turaga and the other Matoran were not fairing very well. The creatures seemed to be just ignoring their blaster fire now and by Archive’s information the gates integrity was almost gone. “If their attacks continue at this rate the gate with rupture in less than two minutes.” Archive informed them. Nuhrii and the others were at a loss as to what to do. These creatures seemed to be immune to their blaster fire while they themselves were on fire. Archive did not even know what the creatures were that were smashing through their gate into the city. As they continued firing a few of the creatures looked up at them and screeched. It was a terrible sound. Like metal scraping across a road. Their small size was dwarfed by the sheer number of them that were out there. Individually each one looked like it was smaller than a Matoran, but with two hundred of them it wasn’t something they could do one on one.


            As they heard the battle below, Tahu and the other five Matoran tried desperately to get the cannons working. Pohatu had figured out how they worked and that they did have power running to them, but he couldn’t get them to turn on. Kopaka and Gali were trying, to no avail, to rewire one manually while Onua and Lewa resorted to the “hit it until it works” idea of repair. Tahu looked down at the battle and saw that the creatures had almost broken in. He couldn’t let these monsters take the city that they had just made it to. They had survived the fight in the forest and they would quell these creatures now. Tahu grabbed the controls of a cannon and pointed it directly at one of the creatures. “Please work.” He said in his head. “Please work and let us defend this great city. Please.” As if by instinct Tahu pulled the trigger and the cannon roared to life and fire a huge blast at the creature.


            The blast was a direct hit. The creature blew into pieces and it left a large char mark on the bridge. The others looked at him in astonishment. “How did you do that?!” Lewa asked. “I…I don’t know.” Tahu responded, as surprised as everyone else. “I just asked for it to help me defend the city.” As he spoke the cannon roared up again and fired another blast at the creatures. “We have to announce our intentions first.”  Kopaka said enthusiastically. “It is a failsafe.”  He explained. “The cannons were designed to work only for those who wish to protect the city.”  All at once the other five took hold of the controls of the other cannons and said in unison. “We are here to protect Æthon.” The cannons, as if they understood them, roared up and came to life. The six Matoran took aim at the ball-shaped creatures and began firing volley after volley.


            As the cannon fire began to rain down on the creatures they quickly stopped their attack and the surviving ones rolled off into the forest. The city was safe for now. As Tahu and the others came down from the cannon room they were met with applause. Nuhrii and the other Turaga patted them on the backs and thanked them. “Our city is safe thanks to you brave warriors.” Ehrye said. As they finished and went back into the city the feelings of triumph started to wane though. Twice now they had been attacked unprovoked. Once in the forest right after their crash and now as they reach the city another, even larger, group of creatures tried to attack them. What was causing this, they wondered. And why had they left this very well protected city so many years before? And if not what, then possibly who would want to harm them?


            “Impossible!” A dark voice yells as his defeated creatures returned. “How could they have stopped you? Unless…” The shadowed being thought to himself. “No! I will destroy them before I allow that to happen again. They still know nothing and I remember everything.” As the shadowed being walked out of the room, his dark and evil laughter made, even his monstrous servants, shudder in fear.

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Posted Jan 29 2017 - 05:59 PM

Trial by Fire


            As the morning of a new day dawned the Matoran awoke to the sounds of the city turning itself on. Archive attempted to keep the city running on a very precise schedule and the Matoran, having returned, did not change that. It was day three of them being in the city and the space situation had not improved. The city was quite large yes, but when dealing with seven hundred and fifty individuals things were definitely quite a bit cramped. The previous day they had finished getting everyone scanned by the computer system and now they all knew their names at least. Much information was still unknown to them, but a few things were certain. They were the chosen people of the Great Spirit Mata nui, there were dangers in the dark forest where their ship crashed, and this is their home and where they were supposed to be.


            As the first large group of Matoran entered the dining hall they were all very hungry. When they had awoken from the crash none of them knew what they ate or even what was edible to them. Thankfully this was a bit of information that Archive had stored. The computer program led them to the dining hall their first night after the attack and showed them the storage area where their food had been safely placed a thousand years prior. Thanks to their cryogenic storage system the fruit call the Nuiberry was preserved and still usable for consumption. It was an amazing product able to be grilled, boiled, stewed, and eaten raw and gave the Matoran much needed strength. There were also charging stations they could use instead just in case the food stores ran out, but they planned on planting new crops before that need ever arose.


            The biggest concern they had now was space. They all knew of the six villages that each Matoran tribe had previously lived in and it was becoming difficult for Ahkmou and the other Turaga to convince them it wasn’t time to venture out yet.


“We need to see the state of them.” One Earth Matoran had said.


            But the threat of those rolling creatures returning weighed heavy on the Turaga. They couldn’t take the chance of anyone being injured or lost so soon after them just making it to the city. The front gate into the city was still damaged and repairs were taking a very long time. They lacked much of the materials they needed to repair it and very few of the Matoran even understood how to. Those of the Stone tribe seemed to be making the most headway with it, but the lack of tools and equipment was making the repairs go very slow.


            That afternoon a few of the Fire Matoran came to the Turaga and pleaded their case.


“We need to search for new materials to use to repair the front gate, Elders.” Tahu said.


“Yes, and we need to scout the surrounding area to make sure no other parts of the city can be infiltrated as well.” Another Fire Matoran by the name of Takua added in.


“We are well aware of this.” Okrahm said. “But the dangers are still far too great. The rolling creatures may return and attack again.”


“I beg your pardon, Elders.” Tahu began. “But that is the point. We need to fortify the city as much as we can before they return. Some cannon fire may have scared them off last time, but it may not work again.”


            Tahu’s words had hit a soft spot and the Turaga gave them permission to survey the areas surrounding the city, but to return immediately should anything happen.


            Tahu and the other three Fire Matoran equipped themselves with the Rapid Shooters they had found the first night in the armory and made their way out of the city. Having been inside the city for the past three days they felt as though they had a good idea of its size, but being outside of it they realized they were far off.


“This is gunna take a while.” Takua pointed out.


“As long as we make it back by dark I’ll be happy.” Rozen, one of the others, said.


          They were not exactly sure what they were looking for actually. Maybe they would come across some broken pylons or some secretly hidden stash of equipment. Those were the hopes at least. As they walked around the city they saw what looked like leftovers of a great battle charred into the city’s walls. Even after a thousand years of neglect though they still stood tall and proud. Æthon was an amazing city for that.


“What do you think those rolling creatures were, Tahu?” Takua asked.


“Not sure.” He responded.


“Was strange how they could burst into flames though right?”


          None of them could figure out how a creature could be engulfed in flames like that and still survive. It seemed unnerving to them.


“Turaga Ehrye said that the creatures are called Rahi. Well at least all creatures are. Those specific one’s names are still unknown.” Nerit, another of the group, commented.


“Ehrye, huh? Seems like she is doing the most research of the Turaga.” Rozen added.


“Oh no.” Nerit said. “It’s not just her. All the Ice Matoran have been doing nothing but research since we made it to the city. It seems like that is their thing.”


“Well, if they can find out what those things are and how to keep them out of the city then they can research to their core’s content.” Tahu said.


            After two hours of searching they had found nothing. The perimeter of the city was beautiful to behold, but held no secrets any of them could locate. As they began to head back empty handed they all stopped suddenly. They had each heard a sound that had startled them into silence. It was a terrible sound. Like metal scraping on itself. It was the sound of the rolling creatures. As they turned towards the forest they saw them. Twenty of the creatures had appeared from the tree line and were now heading directly at them. The Matoran were not sure what to do, the creatures were far faster than them and the Rapid Shooters seemed to only faze them the last time.


Thinking quickly Tahu yelled to the others. “We have to try and climb over the wall. It’s our only chance!”


           They all agreed and began climbing the broken bricks hoping to make it to the top.


            As the creatures got closer a few of them burst into flames and smashed into the wall below the four Matoran. The shock began to cause loose debris to break free and fall to the ground below. The wall seemed weak in this spot as well and the four Matoran were afraid that it would end up collapsing on them before they made it over. As another of the blazing creatures struck the wall the piece Takua had been holding onto came loose and, though he tried to grab something else, he fell with it. Tahu could only watch as Takua hit the ground hard and had to roll out of the way quickly or he would have been flattened by the wall debris. The creatures stopped their attack on the wall and turned to Takua. He tried to pull out his shooter, but one of the creatures smacked him with its flaming claw and he fell back to the ground in pain.


            Tahu couldn’t let his new friend be eaten or worse by these creatures so he grabbed Rozen’s shooter and jumped down, firing with both hands as he fell. The creatures seemed only more annoyed as Tahu landed and attempted to reach Takua. One of them grabbed his arm and as it did he could feel the shooter beginning to heat up. As he let it go, the weapon melted in the creature’s claw and then it turned towards Takua.


“No, you monster! Fight me!” Tahu yelled as he charged the creature.


           It turned back to him and backhanded him hard. Tahu flew backwards and hit the pile of wall rubble and fell to the ground.


“No.” Tahu said as he watched the creature go to grab Takua. “I won’t let you hurt my friends.”


Tahu grasped at the ground for something, ANYTHING he could use to fight off the creature. Then he felt it. A rock under his hand was burning, but the heat did not hurt him.


            As Tahu lifted the stone up and looked at it he saw strange markings on it. It glowed a strange fiery red and Tahu could feel the heat inside of the stone growing. As he brought the stone closer to him the glowing red energies erupted from the stone and infused into Tahu’s entire being. He could feel the heat washing over him, bathing him in its eternal glow. As the glow faded Tahu stood their looking at the creatures. They had stopped moving and were all staring directly at him, but Tahu had to look down now to see them. Tahu looked at himself in astonishment. He was now almost double his original height and he felt powerful. One of the creatures turned and jumped at him to attack and Tahu instantly reacted. He swung his hand and a sword appeared. A burning sword. It struck the creature and it fell to the ground in a whimper.


            The other creatures saw what happened and all lit themselves on fire and jumped at him. Tahu went to block their attack, but it never came. As he opened his eyes to look he saw a glowing red energy shield surrounding himself and Takua. Tahu lifted his fire sword and pointed it at the creatures and a torrent of flames came bursting out of it and blasted the creatures back. Tahu had gained control over the fire element. He could summon it and channel it through his new Fire Sword at the creatures. One after another they creatures attacked him and Tahu bested them all. Blasting one, blocking another with his shield, and none of their fiery attacks seemed to affect him in the least. As the last creature was fought back and retreated into the forest Tahu turned towards the others. They were staring at him in awe. He was big and he was strong.


            The four of them made it back to the city and even more stares were there to welcome him back. The Turaga were the most surprised it seems.

“What happened to you?” Tehutti asked.


“I’m not sure.” Tahu responded. “I picked up this stone and it turned me into this.” Tahu said as he did a small turn.


He is a Toa.” Archive interrupted.


“A what?” Tahu asked.


“A Toa. One of the chosen defenders of good and the elemental warriors of the Matoran. What you hold is called a Toa Stone. They only present themselves to the one who is destined to become a Toa and defend the island from evil.” The computer responded


           Tahu couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had become a Toa of fire…


“It must have chosen wrong.” Tahu said. “I am no great warrior.”


“You saved my life, Tahu.” Takua said as he walked up to Tahu. “Without your bravery and refusal to let those creatures get me I wouldn’t be here right now.”


Takua turned to the rest of the gathered crowd and chanted “Three cheers for Toa Tahu!!”


All the Matoran joined in in the chant. “To Toa Tahu! Our defender!!”


           Tahu wasn’t sure if the stone has chosen right, but he would do his best to defend his friends.


“A Toa Stone has been found!!” The dark figure’s voice bellowed at his returning creatures. “I gave you one simple task and now you have made things even more difficult for me!”


           The dark figure raised his hand and one of the creatures lifted into the air. Its screams were deafening as shadowy tendrils wrapped around it. They squeezed tightly and then the screams became silent. As the tendrils dissipated the creature fell to the ground, limp.


“Let this be a warning to the rest of you.” The dark figure warned. “Do not fail me again.”


           The creatures bowed their heads and slowly backed out of the shadowed room. The dark figure was angry, but knew that, no matter how much power the Matoran gained, he would still crush them in the end.

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Into the Deep


            “They have managed to not only reinforce their wall, but also have found the Toa Stone of Fire hmmm.” A dark figure muttered to himself as he walked down a shadowed corridor.


The dark figure released his monsters on the Matoran as soon as he realized they had survived their ships crash, but it had come too late. The Matoran had made it back to Æthon and now he was further away from his goal than he was before.


“This new Toa will complicate things.” He said. “So I’ll just have to find a way into the city that they cannot defend. If they cannot see it coming, then how could they possibly stop it?”

A smile crept over the dark beings shadowed face. He looked at his army of creatures.


“You know what to do.” He directed at one of the creatures


It nodded in acknowledgement and it and the others left the room he was now standing in.


In Æthon Tahu had been grilled over and over again as to what had happened to him. He only had one answer though.


“I really don’t know. I just grabbed the stone and poof.”


He had become a Toa, or elemental champion, of the Matoran people. Chosen by the stone and subsequently by Mata nui himself. Tahu had gained control over the element of fire and with his power he could summon it and channel it through his Fire Sword. He demonstrated this to the Turaga many times. Something still puzzled him though.


“During my fight with the creatures I somehow conjured an energy shield around myself and Takua. How did I do that?”


The Turaga didn’t have an answer for him though. Though they may have known in the past the inner workings of a Toa, that information had been lost to them like the rest of their memories.


            “I think I can answer that.” Kopaka, the same Ice Matoran who had helped Tahu their first night there interrupted. “We all wear these masks.” He said as he pointed at Tahu’s and everyone else’s mask they were wearing on their faces.


“Yes, we know this and that if it is removed the wearer falls unconscious.” Vhisola, the water Turaga responded.


“Well.” Kopaka continued. “I have found out that these masks are call Kanohi. Each one is unique and designed for a different Matoran, but they also seem to hold within them great powers only a Toa such as Tahu can access.”


Tahu touched his mask and felt the same warmth he felt from the stone emanating from it.


“So my mask created the shield?” He asked.


“Kindof.” Kopaka started. “You wear the Hau or great mask of shielding. It worked because you willed it to.”


            Tahu closed his eyes and imagined an enemy coming at them. When he opened the shield was their surrounding them all. He and the others looked at it in amazement and then it faded away. Everyone was in awe of what Tahu could accomplish. A sound of frantic running caught everyone’s attention though. A seemingly panicked Water Matoran came running into the room. He introduced himself as Kelvin and he had been working with other Water Matoran on the city’s power. Archive had told them that it was having a difficult time running everything lately and couldn’t figure out why.


“The power situation has gotten really bad.” Kelvin said as he brought everyone down to Æthon’s core energy chamber.


He pointed at a small crystal that was housed in a large metal cylinder that rested over a vat of green liquid. It was called a Solar Crystal and it powered the entire city, but it was running out of power.


            “The crystal is a sort of energy converter.” Kelvin explained. “I absorbs the energy from this green liquid called Energized Protodermis and uses it to power the city.”


As he spoke though the crystal’s glow waned a bit and the lights in the room faded as well.


“The problem is that they run out of charge eventually and this one had been going none stop for over a thousand years.”


The situation was clear. They needed a new crystal and fast or they would be spending their nights in the dark. The Turaga convened and when they were finished they had come up with a plan to search for a new crystal. The Earth Matoran were tasked with searching the tunnels below the city for any signs of a new crystal. Hopefully they would find one soon. If the rolling creatures attacked again and the city lost power they weren’t sure what would happen.


            The Earth Matoran went underground and started searching the tunnels. Onua was a part of a group that included some others he had gotten to know. Bretan was a member of his tribe and was good at finding weak spots in the rock while Whenua was always trying to make everything a competition between them.


“First one to find the crystal it the greatest Earth Matoran on the island.” Whenua boasted as he, Onua, and Bretan walked father into a tunnel.


“It’s not a race Whenua.” Bretan scolded.


“And why can’t it be?” Asked Whenua.


“Because we still don’t know all of these tunnels and it may be dangerous.” Onua commented.


Whenua conceded and the three Matoran continued their search for the crystal. The tunnels were long and they went far below the city. Some were vast while others were quite a tight squeeze to get through. After about an hour of searching Whenua had gotten fed up with their lack of progress.


“There has to be one down here somewhere.” He complained.


Onua and Bretan didn’t like Whenua’s attitude, but he was right. They would have to turn back soon and that meant going home empty handed. Something none of them wanted.


“Maybe one of the other groups found one.” Bretan said, trying to sound hopeful.


“Then we need to find a bigger one.” Whenua decreed.


As they continued down a tunnel it had become very dark, but thanks to their natural Earth Matoran eyesight, they could see as if it was a bright clear day. Whenua stopped and looked towards one of the far walls.


“Do you see that?” He asked as he pointed.


The other two looked where Whenua was pointing and sure enough sticking out of the cave wall was a small opalescent crystal.


            “First one to pull it out wins!” Whenua yelled as he ran after the crystal.


Onua and Bretan ran after him, but Whenua was faster and grabbed the crystal first. He tugged it as hard as he could, but the crystal wouldn’t budge.


“Come on.” He muttered as he pulled and pulled.


“Whenua stop!” Bretan said as he examined the cave wall.


“And let you claim it Bretan? Not a chance.” Whenua said as he ignored Bretan’s pleas and pulled even harder.


“Seriously Whenua stop. That crystal is wedged in a weak spot in the wall.” Bretan warned.


Whenua wasn’t listening though and as he tugged at the crystal and it came loose the entire tunnel began to shake and collapse over them. Onua grabbed Bretan and pulled him back as twenty tons of rock and rubble buried them. Onua looked as hard as he could, but Whenua was nowhere to be seen.


            As the dust settled Onua looked around him. The tunnel had collapsed right where Whenua had been standing. Onua called out to him, but heard nothing. Had he been crushed in the collapse? He turned and looked at Bretan. The Earth Matoran’s leg had been hit by some falling rocks and he could barely stand on it.


“Do you think you can make it back, Bretan?” Onua asked him.


“Not sure. It hurts pretty badly.”


“Can anyone hear me!?” Onua turned towards the rock pile and knew that that voice was Whenua’s.


“Yeah Whenua, we can hear you!” Onua called back.


“There is something over here!” Whenua called back.


Then they all heard the noise. Like metal scraping on itself. Then they appeared. Bursting out of the walls. The rolling creatures were attacking them from below, but they weren’t on fire.


            As Onua jumped backwards one of the creatures smacked at him with a claw made of solid rock. It missed him, but as it hit the ground it cracked the floor. These weren’t the same creatures as before. The same shape and sound, but these ones were black in color as opposed to the others dark red. It swung at him again and Onua grabbed Bretan to pull him back.


“Help me!” Whenua cried from the other side of the collapse.


Onua knew that if the creatures got to him Whenua would be a goner. The creatures realized this too and dug under the ground burrowing towards Whenua.


“No!” Onua screamed as he ran to the wall of collapsed rock and began grabbing fistfuls of rubble and throwing it aside.


He dug as hard and fast as he could, but he knew the creatures would reach Whenua first. Then, as he grabbed a pile of rubble, he felt something odd. He looked at the pile and a small glowing stone sat in his palm.


            It happened instantly. The stone glowed a deep dark purple and the energies coursing within the stone bust out and enveloped Onua. He felt his body grow and he felt a strength invigorate him like he had never known. As the energy wave disappeared Onua stood there. He felt the new connection to the Earth. Felt its pure and raw power flowing through him. He didn’t waste a moment either, he went straight to the wall and clawed at it. He had claws? His hands had become three fingered claws that could crush rocks to dust in them. He dug at the rock wall and it fell away as if it was nothing but dirt. In mere moments he was through to the other side of the collapse. Onua saw Whenua laying there on the ground and went to grab him, but one of the rolling creatures erupted from the ground and swiped at him.


            Onua blocked the attack and grabbed the creature. It felt as though it was as light as a feather to him. He lifted the creature and then threw it at the others as they clawed their way out of the ground. It toppled over them and Onua took this opportunity to grab Whenua and pull him through the hole he made. As the creatures got back up Onua used his new and immense strength to smash at the wall and direct a new cave in that crushed the creatures as they tried to burrow away.


“Are you ok?” Onua asked.


“Yeah. I’m fine and I got the crystal.” Whenua opened his hand and the showed him the crystal.


Onua was happy to see it, but much happier that his friends were ok. They made their way out of the cave and back up to the surface to show everyone the good news. Two Matoran and one new Toa.


            They made it up and showed everyone the crystal. The Turaga were overjoyed with its discovery. Bretan was still hurt though, but Archive directed them to a pool that lay near the center of the city. It was strange to the Matoran. The pool held a silvery liquid that seemed to move on its own without a breeze.


“It is called Protodermis.” Archive explained. “It is what you and everything in this world is made of.”


Archive beckoned Bretan to step into the pool. As he cautiously did the pool began to glow a silvery-white. Instantly Bretan’s broken leg healed and he stepped out good as new. The Matoran had gained much this day. A new crystal to power the city, information on a new type of the rolling creatures, and a new Toa. This one of the Earth and that made them all feel a little bit safer.

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Cold Fusion


            Two Toa had been chosen. One of Fire and one of Earth. Tahu had gained his power by standing up for his friends and Onua had gained his because he had refused to give up. They had gained incredible strength and now could call on their respective elements to aid them in battle. Twice now since then, the rolling creatures had attacked and twice they had stopped them dead in their tracks. Now Æthon was properly defended and with a new Solar Crystal they had ample amount of power it but, was time for something else. All the Matoran in the city knew that there were six villages out there. Six locations on the island where they could restart their lives and try and make things better for themselves again. The problem was with only two Toa they would have to tread carefully or risk exposing themselves to more dangers than they needed to.


        Because of its location, Groban had been chosen as the first village to be repopulated. This was the village of the Air tribe and they handled many important duties. Their tribe was tasked with growing and harvesting the Nuiberry trees for all the villages to eat. Without a strong supply of food, the other villages would not even be able to make it their first night. Groban was the closest village and from its description by Archive “The strangest of the villages”. As Tahu and Onua led a group there they decided it was best to check the place out and not use the tube system yet. Groban was in the heart of the forest, or at least part of the forest. Archive had warned them about the Dark Forest, a region that was home to many dark and dangerous Rahi. There was a border between Groban and the Dark Forest though which kept most of them out.


           It was amazing to behold. The village lay in the canopy of the tallest trees any of them had ever seen. It had major overgrowth due to the many years of their absence, but the Air Matoran made themselves right at home and began the arduous task of rebuilding. There were docile breeds of Rahi living around the village. A large bovine-like species called a Kau Kau seemed to enjoy grazing near where Okrahm assumed was the old farming plots. The Air Matoran took to them like old friends and in no time at all they were plowing the fields and getting it ready for a new Nuiberry crop. The buildings in the trees needed much mending, but the Stone Matoran took little time in lending a helping hand to make them all secure and usable again. They didn’t have a lot of materials, but they did what they could with what they had.


            Back in the city though a feisty little Ice Matoran was wondering when Therro would be checked. His name was Kopaka and he had helped in many ways prior due to his knack for finding things others missed, but he still wasn’t satisfied.



“According to what I have found.” Kopaka began. “Therro, the Ice village, has a huge archive of stored information. Possibly even more than Æthon does. We should make resettling it our top priority.”


        Ehrye, the Ice Turaga agreed with him, but the others saw more need in materials then in information.


“I’m sorry Kopaka.” Nuhrii said. “But we need to get Rai’sto and Kai’ron running first. They will have the materials we need to finish our repairs and settle the other villages.”


       Kopaka did not like this answer one bit. “If we don’t find out more about these creatures.” He thought to himself. “It will not matter how much stuff we accumulate.”


            After he left the great hall Kopaka decided if they wouldn’t offer up the manpower he needed to get there on foot, then he would find a way to activate the tube system and travel there himself. The tubes had not run in over a thousand years, but thanks to Kopaka’s air tight memory he knew exactly what to do to get it running. He had read everything there was in the archive about how to operate the system. He knew that it was actually one of the Air tribe’s duties to run it, but he didn’t have time to go around asking for help, nor did he feel like he needed it. It just so happened though that one presented itself to him. Lewa was the Air Matoran that had helped him and the others defend the city the first night there, but he had decided to stay behind and check out the tube system for himself. He found it fascinating and wanted to know more about it.


“Trying to figure out how it works Lewa?” Kopaka asked.


“Yeah. I mean if I’m gunna have to operate one eventually I might as well right?” Lewa responded.


This was exactly what Kopaka was hoping for. He didn’t need the help, but having someone else there did make the job easier.


“We need to turn it on first.” Kopaka instructed as he coaxed Lewa into the device.


           It was a large metal cylinder inside an even larger clear tube. It had seats on the sides and a single seat at the front for the operator to use. Kopaka eyed the controls and saw the tree symbol of the Air tribe on it. He assumed it was a failsafe like the cannons had been. Only a member of the Air tribe could operate it.


“I think you put your hands there.” Kopaka said as he pointed to the control panel.


As Lewa placed his hands on it the cylinder lit up and began to hover inside the clear tube.


“Wow this is amazing!” Lewa commented as he looked around inside the vehicle.


“Yes. It is.” Kopaka said as he read the controls.


He saw symbols of the five other tribes light up on the console and one of them was the snowflake symbol for Therro.


“Try that one.” Kopaka suggested, pointing at the snowflake.


          Lewa, not missing a beat, slammed his hand down on the symbol and the cylinder shot off like a rocket. The two Matoran were thrown to the back of the cylinder as the vehicle blasted through the tube. Kopaka could see Æthon in the distance behind them as they left the forest and traveled over a region covered in jagged rocks and mountain ranges. Then it occurred to him.


“If we do not slow this thing down.” Kopaka began. “When we reach Therro we will crash right into the wall.”


         Slowly Kopaka and Lewa began crawling towards the control panel in the front of the vehicle. The rocky terrain gave way to a landscape covered in snow and ice and Kopaka knew they were getting close to Therro. As they reached towards the panel they saw the great ice-capped mountain that held Therro in it. Kopaka grabbed Lewa’s hand and slammed it onto the large red button and they heard a loud screeching outside of the vehicle.


           Four metal feet popped out of the sides and were attempting to slow the cylinder down. Kopaka and Lewa braced themselves for an impact, but the brakes worked well enough and the cylinder just barely tapped the end of the tube. As they stepped out of the tube, shaken but alive, they beheld the frozen glory that was Therro. It was enormous, nearly the entire mountain had been carved out for use of the city. Kopaka beckoned Lewa to follow him as they traveled through the icy hallways.


“I think we should head back Kopaka.” Lewa said as he ran to catch up.


“Nonsense.” Kopaka responded. “We just got here, and I need to find something.”


As they walked Kopaka looked at the old signs that lay above each doorway. The freezing cold temperatures of Therro had preserved the city perfectly. The cold didn’t bother Kopaka in the least due to being an Ice Matoran, but Lewa on the other hand felt as if his fingers had become icicles.


“Come on Kopaka.” Lewa pleaded. “This was fun and all, but we need to go back now.”


“Go ahead then.” Kopaka snapped. “I’m not leaving till I find what I came for.” Lewa reluctantly followed on, trying to keep himself as warm as possible.


            After about twenty minutes of searching Kopaka spotted a door. It read “Entrance to the Grand Archive” and Kopaka knew he had found what he was looking for. As he walked in he saw the largest collection of books, info discs, and files he had ever seen. The walls were covered in information on anything Kopaka could possibly ever want to know. As he ran over to the console and began reading the layout he called to Lewa.


“The information on those creatures is here.” He said excitedly. “All I have to do is find the right file.”


           As he spoke though they both heard noises from down the hallway. Noises that sounded all too familiar. Lewa walked to the doorway and peered out of it and sure enough a small group of the rolling creatures was there.


“How did they find us here?” Lewa whispered to Kopaka, but the Ice Matoran was too busy to answer.


“I found it!” Kopaka yelled in excitement.


          Unfortunately, Lewa wasn’t the only one to hear him. The creatures rolled into white balls and went straight for the door. Lewa slammed it shut, but he felt the creatures pounding on it from the other side.


“I can’t hold it shut forever Kopaka!” Lewa exclaimed to Kopaka.


“Just a few more seconds.” Kopaka responded back. “There has to be some way to stop them.” He thought to himself as he read the file.


           All of a sudden, a strange white shape appeared on the screen blurring out the words. Kopaka couldn’t tell what it was, but he felt an overwhelming urge to touch it. As he did the shape began to pulsate and push its way out of the screen. When Kopak pulled his hand back what lay in it was a small stone glowing with white lines across it. As he pulled it towards him the white wisps enveloped him.


            The light was blinding and when it faded Kopaka was no longer a Matoran. Lewa looked at him in amazement and Kopaka turned to him.


“Let them in.” He said and Lewa did as he asked.


           The creatures burst through the door and went right at Kopaka. He lifted his arm up in defense and an ice shield grew out of his fingertips. It blocked their attack and then in his other hand a sword of pure cold appeared, and he swung it at the creatures. Kopaka could make ice spears erupt from the ground and blast out waves of cold energy that could even freeze these icy creatures. One by one they fell to him and no matter how hard they tried Kopaka’s skill far outmatched theirs. When it was done they walked back to the tube and set course for Æthon.


           In the city everyone had gathered to watch as the missing transport tube returned. As the door opened though one of the creatures was what fell out with Lewa and the new Toa Kopaka behind it. The Turaga stared at the creature in astonishment.


“It’s called a Bohrok.” He said at their looks of confusion. “There are six varieties. One for each of the elements.”


“Bohrok? What do they want?” Asked Tahu confusedly.


“That’s the problem. They are just Rahi. They don’t attack unprovoked. Someone is controlling them.” Kopaka responded back.


“Well did you find out any weaknesses?” Onua asked.


“Yeah.” Kopaka said with a smile forming on his face. “Toa.”


            They all looked at each other and laughed. The Bohrok were dangerous and were being controlled by someone who wished harm on them, but they knew that as long the Toa were there to fight them Æthon and the Matoran would be safe.

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The Hard Truth


            In the Elder’s Hall there was a debate going on. The Turaga knew what was attacking them now. The Bohrok swarm. They were a race of insectoid-like Rahi that had been in hibernation for centuries, but someone or something awoke them and was sending them after the Matoran. They knew this information thanks to Kopaka, the newest member of the Toa. He had accessed the Grand Archive in Therro and learned much about them, in fact thanks to Kopaka the ice village was active again and so was Rai’sto, the fire village and Ba’ros, the Stone village. They had to decide what their next move was going to be and decide it soon. With the three Toa they were able to fend off the Bohrok’s attacks, but it was getting more difficult. The Bohrok were not stupid in the least bit and their attacks were becoming more coordinated.


            The time had come for the Toa to take Kai’ron from the Bohrok, who seemed to be using it as a nest. The Earth village was essential for them to finish the repairs on Æthon and the other villages. Kai’ron was the mining village that housed the raw materials needed to rebuild. They were mined there, sent to Rai’sto for forging, and then sent to Ba’ros to be used by the Stone Matoran for building. So after a few hours of deliberation it was decided to send the Toa there. The three of them would be enough in the Turaga’s opinions to deal with whatever Bohrok they ran in to. Tahu and the other two agreed wholeheartedly. They wanted a chance to really test out their abilities and see what the Bohrok would do when put on the defensive. It was their first chance to be the aggressors and they all relished in the opportunity.


            Over in Ba’ros, the Stone village, though, many Matoran were finally having a chance to settle into their new old lives. The Stone village was deep in the southern end of the island which was covered in an endless scorching desert. The Stone Matoran didn’t mind the weather though, in fact they seemed to love it. The heat of the desert was a far cry from the more temperate weather in Æthon, but that didn’t bother them at all. Pohatu and a few of his friends found the heat as a welcome change. The village itself though was not as welcoming. The sandstone buildings had been hit by many storms over the years and the lack of upkeep was showing. They had spent the last three days repairing the wear on the buildings and making them livable again. Some Water Matoran had even helped reactivate the city’s power generator upon arrival.


            While most of the Matoran were busy mending the dilapidated buildings Pohatu and a few other had been given a different, but also crucial job to do. They were tasked with finding usable sources of water out there in the desert. They could not keep transporting it from Æthon and without it the village would not last. So far, they hadn’t had any luck though. The desert was hard to chart so they had to keep the village in eyesight or they might get turned around and lost out there. Pohatu had come up with an ingenious solution though. They were bringing bags of scrap metal as they scouted and would drop piles every few hundred feet so they could follow them back to the village. So far it had worked pretty well for them. As they left that morning they went a new direction hoping for better luck than what they had previously had.


            Tahu and the other two Toa were in a transport tube heading towards Kai’ron, but they weren’t going to finish the journey that way. They knew it was far too dangerous to land directly in the middle of a Bohrok nest. As the tube began to descend underground Kopaka hit the same red button he had used before and the tube’s brakes popped out and grinded them to a full stop in the air. Onua used his mask’s power to augment his strength and then pried the door to the cylinder open. Tahu used his fire sword and began to cut a hole in the transport tubes outer wall. When he was done they, all jumped down and continued the rest of their journey on foot. The hope was that if they caught the Bohrok by surprise it may make the job of pushing them out of the village easier. That was the plan they had come up with at least. They had no idea how many Bohrok were actually in there.


            As Pohatu and a few other Stone Matoran walked across the desert they saw a few Plucktor birds preening themselves. These large flightless Rahi were no danger to them, but they had learned that they were very loud and quite annoying to have to deal with. They seemed to be very territorial, but also extremely skittish. The first day they had come to Ba’ros the birds had been inhabiting it for some time and took off at the first sight of the Matoran. That night though the birds stood outside of the city and squawked at them all night long to let them know how annoyed they were with losing their territory. No one had gotten a bit of sleep because of it. That next morning, they ran them farther off from the village, but the birds just kept coming back. They didn’t have time to worry about them though, they had an important job to do at the moment.


            The terrain in the earth region was rough to traverse. Jagged rocks and sharp cliffs were everywhere. The only guide they had to the village was the transport tube above them. It seemed to descend into the side of a small cliff ahead of them. Kopaka used his mask’s sight powers to scan the ground and look for a possible secondary entrance to the village. A little way past the cliff they came across a large boulder. Kopaka said that there was a staircase behind it so Onua used his immense strength to push the boulder out of the way and they descended down the stairwell. The stairwell was pitch black, but Onua could see fine due to being an Earth tribe member and Kopaka’s mask gave him infrared sight so he was fine too. Tahu though was having a difficult time seeing in the dark so he summoned a small flame, like a candle, to light the way.


            After two hours of searching Pohatu and the other Matoran had still yet to find even a single drop of water in this bone-dry wasteland. He wouldn’t give up though and pushed them farther out then they had gone before. As they searched they began to feel a strange rumbling in the sand.


“Sandstorm!!” One of the Matoran yelled.


             Pohatu and the others looked where he was pointing and sure enough a massive cloud of whirling sand was headed straight for them. Out that far they weren’t sure what to do. Pohatu, thinking quickly, grabbed the tarp he was carrying and draped it over everyone there.


“Sit on the edge and hold onto each other!” He ordered them, and they listened.


            As the storm came it pounded the sides of their tarp, but thanks to Pohatu they were safe for now.


            As the three Toa reached the end of the stairwell they looked around them and began to think this had been a bad idea. The Earth village was quite large for being completely underground. The ceiling was close to thirty feet high and the building seemed to have been craved directly into the walls. The size was intimidating, but what worried them the most was that, laying on the floor in some type of hibernation, was close to two hundred Earth Bohrok.


“Watch out for these ones.” Onua warned. “If they get to riled up they could collapse this entire place.”


            Tahu and Kopaka nodded. The last thing they needed to do was burry the earth village before they could even gain control of it. They each quietly moved to their positions and after a count of three they channeled their elemental abilities into their weapons and attacked in unison.


            When the storm died down Pohatu and the others peaked out of the tarp. They had survived, but a sound coming out of the desert began to worry them. Without a second beat ten brown Bohrok appeared out of the sands and surrounded them. Each Matoran grabbed a shard of broken metal scrap and prepared themselves to fight back, but the Bohrok didn’t advance. Instead they transformed into their ball forms and began rolling around them in a circle. The sand began to kick back up again and that’s when it dawned on Pohatu. It was no sandstorm that trapped them. It was a group of these Stone Bohrok. By themselves they couldn’t do anything this big, but together they were able to make a huge storm. Try as they might to stop them the storm was whipping sand in their faces and soon enough they would be buried along with any chance of making it home.


            As the sounds of battle echoed through Kai’ron the Toa were deep in combat with a swarm of Earth Bohrok.


“We have to try and corral them together!” Tahu yelled as he spun with his fire sword out, knocking five Bohrok back.


“Yeah good luck with that.” Onua responded back.


             A Bohrok rolled at him at full speed and he used his Earth claws to grab it and smash it into four others that were coming up behind him. Kopaka wasn’t having an easy time either. He had frozen a few of them as they came at him, but the number of them in the village made it one against over sixty of the creatures and stave off so many attacks.


“Concentrate all of your elemental power and then release it in one large blast.” He called to the other two. They obliged and pulled in all of their powers. Then, when they felt as if they couldn’t contain it anymore, they released it all at once.


            As the Bohrok’s sandstorm began to burry Pohatu and the others he looked for something he could do.


“We can’t go out like this.” He told himself.


             He reached out to try and swipe at one of the Bohrok but missed and his spear was tore out of his hands. He reached out to find it, but something else appeared instead. Coming out of the sand and floating in front of him was a small glowing stone with brown-yellow lines running over it. As he grabbed in the energies inside the stone burst out and caused a shockwave that knocked the Bohrok back and stopped the sandstorm. When Pohatu stood up he had gained the elemental power of Stone and was now a Toa. One of the Bohrok jumped at him, but he easily dodged it. He now had strange metal plates on his feet that allowed him to run on the sand at incredible speeds. He ran as fast as he could and used his new reinforced boots to kick the Bohrok and send them all flying away.


            As Tahu and the others returned from Kai’ron triumphant they explained how they defeated the Bohrok.


“We released our elemental powers in a huge blast and knocked out most of them there. The others decided to turn tail and run after that.” Onua explained.


“Good thing they did though. That move took a lot out of me. I’m not sure if I could have continued fighting after that.” Tahu added.


            As they spoke, the now Toa, Pohatu walked into the room.


“Well you guys had help.” He said jokingly.


             The others walked over to him and greeted Pohatu as their newest member. He had fought off the Stone Bohrok and even found a water source for Ba’ros on his way back to the village. For the moment at least, all was well on the island of Mata nui.

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Depths of Fear


            After weeks of constant attacks by the Bohrok things were starting to finally look up. Five of the six villages had been resettled. After much clean up in Kai’ron, the Earth village was up and running again and most of the repairs to all the villages had been completed. There was just one last village to regain control of. Aquanos. Though it was the second closest to Æthon after Groban, the Water village was left for last due to the needs of the Matoran. Repairs were what was decided that was most important, and unfortunately for Gali and the other Water Matoran, Aquanos would not help in that department. It was a village of scientific experimentation and discovery. Important yes, but not when your homes have been in shambles for over a thousand years. The time had come to go there and check it out and everyone seemed to be excited.


            Gali had been working with Kelvin, a fellow Water Matoran, on the way they were getting to Aquanos. Like with Kai’ron, they didn’t want to take the chance of being attacked on arrival from the transport tubes. Instead they had found in the harbor behind Æthon, small aquatic vessels called Hydroskippers. They were small, only able to carry about seven individuals and a driver, but from their tests the boats were exceptionally fast. They had managed to get three running and were ready to head over to the village. Unlike other villages Aquanos wasn’t on land. It was a floating village out in the middle of a large lagoon. The river that ran behind Æthon connected to this lagoon, known as the Cobalt Lagoon, and then to the Silver Sea. The hopes were that, if they got Aquanos running, they could check out the rest of the island by sea.


            Tahu and the other Toa were going to see if there was any trouble in the village, but it was believed that, because of its isolation, the village would unlikely have been taken as a nesting area for the Bohrok. Still precautions were being made. The Toa’s skipper would head out first and then the other two would follow behind. They would not dock until the Toa came back from checking out Aquanos and making sure it was safe. Everyone got ready to depart and make their way over to the floating village. The four Toa went alone on their Hydroskipper, Kelvin had given Kopaka the basics of the controls and the Ice Toa seemed to pick up on them rather quickly. Gali and seven other were on the next boat and the last one was supposed to carry Kelvin, but the Matoran scientist had decided to stay in the city for the time being.


            As the three boats left the dock the smell of the water washed over them all. The Hydroskippers were proving to be quite fast and agile on the water. Gali was able to catch up to the Toa’s boat and they decided to have a little fun on the way.


“First one to the lagoon’s inlet wins.” Tahu yelled over to Gali’s boat.


“You’re on oh mighty Toa of Fire.” She responded.


              At once they each pushed forward on their respective boat’s throttles and off they went like rockets. The Hydroskippers were bouncing over wave after wave as they sped across the river headed for the lagoon. The Toa’s boat was in the lead at first, but Gali was close behind. The third boat increased speed to keep up with them, but clearly, they weren’t into racing at that moment. As they rounded a bank in the river Gali took a hard turn and passed by the Toa, making sure to wave as she did. Tahu saw this happen and then went to the back of the boat.


“Everyone hold on, I’m going to try something crazy.” He exclaimed and channeled his element through his blade.


              The effect was instant. The fire blasting out of his sword acted like a turbo boost and blasted them forward. They zoomed past Gali’s boat and made it to the inlet just before her.


“That’s not fair. You used your powers.” Gali called to them as her boat met up with theirs.


“We never stated that we couldn’t use them. Plus, I wasn’t even sure that would work.” Tahu responded back with a smile on his face.


             Gali nodded and accepted defeat, they were the Toa after all. As the third boat caught up to them they started heading for the village. They saw it floating in the middle of the lagoon and it seemed, from where they were, that it was completely empty and abandoned.


            The Toa’s boat went a little ahead of them and all seemed calm at first. Then, without warning, Gali’s boat ran into something. Something big. They stopped and one of the other Matoran on the boat looked over the side to see what they had hit.


“I don’t see anything.” He said.


           Then another pointed out onto the water. About ten feet away from them was a large fin coming right at them.


“Brace yourselves!” Gali yelled as the fin came closer and the creature it was attached to slammed into the Hydroskipper.


             The boat rocked back and forth and nearly tipped over while everyone onboard held on desperately, trying not to get thrown over. Kopaka and the other Toa saw what was happening and turned around to come back over as two more fins appeared and began circling Gali’s boat. Things were going from bad to worse fast.


            Tahu released a blast of fire at the fins, but they just disappeared under the water and avoided his attack. The third boat tried to come closer to help, but Onua told them to stay back.


“Our powers aren’t going to be very effective against these things.” Pohatu surmised.


“I’m afraid I have to agree.” Kopaka said as his ice beam solidified a bit of the water, missing another of the fins. “Our abilities cannot penetrate the water’s surface.”


            Then one of the creatures launched itself out of the water and landed on the edge of Gali’s boat. It was a large shark-like Rahi known as a Kruegedon and it looked like it was hungry. Its mouth full of razor sharp teeth snapped at them as it tried to grab one of the Matoran, whipping itself back and forth. Gali and the others grabbed whatever they could find and began smacking the beast.


             The boat began to tip over due to the creature’s size and, try as the might to stabilize it, the boat capsized and threw them all into the water. The lagoon was murky and Gali had a hard time seeing through the silt and mud that had been kicked up by the creatures. One of the Kruegedon came at her and she moved out of the way just in time to avoid its snapping jaws. Being Water Matoran gave her and the others increased agility in the water and the ability to breathe underwater for a limited amount of time, but they could only doge the mouths of these hungry predators for so long. Above the water, Tahu and the other Toa were desperately trying to figure out a way for them to scare off the Kruegedon. Realizing they were out of options, Onua took a deep breath and jumped overboard into the lagoon.


            The Earth Toa sank right to the bottom, but thankfully his loud splash caught the attention of the three sharks. They swam directly at him. He smacked one hard with his Earth claws, but another came up behind and, if not for a quick blast from Tahu, Onua would’ve had a sizable chunk taken out of him. The other two Toa jumped in after and it became an underwater battleground. The Toa were not as agile as the Water Matoran though and were having a much more difficult time dealing with the three large and menacing predatory fish. Then their worst fears were realized. Off in the distance, two more Kruegedon could be seen swimming straight at them. This fight was very quickly becoming a losing battle and without a chance to go up for a breath the Toa were running out of time.


            Gali saw them fighting and began looking around for her spear she had dropped when she fell in. As she scanned the lagoon bottom she noticed something glowing right past a seaweed bed. She swam directly at the object and when she got close to it she could finally see what it was. Laying in the muck of the lagoon floor was a small stone with glowing blue lines crossing over it. Gali had never seen anything like it before, but figured whatever it was it might help them out. She reached her arm out and grabbed the stone and a wave of blue energy began to emanate out of it. As she pulled it in closer the waves of energy flowed into her body and infused her with the powers of a Toa. As Tahu tried to stave off a Kruegedon from biting his head off a blast of water slammed into the side of it and knocked it away from him.


            Tahu looked over to see where the blast had come from and floating there in the water was Gali, empowered with the strength of a Toa. One of the Kreugedon came at her and she conjured a set of water hook blades and smacked the creature away. Then she channeled her elemental powers into the Water Hooks and created a water spout that sucked the Kruegedon into it. They swirled around and around in the water currents and then Gali lifted them out of the water with it and sent them flying out of the lagoon and into the ocean. As she came back to the others they grabbed onto her and she lifted them out of the water and onto the two remaining Hydroskipperss. The other Matoran fit on the one boat while Gali joined Pohatu and the other Toa on theirs.


“Well it is about time.” Tahu said as he welcomed Gali to the growing Toa team.


            That night back in Æthon they explained what had happened on their trip. Aquanos was empty as they had guessed and the other Water Matoran decided to stay there and not risk another “encounter” on the water. As the Toa settled themselves in for the night they realized they had finally gotten all six villages running. Things, in their opinion, couldn’t get much better.


            On the other side of the island, in a foreboding looking castle, the being who was controlling the Bohrok learned of the Toa’s triumph of the day.


“It seems these mindless creatures are no match for the Toa’s strength.” The dark being walked into a room with six large vats. “No matter. They will soon get a taste of what real power is.” He said. He then ran one hand across one of the vats as something inside it stirred.

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Heart of the Wood


            The Toa had gotten all six villages running again. A feat none of them truly believed was possible the first night they had reached Æthon. They had come so far from then. Lost without memory of who they were they had found the ancient city and five Toa champions had been chosen. It was finally time for the Matoran to return to their homes and start life over again. Many had already made the journey, but quite a few had waited and stayed in Æthon, worried about more Bohrok attacks. It had been three days since an attack though and many were anxious to head out and start a new life. Not everyone was leaving though. The Turaga were going to stay in Æthon for the time being and about a hundred other Matoran had chosen to stay in the city as well. The Toa were staying too, they would make regular visits to the villages, but Æthon still needed defending.


            Each of the six villages were well protected due to their locations. There had been minor scuffles with the Bohrok a few days back, but now that each village had all of its defenses up it was highly unlikely or them to do any real damage anymore. As the last transport tube left the city, the Toa look around and felt accomplished with what they had done.


“Feels kinda empty now doesn’t it?” Pohatu commented as he looked at the deserted street.


“This is how it is meant to be.” Kopaka responded.


“Yeah, having the city packed with everyone in it was quite a hassle.” Onua added.


“We have done a great thing getting all the Matoran back to their homes. We should be proud.” Gali said as she looked off with a smile.


            They all agreed with her, with their combined might the Bohrok would have no chance anymore of attacking them. Their sense of accomplishment fell away though when a transport tube returned and Lewa jumped out with a panicked look on his face.


“The forest is under attack! The village is in danger! Come quickly!” He exclaimed.


            The Toa didn’t ask questions, just got onto the tube and off they went.


           Groban, the Air village, was the closest to Æthon so in no time at all they had made it there. As soon as they stepped out of the tube they saw the towers of billowing smoke off in the distance and they didn’t hesitate to run straight for it. The village was in chaos. Matoran were running around in a panic trying to figure out what to do.


“Calm down everyone. We are here to help.” Tahu called out to them.


           The voice of a Toa reinvigorated the Matoran with a sense of safety and they did as he asked. In moments they were out of the village and what they saw seemed impossible.


            As smoke filled the air and the intense heat washed over them the Toa saw that the forest was engulfed in a fiery inferno. Through the burning trees they could see Fire Bohrok igniting anything they could get their claws on. The Toa reacted instantly. Kopaka summoned forth a blast of icy wind from his sword and directed it at the burning trees. Gali channeled her element through her Water Hooks and condensed the remained moisture in the air as she began to drench the flames that were coming out. Onua and Pohatu were blasting out waves of rock and dirt to try and snuff out the flames near the bottoms of the trees and Tahu was doing his best to control the blazing inferno and stop it from consuming anymore of the forest. Each Toa did the best they could to hold the fire back and not let it reach Groban, for that would be disastrous.


            After what felt like hours of fighting the blaze and warding off the Fire Bohrok, the Toa had finally quelled the fire. Though Groban had not be reached, the forest had been almost completely destroyed by the inferno. Charred branches and burnt pieces of earth were all that was left of a once lush and vibrant forest. The Bohrok’s master had realized that they couldn’t attack directly anymore so a new tactic had been used and it had almost cost them a village.


“This can’t be.” Lewa said in astonishment as he walked past the burn line.


            The Air Matoran fell to his knees in pain, as if he felt the pain the forest did. The Toa walked over to him and tried to console the little Matoran, but he rebuffed their attempts.


“These monsters have to pay.” He exclaimed as he pounded the ash-filled ground.


“Don’t worry Lewa.” Gali said sympathetically. “The forest will regrow.”


            “The forest will regrow.” Those were the words that hung in Lewa’s mind as the headed back to the village. The Toa were exhausted from their ordeal and needed time to rest, but Lewa wasn’t worried about them.


“Yeah, and what happens when it does regrow?” Lewa thought to himself “Those beasts will return and destroy it again.”


As he left the Toa and walked off Tahu went to stop him.


“Let him go.” Kopaka said as they watched Lewa leave. “He needs time to cool off.”


But Lewa wasn’t going to go cool off. He was going and getting his things together.


“I won’t allow them to do it again.” He said as he packed up and left the village looking for where the Bohrok had gone.


             Lewa was determined to find them and make sure they could never harm his, or any one of the other villages again, even if it meant he had to do it alone. As Lewa walked through the burnt remains of the outer forest his hatred for the Bohrok and whoever was controlling them increased. He watched as a few Jukko birds flew overhead. They were small birds, they may have had a nest in this section of the forest, but thanks to the Bohrok it was all gone. Lewa could see that the native Rahi had made it out of the area before the blaze took it, but they now had nothing to return too except charred logs and burnt bushes. Lewa looked around and saw a set of tracks in the ground and could tell they were the ones the Bohrok left when the rolled off in their ball forms. He was on the right track.


“Now to figure out where you have been coming from.” He said as he followed the tracks farther into the forest.


             Lewa had never been this far out before, but he had to know where the creatures had gone.


            A few hour later the Toa were recuperated and ready to head out looking for the Bohrok. They wanted to go and check on Lewa first to see how he was doing, but couldn’t find him anywhere. After a few minutes of searching they began to assume the worst.


“You don’t think he would go out alone do you?” Pohatu asked.


“If he has we need to find him quickly.” Tahu responded and the Toa left the village immediately.


            If what they thought was true, and Lewa had gone off on his own. Then they were in a race against time to find him before the Bohrok or worse did.


            Unfortunately for both the Toa and Lewa though, he had found the Bohrok. They had traveled into the Dark Forest and Lewa had followed them there. Lewa had hoped to surprise the creatures with a few Popsticks he had found in the village, small rods that emitted a loud bang and sparks, but the creatures had sensed him before he could do anything. He had realized his folly and tried to run back to the village, but the creatures had caught up to him and now he was hiding. He hoped beyond hope that the Toa would realize he was gone and help him somehow.


“The Toa.” He thought. “If only I could become a Toa. These monsters wouldn’t stand a chance against me.”


            Lewa was the only one of the six who had defended Æthon that first night to not have become a Toa. Why hadn’t he been chosen?


            As the Toa raced towards where they figured Lewa had gone they worried for their friend. The loss of such a large forest section was bad enough, they didn’t need to lose a friend as well. They made it to the edge of the dark Forest and heard the telltale scrapping of metal that signified the Bohrok were close. As they made it over a ridge they saw them and Lewa who was desperately trying to avoid their attacks.


“Hold on Lewa!” Onua yelled. “We are coming!”


            The Toa bounded down towards the Bohrok and a large fight broke out. On one hand the Toa were trying to fend off the exceptionally large group of Fire Bohrok while also preventing them from starting another forest fire. On the other hand, they were attempting to reach Lewa before the creatures could harm him. It was not an easy task considering the number of Bohrok that were there in the forest. It seemed like a much larger group than before. Had they planned on attacking again?


            As Tahu blocked an attack from hitting Lewa he told the Matoran to back off and let them deal with the Bohrok.


“You will only get in the way Lewa. We can’t protect you and fight at the same time.”


 Lewa hated hearing that and backed off. As he watched the Toa fight he wished with all his might that he could be like them.


“I want that power, I want that strength, but most of all I want to protect my home and the forest from ever being destroyed again.” He said to himself.


            Three Bohrok broke off from the fight and went after Lewa who had to run behind a large tree.


“Please.” He begged as he pressed his head against the old tree. “Give me the strength to protect you from harm.”


           Then, as if the tree heard his pleas, the bark in front of him separated and wedged inside the old tree, as if it was hidden, was a small stone with glowing green lines encircling it.

            Lewa knew what it was and what to do instantly. He grabbed the stone and as soon as he touched it the green energy emanating from the stone enveloped him. He felt the power and strength of the forest infuse into every fiber of his being and imbue him with the elemental powers of a Toa.  A burst of energy was let out that knocked the Bohrok back and when the light dissipated Lewa stood there, the new Toa of Air.


            The Bohrok turned their attention to the trees and started trying to light another forest fire, but Lewa was not going to let that happen. He reached his hand out and an axe, made from the concentrated air around him, appeared in his grip. He swung it and a gale force gust of wind was let loose and doused any flame that the Bohrok had lit, but Lewa wasn’t done yet. He started swinging his Air axe around and around in the air and kicked up a small tornado that scooped up the Bohrok and blasted them out of the forest and far away from them.


            As Lewa lowered his weapon the other Toa came over to him and congratulated him on finding the Toa stone.


“Well.” Said Onua. “That’s all six elemental champions.”


“Yeah.” Pohatu added. “What do we do now as a full team?”


 Lewa looked off into the forest and then back at the other Toa.


“We find out who has been attacking us and we stop them.” He said with determination in his voice.


            He was right. With a full Toa team, they finally had the strength to go on the offensive and stop these attacks at their source. But who was behind them?


            At that moment the being behind the attacks had just heard of the newest member of the Toa being chosen.


“So, they have a full team now hmm. Good I want their defeat to be a complete one.” He said as he walked to his throne and sat on it.

The darkness of the room seemed to intensify as he crossed the room.


“Go ahead and celebrate for now Toa. For soon you will learn that even the combined strength of all six elements is nothing compared to my power.” As he closed his hands the last bit of light in the room went out and the being sat in perfect and complete darkness.

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Thy name is Evil


            Six Toa had been chosen. After all the trials the Matoran had been through, from their explosive crash in the forest and loss of memory to their constant attacks by the Bohrok, they had survived and six of them had ascended to the mantle of Toa. But the fight wasn’t over yet for the new champions. The question that hung on everyone’s minds was the same, from the Turaga to the Matoran in the six villages to each of the Toa. Who was trying to attack them? And why? It had come time to find out these answers. With a full team assembled, the Toa felt as though they could challenge anyone who may come their way. So the plans were made. They would journey through the Dark Forest first. That is where the Bohrok had been coming from. They would journey there and then pass that to areas still unknown to them and they would not stop until they found the source of the Bohrok and who was behind it all.


            This type of journey was going to be a long one. They had access to a full-scale map of the island, but sections of it were not charted.


“The six sections of our villages are charted.” Kopaka explained as he showed the others the 3D Holomap. “But this section.” He pointed to an obscured seventh area encompassing the northeastern section of the island. “Has either not been charted or is too dangerous to.”


“Well then that is where we are headed.” Tahu responded. “If that is where the Bohrok are coming from then we need to go.”


          The other Toa knew not what dangers the darkened area could hold, but that was not going to stop them. They had a job to do. Their duty was to protect Æthon and all the other villages and to do so they had to make that journey. They headed to Groban, the village closest to the Dark Forest, and started their quest there.


          They knew when they had reached the Dark Forest because the air around them seemed to gain a foreboding chill to it. Unlike the forested area in which Groban lie and Æthon was a part of, the Dark Forest was home to a different, more sinister, type of wildlife. The trees seemed different as well. Gone were the tall and proud trees that encompassed Groban and held the village high in the canopy. Instead they were replaced by twisted thorny briars that looked as though they wished to reach out and attack.


“This place gives me the creeps.” Pohatu commented as they made their way through the menacing foliage.


“Me too, but we have to stay focused. We have a duty to fulfill.” Onua responded.


            Everyone was feeling on edge here. They had been attacked by Vredix on the path to Æthon when their ship crashed and no one had forgotten.


            Thankfully with constant vigilance from everyone, and making sure not to take any chances, they saw an end to the Dark forest ahead of them. Unfortunately what they saw made them wish the forest had not ended. At the edge of the forest there lay a barren field which, by Kopaka’s estimate, was close to a mile wide. That wasn’t the problem though, for the field wasn’t barren for no reason. Throughout the field there were hundreds of deeply craved trenches and flowing through these trenches were millions of tons of molten hot lava spewing from the volcano known as Mt. Kardas. The great volcano was at the center of the island and Rai’sto, the Fire village, rested inside it. The Toa had never seen such an awe inspiring sight before in their lives. The lava flowed directly from the volcano to the island’s edge and into the Silver Sea.


“Well I think we now know why this area hasn’t been charted.” Joked Lewa.


                It was all the Air Toa could do to ease the tension he, and everyone else, was feeling. They all stood there for a moment in awe of  the breath taking beauty of the red and orange glowing liquid as it moved across the blacked rock and then, at the water that boiled as the lava flowed into it.


“If this is where the Bohrok are coming from then we need to find a way across it.” Tahu said with determination in his voice.


As they looked over the field Gali noticed something about the trenches.


“Look there.” She said and pointed at the first trench.


About half way up a small hill was what seemed to be a bridge made from a fallen chunk of rock over the flow.


“They must have used these makeshift bridges to get across the lava.” She surmised and everyone agreed.


            Very cautiously the six Toa warriors made their way towards and over the first section. It seemed stable enough, but they each crossed one at a time just in case. Tahu went first. Being a Fire Toa gave him a slight advantage in case the bridge collapsed and he fell into the lava. No one knew how much of an advantage he would have, but they didn’t want to find out either. Each trench had its own bridge at some point of the way. Some were close together and others were quite a distance a part. The Toa could see certain sections of some had fallen off and figured it had taken a few Bohrok with it. They made sure to tread carefully over them. They didn’t want to be the next unwilling volunteers to take a dip in the red hot river of molten rock. As they passed over the last rock bridge they viewed a landscape that seemed very alien to them.


            As vastly different the dark forest had been from the forest surrounding Groban, this area seemed even more dark and seeped in evil. The sky was blanketed in a perpetual haze that let in very little light. The ground was hard and rough. Jagged metal spikes seemed to jut out of the ground as if piercing the once pristine landscape. All around them were deep craters blasted into the ground that looked like scars from an ancient and terrible battle. The Toa felt very out of place here and they felt it inside as well. None of them seemed to get comfortable. It was as if the air itself was irritating them from the inside out.


“Forget what I said before in the Dark Forest. THIS place really gives me the creeps.” Pohatu commented.


It was a sentiment everyone felt. They knew as soon as they set foot here that this had to be the place where the Bohrok were coming from.


            As they walked across the shadowed landscape they couldn’t spot one sign of life anywhere. It was as if they had stepped into another world, a twisted world, where nothing could survive. Then, off in the distance, they spotted something. At first they had thought it was just another spike ridden mountain, but on closer inspection they saw a more organic form to it. It was a castle. It had a domed shape to it at the bottom with many spiked towers coming out. At the center was one immensely tall spire that seemed to pierce the sky itself. The castle was black like the ground it stood on, but it seemed different. The darkness that enveloped this land felt as though it was coming from the castle itself, as if it was a beacon of pure midnight. The Toa took every precaution they could as they approached the castle for they had no idea what waited inside.


            As the Toa reached the castle they looked for a way into it.


“There has to be a door right?” Onua asked.


The others nodded and began searching, but it wasn’t long until Kopaka found it and everyone headed inside. As soon as they were all inside the door slammed by itself and they were enveloped in a thick black fog. Onua looked around for the others through the fog, but he couldn’t see any of them.


“What’s wrong little Earth Toa?” A dark voice asked as Onua struggled to find someone. “Big and strong on the outside, but deep down your greatest fear is to be alone and helpless.” Onua tried to ignore the voice as he desperately searched for one of his teammates.


            Lewa had backed into a wall trying to get a sense of his surrounding, but it wasn’t helping.


“Ahh. The ever optimistic Air Toa.” The voice said. “Last to be chosen and still the weakest of them all.”


 Lewa began to swing wildly with his Air axe at the blackness, trying to quell the voice, but it was no use.


            Kopaka was using his mask’s power of sight to try and find a setting that allowed him to see through the fog, but nothing was working.


“Having a problem figuring this out Ice Toa?” The voice teased. “You can search that immense intellect all you want, but you will never find what you need.”


Kopaka tried to ignore the voice, but his mind was wracked with doubt.


            Pohatu was trying to stay calm, but the pitch dark wasn’t helping his nerves.


“The speedy Stone Toa ready to run any moment.” The voice called in his mind. “No matter how fast you are you will never escape my reach.”

Pohatu looked back and forth as he got himself ready to take off at any sign of danger.


            Gali though, had sat down and closed her eyes.


“Trying to will yourself out of my trap Water Toa?” The voice asked. “It will never work and you will get to watch as all of your friends fall around you.”


Gali squeezed her eyes as tight as she could hoping that she could shut the voice out, if only for a moment.


            Tahu was trying to light his sword aflame to try and cut through the darkness.


“The ever-brave Toa of Fire.” The dark voice echoed in his head. “Try as you might to stop me you will get to see me take this world for my own as you sit helpless, unable to fight back.” “Show yourself!”


Tahu yelled into the darkness and then it all faded away.


            As the six Toa looked at each other, they saw the terror that had taken each of them.


“Who are you?” Kopaka questioned as the Toa shook off their fears and regrouped themselves.


The black fog that had covered them began to recede and condense in the center of the room they were standing in.


“Very well.” The dark voice agreed. “As suppose I can grant you one request before you perish.”


As it finished speaking the fog took the shape of a large figure and out of the blackness appeared a massive being, standing nearly twice as tall as any of them.


“I am the shadow that follows you in an abandoned ally. I am the darkness that snuffs out even the brightest of flames. I am your greatest fears made real. I am your one true and final defeat. I am The Makuta, the Lord of Shadows and Master of Darkness.”


As the dark being finished, the Toa backed away trying not to give him a chance to attack them. They readied themselves for a great battle and knew not what to do now.


“Oh.” The Makuta said with surprise in his voice. “You think I am going to fight you? Oh no my foolish children, they will do the job for me.”


              He pointed off behind the Toa and they spun around as quickly as they could. What they saw both confused and frightened them. Standing in the archway of the door were six Bohrok, but they didn’t look exactly right. They were much larger than the ones they had encountered before, and they seemed off.


“You see I have noticed that you Matoran gained powers to fight my little beasts.” Makuta said with a smile. “So I gave these ones powers as well. Let us see who really is more powerful shall we?”


As he finished speaking the creatures jumped at the Toa.

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The Kal of Battle


            In an instant the six powered-up Bohrok charged at the Toa and a great struggle began. Tahu and the other Toa were partly taken by surprise by these “new” Bohrok and as the fight commenced they began to understand just how difficult this one would be. They were colored like the other Bohrok the Toa had fought against, but as Lewa went to strike the blue one with his Air axe it produced an electrical field around itself and the shock knocked him back.


“That is Gahlok.” The Makuta said. “Watch out for that electrical field, if you can.”


Onua had started fighting the green one and it had sucked all the air out of the area they were standing in causing Onua to gasp for breath.


“Ah yes Lehvak. The power of Vacuum can be quite deadly.”


          As Gali struck Lehvak from behind the air returned and Onua could breathe again, if only for a moment. When Gali turned around though, the black Bohrok focused its power on her and it felt as though she weighed a thousand tons.


“Nuhvok’s power of gravity will truly crush you where you stand.” Makuta gloated.


         As Gali tried desperately to move Tahu was having a difficult time just striking the brown Bohrok. Every swing of his sword bounced backwards, as if it was hitting an invisible shield. Then the sword flew out of his hand and stuck to the Bohrok.


“The power of magnetism is quite difficult to deal with Fire Toa. Let us see if you can defeat Pahrak without your weapon.” Makuta taunted.


            Kopaka was striking at the white Bohrok and then everything went completely silent. The entire room was cast in a utter and eerie silence that allowed nothing, not even the falling swings of weapons to make even the slightest noise. Then it all came back and was so loud the deafening sound caused the Ice Toa to fall to the ground in pain.


 “Kohrak’s power of sonics allows it to manipulate sound so well your head could explode from the sound of a pin drop.” The Makuta exclaimed as Kopaka forced himself back to his feet.


            Pohatu on the other hand and not been able to stop running since the fight had begun. Even with his mask’s speed boost he was barely able to avoid the blasts of orange red energy emanating from the red Bohrok.


“The power of plasma.” The Makuta explained. “Extremely unpredictable, but Tahnok can control it just enough.”


             As the Makuta spoke Pohatu had to keep dodging the blasts of energy not wanting to know what would happen if he was hit by it even once. Each of the Toa was having a difficult time fighting each of the Bohrok Makuta had made and they knew that if they stayed in this fight much longer their defeat was almost assured.


“My Bohrok-Kal are better than you pathetic Toa, admit it. You could never hope to defeat me if you cannot even fight against them.” Makuta Taunted as the Toa fought desperately to stay alive.


             They didn’t want to admit it, but it was true. Makuta’s trap had weakened them greatly and they had fallen right in to it. Their arrogance had cost them the element of surprise and, if they didn’t do something soon, it would cost them their lives. Lehvak blasted out a huge gust of wind that knocked all of the Toa back and, if not for Tahu’s mask shield, a plasma shot would have hit Onua directly in the chest.


“We need to retreat and regroup.” Kopaka said to the others and they all agreed.


             Lewa summoned up his own air burst and blasted it at the ground near the Bohrok-Kal. The dust it picked up was enough to allow Onua to dig through the wall and allow them to escape Makuta’s castle.


            Though they were outside now the situation had not gotten any better. They still had six very powerful creatures after them and their strength was fading quickly. As they ran towards the shore they saw that the Bohrok were not very far behind. Arcs of electricity and plasma blasted at them as they ran as fast as they could.


“Please tell me someone has a plan.” Lewa asked as they ran.


“Nothing yet, but I’m working on it.” Tahu yelled back.


           What could they do? Each of them barely had enough strength left to even conjure up their element, let alone fight six super powered Bohrok. As they reached the sea edge Kopaka saw something offshore that got his spirits back up.


“There’s a Hydroskipper out there on the water!” He told everyone.

          There was a Hydroskipper out there, and driving it was Kelvin, the Water Matoran scientist. As Nuhvok weakened gravity in the area to try and jump at the Toa, Gali used it to her advantage and launched everyone with a jet of water, exhausting her last bit of energy. As they landed hard on the Hydroskipper Kelvin told them to hold on tight as he push the throttle and the boat sped away from the shore and the Bohrok-Kal. Then they all heard a voice in their heads.


“Leaving so soon little Toa? Too bad. My creations weren’t done playing with you, but no matter. You will be seeing them again soon enough. I want you to remember this defeat Toa. Remember the first time you set foot in the Dark Spire, my stronghold and domain. Remember how easily you were defeated. I am the Makuta and you are nothing more than the dirt underneath my feet.” As the voice disappeared the Toa gave into exhaustion and passed out.


            When the Toa awoke hours later they were back in Æthon. They had been brought up to their sleeping quarters and placed in charging stations. As they got up and walked down to the Elder’s Hall they wondered how Kelvin had found them.


“Honestly I don’t know.” He began to explain when they reached the hall. “The Turaga thought it was a good idea for me to take a Hydroskipper and just follow the coast around the island. I hoped I’d find some sign of you. When I came across that enormous castle I assumed that was where you had gone. I had only been out there for twenty minutes before I saw you running towards the shore.”


           The Toa were very grateful of Kelvin’s ingenuity as it more than likely saved their lives, but new problems were fresh in their minds and they needed to explain what had happened in the Dark Spire.


“The Makuta hmm..” Okrahm said as the Turaga listened to the Toa’s story.


           They had no prior knowledge of him and any records had been erased. He was an unknown force and apparently had a great deal of resources at his disposal. As they spoke a Matoran guard burst in through the door.


“The Bohrok have been spotted!” He exclaimed. “A huge swarm of them was seen on the outskirts of Kai’ron in the Earth region.”


             There was no time to waste. The Toa knew that, if what the guard said was true, than this was what Makuta had meant by “you will be seeing them again soon”. Either way they had had time to rest and recuperate and it was their duty to protect the villages no matter what. They got on the next tube to Kai’ron and prepared themselves for, what could be, the toughest fight of their lives.


            As they reached the mountainous region of the Earth village they could hear the rumbling off in the distance of the Bohrok. Kopaka used his mask’s sight power and told the others that they were a little over four miles away and that the Bohrok-Kal were at the lead.


“Well we have to hold them back somehow.” Pohatu stated. As the oncoming swarm got closer each of the Toa looked off, knowing what had to be done, but not how to do it.


            The Toa did not wait for the Bohrok to reach them. Instead they each took charge towards the ravine they knew they creatures would be heading through. As the swarm of rolling beasts reached them, they channeled their elemental powers into their weapons and struck as hard as they could. Being at full strength made fighting slightly easier, but it still was six on what seemed to be a thousand. The ravine had funneled the Bohrok down to smaller numbers, but it was still a difficult fight. Tahu blasted a few green Bohrok back as Kopaka froze a group of black Bohrok that had burrowed under them. Each Toa was holding their own, until the Bohrok-Kal appeared. Onua lifted a large boulder and threw it at Pahrak, knowing it couldn’t magnetize the rock, but a red Bohrok jumped in the way and was smashed by the boulder, allowing Pahrak to escape unharmed.


“They can control the regular ones!” Gali yelled to the other Toa as she watched two ice Bohrok protect Gahlok from being fried by its own electricity.


“Well isn’t that just fantastic!” Lewa responded back as he dodged a blast of plasma from Tahnok.


              It was true. Every time the Toa got the upper hand on the Bohrok-Kal, the regular ones would step in and protect them, even if it meant sacrificing themselves in the process. The fight had gone from difficult to nearly unwinnable in a matter of minutes as the Toa dodged the Bohrok-Kal’s attacks and tried desperately to capitalize and hit them back. As Nuhvok stopped them in place with his gravity well, Kohrak increased everything’s volume and made even the quietest sounds almost ear shattering. Struggle as they might to stand, the gravity force was too great and it felt as though they were going to be crushed.


“NO!” Tahu cried and a huge burst of blazing fire was let out from where he was that engulfed the entire area causing the Bohrok to retreat or be scorched alive.

As the others stood up they saw Tahu on the ground.


“He released a Nova Blast. He’s spent all of his energy.” Kopaka exclaimed.


“And he saved us in the process.” Added Gali. As the Bohrok reappeared from behind a few burnt boulders, Onua grabbed Tahu and they all began running.


“We need a plan. Now!” Pohatu yelled. “I think I have one, but it may not work.” Lewa responded.


As he explained it, the others gave him very questionable looks.



“Yeah that is not a great plan.” Onua commented.


“Well it is all we have.” Stated Gali.


             They all agreed reluctantly and ran off to try it. Anything was better than what had happened so far. Lewa grabbed Tahu and ran down the edge of the ravine the Bohrok were coming from. Gali had stopped and started blasting at them with her Water hooks along with Kopaka and his Ice sword. They created a huge wall of ice in the ravine, blocking the Bohrok from advancing. The Bohrok-Kal went to the wall and began destroying it with their powers.


“Now!” Gali yelled to Onua and Pohatu.


                They had gone to either side of the ravine and Onua lifted his hands and slammed his Earth claws into the rock wall while Pohatu began kicking as hard as he could on the other side. Slowly the walls of the ravine began to crumble and, try as they might to break through the ice wall, the Bohrok began to be crushed by the falling boulders. As Onua slammed the ground one last time, Pohatu built up some speed and then kicked the rock wall as hard as he could with his Sandblades. At once both sides of the ravine collapsed and buried the entire Bohrok swarm and the Bohrok-Kal in a thousand tons of fallen rock and stone.


            The Toa returned to Æthon, badly beaten, but alive and victorious. Tahu was placed in the protodermis pool to heal his injuries while the others just laid down to rest. This had been one of the longest days in the Toa’s lives. They had met their enemy and triumphed against his swarm of monsters. Now they laid down for a well-deserved sleep.


            On the other side of the island, in the Dark Spire, the Makuta did not lament in his armies defeat. In fact, he relished in it.


“So they destroyed my swarm. Good. That was merely the trial run. The true test has yet to even begin.”


As the Makuta walked into a room the six vats were still standing. Makuta placed his hands on one of the tubes and the creature inside it opened its red eyes.


“Soon my children.” He whispered. “Soon.”

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