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Taka Nuvia

Lost in the big city

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Something from march (?) I originally wanted to finish, but never completed. So it's more of a digital scribble than anything, but it includes some kind of background, thus I thought I should also share it on here. :)

Also hey, all guidelines still there so you can kinda see how I work C:

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Very nice piece, as usual Taka. Though in your words you call it a digital scribble, one mustn't undermind the attention of proper proportions and fine detailing on the being, as well as the sketched environment, though rough as it is, it gets the point across.

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Is that Jaller Inika? The chest, shoulder pads and head remind me of him. As usual, it's interesting how you adapted the details of the set, and how you made the character look android-ish (the neck, the elbows and the hip joints...)

The background is sketchy but gives the atmosphere, and the lines on the floor create a sense of depth and perspective.

I'd love to see more progress of this! :)


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