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Selling various sets from 2006-2010

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Like many people selling their stuff here, I amassed quite a collection of these toys when I was into them as a kid and now am looking to sell them off. I have the following sets for sale listed below. All of them have their opened canisters/boxes unless otherwise stated which I will send if requested (note that it may significantly increase the cost to ship due to bulky size and increased weight). Pieces should all be there and are in good condition. As I have no idea of the value of these things other than their relative pricing, I sort of based prices off Amazon, EBay, etc. As these are obviously rare sets (no longer being manufactured), they seem to be quite expensive. . . However, I will very likely lower prices if no one buys. Payment by PayPal, PM if interested in anything. Shipping by USPS First Class in flat rate boxes unless otherwise requested.


2006 Toa Inika Canisters (canisters missing) $10 each

2007 Matoran Box Sets (boxes missing) $5 each

2007 Hydruka Box Sets (boxes missing) $5 each

2007 Titans Sets (boxes missing) 

2007 Toa Mahri Canisters $10 each

2008 Makuta Phantoka Canisters $10 each

2008 Vehicle Sets 

2009 Agori Box Sets $5 each 

2009 Glatorian Canisters $10 each

2009 Glatorian Legends Canisters $10 each 

2009 Titan Sets

2009 Vehicle Sets

2010 BIONICLE Stars Canisters $5 each

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