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Gavla's Comics: The End

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#3041 Offline Soran

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Posted Dec 31 2015 - 01:36 PM



I'll say that in terms of image hosting… Imgur definitely would be the best to use. I use Deviantart mainly because I know that the website rarely has any times where it closes and I've got the same issue you've got in terms of Brickshelf. I can't access my account or create a new one.

Imgur definitely has got some useful things about it like being able to give each image a title, being able to link to the image itself, having albums to help organize and I believe the ability to keep certain things private. 


I can't say I have much experience with different image hosting sites. I've really only used Brickshelf, Majhost, Deviantart and Imgur. So in terms of what you're looking for, I would say stick with Imgur. It'll probably be the best one to use for you.



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#3042 Offline Terton

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Posted Dec 31 2015 - 03:30 PM

Sadly there is a road block that I need assistance with. Brick-shelf hasn't done the email verification thing at all so my new brick-shelf is not usable apparently.


Did you use a gmail account for it? Because I tried to make a new one with my gmail and it didn't work either.

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#3043 Offline Gavla

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  • 13-March 08
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Posted Apr 08 2016 - 11:00 AM

Woah. Hey. What's this? Huh? I guess I'm back again. 


So sorry! I ended up dealing with a lot of personal issues the week of Christmas.. issues that resolved in February. 


But here I am.. with good news.


The first post has been updated at last! Yes indeed. Though maybe not in the way you expected.


Here's the deal: I produced 476+ comics during 2014. I always believed the true Gavla's Comics story began with and after AVID (A Void In Death). 


I have uploaded all the comics (a few are missing, these comics are not story driven though) to Imgur. They are organized into folders/categories and the first post has been re-done like a list. A section and the corresponding album trailing down the post. This is a much more organized and easier method of posting the comics.


However, if enough people REALLY want me to re-link each comic.. I'll do it. It will just take a really long time.


So this is technically it. Gavla's Comics return with new links. The work is all done.


I had.. so many ideas and plans in my head. Plans I just can't work on now. I'll list a few of them.




A successor story to Gavla's Comics, a new universe with a new main character. Tanbl the Inventor is an alternate Universe Gavla. He's smart, he's respected. In this universe the Matoran have abandoned the idea of Great Beings and anything related to them. The people wear clothes, they evolved to no longer need masks. The series was to argue the need of Great Beings and having Tanbl deal with the world's past. Makron was to return, Chilly was to be re-named. The series was to cover six stories. Each leading into the other.


The Wall.


Experimental comics about a Matoran trapped in an unmarked Sphere within Mata-Nui. This sphere was to mimic the conditions and settings of the island of Mata-Nui. A seclusion series with a Matoran struggling to learn the truth. The series was to end with his realization and break down that his world was a lie. A cage for a single being.


The Chief.


A sequel to the ICC Gavla comics. It was to be set 20+ years after Mr. G.'s plans to destroy everything failed. The series was to deal with the Chief of Police and his ongoing assumptions of Mr. G. surviving. A detective/police themed series about the world the ICC took place in. The series was to end with the Chief becoming the next Mr. G.


So there we go. A few of my plans that will never be fully made. Sad... but that's Life.


Anyway, I don't like long posts. I'll end this with one last comic. Freshly made by me.


Goodbye, Gavla!


See ya'll around. 

Edited by Gavla, Apr 08 2016 - 11:31 AM.

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#3044 Offline Naota Takizawa

Naota Takizawa
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  • 22-July 14
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Posted Apr 08 2016 - 01:27 PM

I can't read them now (I'm posting this at 2:30 in the morning), but I'm sure the comics are going to be great.  ^_^

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#3045 Offline Gavla

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  • 13-March 08
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Posted Apr 08 2016 - 03:36 PM

I'm sure you'll enjoy them.


This wasn't the way I wanted them to return. The loss of Majhost really hurts.


Brickshelf acting up doesn't help either.


I hope the format works for everyone. 


It was fun to work on Gavla's Comics. It was fun learning how to edit stuff. It's helped me in the long run.

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